There are three Bradford pear trees on a corner near my home. They are loaded with white blossoms. One of the trees is a little more advanced than the others so the green is overtaking the white. I want to yell, “Wait a little longer, please.”

My grandchildren come to my house.  Picture perfect, bows in hair, matching clothes.  The older one and I share a secret.  We watch.  I think of her at that age.  She thinks about how much she knows that they don’t know yet.  We smile at each other.  I want to yell,  “Wait a little longer, please.”

I turn into the drive way and see the jonquils in bloom.  They will not be here in a few days.  I want to yell, “Wait a little longer, please.”

I sit with my friends from the senior center.  I glance at each of them and think of the pleasure them give to me.  I know one of us will b gone soon, to sickness or death.  I want to yell, “Wait a little longer, please.”

The trees are going to change, the girls are going to grow older, other beautiful flowers will take the place of the jonquils, and we seniors are going to go into eternity. By experience, I know I’m still going to like the trees and flowers. By experience, I know I will still love my girls and they will fill me with delight whatever their age.

By faith, I accept death as another natural move forward. As I see change in this world and the continuing beauty that follows, I remember Psalm 116:15 which says that the death of saints is precious in the sight of the Lord. So it can’t be all bad!

But I still say, “Wait a little longer, please.”

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Is it beginning to be old hat 

My constant harping. – that

You can be a friend of God.

Don’t you think that it is odd 

People turn down such an offer

Choosing rather to be a scoffer!

 The Bible tells of people who

Stuck with him, like sticky glue

Enoch, Moses, and Abraham

 David, Jeremiah, and Adam

All such different sorts of men

But God called each of them his friend.

Some are known for flagrant sin,  others seemed to be very good men

Some military geniuses, others not; some rich, others not;

Some educated, others not; some political, others not;

Some powerful, others not; some well-known, others not.

So what DID they have that WE have got?

We all have in the same measure

What to God is his pleasure.

They returned to him, what he gave to them.

And he wants from us, without fuss,

just what he has given to us!


Much easier said than done

But it’s possible and fair to everyone.

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cell phone

moor uf mi kdz with nu fonz.  i got 2 lern 2 tex.  i haf tene-ajers lernin me.  Thx, kdz 4 yur lernin me.  Nou kan i rite so yu kan reed rite?  Sumtims i donnut spel rite – hoap u donnut mined.  2 mi minters & uthur techurs, haf i spelt okae? Thx 2 u tene-ajers hoo r lernin

me.  Nou du git the fon r naut?  Mabee nauit 4 a wile.  i mite need moor lernin  Wat du u thank?

Pee ess:  i luv u!  Ur gramma



A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dryeth the bones …  Prov. 17:22

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good shepherd

Equal chance for all

The Good Shepherd, invites “Come”

To all troubled souls.

Isaiah 40:11  “He will feed his flock like a shepherd; he will carry the lambs in his arms and gently lead the ewes with young.”


Dear Readers.  As I write this this morning, I  confess to the question in my mind, “Lord, do all have an equal chance?  Really?  What about those in third world who can’t even read?  Is their chance equal to mine – one who has been blessed to read, teach, learn, listen about you all my life?  My answer still only falls on my faith.  My faith that answers “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes on him, shall be saved.”   EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES ON HIM.  No matter the advantages I have had to hear about him, I am just as lost as anyone else if I do not respond to the call.  In fact all the advantages I have had makes me more liable if I choose to ignore the call.  “To him who is given much, much is required.”  Luke 12:48



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birth mother
29 years ago I made the most difficult decision a young mom could have made. I chose to place my son for adoption, signing my rights away as a mother. 
In all these years my heart has longed to fill that missing piece…. that void… that emptiness. Though the grief was tremendous, the love was greater. 
I’ve gone through 29 Mother’s Day celebrations always thinking about him… wondering the what if’s and the what’s he doing now thoughts.From the very day I signed those papers on March 19, 1989, I remember the day vividly. I remember that solemn first and only drive with my son to the adoption agency. That day I held out hope to meet him one day in the future.
That one day still holds true. Though it seems I’ve met or been in contact with everyone around him over the years I’ve never actually met him. From what I understand he has no desire for that long awaited reunion I’ve wanted all these years.

As a birth mom, even though I’ve known where he lives, finding out accidentally who his adoptive parents were I’ve never crossed that line of what seems to be an invasion or disrespect on his life. Though I’ve wanted to, for selfish reasons… to somehow ease that pain of life long grief for me. Not for him. 
And now, even decades later… I could easily message him on Facebook, but I won’t. 
I won’t because I can rest easy knowing he is secure in who he is. He is secure in his parents love for him. To this day, this adoption has continued to teach me about love… as I was taught years ago about the meaning of love… its willing the highest good for that individual.If I have to wait another 29 years or even not in this lifetime… its ok. It’s not about me. I gave him life and entrusted his adoptive parents to love and give him a life that I wasn’t capable of giving him 29 years ago.

Here’s to birth moms and adoptive parents. Happy adoption day.

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“When will I have to stop going to church?” asked the little boy.
“What?” I responded, not believing I could have heard right.
“When will I have to stop going to church?” he repeated.
Noticing my bewilderment, he clarified, “When I get bigger, when will I have to stop going to church?”


This a not a child in a country whose government is about to close up Christian churches, nor is he a child with a debilitating disease which will stop his leaving his home. He is not a child whose parents are poverty stricken, drugged, uneducated, or untrustworthy. No, he is a healthy child of Christian parents who are comfortably well off and who love him dearly, who would do anything for him including working endless hours, sometimes even seven days a week.

I guess he believes it when the adults in his life say, “I can’t go to church because I have too much to do.”

Luke 21:34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with…cares of this life,….

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The summer tradition had begun several years ago and was cherished by Todd’s family long before the tragedy occurred.  Cyan had sweet memories of summer camps with candles burning until the paraffin gradually melted to the nubs.  The elders would vaunt about their yearly achievements  and others shared familiar family stories.  The children loved the stories about Todd falling in love with Cyan, their beautiful  blue-eyed mother.  As they mumbled their good nights, Cyan put blankets over the scantily clad children who would nod and fall asleep in tees and shorts.

Those were good years before the accident that started the fire.  Todd rushed to bring water from the faucet to extinguish the flames.  The strain was too hard for him.  Todd had warned her in the early days – those days of koi no Yokan when then knew that love was inevitable – not to fall in love with a man who had such serious heart defect.  But words couldn’t stop love.  Neither could his death.  Nor had that love yet died.  Cyan sighed lovingly as she tucked their children – the fruit of their love – into their beds.

WORDLE: cyan, mumble, tragedy, vaunt, paraffin, nod, asleep, faucet, scantily, koi no Yokan, tradition, gradual  – Use at least ten words in a story.


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John referred to himself five times as the disciple Jesus loved. But didn’t Jesus love all twelve of the disciples? Oh, yes, even the one who would betray Him. So what must John have had in mind when five times he wrote that he was the one whom Jesus loved?

I would argue that John was the most intimate of Jesus’ disciples because he always seemed to be close by. Sometimes his motivation was not good; he appeared to be a social climber, but he was there! He was loved, but he was disciplined and rebuked as well. Time spent with Jesus has a way of chiseling off the rough spots.

John said that he had “lain on Jesus’ bosom” during the last meal together. I believe there John “drew close enough to hear the beat of His heart, to feel the heat of his love, to smell the aroma of his presence and to touch the breast that breathes life anew,”  as is my oft stated desire.  

John was among the disciples who slept at the last when Jesus asked for their support as he, Jesus, went to prayer. I wonder if that failure is what gave John the determination not to fail again! He was a witness to Jesus’ trial (John 18:15) and he was there when Jesus died (John 19:26). In the end John’s dedication was rewarded. Jesus would have died with one more burden – who would care for his mother – but for John. He was there when Jesus needed him!

Why do my thoughts so often end up with a lesson for me? Am I there when he needs me to care for someone he loves?


(image from Pixabay)

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Mom and Pop’s dying croaks.
Mom croaked, “A bath is important for princess-luring.”
Pop croaked, “Practice, life depends on quick leaping.”
Taddy was lonely; he was sorry they croaked.
Maybe he should try it – just jump in and get wet.
Too late!
A hawk swooped in. Taddy croaked.



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High odds Slim will win

Better place your bets on him.

Horse won.  Slim didn’t!


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