Yes, this will be published on Wednesday, but my news was made today, Tuesday.

I saw the next doctor in line for my God-given cardiologist.  Guess what?  I’m still on stage ——LIVE!

Now I must survive for the Big Day with Jessica, my beauty saloon artist.  Tomorrow four oclock for the works.  Actually a couple people told me today that I looked pretty—today.  😀

I learned some important “options” today about some things that might work out for me.  Nice to have an option.  I will go back next Friday (16th) to be checked out in several ways to get the low down on my chances of success for some of these options.  Lots of brains involved among the group of medical whizzes.  I’m so impressed that they care.  And as the very last choice, my heart and vision still remember Jesus’s words to me.  “I’m still your healer” he says.  Those words are so sweet, they almost make me want that to be my first choice.  But I have this brain full of stuff I want to achieve before I go on!

I believe the weird thing that scared me into the hospital will continue on occasion as long as I have breathing problems, but I can handle that now that I can just remain calm and concentrate on breathing.  No more panic!

I’m trying to adjust to temperature needs in my house.  That would make it easier for everyone to live with me.  Weather has been lovely with nice rains.  Yard is lovely.  Picture at top is taken from my back patio toward the neighbor across the fence.

Wish I could share with you what I feel with Jesus as he sits with me on the bedside and I lean back in my rocker.  I can talk openly with Him; there is nothing in my heart that he doesn’t already know.  I remember Isaiah 40:28 “Do you not know?  Have you not heard?…”  Yes, Lord, I know; yes, Lord, I have heard. I don’t know where that ugly thought came from. I’m putting it at the foot of the cross where you have already taken care of it and cast it into the sea of forgetfulness.  And if that ugliness involves another person, I remember to pray for his/her needs also.

It looks like Wednesday has arrived in some places in the world.  I’m closing scheduling this to be published in the morning at 7:00.  Hope it finds you all chipper.  XOXO


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  1. If a male or female wants to be binary. What kind of surgeon would he/she look for? I have only heard of surgeons who change male to female, or female to male.
  2. If a father in the home contributes to a child’s success, why would one be surprised to find many prisoners come from broken homes?
  3. If marijuana is a “gateway” drug, why is it treated as harmless pleasure?
  4. If child sacrifice is an abomination to God, why would a majority of women favor liberal abortion restrictions?
  5. If weather history has shown cycles of warm and cycles of cold, why would we invest money in trying to change that instead of looking for more sources of energy?
  6. How many ocean front land owners are selling out because of the tide rising more than normal?
  7. Why are illegals (undocumented workers) more harmful to New York City and Washington DC, than they are to El Paso and Del Rio?
  8. Why are 17 year old immigrants called children when they cross the Rio, but they can get jobs in USA’s adult labor force?
  9. Why is Kamala laughing?
  10. Why am I not?
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Linda G. Hill prompt for SOCS, June 3, 2023   “left alone”

About thirty minutes ago I was left alone.  At least I was left alone in the kitchen when Roger and Sammy went to bed.  Cali, the Corgi, came to tell me good night then she went on her way also.  So I’m left alone.

“Left alone.”  Those words leave me with  a negative impact in almost all my imaginary flights.

Picture with me, a train station as the train begins it trek down the track.  One lone figure left alone on the platfore.  But there are at least a dozen other people there!  I see her, however, and she has been left alone.  I think she believes there will be no coming back.  Only despair and uncertainty live with her.  She would be better off without their companionship.  But it is obvious she has been left alone even in the midst of people.

I  have been reading the Psalms.  There are many of them which assures us that we are never alone without the opportunity to call on God.

I see me ending my scheduled devotion this morning with Jesus in the same way I would end it with any earthly friend.  Almost always with a confirmation of our next meeting.  “I’ll see you Tuesday in the lunchroom,” or what ever is appropriate.  With the Lord I like to add a bit to the game by saying, “I’ll be expecting to see you in unexpected places today.  Surprise me.  And often he does.  He quite often shows up in smiles as the human smilers hold the door open for me, or as they offer to unload my basket.

Ahh.  I am very seldom left alone, either with people or without people.

******THANK YOU, LINDA, FOR HOSTING THIS EVENT.  I love prompts and challenges and am very thankful for those of you who keep these fun events going.  I’m barely making it on Saturday, but I’m under the wire for my time zone.  😀


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With or without inflation, God’s promises are true!  However, his promise is to meet our needs.  We are used to a lot more than that.  And we don’t take too kindly to having to adjust our own belts.  I do, however, mourn for those who have to pay such high gas prices in order to get to their place of employment.  I understand why some just choose to not work; however, that is not God’s way!

Let me speak for myself.  I’ve had to use some money that I have had in silos.  Remember the parable about the rich man planning to build silos for his excess?  I get nervous when I have to do that.  You see, I can’t find any scripture that tells me God promises full pantries for future needs.

Jesus taught to pray for daily bread.  That might even demand daily prayer.  🙂

Jesus would not have taught to pray for daily bread (Matt. 6:11) if He thought there were going to be any exceptions caused by time or place. In the fifth verse of that passage, he says, “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Surely His will in heaven, is for needs to be met!

It is my opinion that the main reason for poverty worldwide is that God has removed his hand of blessing from nations and governments because of past “sins of the fathers.” Even in those circumstances, however, individuals can trust in the promise of Jehovah-jireh to meet their needs, even though at times the supply seems meager.

In spite of unholy governments, every Christian has a promise for basic necessities. David said, “ …yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread” (Ps. 37:25). Jesus was not referring to only the blessed people when he said about the sparrow , “…one shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows” (Matt. 10:29-31).

The American Christian should be humbly thankful for a Godly heritage established by men who sought the will of God for a “nation whose God is the Lord; …(Ps. 33:12). The present generation should accept the serious responsibility of obeying God and interceding for continued blessing to America, claiming God’s promise in 2 Chron 7:14. God will not cease to be Jehovah-jireh!


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I did some grumbling the other day when I reported my incident with being in the hospital, much to my dismay! But I am proud that I did point out the loving way in which I was treated.

Today I want to give special notice and thanks to the following doctors and nurses.

Doctors:  Davis, Burton, Cook, Wong, Gibson

(I was highly honored by Dr. Burton who took time to read some of my blogs.  How sweet of her!)  Hope she reads this one.

Nurses:  My N, Desiree, Kasey, Conner, Madalyn

Food Staff:  I don’t think I ever caught on to just what I was supposed to do to get “special” dining, but they always made my tray look appetizing.

Room Cleaners:  Everything was spotlessly clean.

I’m sure I have forgotten some who were very “present” in my foggy condition.  I’m sorry.  Consider yourself among my list.  God sure knows how to appoint loving caring people to take care of his hurting cranky children.



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Here’s proof that I had a heart in the hospital.  And here’s proof I’m no longer there.  Random bits related to my week weak.

  1.  I had eaten BarBQ ribs.  With my gullet full, I was relaxing in my blue chair making plans for what to read before bed time.
  2. Contraction kinds of things started happening in my stomach.  Very short on breath.
  3. Scared, I asked my family to call 911.  Quick response.  I’m on my way.  Too late to back out now.
  4. Emergency room.  I’ve done “wait” too long!  However, I did think they would send me home.
  5. Nope, they sent me to a room.  Much like a prison run by government regulations.  If I seem scared of the government, the hospital is much more so.  Example:  Physical therapists have to put that harness on you.  That harness that your husband uses to pull the trailer.
  6. Got breakfast about 10-ish.  On a scale of 1-10, it was thirteen.  But offered with love.
  7. Three days later the chicken bacon did get better.  With light toast this morning, it was good. And offered with love.
  8. Good news this morning.  I could go home today.
  9. I did.  I am.  I sleep!  I happy.  I have a heart.
  10. Surprise, surprise.  The problem was not my heart.  The problem is my lungs.  They do not thrive in water.


What I have written above is done so with love and fun for all who were involved.  However, I must get serious long enough to recognize the place God took in bringing me through another crisis.  I get thrill chills at his loveliness, at his holiness, at his offer of a hand to help me — again.

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Let’s stop by the Baked Pot Kiosk for the latest food on a stick.  The baked potato!  How many foods can you name that come on a stick.  Corned dog, pickle, ice cream, cotton candy, k-bobs, breakfast pops.  That’s the end of my food on a stick experiences.

What a surprise! I just hopped online.  Not supposed to do that with stream of consciousness.  My curiosity was just too strong.  And I found out there is just such a place.  At Stick It Concessions, Ohio,  one can buy a tornado potato.  It has a lot of fancy and fun names – Spiral Spuds and Twisted Taters.

My brain is sufficient to make me a millionaire but I wasn’t born soon enough!


Thanks to Linda for hosting this fun weekend challenge.  Just take the idea “stick” and run with it.  Find more fun at


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It may not be the goal, but the effect of CRT teaching is to encourage children to see themselves as victims or oppressors based on their skin color.  That’s wrong in any form.

  1. From news today.  http://Rep. Cori Bush introduces resolution on reparations for Black Americans …
  2. A few days ago I saw the black lady who was sitting in Target (I think) waiting for someone to give her money from her “reparations” so she could pay.
  3. Someone estimates Newsom’s plan in California would allow 1.2 million per person for slavery reparations.
  4. But for that much money, let me take count. I’ve got some.  Can I count friends, if I can find a black, or other, who will claim me!

Such garbage.  Such insincerity.  Such insanity.

Now bring forward somebody’s Aunt Beatrice who was a slave, I’m sure most citizens would like to give her some unpaid wages.

Meanwhile, leave my kiddies alone.  They will play with whom they choose and they will pay no attention to skin color until they are maybe five or six.  Then it won’t matter if some “woke” intruder has not made it a matter.

Reminds me of a little story to share.  We have a new youth pastor in our church; his family is “mixed.”  As I was introducing myself to his son, I took note of the fact he was really looking me over.  I thought it was sort of strange that I got that much attention, but I decided it was because of my age.  As I went on into the sanctuary, it dawned on me that I was getting the “eye” not because of color or age, but because of this plastic oxygen cord hanging out my nose!

For examples of how common sense has departed from this “woke” educational interference see

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Leviticus 5:1 New International Version ‘If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible. “

This is the way I explain that verse to a child.
 This is an important verse.  Think about it.  For instance, if your teacher is getting after some one you don’t like and you know he is not guilty, do you speak up for him the same as if he were your friend?  If we know the truth but don’t tell it, it may be the same as a lie.

In my naivety, I  think of honor among cadets at places like West Point.  All those rookies who sign pledge cards with never a thought of cheating by themselves or their other brothers and sisters.  All together.  In Unity We Stand.  One for All and All for One.  I find that that is historically true.

But consider this google entry.

Apr 19, 2022More than 60 colleges and U.S. military academies have honor systems. Dropping or modifying college honor codes has become more common in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Critics say honor systems are often unfairly applied to marginalized students.

What on earth does Covid19 pandemic have to do with ethics?  Why can we not expect “marginalized” students to be honest and anyone else.  This kind of racism is so maddening to me!!!  Don’t give me baloney about their “marginalized” PC not being based on race.

If I were a minority race, I’d be higher than a cat’s back.  You don’t think I can raise my child to be honest!

Oh, well, back to the whistleblower.  I’m quite grateful for men and women who, upon observing abhorrent behavior have the political will to take a stand for truth.

I have seen commentaries on this verse relating it to perjury.  I’m sure it would apply in that way.  I do not think the timing should be staged to suit Washington’s (DC) political administration, nor Alvin Bragg’s big “gotcha” moment with E. Jean Carrol charge.  I am highly suspicious of the women who become so insulted after twenty years or so.  Sounds like blackmail or bribery.  Not WHISTLEBLOWING.

According to some versions of the scripture above, the “whistle blower” who is dishonest, has to suffer the same penalty as the one against whom he witnesses.  We need more of that.



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GOD, EVER FAITHFUL. a Roger story

A substitute teacher came to my room and told me I needed to go down to the principle’s office.  I did so.   I had to leave school to pick up Roger who was at the police station.  He was there  because he had been taken in because of marijuana use on the school grounds.

Last week I wrote of how easily the Call seemed to settle on Carl when he was about twelve.  Roger, a product of the same home with the same two parents as Carl was an entirely different kind of child.  Roger always wanted me to pray for him, but he never wanted to do it himself.  He had moments of blowing off steam.  Sometimes to his own sorrow such as whacking and breaking his own windshield at one point.  He had short limits, however.  I only once heard him say an uncouth word.  He never gave me reason to believe he did not respect and love me.  I will come back to the marijuana incident later.  It has a sad but interesting ending.

As was pretty much the policy in our community, the police told Roger his record would be kept for a year.  If there was no more trouble, it would be destroyed, I guess.  Roger confessed to having tried out the drug one time before in the county in which I was raised.  He had cousins up there.  I was surprised.  At one time even big brother, Carl, let him (or led him) into some trouble.  I don’t remember the details.  Roger grew tall and fast.  I let him hang with boys who were too much older than he.

The school incident included three boys out behind the football field or someplace similar. The other two boys lived in our neighborhood.  The parents of one brought him to our house to confess that he had supplied the marijuana and apologize for having done so.

Remember that I said Roger didn’t like to pray.  However that crisis did break that bondage.  The first night at church after that, my heart was broken with a burden for him.  I wanted him to come to the altar so badly.  I felt the Lord whisper to me, “You go pray for James, and I will take care of Roger.”  I did, He did, Roger did!  I was at the left end of the altar area praying for James; when I looked up, there was Roger at the other end with others praying for him!  Things changed.  Roger even became much more studious!  That must have been the year he told me one kid got saved at youth camp.  I said sometime like  “Oh, that’s good.  Who was that?”  He said, “Me.”  Sort’a funny.  Smiley time.

I asked Roger if he would mind me giving this story on the blog.  He said of course not and he added some information for me.  Now he is the lone survivor of that trio of boys.  Boy Three ended up being killed.  Roger thinks it was because of a drug gang; Boy Two, who apologized, ended up dead from overdose caused by prescription drugs taken for back pain; and Boy One (Roger) and his wife, Renee, are helping dad and mom (Sammy and me) live out our lives until death or rapture, which ever comes first.

Roger has a soft and tender heart which goes on display at the mention of a bunny, a four-wheeler stuck in the snow, or my car which needs the lug bolts to give in a little!  Sometimes that causes a grunt and a breathing time, but still no unkind or uncouth words.

Roger has a four year nursing degree but opted for work out of doors in sunshine or rain.  😀

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