DOING IT MY WAY (freedom/boundaries, part 1)

Frank Sinatra, right?

And now the end is here and so I face the final curtain, My friend, I’ll say it clear, I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain…….. I did it my way

How nice to be free, to be independent, and by the way it is nice to have one’s kids be independent also. Do you happen to know what they call Independence Day in England? Thanksgiving Day! Yes, one is really not independent until one’s offspring is independent.

Freedom sounds wonderful! But as one walks in freedom, he learns that freedom is somewhat of a myth. You see, a free nation only exists because its citizens set boundaries. And, of course, setting boundaries, is generally understood to be the opposite of freedom.

As it relates to philosophy of government, I am glad to live in a “free” nation. But as it relates to individuals, freedom is a mirage. It is not real. Looks good, but it cannot be reached. We must set our own boundaries or else someone else will set them for us. I think of a 6th grade school teacher who told me that I could do anything I wanted to do as long as I wanted to do right! My boundaries must be right and not just right for me, but my desires must not clash with yours, or you might put your fist in my face; my desires must not clash with my government, or I might land up in jail; my desires must clash with my conscience, or I might end up with ulcers.

I once backed into a car in a parking lot. I could have gone on, but I stopped and got out to check the damage. A guy in a pickup yelled, “Did you hit that car?” I said that I did. He said, “You better go report it.” Made me mad. I said, “What do you think I’m doing?” You see I wanted to set my own boundaries. I didn’t want him telling me what to do; I didn’t need him to do so. I wanted to be my own boss.

I’ll be back tomorrow with “the rest of the story.” Meanwhile do you accept what I have said so far?

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Mostly I go unnoticed, unseen.

Waiting quietly, blended in the scene.

There’s a lot of me left – though bended with age.

People look as scanning a page.

“Gorgeous roses,” I hear in the Spring

“See the glistening water drops,” after the rain.

Summer’s the time they care for me. I stand up straight for all to see.

They feed and water and keep me trimmed.

Take some beauties inside to the den.

Fall? The job is growing too hard,

they quit caring about the yard.

Winter has come, I try still to gleam.

But, to my sorrow, I remain unseen.


Friday Fictioneers. One hundred word challenge using photo as prompt. Thanks much to Rochelle and to Dale Rogerson for the prompt.

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  1. I just got a like on “A Lasting Gift” so I went back to see what I wrote. It was the one about my watch. I am embarrassed to see that I did not answer all comments. Sorry, Julie, Ken, ghostmmnc, and grAnnie Roo. Took me a long time to catch up.
  2. Now what about ketchup. “Ketchup” is a name originating in China from a word that means fermented fish. Now what made me think of that! – Oh, something fishy, China. I have found no connection between Heinz payout for using the name and a kickback to Hunter Biden. Suspicious, though. Oh, come on, guys you have been getting by easy from me for the last 29-30 days.
  3. That’s a long time to hear President Biden dangle the word “unity” in front of me. Someone tell me how a girl like me can be in unity with – abortion? opening borders? Footsie with China? Or Iran? Tax hikes? Laid off workers? Locked down businesses? Covered faces? Closed schools?
  4. Carl and Vickie (son and wife) came up to take me to eat. We did. We did some more. Fried catfish at Catfish Cove. Unbeatable. I didn’t show any weight gain this morning so I guess the fish were okay without gathering too much water.
  5. Walmart is my pharmacy. Some of my pills are huge and I have to bite them up before I can swallow, but I was greatly irked yesterday because a lot of my bottle was filled with broken pieces. I can handle two halves together for one dose, but beyond that I was slightly – okay, greatly – irritated or mad. I left the bottle out to send back. But I decided to deal with some grace. So I repented. Kept the broken ones.
  6. I told you about that grace because I have something else to say about myself. That is, God opened my eyes to a sin in my heart that I didn’t know was there. I’m glad he did. I left it at the cross under the weight of the other sins he bore for me while he hung on that tree.
  7. Oh, I’ll tell you the sin. Confession is good for the soul, they say. No, but maybe it will be a little eye-opening for some other of you long time Christians who have formed life styles that are not hampered by some of the “action” kinds of sins. We are much more open to traps like I saw in me today. I was browsing some books by people who were national known, read and quoted a lot. When one got my attention! I suddenly realized I was jealous of her success! God, forgive me! God forgave me!
  8. That last item was a bit like I have to deal with regarding number of followers, number of reader, likes, etc. Now I’m getting next to the bloggers’ heart, aren’t I?
  9. Didn’t you think it was just terrible that Ted Cruz went to Cancun!!! Right in the middle of a terrible cold streak in Texas? Must have been awful for those Texans, and for the Democrats in the rest of the country. I wasn’t bothered at all; I didn’t miss him.
  10. What bothered me was that President Biden went to Camp David for a weekend rest pit! And him having all the responsibility of all American during that cold spell. Did you hear one word of criticism? I think he should have foreseen all the heating bills going sky high. He could have chatted with Nancy and come up with a Emergency Heating Relief Bill providing a ten dollar payback for each citizen or some other creative bill. The two together could surely have figured a way to prove President Trump should have predicted the emergency and left provisions for such as he walked out of the Oval Office.
  11. Didn’t plan on eleven, but I do have one more thing to say and this time I am serious. I am deeply troubled by the death of free speech in this country. I’ve quit dealing with Twitter, but I’m pretty sure this blog would not be acceptable to them.

You’ll have a nice day now!

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Edith Murray was called Granneth by her family.  She liked it much better than Grandma Edith.  The little ones learned quickly to say something that sounded like Granneth.  Her grandchildren were always anxious to show off their new ones as they came along.  Six grands and now nine great grands.  She met all of them before they were three months old.

Then that seemed to be it. 

Now they had moved all over the country.  Why, Steven’s family had been around the world since the Armed Forces were his career.  Barb had an amazing success story.  But her children were raised by a nanny.  Only Clay’s family stayed close by. 

They lived a couple doors to her right, just across the street.  That’s where Billy lived. 

She saw Billy almost every day.  He would text, “Granneth, can I come over?”  Yes, there was always time for Billy.  Sometimes she would call his mom and ask if she could come pick up Billy and run around with him for a couple of hours.  And Billy was now getting big enough to help her out sometimes.  He liked to unload the car after their grocery shopping. 

He loved stories.  Fiction, Bible Heroes, American Patriots.  He even loved her family stories, generally sparked off by a rummage in old papers and photos.

“You should not be partial, Edith,” her friends would say.  Edith felt guilty so she pulled back a bit.  She didn’t want Billy to be spoiled by her attention. 

She tried to be sure she wrote letters to the others.  She tried to learn the new texting stuff.  But that was not her!  She couldn’t “bond” by a text no matter how much she tried.

Edith protested with friends who accused her of being partial.  “No.  I love all my babies.  I held them all in my arms.  They were all beautiful and I could see “smart” in their eyes!  They are part of me.  Same relation.”

Finally she met someone who understood.  “Edith, what you are missing is having a relationship with the others.  You have a relationship with Billy.  Don’t feel guilty.  Everyone of those children could have the same kind of relationship with you if circumstances made it possible.”

Dear Friends, Jesus made all circumstances conducive to our having a relationship with him. Where ever you are, no matter you lot in life, you can have as much “Jesus” as you are willing to pursue. It is your call. Revelation 3:20 says: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”

image: (Alex Green)

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A Freudian slip?

A name from a former time.

The name was not mine!

How to deal with this?

Didn’t take long to find out.

I did it also!


Ronovan’s haiku using words “slip” and “time” brought a long time ago frustrating event to my mind. Young love. Newly married. My sleeping husband said a lady’s name aloud. The name was not mine! I am not a quick reactor to these kinds of things. But I was puzzled. Sometime later from deep in my dreamland, I heard myself say a guy’s name. Not Sammy’s! Did I really say that name aloud? I still don’t know. Sammy never brought it up. Maybe he knew he had done the same thing. 😀 I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t remember. Husband’s don’t remember things like this for 68 years, do they? Or do they? I shall now put this memory back under the rug.

Written for Ronovan http://Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 346 SLIP and Time. haiku challenge. Thanks for the fun, Ronovan.

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So another week, I have been rocked in a cradle of “if is your thing, go for it”; all paths are equal; if it is your path, it is right for you! What rot!!!!

All paths are not okay! Sin and evil lead to death! Death of the spirit and death of the flesh. Fifty shades of evil are all wrong. Wrong? Some of you ask? Who am I to say something is wrong?

Of course, my first standard is the Bible, which I believe is a map to peace and eternal life. But if your don’t like that, look to history, listen to people who have experienced pain and peace.

The natural path is generally (probably always) wrong.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

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An unrecognizable utility workman carries out repairs on a transformer connected to an 11000 volt power line.*

Thanks much to the Oklahoma Gas and Electric workers who kept us through a “no-holds-barred” kind of winter storm! We had no outages at our house. Amazing work as the workers seemed to anticipate and prevent many power failures.

These workers are courageous and willing. Can you imagine having the nerve to climb those icy poles and work with that intricate wiring? I’d be wondering what will get me first: freeze to death, electrocution, or a wire noose around my neck caused by me becoming twisted up in electric wires. 😀

Thanks, utility workers for the amazing job you performed.


Thanks to Linda G. Hill for the SoCS:Nerve

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 20, 2021


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I hardly had to peek at all. There was the invitation that I had longed for. What a step up! An office in the Administration Building. No more classroom. A move to being a Principal with a school of my own. But it was addressed to my co-worker!

All I had to do was “lose” the notice. She would never know. Administration would think she didn’t want the position.

They would look things over and decide I should be the one. I had seniority anyway. The job should be mine!

There was still time to walk away. Wish I had.


Written for as a entry to Friday Fictioneers, a 100 word story based on the picture prompt by http://PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz Thank you, Rochelle and Ted.

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Sounds like I might not have time to design a blog pleasing to your eyes, sweetly fragrant to your nose, drops of wine on your lips, blankkie-snuggly to your touch, and a joyfully chanted tune in your ears BUT I can be on here long enough to say – IT IS TRUE, WE ARE ALL UNDER THE WEATHER AROUND OKLAHOMA LAND. But we are fully capable of functioning peacefully and snuggly if the electricity goes out! Just move frozen goods into the garage. Good to go.

They say it will be worse in the morning with two more days of snow – then we begin to uncover our igloos of snow. 😀

Just wanted you to know I am fully capable of producing all that “word” wonder I described in my first sentence. (in my dreams) Just don’t have time, you know, before the electricity might go bye-bye and leave all that “Emily Dickenson” beauty in the sky. What a loss that would be; I just can’t take the chance…..

We are being warned to be alert to the possibility that we might lose electricity.

Seriously I wanted to tell you I am doing pretty well. No new “yuckies” for several days. The Lord is good to me! I’m rejoicing over a few family victories. For you Christian friends who have been praying for revival – I got a call last night from my millennial. She was sharing a wonderful experience with a new church she is attending because of covid problems in her regular church. She was so excited about seeing things that she was sure she had heard me talk about in days of revival-past. Some of the glories that made me so “churchy.”


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WHACKAMEE, whackamee, WHACKAMEE, whackamee, WHA…

This is a Whackamee. Somewhat like a child’s toy, except that a Whackamee is for the purpose of hitting real heads. That’s a problem when the real head was mine!

I’m underneath struggling with getting my head through that hole. I first became skilled at that when I was born. My head would pop through – Whackamee!

I’m underneath again. Struggle through again – Whackamee!

Down I go again! Struggle, struggle!

Repeat procedure. Repeat. Repeat.

What is it they say about “if you don’t want the same result, quit doing the same thing? So I have accepted the Lord’s invitation to come out from under that stupid table.

Karen, (sister) said Clyde (brother) asked her how am getting along. She answered that “She (me) has been under the weather.” A voice from the past (father-in-law) says, “What you doing under there?” Truth is that I can do better than what I have been doing! And I don’t have to stay under the table or under the weather. I’m only slightly dysfunctional. Smiling at you.


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