It was Easter!

New clothes, baby chickens, fluffy bunnies, colored eggs, chocolate candy, stomach-stuffing dinners, family togetherness, car load of beauties going to church, giving thanks for the cross and empty tomb?

Today the clothes are thrown over the back of a chair, chickens and bunnies ready for the charity bazaar,  eggs beginning their two weeks in cold storage, chocolate candy bringing remorse, family togetherness anticipated for the next holiday, questions arise about getting back to regular church attendance.  Back to work and paying the bills.

But today and everyday the cross still stands and the grave is still empty.  Jesus Paid It All and Up From the Grave He Arose.

God said in Deuteronomy 30:19  “I set before you life and death” followed by his good advice to choose life.  The offer is still good.

I remember, do you?

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Alive Forevermore!


Your future is bright.

Jesus is no longer there.

As He is, so you can be –

Alive forever more!


Joining you all, dear friends, in thanks to Jesus, our hope of glory, our present and future life eternal – because of him, his death, his resurrection. I’m  thinking of mom with death at her door.  Near death -I think these were her last words – she revived enough to strike her arm through the air and said, “Forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, and all because of the blood.” Wouldn’t those be beautiful words to say as you walk through Heaven’s door!

Image: Pixabay


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The Love of the Godhead




                               Your love amazes me

                               The plan to set men free

                                And make us in the likeness of thee

                                Your love amazes me!


The need for a Savior was known

The foresight of redemption

The willingness of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

The Father to give His heart

The Son to give his blood

The Spirit to deal with the grief of sin.

Your love amazes me!


The angel to Mary – Luke 1:35 – The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee; therefore also, that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.  

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son …

Matthew 1:21 – … and thou shalt call his name JESUS for he shall save his people from their sins.

                              Your love amazes me

                                The plan to set men free

                                God with us, Emanuel,

                                Your love amazes me!


Love turns his face from his Son

Love hangs on the cross,

Love waits to be sent to reveal the

deliverance of that hour.

Your love amazes me!

              Your love amazes me

                                The plan that set men free

                                Was manifest at Calvary

                                Your love amazes me.


Love is still reaching out,

The Father grieving for his lost children,

The Son listening for cries for pardon

The Spirit searching across the earth for those who will listen.

Although in rebellion man has turned from thee,  Your enduring love amazes me!


Just as the plan was made and the fulfillment was begun, so it will be completed when Christ comes in victory.

                               Your love amazes me,

                                The plan to set men free,

                                Will be complete eternally,

                                Your love amazes me!



Image:  Pixabay

Posted three years ago.  I needed to read and meditate the issue again.

Happy Easter!

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One of the things my mom did in her retirement years, was to go to the “Plainsman Herald” newspaper office and hand copy news items which she had someone else type then she self published.  The following items are from January and February, 1944 in her booklet, “Baca County History, the Forties.” 

I was ten years old in 1944.  These items show what influenced me at that time in my life.  Most of the men in my family were exempt from draft because of being farmers.  But you can see that the “folks back home” were supportive of the men who had gone to war.  We had only a radio and a weekly newspaper.  We were deeply patriotic.  To this day I regard myself as a Patriot and I am offended that the term “White Nationalist” is degraded and sneered at.  I am white; I was born that way.  I did not choose my color.  However, I am a supporter of my country, America, the USA.  I think it has been highly blessed by God and I think it has blessed other nations of the world.  I guess that means I choose to be a nationalist.  White Nationalist?  Do I need to apologize for that!


Dec. 9, 1943  Earl E. Doty, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ott Doty, was born in Springfield in 1919 and died Nov. 13, 1943 on foreign soil in Sicily at the age of 24 years.

Jan. 13, 1944  Thirteen men leave for Army examinations:  James Hargis, John Hicks, Byron Russell, J.D Whitted, Calvin Moody, Bob Rich, J. W. Rutherford, J. R. Coulter, and Eugene Dillon.

Jan. 13, 1944  Sgt. Eugene Dunlap arrived here to spend a 10 day furlough with his aunt, Mr. & Mrs. C.G. Eckles.  Sgt. Dunlap is stationed in Deridder, Louisiana.

Jan. 20, 1944  Five hundred Baca County men are now in the Armed Service.  Buy Bonds to Help!

Jan. 27, 1944  Baca County is still sending men to the Armed Service.  (Lavoe Holt, a well known young man of Springfield was among this group.)

Feb. 10, 1944  The War Department notified Mr. M.R. Sunday that his son, Lt. Markham R. Sunday, had been killed in action in the Pacific.

Feb. 24, 1944  “41 Leave for Uncle Sam’s Services” Forty-one young Baca County men were forwarded for physical examinations to the armed forces induction station at Denver, Colorado by the local draft board at Springfield on Feb. 21st.

Feb. 24, 1944  Sgt. Russell Robinson of Springfield, Colorado, parachuted to safety after his pilot and co-pilot were both hit and the Fortress was crippled.  The story began with a burst of cannon fire from enemy fighters that killed the pilot and seriously wounded the co-pilot.  On the orders of the control tower, four men parachuted to the ground.  The Fortress crashed onto the field and exploded, killing the engineer, navigator, and the pilot.

Excerpt of letter from Mr. and Mrs Ira Chenoweth’s son, Marion – January, 1944

Dear Folks,  I am in New Guinea.  We went ashore yesterday for a few hours.  It was really a change to get off of the ship for a while.  I had an extra meal that day.  It was a treat to get three meals in one day  I tried climbing a coconut tree but had to give up and have a native go up and cut down the coconuts.  You can’t fool them on money for they know when they are getting hooked  They sure like cigarettes though.  For three cigarettes, they will climb any tree and cut down coconuts for you.  I went swimming in fresh water that runs out of the mountains.  It sure beats these salt water showers we get on board ship.  Marion E. Chenoweth

Mar. 23, 1944  Staff Sgt. Jesse L. Woodhouse, motor mechanic in the Air Corps, is stationed somewhere in Italy with the 82nd fighter group.

Mar. 23, 1944  Part of a letter written from North Wales by Wilbur Konkel, son of Sam Kpnkel:   “We are all on the front lines over here you know.  People in America who have never experienced an air raid have very little idea of what that kind of war means.  I see lots of boys from America over here.”


I am indeed thankful for the military men and women of the world including 416,800 Americans, about 500 of whom were from Baca County – family, friends, and neighbors from a small dot in fly over country – who gave their lives for my freedom.  My generation is fading fast.  Will anyone remember?


Picture is my mom, Amy Rodgers Venter, whose work reminds me today to be thankful.

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An explanation.  I took two g-granddaughters for state testing for home schoolers last week.  This was the room we entered and waited.  It’s hard to see her but there it a teacher sitting at the check in desk down at the end.  At the time of my anecdote, there had been two other teachers and a child standing with her.  My story occurs while the others were there.


“Gramma, can I go talk to my teacher?”

“I don’t think so, Baby.  Teachers are awfully busy.”  We watch and I reconsider.

“I guess it would be okay for you to go since there is another student with them.” I said, “but just go stand there and see if she involves you.”

“What does involve mean?” questions Ashlyn.

“That means stand there quietly and see if she talks to you, asks you questions or anything.”

She thinks it over, then says, “Can I go see if she involves me?”

“Okay,” I say.

I wait hoping she will not be disappointed.  She wasn’t.  Her teacher involved her.  She came back smiling.  A good experience for her mind and soul.  Thanks, Lisa and Heidi for involving the girls.  (I didn’t get names of others.)


There is a lesson here for all adults who encounter children.  They won’t say it but they all want it.  Too often they resort to disruptive behavior to show their need for involvement.  Have you ever said, “He just wants attention”  or “He’s just showing off” or “Just ignore him, he’ll stop?”  Maybe you are just the person who can give him what he needs – involvement.







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The sizzle of bacon, the crack of egg, the swish of the mixer,

the splat of butter, the scrunch of toast, the slurp of milk, the sprinkle of salt,

the sighs of satisfaction.

 “God is Great, God is Good, Let us thank Him for our food.”


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The zap of the scurrying squirrel,

The tweet of the nesting sparrow,

The sniff of cedar pollen –



Challenge to use these three  ONOMATOPOEIA words, poetry or prose: zap, tweet, achoo

Image: Pixabay

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leaning tree


1952:  With girlish glee I measured my adolescent growth by the Leaning Tree.

1955:  Four inches taller but I still walked straight as I passed under the Leaning Tree.

1956:  My sixteenth birthday pictures were taken under the branch of the Leaning Tree.

1958:   My whispered secrets were safe at the Leaning Tree.

1959:  Seeking comfort during a temporary breakup with Eddie I sat under the Leaning Tree.

1961:  When Eddie asked to marry me I delightfully ran to the Leaning Tree.

 2019:  Eddie has gone forever, but here I am again, aged, stooped, sorrowful, and walking slowly but I will find solace at the Leaning Tree.


Psalm 91:1 KJ  He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.


Friday Fictioneers Challenge by Rochelle.  Use the picture prompt to write a 100 word story.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

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mask 2

Do you wear a mask?  Do your neighbors, friends, or family?  Does the mask sometimes slip and you see a glimpse of the real person?  

Over the years from the cheap college apartments to nice middle class neighborhoods, I’ve found that masks come in different prices. Money and education will buy finer ones. But finer ones only make the cries harder to hear.

Two examples illustrate:

First: Jim was so handsome; Jane was so pretty. They lived in a college apartment which adjoined ours. I heard sounds through the thin cheap walls. There was such fighting over there. But when I met them on the parking lot, I gave not a clue that I had heard what was happening behind their cheap paper-thin masks.

Second: Bob and Jennifer. Such a fine couple. She was a Brooke Shields lookalike. Probably made more money than any other neighbor we ever had. Oil business of some sort. Series of loud pops in the night….Five police cars…Bob in handcuffs…Jennifer standing alone in the yard as police drove off with Bob. I went out and asked if she would like company for the rest of the night. She said yes so I spent the rest of the night with her. It was the only time I’ve ever seen real bullet holes in a house. It was a most revealing look at what could happen even when masks were fine and expensive.

As I said, “Masks come in different prices” but we can probably see through cheaper ones more easily.  

Expensive masks can hide as much pain.

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icy tree

Glistening ice causing lacy trees

Freezing fast in frigid breeze.

Street light shining for those still out

Shows way home for a gadabout

But Tommy struggles to get to the gate

Too much drink has made him late,

He lays himself down for a bit of a rest

To stay awake he tried his best

Soon the ice enclosed his body

Too much alcohol in his toddy.

Tommy will be gone before tomorrow;

Adding to his family’s sorrow.

The trees still glisten; the lights still shine,

A winter wonderland, so sublime.


PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio

Friday Fictioneers – 100 Word Challenge by Rochelle

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