hurt child

“Here, Baby, let me hold your hand,” the teacher said as she gently cradled the little hand and wrist of the first grader.  All the students gather round, eager to do something to help.  “I saw what happened,”  says one.  “I did to,” says another amid the calls of others. Although sympathetic, each wanted to get in on the action.

With tears in his eyes but making no crying sounds, the hurt child tried to tell his story.  “I didn’t do anything wrong,” he says defensively, more concerned with a lecture or other discipline that might be coming, than he was with his wrist.

How sweet and tender the teacher.  Sometimes they might not seem that way, but the heart of a mother is quickly revealed when her child, her student, was hurt.  How precious the children who wanted to do something to help, even if the extent of their help might be to tell what happened.  How noble the child as he held back the pain.  But why would he need to be defensive?   Why didn’t he cry?

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God created man, after which he looked him over and pronounced him “very good.” But man was not self-sufficient, he had needs which he could not meet. Can you imagine that that was an oversight on the part of God? We often refer to the “hole” in man that can only be satisfied by God.  That “hole” was left there on purpose.  The purpose was to show us we cannot be complete without him.

I have written a manuscript called “To Know His Name” in which I put forth that the needs identified by Maslow, famed psychologist, are recognized and fulfilled by God himself.   Most people, even most Christians (my opinion), do not know Him in all the ways he wants us to know Him. He wants to reveal himself to us in all these ways. All of those roles for us, he demonstrates by eight of his Jehovah names.

Physiological:    Jehovah-jireh My Provider and Jehovah-rophe My      Healer
Safety and Security:  Jehovah-nissi My Victor and Jehovah-tsidkenu My Redeemer
Love and Belonging: Jehovah-shalom My Peace and Jehovah-shammah My Friend
Self Esteem:   Jehovah-m’kadedish My Holiness
Self-actualization:   Jehovah-rohi My Guide

If you are feeling a “hole” in your heart, God is your answer.  I have a discussion of each of these names on my home page.

(God has many more Jehovah names but these are the ones that show relationship to man – the ones by which we can know him. Other Jehovah names tell us about him.)


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Watching and waiting —

 powerful allurement of

these delicate ears.

Looking healthy, but

Subject to worms, drought, and blight.

With eager heart, I’m —


 Anticipating –

making silk-haired  fairy dolls

for children’s delight.

Sharing with neighbors –

Ripe ears, buttered and roasted,

 On a summer night.


Combining two challenges:

Colleen’s haiku challenge Use words “power” an “allure” https://colleenchesebro.com/2017/05/16/colleens-weekly-poetry-challenge-34-power-allure/

Misky’s Tuesday Twiglet    https://thetwiglets.wordpress.com/2017/05/16/twiglet-24/  delicate ears

Picture googled – gardeningjones.com

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Was your Mother’s Day painful?

Scenario:  At church about ten-twelve years ago.

Preacher:  “Let all the mothers stand up.”  I stood.  “If you’re here with your mother, stand up please,” he continued.

A very common routine for the day that I had participated in many times.  But that day, my heart fell.  Although my husband and I had been empty-nesters for many years, that was the first year that I had been to church by myself on Mother’s Day.  Both sons and families no longer lived close by or had other obligations, and for some reason my husband did not go with me.

I purposed right then that I would never be alone on Mother’s Day again.  I would go to my son’s—–or something—or anything!

Now my story  doesn’t elicit much sympathy from you.  Neither should it!  Just a story from an extravagantly spoiled mother and grandmother.  😀


There are so many reasons for some people (both male and female) not to have a happy Mother’s day:

  1. Those who are barren but want children.

  2. Those who lost a child in the noble defense of our  country or  even worse, those who lost a child in the ignoble death of a criminal.

  3. Those who are carrying a chip on their shoulders who need to forgive and be forgiven.

  4. Those who are spending their time watching a son, daughter, mother, or father die whether because of their own actions or because of disease or accident.

  5. Those who never knew mother or father.

  6. Those who made a decision to have an abortion whether “justified” or not.

  7. Those who have been rejected.

There are probably other reasons,  Some of these groups were brought to my attention by my friends or relatives on Face Book because the Lord had placed a special empathy to them for that group.  He is a Father who cares.

The reason I believe that to be true (that God placed the special group on someone’s heart) is that he did the same to mine.  Sometime Friday or Saturday, Isaiah  49:15 came to my mind.  It says:  “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no companionship on the child she has borne?  Though she may forget you, I will not forget you!  See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;”  So to  you who have been rejected by your mothers, this is God’s message to you.





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‘TWEEN GOD AND ME – language


Linda’s SoCS topic for today is “language.”

It is 2:45 a.m. and I believe God would have me to tell you a story that I have never written and have told only three or four people.  It is far to precious to be shared lightly.  I’m not sure I can do it.  Here goes, with God’s help, I will tell you another ‘Tween God and Me story.  It must have been about fifteen years ago.  It was during a period when I did not have a “punch the clock” job.

For a period of several months  I was going over to my church for prayer several times a week.  I would pray an hour then come home.  It was a very precious time with the Lord.  One day I was reading Isaiah 38 here at home.  It is a record of Hezekiah’s illness and prayer.  I think I had just experienced a special healing and I was rejoicing in thankfulness.  I can’t remember the circumstances for sure.  I have written in the margin of my Bible “This scripture to a most amazing, wonderful, experience in the Sanctuary…”  I remember intentionally being quite vague in my reference.  I could not write what the experience was.

That day I decided I was going to go for prayer as usual, but I wasn’t going to ask God for anything.  I was going to read to him this scripture, then I planned to talk about it and spend my hour thanking him and singing to him.

I entered the sanctuary through the back door carrying my Bible.  The lights were dim, but I decided the look up the scripture in the Bible there in the back.  I turned my back to the front of the sanctuary  finding my scripture getting ready to go read it to the Lord.  Suddenly it struck me as funny that I would be turning my back on the Lord intending to surprise him by my intention to read to him.  (Here I cry even tonight.)  I said in my mind,  “How silly to think I can surprise you, Lord.”  In my head he responded, “I’ll close my eyes.”  Oh, God; oh, God.  How can it be?  I was amazed, bowled over, overwhelmed!  I walked down that aisle to the altar, standing in the middle before the pulpit and began singing.  I sang in some other language.  It seemed as if I were in a great cathedral; my singing sounded beautiful to me.  I never sang like that before or after.  When I stopped.  I checked the time  It had been one hour.

I went to the church office and tried to tell them something about what had happened.  I couldn’t.  And as I said this is a precious experience that I have shared with very few.  I have taken out my Jewel of Great Price, and let you have a look today.  May God confirm the truth of it to you.


(This scripture turned out being very important to me at a later time – in 2012 during a terrible illness.  I’ll tell you about that some other time.)


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bfoken car mrror

“I’ll deny it,” I thought.  “I’ll tell them some boys came by and vandalized it.”

I’ve driven for seventy years with only a speeding ticket now and then, no serious accidents.   Now this is the third one in six months.  They will take my car. I’m not careless,  and neither am I a liar.  It’s time.  “Thank God, that I have hurt no one.”

“Hi, Dear,”  I said into the phone.  “I’ve had another accident.  Will you come help me with the car?  I cannot judge distance well enough to drive any more.”

Then I sat down and cried.




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“Tell of his deeds…to your children and future generations.”

mother hen 1

“You’re depending on me a lot, aren’t you, Grandma?”  

“Yes, Sweetie, I am,”  I replied.

A few years ago this little exchange occurred between me and Alayna.  It was at a family gathering, probably a Thanksgiving holiday.  I had been talking about the Christian legacy that had been passed to me and how blessed my life had been because of it.  I appreciated that Alayna took responsibility by saying “depending on me” rather than “depending on us.”  Alayna does not yet have children but I hope she still sees the hope I have in her and each of my children to pass on the Good News that Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life and our hope of eternal life together.  Long ago, we sang “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.”  It was a good reminder that we will all live, the question is will we be together in Heaven.

I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the young mothers in my family.  Vicky (the first of my young mothers), Terry, Gena, Kristina, Leeah, Mandy, and Renee and Katrina (the last of my young mothers).  Thank you for taking your responsibilities seriously to care for your precious children – their physical needs, their social needs, their educational needs, their emotional needs, and their spiritual needs.  Thank you for my opportunity to influence your children.  I love them dearly.


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 “To Amy*, my Mom. To a loving mother from a sorrowful daughter 13 years too late.”

Thus began a letter I wrote full of remorse about my not having expressed more appreciation for her talents. Especially her ability to write historical stories, even make-believe stories like her Baretta** story. I could make a quick judgment about her art I knew it was  good, but I knew so little about writing and took even less time to care about it.

Now that I love to write I wish I had shared more of that with her. A section from my letter to her says – “I have thought of you often during the 13 years since you were here. But I think it has always been because I wanted you to see MY accomplishments, MY family, MY home, MY yard, MY Lexus – never because I wanted to share YOUR accomplishments, YOUR genealogy, YOUR house, YOUR yard, YOUR writings, YOUR pictures. Sorry, sorry, sorry.”

I destroyed the letter.  I’ve learned a very humbling lesson. What good is an “I’m Sorry” when it’s too late. I don’t know what I will remember when I see her again. But I hope I will still have the opportunity in Heaven to say, “Mom, you were an amazing woman when you lived on earth.”

*Mom, about 65 years old.

**”Baretta” was a story about their dog who is telling his life’s story.

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“For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of a rider the message was lost.”



1.  What can you give away, return, or recycle?

Loose papers, newspapers, and other recycle papers

Overdue and lost Library books other borrowed books

Obsolete toys

2.  What can you bag up for neater storage?

Bag folded winter sweaters, stack neatly in closet

Bag spare/odd socks, for craft projects

Bag old clothes you can’t part with yet

3.  What needs emptied and cleaned?

Empty and clean all garbage cans and replace bags

Clean out cars, separate good stuff from waste

Freeze and drop old food into tightly tied bags, then throw in trash can

4.  What needs to be put out of sight?

Bag up toys of sentimental value to be taken to attic

Old textbooks from the fifties and sixties, bag and store under the bed

All obsolete tech items, whole and in part, with various chargers and cables, can be bagged and stored in the broken down car out back.

               To get started–

Step 1 – Go to the pantry where the  egg cartons, step stools, Walmart bags, food trays, measuring devices, broken appliances, and Pringle Cans  are tossed. 

Step 2  –  Uck-Oh!  I can’t start today because I have run out of Walmart bags!  What is the chance of that?  First ever since I was married in 1953. Must be in the stars for me not to clean this spring.

 “…for want of a bag, the spring clean up is lost…”

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praire fire

Fear mounts, terror reigns

Fast winds vomit smoke, spreading

Fire across the plains.




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