Bedroom revisited,

twenty years past the scary night.

Scratching limbs on a roof top

Can give a girl an awful fright.


Twittering Tale #54

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choose life

 CHOOSE LIFE :—Psalm 106:34-38 “…they mingled with the nations and adopted their customs, they worshiped their idols, which became a snare to them. They sacrificed their sons and daughters to demons. They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan and the land was desecrated by their blood.” Seldom is abortion anything except a sacrifice of babies to the “acts of the sinful nature” (Gal. 5:20-21). Leviticus 20:4 indicates if “people of the community close their eyes” to the sacrifice of children, then God will set his face against the perpetrators of this evil.  Why would anyone want to kill an innocent?

CHOOSE LIFE – Deuteronomy 30:15-19  “See, I set before you today life and prosperity death and destruction.  For I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commands, decrees and laws, then you will life and increase,” Oneta opines – This earthly life is hard, filled with pitfalls and troubles; however, going it with God’s blessings sure does beat going alone. Why would anyone want to choose a life disobedience to God rather than a life of obedience to God?

CHOOSE LIFE – John 3:16  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  Why would anyone not want to choose an eternal life of peace and happiness?




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But still I believe the Bible, God’s Holy Word, holds the key to eternal life.  It presents our need, and offers to lead; we need to read and heed.  So I post a poem from a couple of years ago, Ode to the Map.

The Book holds the legend –

Mapping earth’s journey.

Choose “life” not “death” it says,

And hands to you the key.

Follow the Single Lane, it says

While holding up its signs:

Yield, Detour, Stop, and Go.

Stay alert as you follow –

There’s crossroads along the way,

Inviting the tourist in sublime deceit,

to stumble and to sway.

For some the route is long, some short;

Some roads treacherous, some secure.

Follow the Map to your destination

Eternal Life is sure.

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The villain stopped his swagger immediately upon hearing the hoot of the owl perched on the lower bough of a tree snuggled in the musky forest.  His tough aura vanished as he sat on the log.  He reached for the container in which he kept the sodden cowslip leaves until they were distilled to perfection for their use as a oily tincture to stain his viol until it glistened. He drew the bow to strike the signal for the maiden to come to him.    She was lovely in her desire for him to ask her to marry him. How he wished he were free from this villain in his soul!


Prompt to use the following words in a story:

1. bough
2. distils (distills)
3. owls
4. musk
5. viol
6. stained
7. swagger
8. sodden
9. strike
10. tinctured
11. cowslip
12. villain



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indestructible youth?



Perfect health!

Danger creeps insidiously.

Mesmerizing ashes grow longer.


Trying an “Elfje” as described by Mandibelle16.  Picture prompt Woman Smoking Cigarette.  Word prompt: “tapping her cigarette”

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I haven’t written on of these QA things for a while so I’m sharing a Facebook status with you today.  Killing two birds with one stone.

1. Favorite Smell? Sammy’s cologne, if it is not too strong
2. Last time you cried? Yesterday
3. What’s your favorite pizza?  A baked one
4. Favorite Flower? A blooming one.
5. Did you go to college? Yes, the won that ejukated me
6. Untie your shoes when taking them off?   Flipflops?
7. Roller coasters? Never rode one.  But lived enough to know life is one.
8. Favorite ice cream? Strawberry on top, butter pecan on bottom
9. Favorite past time: Table games with family
10. Shorts or jeans? Neither – oops!
11. What are you listening to right now? The ringing in my ears
12. Favorite color? Depends on what.
13. Tattoos? Only where they don’t show. 😀 nope
14. Piercings? Not if I can help it. Thorns get me sometimes
15. Color of hair? Not a describable color
16. Color of eyes? Same as hair (same answer, not same color)
17. Favorite food to eat? Mexican
18. Favorite Holiday? Anyone where I can visit family (good cooks)
19. Beer or wine? Neither – sweet tea
20. Night owl or morning person? Night owl
21. Favorite day of the week? Monday, yep I’m retired
22. Do you have a nickname? Several, depending on the caller’s mood.
23. Pictures on your wall? Lots.
24. What makes you most proud? My kids, kids’ kids, kids’ kids’
25. Favorite music? Christian hymns and southern gospel

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red velvet

October prompt for today “red velvet.”   My mind goes, “What can be unusual about red velvet?  My doll in the red velvet dress?  My granddaughter twirling so beautifully in her red velvet skirt?  No.  Okay, how about red velvet cake, how it soothes my senses?  No.

Go to google and see what else might awake the muse.  Must be Victorian something – chairs, couches, pictures, wine, rugs?

Humm, what’s this?  Red Velvet Bible (1885), online.  I’m hooked!

It’s about 150 pages long so I’ll have to report back sometime.  I read the first chapter involving two characters.  One a distinguished gentlemen buying a gift for a little girl; the other a destitute girl buying a Bible for her brother who is setting sail that day.  The story line will follow one of the Bibles, or both, I don’t know yet.  Well I will go on the journey with it.

If you would like to follow the Bible and me, go to Red Velvet Bible


Written for M’s October prompt “red velvet.”

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reaching hand

M’s October prompt for today is “The journey beyond.”  I am linking a post recounting a crises in my life when I believe I had a “near death” experience. I think I have new readers who have not read it, and others might find it worth reading again.  Obviously it would be very hard to find a picture to go with this post, but this hand and rock mountain image is somewhat similar the one detail of my story.  It was good for me to read and remember.


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dandelion sparrow

ON SPARROWS AND DANDELIONS.  I remember the delight of dandelions.  I remember the delight of sparrows.  I was about the same age when I found out they were both pests.  Since then I’ve been fighting them.  Pulled up dandelions the other day and also closed up the martin house so the sparrows couldn’t nest in it.  Few days later, we opened the martin house and got martins.  Still fighting the dandelions.  Will fight the sparrows again next spring.

Dandelions are easy to grow, they have pretty yellow flowers, tall straight stems, and nice fluffy seeds.  Sparrows are pretty little birds.  Even science classifies them as song birds.   I have complained that life gets too complicated.  Maybe it gets that way because we make it that way.

It would be so much easier to let dandelions grow and sparrows sing.


Since I posted about dandelions yesterday, I decided to post this little bit that I wrote several years ago  Happy Dandelion Day!  – joking

(image 123rf)

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What flower is plentiful and plush: pretty and prolific;  healthy and hardy;  hale and hated?  The Dandelion.

The lot of most dandelions is to be lopped, hacked, snipped, trimmed, dug, and dumped.

The goal of a dandelion is to  be plucked, pushed and puffed into the faces of young romantics.

The dream of a dandelion is to be gifted by the armload to a pretty girl while a young man on bended knee, makes a passionate plea, “Will you marry me?”



Writing challenge by M October 6 “dandelion dream”


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