Mother told us at Thanksgiving, ’93 that she was sick; at Christmas she said she had cancer. She died in the Spring ’94. This apparently is the last painting she worked on. Did she begin her last winter and find it too depressing to continue? Did she physically become unable to sit in the chair and hold the brush? Did she try to bargain with the Lord? “Please, Lord, let me finish my picture.”

I find myself asking for more time to finish my projects. I’m certainly old enough to have come to the end of this physical life. But my projects are not finished! In times past I could get a lot more excited about “When We All Get to Heaven” and “This Might Be The Dawning of the Day” but as time draws near, I’m wanting more than ever to wake up in the morning and work on projects.

I need to move more stuff to the garage for a “Family Garage Give-Away Day” which will be here this Saturday. I’m thinking I need more time. I’ve got to buy groceries. I promised brisket, potato salad, baked beans, and rolls. I’ve got to cancel or reschedule an appointment to give me time to do that. “Oh, Child, I Hear Him Say, you are so wrapped up in gotta-dos.”

Am I making idols out of plastic flowers, brisket, and family albums? No, I’m not because when I sit still and concentrate on Him, the stirring in my heart is, “Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.”

My Pastor started a series of sermons on Heaven yesterday. I need to have a renewed vision of what God has promised “When We All Get to Heaven.”

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My mother had shown an interest in drawing portraits as a young married woman. I have a few hand drawing from those years, but she put them aside for family’s sake until after we were are all gone, and my daddy has passed away in 1963. For several years she was depressed and had to work her way out of that crises. She began painting in the late sixties. She never aspired to be a commercial artist but she did paint the kind of pictures I like so I have had some hanging in my homes for many years.

To set the scene for my next post, I want to introduce some of her paintings to you. Most of her paintings are realistic, detailed, and always signed on front. There is a notation in her cursive writing on the back telling the month and year she painted the picture.

I’ll be back, hold my spot in your heads.

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Photo by Josh Sorenson on

‘TIS A GLORIOUS CHURCH (Eph 5:27) Remember I promised some chocolate candy with the bitter pills. Here is a glimpse of the glorious church.

A van full of people got up at five o’clock to go to Teen Challenge for an alleged purpose of cooking breakfast for them – much of the real purpose was to love on a group of young men who are trying to find their way into the life which God has for them. Some one-on-one encouragement time. Some testimonies. Some tears. Some good food. Some giving from a generous heart. Some prayer for healing. Some healing. Some learning. And a message of a Jesus who knew who he was and gladly accepted his purpose for being, who knew from whence he came, and who knew where he was going. Some renewed vision of God’s plan for every man!

’Tis a glorious church that can organize and provide resources for this kind of activity.

Churches who have clean up crews who do the hard and dirty work of mowing grass, picking up leaves, painting fences, trimming trees, etc. for the sick and elderly.

‘Tis a glorious church that can organize and provide resources for this kind of activity.

Churches who provide holiday entertainment, school supplies, food and clothing for the needy.

‘Tis a glorious church that can organize and provide resources for this kind of activity.

Churches who support missionaries to take necessities of food and clothing along with the message of salvation to third world countries.

‘Tis a glorious church that can organize and provide resources for this kind of activity.

Churches who provide education for the maturing of saints – and sinners. Those who have prayer chains that do more than provide news clips.

‘Tis a glorious church that can organize and provide resources for this kind of activity.

Churches who have a core of members who are rock solid, sold out, and looking for ways to more fully please the Lord by following in his footsteps.

‘Tis a glorious church that can organize and provide resources for this kind of activity.

I assure you I have found most local churches who look a lot like what I have just described as a GLORIOUS CHURCH!


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Maybe I can wrap up this “sign of Jesus return” topic today with pointing out these signs: Increased knowledge (Dan 12:4); falling away (2 Thes 2:3); lukewarm (Rev 3:16); rich and prideful (Rev 3:17); congregate for the show (Ezekiel 30:32). I’m not going into details about these but I think most of my readers will acknowledge the truth in my charge that we can find these conditions present in far too many of local churches.

Now for the ones that are most scary to me. Me—one who dearly loves her church, her denomination, and The Church. One who loves songs, singing, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

God is speaking, Amos 5:21-23 “I hate, I despise your religious feasts; I cannot stand your assemblies….Away with the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps.”

And then, most heart-breaking “ Matthew 7:21-23 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers!’”

I end this series of posts in tears. But rejoicing that Jesus is coming soon for his church “the glorious church without spot or wrinkle, or any other blemish” (KJ) and as the song says, “washed in the blood of the Lamb.”

It is quite fitting that I end this series on Saturday. It gives me a chance to hand out the chocolates to the Church tomorrow, Sunday. Get ready to celebrate.

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The theme was “Life in the Thirties” the decade of Grandma’s birth. How to go about it? What provides the ambience? Old lamps, of course! Have some menus patterned after old school books. Reading them will be homework. Will Grandma be teacher or pupil?

What’s on the menu? Macaroni in tomato juice. Steak, potatoes, and gravy. Southern fried chicken. Home made rolls.

Grandma loved it! They sat down. Grandma said, “Now, Dad, would you please say grace.”

Her son, William, chuckled\, “Lord, thank you for Grandma – a great daughter or grandma depending on which decade she is presently living in.”


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Write a one hundred word story sparked by the picture prompt. More stories of this type can be found by visiting Rochelle at Thanks, Rochelle, for this challenging event.

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2 Peter 2:1-3 “…In their greed these (false) teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up.” Of course our minds are immediately drawn to the extravagant TV preachers who leach money from little old ladies. And that is sometimes true; but there are other ways. This is me talking – I’m just sayin’- I have seen about everything in local churches that do not evidence the spirit in which I believe we are to give our tithes and offerings—having everyone stand who will give $1000, $100, $10, etc; pledges, faith offerings, planning budget, matched offerings, person who takes offering shows his offering, all those pressure techniques.

I was sitting in the choir loft once upon a time when the preacher made a show of giving his check, then I believe he put the check back in his wallet. I could hardly believe my eyes; I doubt my own story but I think that’s what he did.

Some people claim “God gave me a message for you” then offer to sell it to you. I want to say, “if you worked your fingers to the bone for that message, you deserve money for it.” If God gave it to you for me, then you give it to me. I’d pay expenses if necessary. But if God really gave him/her the message for me, then he probably will help with the postage to get it to me!

Like me taking a gift to my neighbor, telling her God told me to give it to her, then ask for ten bucks for it! I know the “workman is worthy of his hire” and have no problem with preachers, singers, etc selling their wares. They researched, organized, typed, took lessons, went to school, preached the sermon, prayed, they deserve pay. Just don’t claim God gave it to you to give me, then charge me. Again, just sayin’.

And the holding money up in air with shouts of “joy?” So artificial! Preach what the Bible says about tithes and offerings, pass the hat, or install offering boxes, and trust God to meet the need the same way you tell the “lay” person to trust God to meet the need.

Many ministers want to expand their ministries beyond what God might plan for them so they are constantly in a “building” program. I’ve never known of one said, “Stop, we have enough, as Moses did (Ex 36:6); I think Solomon also. Anyone out there know the other time that happened in the OT? So they keep needing more until it becomes an empire and the preacher becomes an administrator rather than a minister/pastor. (That last sentence was not part of my caustic rant. I am dead serious about it.)

Preach scripture for tithes and offerings, not psychology. But I will admit Paul used psychology on some of the churches when raising money for the church in Jerusalem. (Romans 15:26) If Macedonia and Achaia did it, you should too! Oh well, that doesn’t make me like it! Still, just sayin’.

We laughingly tell stories of the radio preachers who say something like this, “All those who were standing outside” are making their way down the aisle giving the impression of great crowds while in truth it means the deacon, his wife, and kids are coming in – late. We jokingly call it evangelistically speaking. Inside joke for those in the “family” but in truth it is “bringing the way of truth into disrepute.”

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Looking further in Ist Tim.4:1 in the latter times some will follow the doctrine of devils. NIV “…some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.”

What might be doctrines which the demons would like us to believe?

Lie #One: Someone once said to me that all the soldiers who put Christ on the cross were saved because Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” and of course, the Father would answer Jesus’ prayer. I suggest that that is likely to be a doctrine taught by demons. One is not saved by another’s prayer even when that “pray-er” is Jesus.

Lie #Two: Jesus died for everybody; therefore, everybody will be saved. Most of us don’t believe that but we will believe this: Pray in tongues (your prayer language) and your prayer will be answered because the Holy Ghost always prays the Father’s will. The truth is that it is God’s will that everybody be saved, Jesus did die as a sacrifice for everyone, the Holy Spirit does convict and draw all to Jesus, but everyone does not respond to that offer. And, if they don’t, they will be lost.

Lie #Three: Basing one’s salvation on logic and reason, signs and wonders. Satan is the master liar, skilled at changing bits of truth to dangerous lies, as evidenced by his argument to Eve, “Hath God not said…” Mark 13:22 warns that “false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” Thankfully the words “if possible” indicates that there are people who will not buy into their deceit. It is possible to refute satan’s schemes, and respond with the sword of the Lord as Jesus did.

Lie #Four: Many (if not all) our basic doctrines have been perverted in some manner. Check these.

*God loves everyone, he won’t send anyone the hell.

*The only hell there is, is the pain and suffering on earth.

*Don’t worry about partaking of this or that, because you are eternally secure.

*Just speak the word, write checks for your bills, God will provide.

*God made sex to be enjoyed, why expect to maintain sexual purity.

*Be holy? Why nobody can really live above sin.

Very likely we have all heard the liar! If he tried it on Jesus, he will try it on me – and you.


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The palette above is presented by mindovermiserysmanagerie for a Sunday prompt.

Tourmaline’s “Color Your World” calls for Mango Tango

They should do well together.

A stroll around my house shows some evidence of Mango Tango. First a pretty lapel pin in a frame; second, a vintage wooden purse with mango tango flowers; third, and south seas beauty decorating a kitchen towel. She is dressed in basic yellow with a flare for mango as she does the tango.

The colors in the fall palette from mindovermiserysmanagerie are not the prodominate fall colors in my neck of the woods.

But we do have some beautiful fall shots from the state of Oklahoma. A couple for proof.


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Jesus scolded the Pharisees and Sadducees because they asked for a sign (Matthew 16:1), then he immediately indicated they should be able to interpret the signs of the times.

Many of us see Israel as the focal sign by which we can predict that the Lord is coming soon. Political changes under the Trump administration were fulfillment of prophesy that will bring us closer to seeing the return of Jesus. I have chosen to discuss signs as shown by the church for this series, rather than go further into political signs.

The state of the church also points to Jesus’ return. We know that God sometimes moves or doesn’t move based on the prayers of the church. Most well-known is 2 Chron. 7:14, “…if my people…” Also lots of incidents of God “changing his plans” because of repentance of people. Perhaps I should say God changes the timing of his plans as he did regarding the destruction of Nineveh.

The church is charged with setting mores. I suggest much of today’s cultural problems are caused by compromises made by Christian people.

Matthew 16:19 (church binding and loosing) is important in determining end time events. The compromising church is responsible for many slackened social mores and taboos. For example, at one time the church as a whole rejected the use of tobacco. About the time it became “okay” with the church, it was met with disapproval by science. First the church was against homosexual activity; then science discovered many diseases as a side effect. We see the change coming about now in manner of nudity/immodesty, legalizing marijuana, same sex marriage, abortion. All the disfunction regarding gender is something that was not even imagined in former times. What is the church doing about that? Gambling and drinking alcohol are rampant in the Christian community. Given time the social taboos of the church have, or are being, proven true. However, the last few decades have led to much compromise among churches and the world.

Ist Tim 4:1 says that in the latter times people will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits. Wouldn’t a seducing spirit be one that would lure one to compromise? A definition of “seduce” is to lead or draw away, as from principles, faith, or allegiance. A seducing spirit would say what difference does one little change make? In time, we find out. It is said that what one generation tolerates, the next accepts as the norm. As our principles collapse, the seduction has won.


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I’m quite happy when I’m home

Where I store my hat, my books, and comb.

Got no plans to buy a tomb

But I’ll be buried with much aplomb!

Though it will  be tighter than a womb –

To move my elbows, I’d have no room.


I’ll not be staying in that coffin

No need to come by very often.

Jesus said he’s built me a mansion

That’s a plan I quickly sanction.

So in that tomb, I’m just passing through

Sailing right on through skies of blue.


Twenty homes I’ve had since birth

Through lots of years on this earth.

All together they have had moderate worth

But they’ve fulfilled my needs –

whether in sorrow, boredom or mirth.


Linda’s word prompt is “home” Just write as you think. Little editing. Let the words flow in any form and length. Thank you, Linda, for this fun event.

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