Favored (Nineteen)50’s – Flirting, Finding, Falling, Fulfilling Fantasy

Fluent Fifty – Looking like a Fox News Anchor😀, Bills paid, Top of Career, House built, Kids independent!  (Okay, I was lying about looking like a Fox lady.)

Fabulous Feat, 50th Anniversary – We’ve made it this far, giving up on what we can’t change so life is easier.  Highlight of the Day – we remained married! 😀


 The kids are Fifty!

 This cannot be!

They are now older than me!

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Letter written to my grand-son.  Just spoofing common core a bit!  If you like common core, handle me with grace and forgiveness.  :D  If you don’t like it, have a laugh!

Dan Hayes, surely you would not question my being a proponent of common core! Proof is in the pudding. Common core: I was eighty-one last year so how old am I this year (after birthday has passed of course, (if 2016’s birthday has not yet occurred this example I am giving is not the right way to figure my present age), but back to 81 last year, birthday has happened this year so how old am I now (and of course, I will be this number of years for the remainder of 2016, we will not bother with fractions at this point). In fact I will be this number of years up to my birthday in January, 2017. That is if you round figure to the lowest even year. No, I don’t mean even year like odd/even – I mean like the total of years I have lived for the complete rotation of the earth around the sun, or is it the sun around the earth? Which is right? That’s common core science; I haven’t studied that out too well.

Now back to our math question. If I was eighty-one last year, sorry that should if I “were” eighty-one, no that’s not the right mood, maybe not mood, but when stating something that might not be, which is sometimes signaled by the word “if”, you are to use “were” not “was” – is it the same in common core grammar?  I don’t know common core grammar very well.

Well, let’s assume it is the same, so back to my question. If I were eighty-one years old at my birthday anniversary on January 24th in 2015, how old will/would I—no, how old am I now. No, how old was I on January 24,  in this our present year, 2016.

Shall I repeat the question? Oh, you understand the question. Good, let’s go on to how to work out the solution. Write down 8 x’s, each x will represent the number 10 (which is the first numeral that contains two digits—that is if you do not consider negative numbers). You can write these x’s in either a horizontal or vertical direction – you might want to clump them together like a ball or put them in a circle, or you might want to make an imaginary car with an x used to represent each focal point on the car. Just anyway will do. Now make a row of 10 slashes, draw a line underneath to show that they represent the next set of ten (which by the way, I will need when I reach ninety). But I am not really ninety yet so you will need to mark off a slash for each year that I lack being ninety. See mark off one for eighty-one, two for eighty-two, three—you understand, oh, good. Now when you get to eighty-nine, you will have one slash left. Put it with your eight x’s, the one’s you used to draw the car. Hold those eight x’s in your head – no just imagine them – put the one slash with them, how many is that?

Yes, you can use two fingers to represent the two if you want to. Maybe that is better than the slash. Why not just have eight buddies come up and each of you will hold up ten fingers, we need another buddy to hold up two fingers. Now let’s count the fingers. Why fingers? Because they will each represent one year, that’s a full rotation of the earth around the sun.

Let’s take a break and go to lunch.  I’ll buy us both a sandwich.  Yes, that will be two as you can show by holding up two fingers.  I should have said “I’ll buy us each a sandwich.”  I didn’t mean one sandwich for both of us – yes, I know that’s what I said, but I changed….

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Dear Blogging Friends, I am feeling pretty good about my progress in reading my e-mails today.  I had to add comments and likes just because I wanted to and because I “liked.”  Basically I am getting everybody read at least once or twice a week, but it pains me terribly to delete.

I’m still studying the effects of flip-flops with the straps on the back.  I might be a bit off about the strap making the ankles look thin and trim.  Seems to be another factor I have overlooked.  That theory seems to work better on ladies who weight less than 135 pounds or so.  I’m beginning to have doubts that it works very well on the 165 to 190 pounders.  And here I am with my wonderful inventory of flip-flops with straps on the back!  Hope is wasn’t money down the drain.

Regarding obtaining a computer:  My granddaughter gave me one that is up to date and I think could do my tasks well if I could learn all the bits and pieces.  I’m getting there.  It is HP with Windows 8; the old one was Dell with Windows 7.  The HP font default was so small I could not read without putting my face in the screen!  But I did google and found how to change that.  Now my e-mail is freezing to the point I can’t use it.  Kristina (g-daughter) will be here tomorrow.  I hope she can clear cookies, or whatever needs to be done.  I don’t know what I will find when I try downloading images and some of that kind of stuff.

To the new followers who have joined me in spite of my woes this month, I thank you.  I have visited most of you, and I am thankful you are on board.  To my regulars, you’re great.

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I have been touched today by a scripture I read this morning.  Jeremiah 48:36, God speaking, “So my heart sounds for Moab like flutes, and My heart sounds for the men of Qir Heres like flutes.  Therefore the wealth they made shall be gone..”  I opened YouTube and listened to the sound of a flute as I sat meditating on that scripture. I challenge you, dear reader, to do the same.  Feel the loving heart of God who has given up on any segment of people or culture who have turned their backs on him choosing other gods instead.  Just a chapter or two before that, Jeremiah is telling of the people who are choosing the “Queen of Heaven” over the true God.  Unbelievable!

What if in the writings of the future, I were to read that God says, “So my heart laments for the USA, and the men of Oklahoma City, as the sound of a flute.”  (Of course, you can fill in the name of the city with your own dwelling place.)    From my heart today “Oh, America, my land, my home, my cradle of love – return to Him while we yet have a choice.”  We can never be saved by the “Queen of Heaven” or any worthless idol no matter how beautiful and enticing she/it  appears to be.

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As I was driving south on Penn Ave. I noticed a woman walking south. My gut reaction was that she looked so tired. I wondered where she was going and it crossed my mind that I might be able to help. But obviously her needs were much greater than my resources. I don’t know how she walked fast enough or I drove slowly enough but when I got to a corner where a man sat on some church steps, she walked up also and laid her stuff down by the church; she appeared not to know the man. I thought they were probably waiting for a bus, and drove on. My spirit did not get free of the situation. I drove on about 10 blocks then took a detour to go back, not really thinking she would still be there. She was. I pulled over and lowered the window. She came over and said, “I’m not a criminal and I’m not a prostitute. I’m just getting by while I’m trying to find a job.” I told her I had come back to tell her that Jesus loved her. Then I noticed a folded up sign in her hand and asked what her sign said. She showed me “Homeless, …” I’m not sure what but she had apparently been on the corner asking for handouts. Again, she repeated that she was not a criminal and she was not a prostitute. I told her that I am generally very hard-hearted against those who hold up signs begging. And that it was extra special that Jesus sent me to her.  Money-wise I only gave her peanuts compared to her need. I don’t know what lesson if any, she received. I know I received one. Granted, it made me angry when she said she was on the corner waiting for her pick up, because I know someone else was making money off her. But I am ever so glad Jesus loves her! And I gained some insight into the heart of some who are doing that – even they have a standard. I’m not a criminal and I’m not a prostitute. Makes me wonder just what standards many of us job-holders have. Are we law-abiding (except for normal, you know, jaywalking, trespassing, speeding, fudging just a little occasionally type of thing) and are we sexually pure (except for normal, you know, edgy jokes, vile movies, bikini clad, with just a bit of eye-winking occasionally type of thing)?  Just asking myself, what is my standard?    Hopefully it is the standard of the Bible as I strive to keep God’s standard – “Be ye holy, as I am holy”.  I can only go there by way of the Savior, the Forgiver of my sins.

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and some not so important.

First the important:  Seein’ as how my last post was a whole week ago, you must surely have read it by now, so this is a very timely addendum (addition?, PS?) to that blog in which I theorized that a strap across the back of the ankles makes one’s ankles look so much thinner and altogether more beautiful.  I found proof this week.  I saw someone interview Ivanka Trump.  I could see Ivanka’s legs, knees to toes,  and she was wearing shoes with a strap on the back.  You wouldn’t believe how thin and beautiful her ankles appeared.  Yes, girlfriends, shell out that extra $15 for that extra touch to a pair of flip-flops.  The illusion was perfect – outside side, inside side, front side, and back side.  I haven’t had a chance to see what the strap would do for Hillary since she seems to prefer her ankles covered by pants legs.

Too bad she didn’t use a strap across her heel about twenty years ago.  It might have contributed a little good to America’s sex scene and added a bit of legitimacy to her love of women’s rights .  That might be a bit vague to some of you; if it is, that’s probably best.

Now that the important stuff is said, I have nothing left to say.  Except that some of you might not be praying desperately enough to get me back regularly.  But I might be hard put to stay off politics if I get back too much.  And I’m “just not quite there yet.”  Oh, I loved it!  What a sense of tongue-in-cheek, humor, and Ronald Reagan memories.  Too bad we have to take all the fun out of our political scene and replace it with “just a mistake and won’t happen again.”  Commanders in Chief, like doctors, need to set a higher bar.  Who knows one “short circuit” might cost four lives or even more!

I’m holding a hot potato!  Here it comes, catch it!

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(I deal with the reality of this picture down further in this post.)

This post is not to be read by size six shoe lovers with pretty feet.  Some of the rest of you might enjoy sending me a few “amens” and condolences.

In case you missed my “Trendy? Not Me” back a couple of years ago, please go there to provide a background for what I am about to say.

I sure enough got caught up in the flip-flop rage.  And I will admit I bought —-several; got all pedicured up with dark brownish-red toenail polish and began shuffling like the younger set do. I guess right here I need to acknowledge that the feet in the picture do not belong to me.  You will note that these toes are colored a lightish pink more fitting to a child.  I try to be realistic and stay with my more grand motherly types.   I will say, however, that most of my peers refused to come out of their canvas walking shoes.  So I came off pretty stylish until I decided I did not like to keep my toes curled up in order to keep them on.

So I found the perfect answer – flip-flops with a back strap.  And I found that a back strap made my ankles look better from the outside side and the back side; they took away from that elephant-y ankle look when observed from the back side and outside side, although it didn’t help from the inside side and front side.  But that strap was expensive.  Do you realize a flip-flop with a back strap costs about $15 more than one without a back strap?  In the summer time when one needs a new pair at least twice a month, your outgo is raised about $100 dollars just for that strap!  By the time you have paid for the whole shoe about eight times in the summer, you can kiss about $300 dollars goodbye.  But that’s enough about budget.

You wouldn’t realize that size matters so much in footwear that just requires something to cover the sole of you foot without sticking out the end far enough to trip you.  But it does!  I pointed out the first danger – too long and you will trip.  Too short and you will suffer painfully between the toes because there is no heel area to expand to.  That back strap keeps that from happening.  And as I said you really need the strap to give the illusion of trim ankles.  But with the strap you will not be able to extend the heel that extra inch back.  That’s good though because when the heel projects back farther than the shoe sole, it can cause pain where the ridge lets your weight drop and often can cause permanent damage if ignored.  Another thing, it is never satisfactory to walk through a goat head patch if you do not keep protection under the whole foot – actually, “feet” because both are exposed to the goat heads.  You will face the same problem in cuckleburrs and sandburr patches.   If you are finicky about spelling you might notice that I am using variant spelling styles.  As I said some finicky spellers might prefer, cockleburs and sand burs.  That first one just is not dictionary-spelled the way it is pronounced.  If they are wrong, I don’t see that I need to be also!  And if you ever get into either of this patches you will recognize the need for the drawn out “errr” sound – like “sand bur” just does not do justice to the real experience!  At least that’s my thinkin’ about the matter.

Well, my dear blogging friends, I almost got carried away there and forgot I am on a timed mission here at the library.  If you would appreciate more material on this subject, please pray for me that I will get a new computer so I can be freer to let my muse loose at any hour of the day.

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Digital Camera

Digital Camera

I only worked one day last week and Mrs. A. called me yesterday and said she didn’t need me this week either.  So I guess you are going to have to order me some shoes and some underclothes.  I am completely out.  I was going to go wash yesterday but I only had 11¢ and couldn’t.  Novetta had already gone to work so I couldn’t get any from her.  I’ll get by alright only I guess you’ll have to send me about $5 to buy my new shorthand and typing books with.”    *************

I had no idea I was ever such a poverty stricken college student!  I didn’t think I was poor!  This excerpt is from a letter I wrote to my mother on January 20, 1953.  I remember my daddy (Pete) bringing me to Bible school, paying my bill, taking me to the store to buy an iron and telling me goodbye.  I think he left me with a few dollars; I’m not sure but I know he would not have left me penniless.  I probably was one of the few who started off with my bill paid, so that might have made me feel rich. I walked about 3/4 mile to do some house cleaning about two or three times a week. I think I got 75¢ for three hours work.  (Mrs. A was the one who worked later in my behalf to get me a good job with the state.  I was so thankful.  She liked me.  You can’t beat that!)

I hope you all will enjoy a peek with me into my college days as shown by letters I wrote to my mom (Amy) in 1952-54.  She kept the letters.  I have had them since her death in 1994.  I can’t believe I have had them so long without reading them!

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The dust storm rolls in

Cow pies lie dangerously

wet, slick and unseen.

Dear Friends, perhaps I’ve been loose too long.  But I’m a farmer’s daughter and this is how pie and dust fit together for me!


Ronovan’s Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt #107 ‘Pie’ & ‘Dust’

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old fence

The old fence is frail

But serves nobly as a reminder

– boundaries matter.


Fences are built to keep danger away as well as to keep safety within, or they may keep danger within and provide safety without.  Either way they are important.  Lack of fences lead to much insecurity.



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