Rev. Dr. Kenneth Isom

MAY I INTRODUCE my mentor, Rev. Dr. Kenneth Isom.  He is the reason I continued to believe that God had a plan for me after the issues presented in my last two blogs.  (Ken’s Dr. degree is as a Veterinarian.  That made us compatible; I was not dumber than a dog.)

ABOUT 2006 I STARTED working at the Bridge AG church.  They sort of made me an associate of an Associate.  Ken had charge of several ministries at the church; I helped specifically in the Home Ministry for those who could not longer come to the church.  Basically they were homebound, in assisted living, or in rest homes.  I thought of them as my Sage Isle people.  Get the connection the Bridge/Isles.  And they were sage/wise people.

THIS DEVELOPED INTO other services for the Senior members of the church.  Especially in areas of fellowship.  We had bus trips.  I published a monthly eight page colored newsletter which we mailed out to over two hundred people.  I delivered Sunday DVD’s.

THIS BACKGROUND INFO is given because I want to stress how much reason I have for my admiration for Ken Isom.  I used to tell him that I only knew one person who was his equal; that was my son, Carl.  Now that is high praise!  I wasn’t quite old enough to be Ken’s mother, but close to it!

WE HAD A TUESDAY  morning meeting called the Prime-timer’s.  Ken had a recurring theme to drill into us.  We could choose to refire, not retire. During those Tues. mornings, he quite often suggested that we become bloggers.  I had no idea what he meant by blogging; didn’t figure I needed to know. 

AFTER MY CRISES on June 30, 2013, I found myself without health or income for continuing the kind of thing I had been doing. 

SO NOW IT WAS TIME TO REFIRE AND BLOG.  With the Lord as my teacher and Ken as my prodder, I started blogging in October, 2014. He was over to visit this week, thus the picture.  He still doesn’t know how to blog.  I hope he will take an hour to come back and let me show him.  If so, I will do a blog giving you his link.


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REMEMBERING JUNE 30, 2013, part 2


The following link is to “I’m Glad I Did Not Die” which tells what I perceived while lying on that operating table.

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It would be extremely remiss of me to not acknowledge why June 30 is Anniversary Day of my New Life! I have new readers who might not know. Here is my post link for Why Me, Lord which tells of my medical issues on that day.

Those who have read my story before can take a choice, read and rejoice with me, or good read how good the Lord has been to some other blogger!

However, if you haven’t read the story of my “near-death experience,” you will not really know much about what makes me tick. I will have a second part tomorrow in which I tell what happened during the critical hours of June 30, 2013.

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I HAVE LIVED ON a fixed income now for several years, but I did not know how “fixed” it was until recently.  Yes, it is set in stone while its ability to cover my needs is eroding like sand by a river.

SOMEBODY PLEASE FIX the outgo!  They tell me that inflation it about 8 to 10%.  Whose math figures that?  Egg prices went up from $1.65 or so to $3.00 a dozen.  Off the top of my head I can see that is about 90%. 

AND GAS!  FORTUNATELY we do not need so much of that anymore.

SO THE VALUE of my home has increased.  What good is that?  The insurance, taxes, and utilities are higher as a result of that!


NOW LET ME TELL you about last night’s thoughts as I drifted off to sleep.  I snuggled down into the pillow, thinking about how good my bed felt.  It was better than Jesus ever had when he walked this earth.  I’m sure in Lazarus’ home, Martha made up her best, but it was sadly lacking today’s comfort. 

HIS FEET, AWW, his feet.  How calloused with dust embedded in the skin!  Mary did what she could with the most expensive ointment, but that was sadly lacking in accordance with today’s standard pedicures.

MY LORD, CREATOR, AND KING, I am so glad it is over for you.  Never again will your feet be torn, pierced, calloused, dirty, and tired. 

I EXPECT TO SEE his feet, immediately upon meeting him.  That’s where I feel at rest, sitting at his feet.

IT SEEMS THAT the Lord has not fixed my income, but He sure can do an amazing thing by fixing my attitude!

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WHAT WE HAVE BECOME NOW THAT WE HAVE A PRESIDENT WHO PROMISED TO BRING US ALL TOGETHER. HE IS DOING THAT BY EQUITY VS EQUALITY!?!????!!!! (See google excerpt below.) Isn’t that exactly opposite of being united? And isn’t the CRT stuff all about how we find/study/examine our differences?

I’m joking us a bit. We now have a climate of such prejudice against those of us from the European nations, we have to go to ancestry to prove we exist in some special way! Shucks, I’m not worth much unless I can find some diversity that counts. I’m a mutt of all breeds – English, Scottish, Irish, Polish, German. Got any crumbs for me.

Do you think I could pull off what Elizabeth Warren did? Google gives her net worth as someplace between 12 and 67 million dollars. And no Indian blood! Now she is saying that the Supreme Court has burned their legitimacy!

The search in the picture is my daughter-in-law helping a niece to find some proof of American Indian roots as my son looks on. I don’t remember the tribe, but if one can just make that connection, maybe he/she can go to a hospital. Just being White European won’t land you any benefits. We just get there by paying our $900 or more per month. We have all the benefits of White Supremacy, you know. It just doesn’t pay!

The search was done mostly for the sake of curiosity and family history, but a deal with a tribe would be a nice side benefit. 😀

Mel did find a (how many times?) great grandmother. Identified for sure, but no numbered card carrier.

******* › resources › equity-vs-equality

Equity vs. Equality: What’s the Difference? | Online Public Health

Nov 5, 2020Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.

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1. How do you like that title?  Nice ring to it, now lets see if I can make it worth reading.

2. I’m all out happy that the American Eagle is keeping her eggs and eaglets in the nest.  It is sad to think such a mother would deliberately put an end to her children.

3. I’ve left the land of Therapy again.  Back to my walking routine.  At least if I can count two days of walking a routine!  My goal is a mile a day four days a week.  Or four hours a week if I have to cut some corners on some days.

4. I aghast that I can’t think of any putdowns for President Biden or V.P. Harris without feeling like I stepping on the weak.

5. We did primary voting here in Oklahoma today.  I have my cheat sheet so I can remember for whom I voted.  I’ll watch tonight to see if I have any winners.  Lots of good men and women there.  Hard to know who would be best.  But if I won’t vote, I surely am in no place to criticize. 

6. I am not one to think poorly of politicians.  I think it is a noble calling.  But, oh, so  hard to work in a  swamp without getting dirty.

7. But I am wide open to criticizing policies. 

8. For one.  Not using our own natural resources, but buying from those who do. 

9. Question.  When another country burns coal, does it do damage to the climate control like it does when the USA burns coal?

10. Another subject, another question.  If states who have the least gun controls, have the least homicides, and the cities with the most gun controls, have the most homicides, why have more gun control.  Maybe the people are different rather than the gun controls, or lack thereof.

11.   If I don’t wrap this up and post, I will have to call it Wednes-day, News-day.  That is like a creech on the chalkboard. 

12.  With that I say So Long.

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John 14:16-18 “I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you and will be in you.


YOU WILL ONLY NEED A COMFORTER WHEN YOU NEED HELP. That need comes via life becoming overwhelming to you.

Monday mornings are often a time when one begins a new resolution, such as a time to start a diet, stop smoking, send out some Get Well cards.  I’ll start—or stop–-on Monday.  That’s just turning over a new leaf.  Chances are it will not happen.  Listen to this 88-year-old voice of experience!

     One has to have a MOORING stable enough, sturdy enough, heavy enough to keep anchored to your promise.  You can do it if you keep faith in something/Someone stronger than you.  That offer of help is made to you by the Savior, Lord Jesus.  What are you afraid of?  Jesus can cast away the fear.  What are you addicted to?  Jesus can break your bondage.  What is the baggage you have to carry?  Jesus will take the load.

     So, why not?  Generally it is because the necessary relationship with Jesus comes by way of suffering.  Ouch!  I don’t want that.  Okay, stay under the load, carry the load, live with the fear and addiction. 

The Bible says:  “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”  The Holy Spirit will be your Comforter; he will be your moorings. He will be peace and stability for you. Jesus said we will have trials and troubles on earth but He will be your way out.

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“And though a tenth remains in the land, it will again be laid waste. But as the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land.”  Isaiah 6:13

Though we see our American land waning and becoming desolate in many ways, stumps are being left.  Not stumps of hindrance, but stumps of “holy seed” which will grow again.  Will they grow as a national goal?  I don’t know, but I do know that stumps are left by individual trees not by a national forest. 

Did you ever cut down a tree but leave the stump?  You know it does not die; instead new trees sprout up from the root system that lives under ground. 

There is probably not one of us who has not cried out to God in anger or confusion, “Why did you allow the death of that good man/woman in the prime of life?”  Perhaps God needed the stump to send out sprouts along its root system.

Where am I going with this? Just making us think. What roots am I leaving?

Dedicated to Danny who left a stump with roots of “holy seed.” Love much to the Nix family.

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If one really wants to produce a product do not make a project of it! Projects are slow to be completed. As the second picture shows, I have projects aplenty on my desk. They are the things upon which I can procrastinate. They sound long; I can make them long. I really haven’t produced anything yet.

An answer to this letter was begun about five days ago. Actually the answer is now typed and awaits my next move which is to print it and mail it. See, I’ve even addressed the envelope. Sounds easy. No, because it is exactly one page full, top to bottom. It became a project when I tried to decide whether to make two pages out of it or whether I should change the font size. Decisions, decisions. They still await me.

The writer of the letter tells me in it that she is going on a trip and will be gone eleven days, so no hurry to make the decision.

Don’t make a project out of producing a product. Projects take way yonder too much time.


Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, challenge by Linda G. Hill. Just write any length, little editing. Prompt is to use the words “produce” or “product” or both.

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Wandering Willie steps out his door daily at 11:30. He seems somewhat dazed but not dangerous to himself or others.

What is he looking for? Does he need help? Gentle whispers from gentle souls about a gentle man.

But Willie knew! It is his wedding day! He will marry Elizabeth today. As soon as he can find her.

Here she is! He straightens his bow tie and smooths out the wrinkles in his trousers. He hears a shout, “Get out of here, Old Man.” Stepping back, Willie stumbled… She awaits. Today he marries Elizabeth.

Congratulations, Willie.



Rochelle’s 100-word story based on picture prompt. You can find more stories at  Go visit Rochelle and see how others have responded to this picture challenge.

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