Oneta 84


Your blogging friend by the name of ‘Neta, had a month that tried to bet’ta.

Bad tooth out and the blood comes in, sometimes thick, too often thin.

Then came the horrible Lovenox injection, made my belly change complexion.

Getting quite stressed cause my cruise is coming, gotta keep my heart a humming!

Victory arrived yesterday,

         when the nurse said, “throw the Lovenox away!”

Shouted a great big “Thank You, Jesus – all that mess did not defeat us.”

But Woe it’s not all over yet!  Painful lumps

     on arms, thigh, and rump.

My diagnosis with online help, I’m smitten with GOUT – that makes me yelp.

Gout is a rich old man’s disease!  I don’t even live in that kind of ease!

Got two more days to getting out of here,

Then heading to Galveston – me, my family, and all our gear.

Getting on the Royal Caribbean.

I’ll tell you later what all I’ve been seein’.


Smiling at you.  😀  We are leaving on Thursday to go to Galveston.  Will stay in a hotel that night then board the ship on Friday morning at eleven.  Resort destinations: Cozumel and Puerto Costa Maya.  I look forward to the luxury of the liner rather than the resorts, but I suppose I’ll get off for the experience.

Regarding the “gout” thing.  No doctor has diagnosed that.  I tried to see my doctor today but she is out of town.  I did find a couple articles connecting Lovanox and all my symptoms fit.  It hurts but it will go away in a few days I am sure, when I get the Lovanox out of my body.  I’m consuming lots of water.  I think I can buy over the counter stuff if necessary.

I’ll be back home the night of the 23rd.  I’ll be reporting in!  😀



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WHY SUFFER?#10, Spread the Gospel

suffering intro


In the 9th Chapter of John, Jesus, talking about the man who had been blind for 39 years said it had been to bring glory to God.  Many interpret the healing of the man to be the act that brought glory to God.  I ask:  Was it not the life he and his family spent during those 39 years that might have brought glory to God?  Perhaps during that time, God was glorified in their lives.  I see it happen often in people who walk through the toughest of time for the longest of times.  They are Star Witnesses to faith, trust, dependence on God – bringing him much glory through their sacrificial lives.

Many of you know that my sister, Verna, just recently passed from having fourteen years of serious cancer issues.

I have a friend who has who has a disabled son, now an adult but who is dependent on her for everything.

Sometimes Christians are persecuted, jailed and killed.

I have Christian peers who have suffered greatly by rebellious children and grandchildren.  Their hearts are broken as they watch loved ones who are a part of the living dead, bound by addictions, and living wickedly,

This type suffering is far greater than the kinds of things I have discussed in previous posts.  These are the rock bottom reason for the question “Why bad things happen to good people?”  Most Christians who suffer like these, are the most gracious, loving, patient people I know.  They model Christianity as it should be.

Some people say there is a gift of Martyrdom.  I don’t know but I do know that Christians in this level of suffering are an effective way of drawing people to Christ.  The Gospel was spread world wide by the sufferings of some of the disciples and the Apostle Paul.

Even on a national level we can see how many more people turn to God in the bad times than in the good times.    God’s ultimate purpose is for people to turn to Jesus for eternal life with Him.  How can he do that?  Does peace and prosperity do that?  No.  So perhaps suffering is necessary for the eternal salvation of souls.

I began this series on suffering by saying God always has a purpose for causing/allowing pain and suffering.  Some purposes are testing, discipline/teaching, chastening, character building, and the spreading of the Gospel for the saving of souls.

The Bible says “In this earth we will have trials” so let us make the best of them.


(Posts on this subject are tagged “suffering” if you missed any and are interested.)

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WHY SUFFER? #9, Character Building

suffering intro

By time surely goes by!  It was on Sept. 24 that I wrote the #8 post on suffering.  I didn’t intend to let so much time pass before coming back to that subject.

The next topic I wanted to discuss was the issue of God allowing suffering as a means to build character.  At this time I wonder if the “recess” time has been a “hands on” test for me.

Three weeks ago today I had a tooth extracted.  It has turned into a time of frustration, pain, and uncertainty.  Through this time, I have tried to apply some of the things I believe about why God allows suffering as it relates to Christian living.  Can one really product fruits of the Spirit without some suffering?  I don’t know.  But I know this month has been a test for me – a test in which I hope I have grown in Christian character.

Some ponderings:

  1.  There have been mistakes made.  That’s why doctor’s carry insurance.  What am I going to do about that?  Am I tempted to sue?  The thought crossed my mind.  But no, that is not right for me.

  2. In my distress I tend to be cranky.  As I lay on that ER bed, I thought to myself, “OK, Self, this is a time to show some kindness to those who hurt while helping.”   Most were caring and it was easy to deal with them, but one was beyond reason.  She bordered on cruel.  I submitted but I don’t think I’m beyond holding a grudge.  I hope she gets a better hold on life, but I don’t want anymore contact with her!  Is that what God wants from me?  I just now realize I did not pray for her.  While I was gritting my teeth (not really, her hand was in my mouth) would have been a good time for a silent prayer for my “enemy.”

  3. I am frustrated by having conflicting advice from different doctors.  I have made a choice, but I’m not at peace.  I need peace about my choice or I need the Lord to redirect my plans.

There are other examples I could discuss; however, I think this is enough to illustrate my thesis that God does allow suffering to build Christian character.


Join me soon for one more post, the last one in this series.



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Oneta 84
This is from my FB status five years ago.  Not a lot has changed, so I copying it to this blog.  Still under pressure health wise – the blood thing, so I’m not feeling “newly” creative.  I think it is worth your time.

Put this in your HEAVEN HELP US file. Right now I’m feeling like Paul when he said he was speaking for himself not God. (2 Cor. 7:12) So this is me speaking, not God.

1. A Nebraska school states that teachers should not call students boys and girls because those words are not gender inclusive. They are to use neutral terms like purple penguins. I guess purple is neutral, not politically incorrect like pink penguins or blue penguins and I must admit when I look at a penguin I can’t tell if it is male or female. So I guess purple penguin is neuter-gender all right!

2. For years, the oft repeated acronym for GRACE was/is God’s Righteousness At Christ’s Expense; a 21st century author broke out a brand new acronym for GRACE, God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense. Um-huh. Much more trendy. Many folks would choose Riches over Righteousness.

3. Do you suppose the widow who gave her last two copper coins, did so because she heard the “principle of giving.” ’Spose she was expecting return 30, 60, or 100%? Probably not.

4. If you give because of 30-60-100% return, does that make you a gambler?

5. Christians go to the casinos to just play games; no different than playing miniature golf and monopoly. I can handle ten cents for a bingo board, but $400 for an evening at Riverwind? So does that make me a partially sanctified Christian gambler?

6. I remember when church boards would not take donations from gangsters/gamblers/dog racers, etc. I didn’t understand that. After learning all I have learned about politics, I see how trouble might have developed.

7. Church pastor has admitted to having full blown AIDS and sleeping with church members. Imagine doing that with AIDS?  What!  It would be okay without AIDS?!

8. Is it okay to have a Heaven Help Us file? Enough of my ruminating. Some of my supporters might not be praying hard enough for me!

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It seems to me that most Democratic Presidential nominees are vying for who can best do everything for everybody (even illegals) with the top 70% of the rich man’s money!  Guess how long that will last.  Even if the rich stayed in USA and gave up their wealth, it would only be a penance compared to the need.  SO…

Is it Socialism America wants?

In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, ‘Make us your slaves, but feed us. (Dosteovsky’s Grand Inquisitor.)

My Face Book Friend, Clyde M. Hughes, makes the following remark:

And Sam* will say, “Yes, I will give you a food debit card and you will give me your dignity. Yes, I will send into your home a monthly check, and you will send out your husband and your children’s father. For your life of ease your children will die on the streets and in the prisons and will have their own children as nonchalantly as an alley cat has litters because your God has been shunned away and I will become your god. Because I will pay you, you will be my slave and the more I pay you the more you will vote for me. Your mind will be mine and your heart will no longer be yours. The slavemaster’s whips are now intertwined within your head and heart. You possessed the greatest opportunities of any people and sold it for a bowl of pottage. Sadly, sadly, more than any generation, you have been duped.” – CMH 

Clyde M. Hughes

*Uncle Sam-my edit. Oneta

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Here I sit, cozy in my reading chair, feet propped on the bed.

Meditating on the majesty of the Creator,

Pulling bits of scripture from my head.

Mountains, space, sky, and sea…

When what a simple thought occurred to me!

My grand ideas centered on my toe….

Indeed on all ten Little Piggies, who go where I go.

……And I realized how wonderfully true

The Creator’s Masterpiece is me and you.


My sons and their wives are sponsoring Sammy and me to a cruise in a few days. ReNee  was talking about the glory of God out in the open spaces and how easy it is to feel the Lord’s presence out on that ship.  I laughingly told her I had the same feeling last night while looking at my toes.  God said He could be found by those who seek him..  on the ocean, or just there in those Ten Little Piggies on the ends of my feet.  😀

Yep, those are my eighty-five year old piggies.  They have served me faithfully.  I can’t believe sometimes what things I blog about … picture of my bare feet!   Think majestic thoughts like “God” who proves his preciousness to me by giving me “toes.”






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six word


Can be a beneficial learning experience.



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One tooth extraction.

Two trips to the Emergency Room.

Three trips to oral surgeon.

Sixteen home injections.

Unknown calls to Co-ag Clinic.

Beautiful blend of purple/black/blue        belly.

This – the eighth day – I’m okay.


Image:  Pixabay



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The “Fizzled Enchantment” and other stories of ruin tell stories of The Eye who disguised itself as a spider and silently clung to the top right corner of the 14-foot-wall in the old Imperial Inn, Hattenville, TX.   It was a picture perfect spot to see all creatures who walked through the portal of the luxurious nineteenth-century edifice with the broken windows and knocked down doors.  

In its early years the Inn was renowned for it gale parties, rich clientele, chic ladies, and wealthy ranchers.  In recent years The Eye has seen critters, flitters, and sitters:  coyotes and raccoons, mosquitoes and sparrows, hobos and gypsies.   Occasionally he would hear horses gallop by and three or four times a curious cowboy had stuck his head in the door but they were not curious enough to come on in with all the spiders, bats, and rats that now found haven from the sun. 

The Eye is getting old.  Almost 238 years it has made its abode in that corner – awaiting fulfillment of its purpose.  He had an assignment:  “Watch.”

Finally withered and dried up, it fell to the floor, defeated by not fulfilling its mission.  It had never found what it was watching for.

The Eye never recognized the difference in “Watch” and “Watch for.”  It got lost in the minutiae.


Luke 19:13  “….Occupy til I come…….

Written to fulfill two prompts.  M’s Monthy Prompt “the fizzled enchantment and other stories of ruin, and mindlovemiserysmenagerie’s photo challenge#283.  I love the challenge prompters.  Thanks to those who work so hard giving us a united community on many levels.

Photo:  Google Images



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green check mark

I was being baited in a chat room by a fraud claiming to be Linda, my cousin!  “Fraud Linda” came on with how excited she was about the good news from CEO Mort Zuckerman, setting me up for the big scam.

I asked (still thinking I was talking to my real Christian cousin, Linda), “What happened, did he get saved?” Got no response from that question.  Poor soul probably didn’t have the slightest idea what I was talking about. 

Just a reminder that accepting Jesus Christ as Savior is the best good news possible to everyone – Mort Zuckerman to Peter Pan.


Another check this – something worth saying in 103 words


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