thin to fat


Tall, thin shape today

Sexy look will go away.

Short? Stout? Here to stay.


Image from Pixabay

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 I am remembering the Limerick Challenge which was hosted by Rashmi.  I am reprinting one because it was so much fun and it is so appropriate for me today.  Does anyone know of someone else who is hosting limerick challenges or prompts?  I’d like to get in on it if so.


 That dude had so much pride

He tossed all his clothing aside,

But to his chagrin

The laughter begin

He  quickly re-covered his hide!

Dear Blogging Friends, I guess the Lord is bringing something to my attention that I don’t really know how to handle except to stop.  It seems more than coincidence that I am just now wising up to the fact that I have been using pictures illegally.  I googled “free images” and really believed they were free, so I’ve used them.

Pixabay is not working today for some reason. I tried to find other sources for “a naked man in a barrel” and I see that I should have been paying for a license or something before they are really free.

I tried to do that this morning but it is all confusing to me, so I took a picture of piled clothing with my camera but I can’t send to e-mail.  The Lord must be pruning me!

So this delightful little limerick has no picture.  I am smarter, but I don’t know how to make it right.  So as I say, I just stop.  No more pictures until I can find out what to do about it.


My desperate attempt to get a picture.  I scanned my camera!  Well – – Can you see that pile of clothes?  But it won’t e-mail to me!   Alas, alas!  😀

discarded clothes




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For a few days I’ve been talking about what one will “sell out” for. Let me change the thought to what will one “hold out” for.

I saw a beautiful blonde on a talk show.. She was there because she was vowing not to date any guy who didn’t have at least a million dollars. She said she checked out the watch first, then inquired about his job, his car, etc. The host had staged a meeting with a billionaire in which he wore a cheap watch and introduced himself as a bartender. He had been given the brush off. They brought him back on stage to show the girl what a bargain she had missed. He was cold to her and the audience was quite hard on her. I thought maybe he would have had a bargain if he got her – at least, he would have had someone who knew her price. He wasn’t as open about what he was wanting. Was he better just because he didn’t name his price. I dare say he had passed up many a plain, young, poor maiden without seeing their true worth.

“Some sell out for any bid, others hold out for top dollar.” Too many, like this girl, think top dollar is money, fame, or power.  She didn’t see his true value or lack thereof.  Others, like the man, go for only what they see; they would do well to not judge value on looks.

I’m thankful for a Lord who knows the value of each person.  And what a price he paid for us – while we were yet sinners.  We didn’t look like much!  He saw value.  He paid top dollar for this diamond in the rough.  He is doing some polishing.  He is letting a little shine come through!    Matthew 5:16 “Even solet your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and. glorify your Father who is in heaven.”


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In my school I had a reputation of being an outstanding teacher, respected by administration, parents, teachers, and students. I was lead teacher, assigned to committees, in charge when the principle was gone, all that ego-stroking good stuff. Although it’s very immodest to say so, I was considered the number one teacher in that school—at least for a few years.

There is a problem in the horizon! A new teacher came on board. She was smart! She was pretty! She was sweet!  And I heard  she was going to be put on a committee I wanted on.

I always arrived at school early and checked the mail.  ….What’s this?  There was a letter from the administration confirming her appointment. Oh, the possibilities that popped into my head. Lose the letter. File 13, maybe? Stick it under the third class stuff? Well, I didn’t do any of that. If I had, I probably wouldn’t be telling the story. But this story shows that it is not always money that spells a Waterloo for everyone. For me it was pride, jealously, and envy.    


NOTE TO MRS. K.  — How I would love to find you, but I can’t even remember your last name! I remember you, however, with lots of love and appreciation. You were a great team teacher. Probably absolutely unaware of this “problem” I had! It didn’t last long. You won me over fast, and I’m proud of the promotions you received and the kids and teachers you touched. I will look further for you if I can find someone who remembers your name. In case you should see this, I send my love.

(image –

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Let me tell a story on myself. You can tell it was a long time ago – tank full of gas for under $20!

As usual I was in a hurry. I had to get to where I was going so I could start coming back! You have been there, huh? I missed my turn, went too far, looked at the gas gauge. Uck-o! The red light was on. I pulled into the gas station and filled up. The cost: $19.55. I gave Kristina, my almost 14-year-old granddaughter, a twenty dollar bill and told her to go pay. She hurried. While sliding back into the seat, she smiled and said, “He gave me seventy-five cents change.” My car was already in motion; my mind was also. Why seventy-five cents? I was in a hurry. It wasn’t much money. Maybe she got back a penny or two per gallon because of paying cash. No, that couldn’t be. It would make the cashier aggravated if I went back and pointed out the mistake for only thirty cents. Well, I reluctantly decided I had better back up. At least, I was glad I hadn’t already entered the ramp. As I stopped and put the car in reverse, Krissy laughed and said, “He gave me the right change. I just wanted to see how honest you are.”

What did I value? I valued my time, convenience, and responsibility for meeting my appointment. I even valued the time and reputation of the clerk. I didn’t value the 30 cents. In that particular story the money was no temptation. Even if it had been more, I think I would have passed the test. But – Krissy, my darling, don’t give me too much credit. I’ve been awfully close to my price on occasion. I’ll tell one next post.

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The multi-millionaire swaggers up to the beautiful red head, and says, “Would you spend the weekend with me at the Hilton for a million dollars?” With her best alluring smile she answered, “Oh, yes, that sounds so divine!” He said, “How about the motel across the street for a twenty dollar bill?” “What do you think I am?” was her insulted response. “Oh, I know what you are. I just don’t know your price,” he replied.

Today I’m continuing my thoughts from yesterday “What price for my soul?  I’m shocked as I read a news article telling about a woman who had been convicted of embezzling $6000 dollars from her employer. Prison for $6000!? Or, I’m surprised to find out a friend is in all kinds of legal trouble because he lied on his income tax to save $2100. Or, I think, “Ms CEO, why would you risk your reputation and business for so little gain.”

These thoughts bother me. They make me judge myself. You see, there is an implication in each of these statements that I understand, or even might participate in the action – if the price were right. I am so thankful that God does not allow us to be tempted beyond our ability to be victors in Him!

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On the water refill booth in Walmart  I saw eight plastic sealing strips off water bottles.  I guess someone pulled the strips off eight gallons of water, then told the cashier he/she was buying refills. Maybe there was a legal reason for them to be there, but I can’t think of any. Can you? In chatting with a couple employees about it I said, “If I sell my soul to hell, I sure want more than four bucks for it.”

Made me ask myself, “OK, then, what would I take for it?” Proverbs 30:8-9 “..(give me my daily bread)….or, I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.” In this passage Solomon seems to acknowledge that one could be so poor he would steal.  

But I don’t believe that would cover the scenario at Walmart. I really don’t believe a person has to have eight gallons of purified water in order to live!

But it all boils down to this: It doesn’t matter what price we would take for our soul, the debt has been paid with the invaluable blood of God’s precious Son, if we accept his incredible offer. Thank you, Jehovah-tsidkenu (My Righteousness) for a redeemed soul and keep me in love with you to daily walk uprightly with a thankful heart. I remember your words, “If you love me, you will obey what I command (John 14:15).”

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Hand reaching to test

the peach’s smooth fuzziness –

ripened perfection.

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POKING A BIT OF FUN at God’s most brilliant masterpiece – (drumroll, please) – MANKIND!

With the labor and cooperation of about two million men and women which includes several hundred/thousand computer giants, perhaps five million clocks* are set back and man has demonstrated again his vast ability to control his circumstances – even to control time! Did we set back the sun or did we set forward the sun? Or perhaps neither!

Whichever way we went we bought an hour (if we die in the next five months or so) or we borrowed an hour (if we live six-eight months or so). I’ve just reread Isaiah 38:8 ST/DST (standard time/daylight savings time) translation which says, “So God sent for the sundial makers who shortened the sundials to show the sun set back the ten steps it had gone down.” Oh, your copy doesn’t say that?   Do you hear God’s HaHa? It’s a nice time for him to have a laugh!

Now on a serious note, I again give thanks to God for my “extended time” here in the land of the living. I’m thankful to be here.  Realizing I faced death so closely makes me more conscious of the way I am spending TIME, the currency recognized in heaven.

By the way, John Newton had a new slant on “the land of the living.” Reportedly his last words were: “I am still in the land of the dying, I shall be in the land of the living soon.” Ruminate on that! If you don’t feel like ruminating today, just think about it. For those of you who made it this far with me today, thanks.


*No research on these statistics – they are purely numbers Oneta pulled out of the hat.  But it is true that a lot of “mankind” was involved in this time set!

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deepest desire

Having sought Him

And accepting his grace,

I now say my deepest desire

Is to behold His face.


Before posting this I ask myself about the truth of this statement.  I am convinced that I am not just being “pious” in this desire.  There are other desires that I have.  I desire intensely that my precious loved ones be healed of cancer.  I desire deeply that my family to many generations live peacefully and love Jesus.  I desire greatly that my family have the basic necessities of life.  But for myself there is no greater desire than to sense the presence of my Savior  day by day and to live with him face to face eternally.  ……………Meanwhile, I want my husband to get my car fixed, and I want to have a successful garage sale, and I want to lose some weight!  😀


Prompt by Michelle for November 3 “deepest desire”

A new poetry form for me – the ‘Naani’, a four line poem containing 20-25 syllables.  Learn more at



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