Hank smirked as he listened to himself, “I’ve made it. Three years of work and the take down of a few farmers but now it’s mine. Hay bales four stories high. Now I control the price.”

“I’ll take land payment in place of money. Soon own the county. Might even get ’round to building one of those fancy houses and look for a widow among those left around here.”

Hank snuggled in his blanket with a cigarette ready for a good night’s sleep. Three hours later the hay bales with up in fiery smoke.

Some say God was a Just God.


Friday Fictioneers, a 100 word challenge by Rochelle based on picture prompt. https://rochellewisoff.com/ Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting this event. Visit Rochelle’s link to find other submissions to this event. Thanks, Sandra, for the picture use. PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

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Reblogging one of my favorites, in faith that my week will be very much like my normal wonderful Thanksgiving weeks. Doubt that I will be back for reading or writing for the week. Have a great week. Praise God for the little things. Big things we might have to wait for. 😀

Sweet aroma


Too busy to write,

Too busy to read.

Just taking a look

Here and there.

Grabbing bites;

Settling fights.

Who is right?

Late into night.

Playing old games;

Learning new names.

Meeting new folks;

Telling old jokes.

“Come on in, you all;

My, you’re getting tall.”

Pot’s boiling;

Mama’s toiling.

Thanksgiving sounds,

Gaining pounds.

For all these things, Lord,

I’m ever so grateful.



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Today I’m taking a second look at my “Cooking for Two” book. The girls pictured above are my mom, Amy, and her sister, Gladys. They would have been about fifteen and sixteen. Therefore, I guess this book was written for their age group – to help them understand how important is was that they learn the basic fundamentals of cooking.

Even I, with all my old fashioned ways, laugh. But I must say this author hit the bull’s eye when she says (line 7) “your motive power has gone.”

I remember when my mother started off with breakfast generally with red meat, eggs, gravy, and biscuits. Daddy and helper(s) would eat and go to the field. Mom often put the beans on while I was assigned to wash dishes. Then she would sweep and clean up whatever had to be done. Cook lunch. Take it to the field. She ended the day with another cooked mean. Yes, three cooked per day. We called the last mean “supper,” better know as dinner by those under sixty or so.

Funny that I don’t remember ever having sandwiches for a meal. Mayonnaise came along. That I remember. Mayo spread on bread. Nothing else needed. I remember eating this when I got home from school. Loved it. Then I learned to put a garden tomato on it. Umm, umm, good.

I just walked through the den where my husband has the TV on. The heading I read was “Gender Studies.” I’m pretty sure that was some university; I’m also pretty sure the goal of that class was to warn students not to conform to traditional gender roles. As if our children were hurt worse in 1917 by books like “Cooking for Two.”

As I have said before, “I am among those who set this dysfunctional gender role stuff in high gear.
I was the civilian side of Rosie the Riveter.” What do they say about what one generation tolerates, the next does what?

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Linda G. Hill’s prompt for today, Saturday November 12, is “cel” leading me quickly to four words: cell, cellar, celery and celebrate. This book “Cooking for Two” is close at hand so I checked to see what kind of recipe might be desired in 1917.

Yes, there is one. Page 170. Listen up, Cooks, you might want to try this.

I could deal with it up to the “Dip the toast in boiling, salted water, set on plates, Ugh! It does go on to say add some butter. That’s better, at least if you use better butter. 😀

I’m not very windy with this SoCS, but quitting for this time because I want to come back to this book later.

It is still Saturday, late enough to go to bed, early enough to get eight hours sleep. Still you can be pert and eager for Sunday morning worship with our Lord, hopefully in a Bible believing, sin hating, victory promoting, holiness living, soul loving, devil kicking, disciple making, community church someplace.

Smiling at you.


Thanks, Linda, for the prompt. It was fun. I’ll have time to read some other submissions before laying down my head for nite-nite. : https://lindaghill.com/2022/11/11/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-nov-12-2022/

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Selena sighed as she uttered her prayer. “I am thankful. And I’m thankful for Hank. I thank you for taking care of him wherever he roams; please send him home. He makes me feel secure. I don’t like to be alone.”

Bzzr, bzzr. Selena responded to the doorbell. It was the neighbor, Mr. Johnson.

“I’m glad you caught him. Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for bringing him home.” …..

“Get in here, you rascal. Why did you run away? You are bad for running out the door like you did.”

Hank just gave her a super slobbery kiss with a “forgive me” doggie smile.


Friday Fictioneers, a 100 word challenge by Rochelle based on picture prompt. https://rochellewisoff.com/ Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting this event. Visit Rochelle’s link to find other submissions to this event. Thanks, Dale, for the picture use. PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

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1. BLURB, BLURB, I’m just now arising from the WAVE, which unfortunately was not a red wave.

2. I am woman!  I have all the biological make-up to be woman.  But I don’t understand women.  Many of them frustrate me out of my gourd.  I can’t understand a mother who will send her child to a public school for lessons in how to have sex, how to determine ones’ gender, why the child is a “supreme” or a “victim,” to sing songs about Obama, how to hate Trump.  Then she confirms all of that garbage by voting for the people who causes it, just because they will let her kill it if she wants to.  Oh, but she must kill it before it can cry out for help.

3. I’m bummed at the Senate Minority Leader saying that Republicans should select candidates of “better” quality.  Do Democrats care?  Of course not.  The race between Fetterman and Oz proved that. They want someone who will follow the party, check the boxes being shown to him by a “secretary” for six years.  What more does one need!  Just give them fifty like him plus the VP. Just makes it easier for the puppeteers to keep hold of the show.

4. Fracking—of course I… fracking? … I believe in fracking. 

5. Do you expect to see Beto and Abrams in ‘24?  Maybe?  The Mayor of Chicago could mentor them.  She believes dancing will appeal to her constituents, doesn’t she?

6. Don’t I believe God is in control?  He is in control even when he says, “I wash my hands of you. You are under the control of a reprobate mind.” (Romans 1)

7. God was in control when he caused Nebuchanezzer to eat grass like an ox.  How humiliating to those citizens.  I am understanding their plight. 

8. Now follow me if you can.  Gas prices zoomed bringing inflation on everything.  Biden caused gas prices to come down (to only twice what it was under Trump—no, he didn’t say that part.)  Anyway it slowed inflation slightly from 9% to 8%, something like that.  Biden took credit.  Now the election is over.  What say you?  Will the gas prices go back up as far and beyond what they were?  If they don’t you can come hang me with a goose neck.

9. I’m ready for Heaven if I die, Jesus Christ paid for my ticket.  Great deal, but you have to have a reservation made out in His name.  Don’t fiddle-faddle.  You might be the last to get your reservation.  Wheeeee!  That is better than a l.6 billion lottery!  Imagine standing with the winning ticket in your hand and dropping dead from shock!  As I said, “Don’t fiddle-faddle.”  See that hand holding the ticket for you?  Take it.

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Okay, the last bit of wisdom I can share before election day.

Kevin McCarthy’s blueprint sets four goals: creating “an economy that’s strong,” “a nation that’s safe,” “a future that’s built on freedom” and “a government that’s accountable.” I can understand that; I agree with those.

Have a look at President Biden’s speech last week. What did he talk about? Democracy. I don’t remember hearing much about democracy before that. Since then it is loud and clear; at least loud and often. But what does it mean? Show me statistics that indicate the USA is in need of democracy. Does democracy mean that I will able to support myself via meaningful work? Does democracy mean we will live under the confines of the Constitution? Show me what you mean? Dictionary definition:

  1. Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.
  2. A political or social unit that has such a government.
  3. The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.
  4. .
  5. We will start by looking at the “commitments” one by one.

An economy that’s strong. That’s jobs to support families….taxpayers to pay the disabled….low inflation rates. I can look it up. Find out how we are doing.

A nation that’s safe. I understand that. We have laws and the proper procedure to insure obedience to them, including rehabilitation if possible and punishment if necessary. I can find stats to show me how well we are doing. A nation that’s safe has to have protection locally and world wide, so we have to maintain a strong military.

A future that is built on freedom. Historically the Constitution has provided a reliable foundation for freedom, particularly of speech, gun ownership, and religion.

A government that’s accountable. Due process, innocent unless proven guilty, warrants, judges, FBI, Supreme Court, freedom of the press, Treasury Department…a lot of issues here. I have a lot of criticism of the Justice Department the last decade or so. Not since James Comey smirked about being able to “trick” the White House by setting a trap for the new Trump administration. Then finding that the Press will lie, cover-up, fake it in all manner of ways.

Now you might take issue with some of that. That’s okay and helps prove my point that you or I can probably prove our point by looking at the stats.

Well, I have worked my way back to “Democracy” the current word for Democrat’s slogans. Who can say “I’m not for democracy?” Why are the Democrats using that issue to gain votes? Are they questioning the validity of the 2020 election results? I would understand the GOP doing that, but the Dems won, so why are they using that as a crowd pleaser now! Maybe in anticipation of the next election? Or is it a demand that non-citizens should vote? Or groundwork against Voter ID?

I’ve never maintained that Dems are short on schemes! They can outwit, outbuy and outlie my side every time!

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1. QUESTION.  Since a bill was passed in Congress to do away with “time changes,” but we still have to change tonight at two am, will that be the last change we have to make?  And why do we have to do it this time?  I’m asking because the cows in my back yard want to know what time to come in for milk delivery tomorrow.  I told them I would try to find out.

2. Some time ago I made a remark about a lawn tractor at Lowe’s that cost $5300.  CA Post https://capost2k.wordpress.com/ commented about that being a lot.  I got whimpy about it and said maybe it was $3500 instead of $5300.  Sometimes I give in too easily.  I went by this week and took this picture.

3. Linda G. Hill https://lindaghill.com/ suggested that we use one of our favorite words for our SoCS today.  I decided my favorite word was “congratulations;” however, I did not write a SoCS about it.  I guess it is a favorite because it is so easy to use; in fact now if you want to say that word to someone, you can write “cong” and bingo the rest of the word pops up automatically.  Now how nice is that compared to going to the Dollar Tree for a  card, looking up an address, paying the major portion of a dollar for a stamp, hand writing an address, looking up my old labels sent to me from that Boys Home place in Texas, and feeling compelled to say something more than is in the card already…..  But now I have decided that “congratulations” is definitely not my favorite word.  I’m shooting it over to the unfavorite list.  Do I need to tell you why?  No, I’ve said enough about that?  Okay.

4. I’m expecting to have a great “CONGRATULATIONS” Day Tuesday, or Wednesday, when we have a “Return to Common Sense” Day.  A new day for America.   However, the President has already said we will probably not know for a few days after the election.  He does not know how long it will take to count the votes but he is sure it will not be done on election day.  (We will not have had time to see how many more votes will be needed to maintain “democracy” in America.) 

5. I have heard more about democracy in the last week than I have heard in all my life.  “Democracy” is so hard to find statistics on.  Not like gas prices, bread prices, illegals who collect social security, number of murders in Chicago, number of Covid booster shots needed.  That kind of stuff.  Oh, take off number of booster shots needed.  Nobody knows that yet.  We do know five is not enough. 

6. Well, me and my sisterhood (as in white suburban women) have been given  a new analogy—a rather picturesque one.– roaches.  Quote  Sunny Hostin: “I read a poll just yesterday that white Republican suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid.”   Cute, huh? 

7. Isn’t it terrible how the Republicans have  caused such disunity in our country!  A lot of us refuse to stay in Hillary’s basket of deplorables.  We just keep popping up to say we “don’t agree” with much of “woke” weirdness!

8. President Biden and I do not share much in common.  I rue the day(s) he goes on his big money give-aways.  It is going to be interesting to see how much effort his administration puts toward getting back the money that has already been given out for “forgiving student loans.”  I guess that will have to be done, won’t it?  Now the Supreme Court says it is unconstitutional?  I’ll watch the FBI go to South Beach and “recover” some of that money!

9. But while he is giving, I hope I get my huge Social Security raise.  Oh, am I not diverse enough for that? 

10.   I guess the most I can hope for, is to keep buying an ice cream cone now and then.  Let’s see, if I have been having a cone every week, now I can afford two cones every three weeks.  In another month or two, I can cut back to three cones a month.  Glad it is winter.  I’ll swap for a cup of hot chocolate at Mom and Pops.   How Much?  …  If I buy the condensed packets at Walmarts…  I mean Aldi’s ….  Starbucks, are you out of your mind!

11. I could ask Kamala where she ….  Oh, she doesn’t even make the coffee at the White House?  What does she do?  Oh, makes explains about Ukraine and watches out for school buses. 

12. Do you think Fetterman will go to Congress? If so, he might be the perfect liaison person to communicate with President Biden. President has mastered the “now what did they say for me to do:” Fetterman can do that now…most probably.

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Psalm 106:34-38 “…they mingled with the nations and adopted their customs, they worshiped their idols, which became a snare to them. They sacrificed their sons and daughters to demons. They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan and the land was desecrated by their blood.”

Seldom is abortion anything except a sacrifice of babies to the “acts of the sinful nature” (Gal. 5:20-21).

Leviticus 20:4 indicates if “people of the community close their eyes” to the sacrifice of children, then God will set his face against the perpetrators of this evil.

Who are the perpetrators?

Planned Parenthood Votes continues fundraising ahead of 2022 midterm elections HERE


Democrat Party Platform: We Support Abortions Up to Birth, Making Americans Fund Abortions

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Stacey Abrams, Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Georgia, speaks during a campaign event in Americus, Georgia, US, on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022.

Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams advises having an abortion could be a solution to high inflation and claiming that “having children” is why people are worried about the price of gas and groceries.  


Photo: gettyfreeimages

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