Big Orky is attached to me, not to the building.  He was quite small at the beginning.  About like a ladybug with antennae.  The antennae grew into straps.  I’ve noticed Orky grows each time I smoke and the straps seems more binding but they do get longer so I can go about my daily affairs by lugging him along. 

I was in the hospital for a couple of weeks; they cut the straps.  But Orky was waiting out on the front lawn so he hooked back on.  I plan to cut them myself someday.  Anybody got a ciggy for me?


Written for Friday Fictioneers one hundred word picture prompt hosted by rochelle

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Psalms Chapter 91 1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I, too, have been there – in the secret place of the Most High God.

Like Moses, I have been on the mountain top, hesitant to come down and take up the mundane duties of earthly living.

Like Job, I was in the ash heap, but I came out saying, “I shut my mouth. I knew nothing before, but now I’ve seen Him! I know Him!”

Like David, I’ve washed the altar with my tears and joyed in sins forgiven.

Like Isaiah, I’ve seen Him high and lifted up. (Here I am, peeking over the earth’s rim, back here, behind the cherubim and seraphim. You are awesome, Lord. I love you.)

Like John I have leaned on His breast and dwelt there until His breath became my breath.

Like Mary, I have sat at His feet, and

like Martha, I have served Him in the kitchen.

I’ve been to places too wonderful to tell, beginning when, like the centurion, I stood at the cross and knew that, truly, there hung the Son of God.


I’m pretty sure I have used this on blog before, but tonight (Sunday) it is awesome in my soul – the magnificence of an Almighty God who cares for me, whom He loves even more than he loves the angels, cherubim, seraphim, or any other of his created wonders. That is also how much He loves you.

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Does it matter what I do? Perhaps we should just be dog-eat-dog? Survival of the fittest. The grave is the end. That attitude can be the cause of murder, violence, rape, and greed for those who think they can be among the fittest; the cause of suicide, homelessness, drugs, alcohol, idleness, and much ill health for those who just give up and submit to not being one of the fittest.

Why does it matter if the grave is the end?

The paragraph above reminds me of Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.” But after he tosses around all those vain and depressing thoughts, he ends with the following conclusion.

Chapter 12:13 When all has been heard, the conclusion of the matter is this: Fear God and keep His commandments, because this is the whole duty of man. 14 For God will bring every deed into judgment, along with every hidden thing, whether good or evil.

Yes, it matters. Now the Holy Spirit still draws sinners to accept the Gospel that teaches the importance of accepting Jesus Christ as atonement for one’s sins. He took the penalty of sin; he did it to set me/you free and offers a hope for Eternal Life.


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Installing guardrails at road to Gotthard 1961 (Photo by Zubler/RDB/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Someone had whammed the guard rail!  A sign had been put up “Damaged Guardrail.”  When installed it was shiny, sturdy, and solid, but now it is messy, marred, and mangled.    I wonder who hit the guard rail and why.  Was it caused by an out of control car that had a blowout?  Was it a mother who was passing goldfish to the toddler in a car-seat?  Was it a tipsy driver who drove in spite of laws against drunk driving?  Was it a new driver who had just taken a driver’s ed course and knew all the rules but lacked the experience?  Or was it the fault of the guardrail itself, maybe it reflected the glare of the sun at just the wrong time?  Or had the hail and rain been so blinding, the driver couldn’t see?

Seems like society’s guardrails work about the same way.  Parents are charged with being “first responders,” in the guardrail brigade.  So out come the plugs for electrical switches, fences, and car seats.  Deut. 22:8 is apropos, “When you build a new house, make a parapet (rail) around your roof so that you may not bring the guilt of bloodshed on your house if someone falls from the roof.”  But how far does that go, when a child deliberately jumps over the rail?  How does the church work out as a guardrail? Love, fellowship, respect and fun is great.  But when they start talking about discipline, holiness, and clean living – all that guardrails stuff – most studies show that more than half of the youth drop out when they age out.  So what about the government?  So here come the laws, surely they are good guardrails.  Oh, yes, good if people obey them.  But if they don’t (like in Prohibition, drugs, adultery, etc.) you do away with the law.  No law, no law breakers, no guardrails. How are society’s guardrails looking?  Weak and wobbly.  One guardrail still stands—God’s word.  Oh it is smashed, bashed, and trashed, but standing firm, steady and dependable.  Prov. 18:10  “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous man runs into it and is safe”


I blogged this four years ago. I think it is even more needed now than then. We have completely taken down so many boundaries that kept our children and young people safe a few decades ago. Examples: Legalizing marijuana, giving dope to addicts, teaching that many perverted sexual experiences are normal, handouts for those who will not work, turning a blind eye to corruption, parents afraid to discipline their children. The Word of God still stands as the only safe Guardrail.

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“How do you feel about whether or not the USA should put “boots on the ground” in (whatever enemy country)?” Bye, bye, prospective nominee.

I’ve had enough of “leaders” who vote by poll. My old-time tenet is that people who represent me and have “inside” information, and also probably more knowledge than I do, should have common sense and courage to vote what is good for my country.

Chances are what is good for my country will be good for me. For instance, I think I would like to see a one percent cut across the board for all entitlements. That I say knowing well that my whole financial dependence is on entitlements. But I can’t see how my $1000 cut to $990 will tear up my budget any worse than it is already torn up by an unhealthy economy.

Hopefully the ten bucks will go to some system that will save me that much or more in a growing economy. I will add that I’ll have a fit if it is used to promote some agency who’s goal is to put more money into someone’s party, or upgrade his limousine, or kill babies.

That’s where we need an honest and unbiased media. Then we can know for whom to vote, so we can vote for the people who will represent us. How do we get an unbiased media? That’s a problem when the media is the one who is selecting the media! The only answer I have present is to boycott the special interest media groups—that also includes the universities that are turning out only graduates who fit into their cookie cutters.

Nominees, don’t be so concerned about my wants as about my needs. I need a free country run by people of integrity, good sense, and humility enough to listen to people who know, not to those who want.

Classic example of poor leadership. Poll that asks 18 year old if they believe we should have free colleges and universities! Or to ask the unemployed if we should extend unemployment benefits!

Polls will reflect media, honest or not.

Out and over, Fellow Citizens. 😀

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I’ve gone Home early;

I await your arrival.

Smile, we’ll meet again.


Written for ronovan’s haiku,

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A LOOK BACK – JUNE 5, 2014

How much has changed? Nothing here. I still can get down, but I can’t get up. Actually I guess it is more difficult to get down – gracefully. 😀 I still fall with efficiency.

From Facebook, June 5, 2014:

Ok, let me say first it was worth it! That being said because I know the Holy Spirit is watching and reading what I’m writing. I don’t claim his anointing on this, remembering that Paul even at one place said he was not claiming to have God’s word, but he was speaking his own words, I’m not saying I have the words of God! But I do think I must have given him a laugh for this day! Since reading Yolanda’s blog a couple days ago, on the joy of being flat out before the Lord (like a lizard drinking, she said), I have longed to be flat out before him, but I really hated the “I can’t get up” part. However, as I sat on my chair in the corner this morning looking at the floor, I contemplated putting into action a verse I read to Ashlyn yesterday “…in you my soul takes refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings…” To be under his wings would surely entail being down as low as I could go. “Well,” I reasoned, “if I pay close attention to how I get down, I can just reverse the procedure when I need to get back up.” Besides, I thought the Lord would help me in an extra measure since I would be going out on a limb (make flat on a floor) to demonstrate my desire for a new spark in my devotions this morning. It was good. I reached for my kindle, put on “Under His Wings,” by three different coral groups. As I said, it was good. Time to get up, remember -just reverse the procedure. I pushed with elbows, tried to get on one knee, remembered that gravity pulling my weight was very helpful in getting down but not at all in getting up, finally groped around enough to reach my cane to support my rising again, and discovered a brand new lesson. It takes muscle to get up! Was it worth it? Yes, but I’m sure going to try to learn how to flatten my soul even with a body that sits in the chair.

June 6, 2021:

Wherever you have worshipped today, I hope you have sensed the presence of the Lord as he hovers over you as a mother hen hovers over her chicks.

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From four years ago. Worth another thought. Especially now that USA citizens are taking such a serious look at socialism. What a bill of goods, the Biden administration is getting by with by presenting these trillion dollar pots of gold – in the name of love but completely lacking love.

Governments can give food, churches can give food, charities can give food. Throw money in the pot and distribute money, throw food in the pot and distribute food, but there is no way to throw love into the pot and distribute love. Love can only be given by individuals, alone or in the group. Jesus says to love your neighbor as yourself. How many of us give thousands of dollars to missions but have never bought even a potted plant for a neighbor? Think of how well loved King David was; yet in Psalms 142:4, he says, “no man cared for my soul.” If David felt like that, think of how many people we meet who are crying out for someone to care.

As for me, yes, I have given my alms through the church.  I think that is a safe way, and the least likely place to waste my contributions.  But, I really could afford a potted plant for a neighbor if I would just do it!

I think I will look for someone for whom I can “open the pot of love” and let a sweet aroma poor out.  I’m accountable.  I’ll let you know.  Now that ought to spur me on to good works!.  I can’t imagine coming back and telling you I could find no one to accept any “love” from me today!

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We see sin and devastation all around; it seems no one else cares. What to do? Put ourselves on the line. Say, “I’m one of them.” Fourteen times Daniel says “we” sinned, transgressed, failed to listen to truth, rebelled, acted wickedly, were disobedient. If we do that, are we not being false, faking humility? Or are we doing what Peter 4:12-19 speaks about “participating in the sufferings of Christ?” Are we helping to bear the burdens of others?

What about Moses when he told God to just blot his name out if God would not forgive his sinning people? That was Moses; that’s not me!

I suggest that the greatest pain Jesus endured on the cross was that of carrying the sins of all people. Therefore, we should so identify with the sinner that we actually carry the weight of his sin.

We sometimes pray that God will take away the sleep of sinners to bring them to him. I’m suggesting we should pray, “God, take away my sleep until I bear that soul to you.” That is too painful; that is not faith! True, but the Holy Spirit will let you know when the answer is completed. That is the time peace comes, faith remains. And it most likely will happen before the circumstances change. That’s faith!

Occasionally I get caught up in a news melodrama, and I feel a bit of the pain that I believe is what Peter talks about. However, I “fly the coup” and occupy myself with something else and it goes away. How tragic!

Daniel prayed, “…hear the prayers of your servant….” He is speaking even if he has to do it alone. Some ONE person has to accept responsibility to do what she/he can do. In truth, if I volunteer to be that ONE, I know God is preparing 7000 ONES in other places. (refer Elijah’s experience, I Kings 19:18)

Will you pray with me: “God, I can’t fake it; give me enough of your heart to care for that condition and that person whose hurts (sins) you want me to bear. Holy Spirit, help me share the “suffering of Christ” in love for the lost. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.”

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Facebook popped up  one of my days from 2014.  Some things have changed a lot; some not much.  For instance, I still lose things, I fix supper not dinner, and the air conditioner is broken this year also. My fixer is still fixing. (But this time, he had to call in help. Cost $464) That day I had corn on the cob; now I want some. I’ll look for some canned corn; that is still good.

The FB status on that day read thus:

Walmart shopped for essentials (and a few non-essentials). Has anybody out there tried out the teeth whitener brand I bought? Do you think it is worth the time and effort? Oh, back to my day. Sent Marcie a Happy BD and got a nice response. Have you seen her picture taken in Skinny Nutrition today? Very cute. Cute guy gracing the background. Do you notice I get sidetracked a lot? Got fed up with poor online service and read (company) the riot act (in a Christian manner, of course); maybe it helped. Went to Lowes for garden hose, a hand spadie thing, and those circle things Sammy puts in faucets.

Grabbed for my purse. Wasn’t there? Flew back home hoping mightily that I had not left it on the car trunk. Pulled in my drive. There stood the most wonderful couple holding my purse and waiting for me to come claim it. They had checked my ID to see where the “idiot” lived. I guess you know my reaction to that! Oh, thank God, and thank Doug and Debbie (I think that was their names). Made a fantastic supper of ground chuck, gravy, black beans, and corn on the cob. You can tell by the menu that it was supper not “dinner”. Watched O’Reilly and made some choice comments to Sammy about the VA mess and about the Senator who charged that Benghazi was a racially motivated ploy. Comments, comments. Air conditioner is broken but my fix-it honey is working on it. Facebook finally came on thanks to something. So here I am reporting my day. Love you all. (Oh, those circle things are called washers.)


One major change from that day. I had no idea what blogging was. I’m glad I’ve lived these seven years. Would I sound too much like Mr. Rogers if I say, “I’m glad you’re my friend,” 😀

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