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Valley House – this place looked tame compared to the places Alan sometimes found her.  Nothing however could take away his love.  He relished the love they had shared.  He didn’t blame her for trying to escape the horrors of having the DUI accident which killed two children on the tandem bike.  She had served her time and seemed to have defeated the alcoholic binges.  When tortured by memories, she sought company.  Through the window he could see her with beverage in hand.  He went inside.  “Hi, Darling, you enjoying your Sprite,” he said with a hug.




Image by Bikurgurl


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Oneta 84

On May 15, I blogged some questions regarding gun control as it relates to the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  I did get some reasonable and well stated responses.  After mulling over the problem and listening to some arguments I need to revisit this issue. 

First, there is no denying that the II Amendments exists and it is the law of the land.  It reads as follows:  “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  If one were to interpret militia as army, still “the people” cannot be interpreted as the military force.  The definition of “militia” is “civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army.”  That is a googled definition.  My ancient and “archaic” Webster’s says, – as applied to the U.S.  “all able bodied male citizens between 18 and 45 who are not members of National Guard and of the Reserves …constitute the organized militia,—- all others the unorganized militia. 

It seems to me that “infringed” means it shall not be broken or even weakened.  That has been done and is being done by Congress.  I know nothing about guns but I think making certain ones illegal  would be infringing on the amendment.  Many say certain guns are okay for hobbies and hunting and even for personal safety, but there is no need for “big” weapons.  If we have a well regulated militia it seems weapons would need to be equal to whatever weapons are turned against them.  I think you would not use pistols to fight against canons.

So I’m whacky and you do not like these conclusions of mine.  Fine with me.  That is the brilliance of the Founding Fathers to have made a legal and constitutional way to change that Amendment. It is done by a 2/3 vote of a Constitutional Convention or by the voters with 2/3 of the states agreeing to the change. 

It is Congress’s duty to write laws.  Let them write an amendment that “updates” the 2nd Amendment and allows for details to be made such as which are legal, how they are obtained, who can own, buy, or sell.  Or other.  Why isn’t that being tried?  Maybe because no one knows how or because the gun control people do not believe it would pass. 

If it wouldn’t pass then obey the law as it is written.  Honest citizens will deal with it justly; the criminals won’t – no matter what it says.  Which gets to the heart of the problem.  Criminals.  Changing laws will not change them. It is easier to use the issue to squawk about.


I’ll be back for more.  Particularly as the subject relates to confiscation of guns.


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“There it is.  The apple tree.  I’m dragged to despair again.”

Ever since the day she had fallen into the trap of Satan, the serpents nestled in her head; she was numb with regret.  “Doesn’t it look beautiful?” was the way it began.  It seemed so innocent.  Now she couldn’t escape the temptations and bitterness that plagued her spirit, changing her personality, leaving her revengeful and unfulfilled.  She didn’t come to Adam acting this way.  She was sweet; she was happy; she was desirable.

Each little serpent has an appeal.

“Doesn’t it look tasty?”  But fig cookies were ruining her figure.

“Adam, why haven’t you pulled the weeds yet?” she nagged.

“You boys need a sound thrashing,” she threatened.

“I don’t want another peach,” she whined.

“God must have died.  I never see him anymore,” she complained.

“Wish I had a hand-maiden to sweep up these leaves,” she murmured.

“If there were another man….” she longed.

Longing, murmuring, complaining, whining, nagging, threatening.  She didn’t use to be this way.  In the beginning they were so happy.  God, Adam, and Eve.


– Image Found on MindCore

Photo Challenge #264 by https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/05/21/photo-challenge-264/




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Long awaited day.

The baby’s heart starts beating,

Not a sweeter sound!


Image: Pixabay

Thank you to Ronovan for the haiku prompt using words: Sweet and heart.


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narrow road

LETTERS IN RED. Perhaps the most well known passage of Jesus’ teaching is that recorded Matthew 5-7, commonly called the Sermon on the Mount. It is not PC to call his teaching, rules, so let’s call them guidelines for Christians.

The beatitudes describe the “personality” of a Christian, then behavior is summed up in admonitions regarding salt, light, fulfilling law, murder, adultery, divorce, oaths, revenge, love, alms, prayer, fasting, materialism (treasures), not judging. Two great comforting passages that we dearly love: God’s love and provision for us, 6:25-34 and 7:7-12.

Then he ends his sermon with three passages not much talked about—the narrow and wide gates, the false prophets and followers, and the foundation of the wise and foolish man. It is scary how little attention we give to the narrow gate and road. The passage in Luke 13:24 seems even more “narrow” than Matthew’s passage.  Wow, that is not going over for us! They both say or imply that we are not going to be carrying a lot of baggage once we head down that road.

How many Christians really believe Jesus is the only Way? Don’t we think deep down “He is the only way for me, but what about…?”   

No wonder preachers do not preach on those passages! I would have a hard time moderating a “small group” discussion on that topic. That doesn’t change the facts however.

Prophesying, driving out demons, performing miracles, even eating and drinking with Jesus, listening to his teaching – none of those cut any ice with the Master if they are accompanied by evil deeds.  

Then Luke tops it all off with Jesus’ description of hell. It is hard to face the truth of these passages with an arrogant heart.

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twittering tales

Old Mother Standridge went to the ‘frig

To get her addiction a treat

And when she got there, the ‘frig was not bare

So way too much she did eat!

Oodles of noodles

Cheese, cookies, and cake

…Nothing left but dog’s Skoodles —

Feeling stuffed, she did not partake!


Write story using picture as prompt of less than 280 characters. This is 265.

Photo by NRD at Unsplash


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Picture is from Pixabay showing some kinds of palimpsestes, palimpsests I’ve used in past time of my life.     I now use micro-soft Word 8.  I’ll get 10 when I can afford to.


Dear Readers:

I am sitting here at my palimpsest as I have done many times before trying to perfect a blog for you bloggers.  I use this palimpsest when I need to present high quality even though high quantity is not demanded or expected.

Ho, now some of you probably think I am stretching a bit to come up with this blog in which I can use the MW Word of the Day.  No, I assure you this word often comes to mind when I sit at my Word program in which I pre-write my articles.  I am telling you today about using a palimpsest because I want truth – the whole truth.   I don’t want to fake it with my readers who believe I just sit down magically and write amazing stuff first time through.  No not at all!  I copy/paste from Word when I have an insecure morning such as this morning.  I avoid Word Press’s Press’es Press’ Editor the Editor in Word Press in which I demand perfection.  Thus I use this palimpsest for rough draft.  “Oh, no, you say, we would never have thought you had to rough draft then copy and paste.”  Yes indeed, only the best goes onto the Editor in Word Press.  Gottcha, didn’t I?  You didn’t know how I achieved such editorial perfection on my posts, did you?

From now on you can be sure I am on a high if I go directly to Editor and dash out a post benefiting you, dear readers.  In my security though I sometimes goof, rather I violate my usual standard of conduct and put out mediocre material.  I vow to you all I will try out using this palimpsest more often to maintain my rigorous effort to be worthy of my readers.

Be honest now, do you all use a palimpsest to do rough drafting on – on which to do rough drafts?

I think I might have made an error or two, but I believe it was the fault of my palimpsest which uses the old Level 8 version of Micro-soft.  And I made a few corrections here on Word Press, WordPress, WordPress, WP.


Challenge:  MW Word of the Day, May 17, 2019  PAL-imp-sest, Definition: Writing material (such as a parchment or tables) used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased.

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Oneta 84

Just thinking on the blog.   Some questions.

  1. Do the people in Venezuela have right to bear arms?  I read this somewhere.  “Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people”

  2. Would the USA be the USA if she had not had weapons?

  3. Can Cory Booker et al, guarantee me that our government or another will never turn arms against American citizens? Or, perhaps a portion, or group, in the USA?

  4. The Constitution says in Article Two “”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  Does that mean we should only have guns for hunting?  Only for personal protection?  Why would that be called a Militia?

  5. I read a non-fiction book, autobiography by a girl somewhere in or near Afghanistan who said they could do nothing against a terrorist group because no one had guns. Who made them give the guns up?

  6. Germany under Hitler was able to conquer some countries who were armed? If so, did he allow them keep weapons or did he disarm them?  Did he disarm the Jews in his own country?

  7. Are most of us chicken to stand up and say “We need sophisticated weapons to protect ourselves from others who have sophisticated weapons?”

  8. Are we ready to settle for a pistol to defend ourselves against the likes of an idiot with five automatic weapons and loads of ammo?

  9. How many candidates who want to be president, have guns or body guards with guns, to protect them?

  10. How many loud mouths in Hollywood, maybe even the hosts of The View, have guns?

  11. Why isn’t Word Press sending me notice when I post?  They did, now they don’t. And why is Face Book not posting my stuff on Newsfeed? (My mind is going into neutral.)

Enough thinking for today!  My mind is over-flowing and my shelves need dusting.  That’s a joke, no way am I going to trade “words” for a duster!  😀


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The pebble sinks leaving ripples behind,

           Ripples that will soon be gone.

The Titanic sinks never to sail again;

Stock markets sink to someone’s sorrow;

Hearts sink hearing news of disaster;

The sun also sinks leaving darkness;

Bodies sink into the grave leaving sorrow.

Meanwhile I strive to leave ripples behind

           but as the ripple of the pebble, they will soon be gone.


If this life is the only life, where do I put my hope?  Does it matter what I do?  Perhaps we should just be dog-eat-dog?  Survival of the fittest.  The grave is the end. That is a current philosophy.  The cause of murder, violence, rape, and greed for those who think they can be among the fittest; the cause of suicide, homelessness, drugs, alcohol, idleness, and much ill health for those who just give up and submit to not being one of the fittest.  Why does it matter if the grave is the end?

I Cor. 15:19 If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. KJV


Image:  Pixabay

Prompt by M for May 13, “the sun also sinks”


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“Flashing-Cash” Braggart

Left no tip on credit slip

Indeed, he’s a Scrooge!


Image:  Pixabay


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