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After I paid for my large, red glasses, I decided they really were not suitable for all-around wear.  Since the prescription had not changed much, I went eyeglass hunting in my car and house.  Paid off.  I found a mauve in my closet junk box; a blue in my car junk box; a pair of colored lenses with gold frames, and I still could wear the pale purplish that I have most recently worn.  Treasures, all.  😀  But I do sooo  yearn for that pair of mustard yellow I saw in the store yesterday.  But they would be almost $500 with my lenses.  So no, I will not go there. 

I am now closing my “eye glass” story.  I want to move on to why people stay in their addictive states of bondage.  Like me, some have just grown use to that luggage; they would feel unbalanced if it were not a part of their whole.  I don’t know why the lady did not want to give up smoking.  (She could have bought a new pair of glasses every month!) 

Let me chat a bit regarding why people choose to remain in bondage to anything.

1. They are in despair.  Parents put them down; teachers spend time with those who will be more successful; all their peers are in the same boat.  It becomes a part of their personality.  Jesus says:  “What would you want me to do for you?”  My pit is too deep, you say, this is where my friends stay.

2. They are lazy.  Parents have found it easier to let children raise themselves; they have only grown older, not wiser or more mature.  Jesus says:  “What would you want me to do for you?”  Nothing, you say, I’ll get some exercise when the sun goes down.

3. They doubt.  Parents have tried to teach right from wrong and have encouraged maturity and common sense.  Youth look around and see hypocrisy everywhere.  Jesus says:  “What would you want me to do for you?”  Are you kidding, you answer, you don’t really succeed with anybody.

4. They accept victimhood.  You have been raised by public culture.  You see that government pays off better than hard work.  Jesus says: “What would you want me to do for you?”  Are you serious, you reply, why work when unemployment pays more.

5. They are unrealistic.  Parents have a 2500 sq ft house.  They live with parents to save for a down payment.  But the mortgage payments on the new 2600 sq ft house that they want are unpaid and they are about to loose everything they put into it.  Jesus says: “What would you want me to do for you?”  Nothing, you say, you would put me back in a 1200 sq ft house, and I’m better than that. 

Think it over. What do you want Jesus to do for you? Something that you can ask for while looking into his welcoming face.

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What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked. “My Rabbi,” the blind man said, “I want to see!” Luke 10:57

The picture at top left was the last I could find in which I did not wear glasses. I think I was thirteen. Migraine headaches were a constant malady in my life. When I got glasses, they stopped. Except for hospital stays and sleeping, they are first on when I wake and last off when I sleep.

They did more even than helping me see and freeing me from headaches.

They became a part of me that I could change when I had to have a new look. I never wore make-up. But glasses gave me distinction. I never had more than one pair at a time because no one did as far as I know. Too costly to be frivolous.

So, why does that rate a blog topic? Because something happened that was very much like the interaction between Jesus and the blind man.

I was in a healing service one time, during which the speaker said that the Lord was going to heal eyes/vision that night. I sat there in much doubt and a “don’t want to stop wearing glasses” attitude. Needless to say, my healer did nothing for my eyes that night.

I am not close to being the “discerner” that Jesus was, but I have prayed at times for something which the “receiver” did not want. I prayed for a woman to be set free from the bondage of smoking; she told me outright, she did not want to quit smoking.

Why did I not want my eyes healed? I wanted to wear glasses. Why did she not want to quit smoking?” I didn’t ask.

Both situations would have saved money and extended health or life. Now that I have some serious eye concerns, I wish I had accepted the offer of someone praying for my visual healing. Maybe I would not be dealing with mascular degeneration now if I had been submissive. Who knows?

I’m glad I didn’t die before I learned something!


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I’m passing this sermonette I received in a Sunday School class once upon a time. It changed my attitude, even giving me more boldness about talking about Jesus. It is so important to me, I feel like I must have shared it previously, but I can’t fine it. So maybe it just needs to be said again. 😀

A few years ago, Karla Isom said that she had been timid about talking to strangers about the Lord, but in prayer the Lord had told her to talk to everyone just as she would talk if she knew the person was a Christian. To me that was like feeding fodder to a cow; so I have been ruminating and ruminating. Now I’m ready to ruminate with you. What a fantastic outlook on others! I can understand better Ephesians 1:5, 11. All men are predestined to be saved by the blood of Jesus (John 3:16, whosoever will); if man won’t, that’s another matter. I am to treat everyone as if he/she is, or will be, a member of my Christian family; if she/he isn’t, that is not mine to judge.



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There you are. Folded sheets, one is a fitted sheet, the other is a flat sheet. Good job. I can hardly tell the difference, can you? My mind went roaming. Scenario One: Women world wide are complaining that they can’t fold a fitted sheet. Scenario Two: Women world wide are complaining that they can’t have their share, at least fifty percent, of the planes to fly.

Do they overlap? I doubt that many who like to fold fitted sheets are wanting to fly a plane.

Right here I have to stop a bit, remembering Kamala’s thrill when she discovered what a Venn Diagram was. At least she laughed, I guess she was was thrilled. Probably she had just discovered her qualifications as VIP. She would have liked all those intertwined circles. One circle for woman; one for black; one for Indian, one for Asian.

She has no circle for sheet folding – either flat or fitted.

Another aside. I was rather thrilled when the woman-piloted jets flew over the Super Bowl. Okay, I am a bit more gender conscious than I have claimed to be.

Back to my thoughts on sheets.

I will get a roll of tape (noun) and tape (verb) these sheets and pillow slips together with packaging tape and off to Goodwill they will go. There they will probably be unfolded and put in laundry. Could have saved my time, but then I would have had no time to think “sheet thoughts” today.

Neither would I have used the word “tape” as noun and verb which will give me double applause for using it on the Linda G Hill’ s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Let me see how this works in a Venn Diagram. Two circles overlapping. Noun in one end, verb in other end. No! I have nothing for the middle! Hold it right there. I judged myself too harshly. There is a sentence with both words in it. That works for the middle.


Linda, thanks for doing the work to hold this group together. https://lindaghill.com/2023/03/17/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-march-18-2023/

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A peek into the front entry revealed an inviting atmosphere calling to me: “Come on in, be seated, and read of magic wonderlands.”

I entered, chose a book, sat in a recliner, leaned back….felt the hood go over my face and my purse taken out of my hand before the laughing gas got to my brain.

Waking up, I remembered the cheese and crackers I had brought along for my snack, very appropriate since I had chosen a book titled “This Trap Is Trouble,” with the sub-title, “A Mouse Mystery That Leaves You Laughing.”


This is my first submission to your TLT. Hope to see you more. How do I find other “tales” about this picture? I’m tagging with TLT. Maybe that will do it. Thanks for the fun. https://sonyca.wordpress.com/2023/03/16/tlt-16-mar-2023/

photo by Jordan Harrison

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Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Pexels.com

They are a flashy design, big, and red and I love them, so I bought them.  Even with inflation nipping at my toes.  However, he sold them to me at a rock bottom price except for the prescription lenses.  Now where will I wear them? I’ll wear them for one picture at least so I can use it on a blog.  I’ll have to wear one of the two red tops available to me.  That means I’m going to have to go to a cut rate place so I can buy another pair that will not yell at you.  😀

I’m having some problems with my portable oxygen device.  My nose bleeds stopped when Roger cut the “nib” off my breathing tube.  Works great when I use home oxygenator, but I don’t breath deeply or strongly enough to use the portable.  The sore in my nose has healed the best I can tell.  Good news!

From Nikki Haley.  I got this lovie message stressing she is basically just like me with all my cares, etc. ending with asking for money, of course.  I responded “Just checking to see if you will listen or if this is a one-way street only.”  Response:  “You have successfully unsubscribed and will receive no additional messages from this number.”  Wish I could get other fund raisers to “unsubscribe” so bluntly. 


Jesus said, “You are my friends if you do what I command.” So am I? I bask in “Friendship with Jesus, fellowship divine; Oh, what blessed sweet communion, Jesus is a friend of mine.” Or, “I’ll be a friend to Jesus; my life for Him, I’ll spend, I’ll be a friend to Jesus, until my years shall end.” Or, “What a Friend we have in Jesus…” I don’t know the composers of any of these songs, but I know they humble me and put me on my knees in wonder. And His words whisper again, “You are my friend if you do what I say.” And I say, “What’s my assignment today, Lord.” Most of the time I remember that I am His all day long.  If He is peeking, what does he see me doing?

I went to a doctor’s office.  There lay a Bible and a People magazine.  I didn’t have time enough to choose.  But if I had done so, it would have been the People magazine.  I would have tried to justify by saying the pictures and font are big and bold.  I can see them better.  But I can read the Bible on my cell phone.  Only one in that room knows what was going on in my head.  And He is the One who should have mattered.

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Brenda is so skilled with the ability to design fantastic art from broken pieces. She often breaks treasured China ware to use the scraps in pendants. If you would like to develop that talent you might start here with paper plates. See where you end up. Perhaps you can make something as charming as this dinner setting.

Mentors, mothers, and ministers have a heart to mend hearts and minds. Strength and beauty often start with broken pieces. Brenda can do that, too. She can also point you to a Man who can.


I am writing this with my niece, Brenda, in mind. She is in mothering mode where she sees the need. I love you, Bren.


PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

Submitted to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers event to write a one-hundred words or less, story based on picture prompt. You can read more entries at https://rochellewisoff.com/

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MANY KNOW MY CONTINUAL PROBLEMS WITH NOSEBLEEDS. They have been bad. I have good news! My visit to the ENT doctor revealed that the little insert to the right nostril was rubbing the sore that kept rupturing, causing the nose bleeds. My other doctors were told that I could wear a mask to keep that from happening. Roger was with me. He, knowing how troublesome a mask would be, interceded for me, and got permission to clip off the right airway to my nostril. He did that. There has been no more bleeding. Two days now. That’s good for me. And my oxygen level has stayed up even though it is now a one-way street.


UPON READING EXODUS:   I talked with the Writer and told him I didn’t like Exodus much. When I finished, I made this note: “God of order, beauty, abundance, detail! He demands obedience to perfect his works. How can I offer less than my best!” God is into details and I learned more about His demand for obedience and perfection. His perfection is what keeps the world twirling.


Isaiah 30:10 speaks of rebellious people, deceitful children who “say to the seers, ‘See no more visions!’ and to the prophets, ‘Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things, prophesy illusions. Leave this way, get off this path, and stop confronting us with the Holy One of Israel!’” I don’t know that I have ever heard a prophetic message in church that I would consider to be a warning. A few weeks ago I heard someone say why, but I can’t remember what it was. Why did the OT prophets as well as some NT prophets give warnings as well as blessings? Why is it not a means that God uses now in a church setting? Perhaps we just do not have prophets who are bold enough to proclaim truth when they know they will be persecuted for it. Anybody ever hear of Jeremiah?


Did Jesus use figurative language? Oh, yes. Shovels full. Especially similes and metaphors. Flowers, fields, sowers, plows, birds. Object lessons. Still a delight for teachers everywhere.

Delve a little deeper. Did He do any Name Calling? Yes, he did that, too. James and John, Sons of Thunder; Herod, a Fox; John the Baptist, Elijah; Pharisees, white-washed tombs; Peter, satan. My recommendation: Don’t try this unless you really are Jeremiah, or his equal. Let’s keep our political and religious conflicts on issues; not on people.

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I’ve been evaluating myself in light of the “reputation” I am getting that says I am sarcastic.  Now, sarcasm is not nice.  It’s purpose is to put down others and raise myself up.  If that were my purpose, I would be in a bovine’s heaven with all the red meat in Washington!  Now, see I did it.  😀 

When I said Biden chose Kamala as his VP, because that was his insurance plan against being removed as President, it was satire because I think it is funny and it does sound much better than saying it was a stupid thing to do.  😀 

Sarcasm or satire?  I call my statement satire.  There is safety in satire.  “Satire is a form of expression that utilizes humor to expose human failings and corruptions,” says someone on google with whom I agree. 

But I am sarcastic about the political issue of climate control!  “Oh, yes, let us throw some money at the problem.  We are Democrats.  There is nothing more money can’t solve!”  I am putting down the issue, however, not people.  If I named the King of Climate and pointed out the mint of money he has made off this issue, I would likely roll right over into sarcasm.  T’woud be so easy.  😀   Jesus told us however, not to call our brother a fool, so I’m stopping right no…..

So I laughed a couple hours ago about the “Green” movement cutting down mountains of trees that are used in the process of making windmill energy  That was because of the irony of the whole situation.  Another interesting word, “irony” or “ironic”. 

Dear Bloggers and other readers, please tell folks I am a great satirist.  I’ll try to live up to the title. 

Oh, before I really go, I want to point you to a great use of sarcasm by none other than God, himself.  Micah 1:8.  God is upset that the folks would offer him  polluted sacrificial lambs .  He said, “Try offering that to your Governor.”  I love that.  And I think it is sarcastic.  I’ll give God room to roam there if He would like to do so. 

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It is necessary for a positive quality of life for a person to believe he is here for a purpose. Write a book, sing a song, plow a field, be a dad, be a caretaker, bake some biscuits, have a business which pays others enough money to take care of their purpose. If you are feeling down, empty, without purpose or resources, think again. You still have more to give.

The following was written by my nephew, Teral Crawford, as a Face Book status. I’m sharing with his permission.

A few days ago, I was trying to squeeze out a bit more shampoo from it’s plastic container and gave up and used some of Dee’s. I then turned my bottle upside down. I used it the next morning and every morning since. I even went out and bought a replacement bottle, but have not needed to open it yet.

I say all that to say that when you feel like your world… or yourself has been shaken, squeezed and turned upside down, that may just be the beginning of the effort to see how much is still left in you that can still be poured out and used for good.

I believe regardless of circumstance that we all have more to give.

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