Oneta 84

Addy hurt her toe.  Her tears and cries became stronger as mom came to see.  Addy was sitting on the driveway.  Mom runs up.  Cries and tears were even stronger until Mom knelt down eye to eye with Addy, murmured soothing words, patted the toe, and said, “Are you okay now?”  Addy nodded a yes.

You see Addy wanted a “face to face” healing moment with Mom.  All Moms know how to “kiss it and make it better.”  If “kiss it and make it better” doesn’t work, then “band-aid it and make it better” will. 😀

Moms love it.  Children love it.  Onlookers love it.  Everybody, except the child, knows what the magic was.

The magic is in the face to face attention from Mom.

Are you hurting?  Seek God’s face.  He wouldn’t have told us to seek his face, if he were unwilling to show it.  He can be seen in the face of Jesus, the Man who also had hurts.  He knows what pain is! Physical and emotional, take it to Jesus.  

Jesus said “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” John 14:9.  And he invites you to run to him.  (Matthew 11:28)

In the 27th Psalm, David says, “When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek. Hide not thy face far from me; . . . “ (v. 8 & 9).


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PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Monica and Larry found no place good enough for their honeymoon.  Even NYC and Paris paled in comparison to the amazing experiences they had had on their space flights.  They decided to build “Heart’s Desire,” a satellite city.

Money was no problem; they  knew  the rudiments ofasking for government grants.  Thus “Heart’s Desire” was founded.

Government lost thirty billion dollars.  Only fifty-seven couples ever passed NASA’s physical test.  Monica and Larry called it quits.  Monica married the architect and honeymooned in Houston.  Larry married the receptionist and honeymooned in Phoenix.

Taxpayers shelled out thirty billion.


100 word challenge using picture as prompt.




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four o'clocks

Four O’Clocks, Getty Images

Awake you, Beauties,

In night’s breezes you will sway,

dancing night away.

Ronovan, my haiku this week does not include the words “open” and “closed.”  When I saw the words, I thought of four o’clocks, then my mind went down a different track.  And sure enough I went astray.  😀  But I liked where your prompt took me, so I’m submitting anyway.



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Oneta 84

Remember my closing line from yesterday?  This is it:

“I have to ask the Lord for something marvelous next time.”

Well I have it!  Brought about my the fact that I attended the funeral of a dear Christian man.  That plus recent thoughts regarding the soon return of Jesus Christ, which I absolutely believe will happen if the election gives us a Democratic administration.  Because it won’t be long before we are united with the world under a supreme ruler, and all that that will bring forth.  If America continues as a strong independent nation and as a friend of Israel, I think we have a little longer to wait.  Whoa!  I’m getting deep aren’t I?

Well we do need to be reminded that there is a whole lot going on that we can’t see.  One thing is sure, we are not getting out of this earth alive unless it is by way of the rapture.

With all that in mind, I went to the Bible,  16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. 18 Therefore encourage one another with these words.   I Thes. 4 NIV

So there you are, Friends.  Something marvelous if you are ready and watching for his appearance.


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Oneta 84

Old folks don’t like change they say

I’ve worked a long time to learn it my way.

Does it have to do with my age?

Must just be that I’m in a stage.

But it is getting harder for me to learn

For a quick mind, I really yearn.

I’m very thankful my motor has a gear for go.

But I wish I could set it on something besides “slow.”


I started the above ramble some time ago.  Today I feel it is quite appropriate.  I have never worked so diligently and accomplished so little.  Take today for instance.

First a sweet report.  I talked to granddaughter who told me how much Addy (6) wants to come over to “help” Grandma (Me).  She is convinced she would be able to do hard jobs for me.

Also in the “not too bad but too slow” category.  Watered house plants.  Looked out and found the rain had done a marvelous job of watering the flowers Sammy put out last night.

“Fish feeding” went off without a hitch.  I tried to ignore the water that is getting murky.

Also fried an egg and some baloney for breakfast.  Ate onions with it.  Onions tasted good.

Inventory the meds and food supplements to see what I’m running out of.  Need to turn in my Herbalife order to Roger.  Herbalife okay, but meds revealed a troublesome, time consuming problem still unsettled.

I am out of Warfarin after tomorrow.  I called in refill Monday.  They had to get okay from doctor.  Alright.  I called today and was told they had no reply from doctor.  They will send another request.  I called them.  Talked to three people explaining my need, then I was put on hold, then dropped completely.  Called back.  Put my need on a message.  The message lady promised to call back.  That was two and a half hours ago.

Searched FB to find out about time for a friend’s funeral.  It is this afternoon.  I’m going.  I’m sure I will have to walk pretty far to get in the church.  That’s okay since I am getting pretty strong because of the walking I have been doing.  Hold the applause.  I will just imagine all the accolades you are shouting out to me.  I hear that “Go, Girl, Go.”  Thanks.

All this reporting is to tell you why there is no real creative kind of blog today for the fourth day in a row.  I miss blogging.  It’s not because I am accomplishing anything but because I am doing something!

I didn’t just promise you a “real creative” kind of blog next time, did I?  Maybe I hedge on that a little.  Wish my feet would run around as well as my mouth runs off.  Promises, promises.  I have to ask the Lord for something marvelous next time.  😀







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I was wakened at 1:15 and became aware of a gaseous odor. I got up to check it out and found a kitchen stove gas knob on. That was a lot of gas that filled the house from the stove to my bed! I apparently had accidentally turned the pilot on when I washed the stove at about 10:00 or so. Join me with a special shout out to Jesus for waking me. Would have been so easy to have gone to eternal sleep instead!

Psalm (121:3) “He will not let your foot slip – he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber not sleep.”

Remember the childhood prayer?  “Now I lay be down to sleep, I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to keep,  And if I die before I wake, I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to take.”  May be that that is a good prayer for all ages.


Image:  Brandon Cormier,

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too late

I aroused from a nap with these words, “We cry, too late.”

Now we cry, but it is too late.

Hell’s minions we loved to date.

Crying “God is Good,” we ignored our fate

Teaching all paths lead to Heaven’s Gate

Sinful life-styles we dared not hate

Any gender became a legal mate

Degrees of sin we would not rate

Every desire we did sate

Lacking patience, we would not wait.

Now we cry, but it is too late.


Image:  Clem Onojeghuo


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Jesus (Matt 10:20) says, “the very hairs of your head are numbered!” I’ve heard folks poke fun at that statement by referring to God’s “hair-counters,” pointing out how ridiculous it is to literally believe the Bible.  Joking about keeping count of a new hair or a lost hair.

Many are kinder.  They think it is just a legitimate exaggeration.  Poetic license used to prove a point.

But I say Jesus may have been giving a very scientific statement.  That Jesus, the Creator, is also a master scientist.   Science has finally caught up with “numbered hair” in the last decade or so.  What he said was proven by what science has discovered regarding deoxyribonucleic acid—DNA!

Don’t we all have genes that show whether we will have thick hair, thin hair, or maybe be bald? Wouldn’t that be marked by a DNA number? **

I’m not smart enough to understand all that, but makes sense to me. I get a thrill out of knowing God designed all the little details of our bodies. How beautifully and wonderfully made, we are!

Luke 12:7  But even the hairs of your head all have been numbered. Fear not; you are more valuable than many sparrows.


**A Thick Head of Hair Is in the Genes | Science | AAAS › news › 2007/11 › thick-head-hair-genes
Image:  Paul Siewert,
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Wow! My brain geared up to high speed while I was reading a bit from “To Know His Name.”  I’m the writer of that manuscript but I didn’t realize I had written something so profound.

This is it: “In the books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers the phrase ‘and the Lord spoke unto Moses’ occurs 73 times…” Doesn’t sound very profound, does it?

But listen to what that means!  Moses listened 73 times! At least he listened at least 72 times.  That’s what’s profound! Maybe the Lord is saying to me, “If you want me to talk to you, then listen.”


The image above is by Peter Lloyd at

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Eye mist  yesturda b cos eye wuz lernin 2 tex. Hoap u mist mee.  Eye wunt to lern 2 tex awn 1 uv thoz fancee fones. Houw am eye doin?

Eye haf tene-ajers lernin me. Thanx, kidz, 4 yur lernin me.

Nouw du eye git the fone r naut? Mabee nauit 4 a wile. Eye mite need moor lernin. Wat du u think?

2 mi mintors & uthur techurs, half eye spelt okae?

Thanx.  Yur eger studint.

Oneta  LOL or iz it lol, enewa eye mene lotz ov luv knot laf owout lowd.

pea ess: sumtims eye haf trubul spelin rite – hoap u don’t mined –

pea ess agin:  this iz a sampl ov modurn ejakashun awn soshul meedea.


Hello, Friends.  If you have no time for this bit of baloney this morning, don’t trouble yourself over it.  I was awake for two hours, from two to four, this am, so just playing around.  😀

A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like A Medicine.

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