Eleven p.m. – All quiet in the house. Everyone asleep except me. I took a nap this afternoon, so I’m trying to get some computer work done. I haven’t had any time in four days – at least very little.

I need a drink of water. (Leave the computer and head to the kitchen.)

Hum, I hadn’t noticed that pretty cake plate, nice sparkling top. I can’t tell what is in there because of all the glass ridges.

Was it out at dinner time? Wonder what it is? Remove top and see. I didn’t know she made cinnamon rolls. Only three left. That’s not enough for everyone. The others must have had theirs while i was asleep. If she gets up in the morning and sees I did not eat one, she will think I don’t like them. I don’t want to hurt her feelings; she works so hard with all the cooking.

Okay, I’ll eat one.

(Go to the refrigerator to get a little bit of milk to sip with the roll.) We are almost out of milk. i don’t want to use it all up. I’ll just use a bit of half and half instead. Where is it?

Oh, here is the whipping cream.

Ummm. That was good.

Maybe you should eat another one just to prove that you think she is a good cook. But then there would only be one left. Not enough for the guys’ breakfast.

Just eat it. Wash things up. She will have forgotten that she left it here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The incident recorded above happened a couple days ago. That was the old me. The new me didn’t eat it! In fact all three pieces are still there minus a bit of trimming up around the edges. 😀 My first Thanksgiving not to gain some weight, but hold the accolades. I have yet to finish wrestling with the leftovers. I dug into too many taco beans today. Not as much as sometimes, but more than I needed.

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Someone remarked that they needed a day between each day for resting up from the last day and to prepare for the next one. That is what today has been at my house. I got up late, but early enough to take a nap. Now I know what a Black Friday is.

I’ve got closets to sort, pictures to scan, people to see, walking to do but I haven’t even answered comments from friends like you.

I haven’t read a bloggers post, a novel, a newspaper, or my Bible; if I can’t do that, I am really being idle.

I haven’t made a friendly phone call, called “Hi” to a neighbor, wrote a chatty letter, or even combed my hair to make myself look better.

Results of a wasted day? I am so, so, So glad my salvation is based on Jesus’s grace and not my doing good. With that in mind, I am going to run right over to my blog and see who visited me there on Thanksgiving Day!

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I’m repeating a Thanksgiving blog from 2016. The following bloggers have been regular readers from five years ago. We were probably brought together by the Blogging University. A great experience to build community. Barbara at https://en.gravatar.com/ghostmmnc, Dawn Marie at https://en.gravatar.com/dawnmarie823, Yinglan at https://en.gravatar.com/yinglangao2003 I think some others were also readers then, but you did not leave a like so I can’t tag you.

My Blogging Friends, we have some things in common to be thankful for:

The ability to spell and write coherent sentences

Discretionary funds which allow the equipment necessary for social media

Physical strength, health, and mobility

The drive and unction which made us enter this cyber world

Enough confidence to put our “selves” out for critique and evaluation

Now for some thanks from me to you.  With age comes a dwindling of opportunities to socialize, to educate, to learn, to have fun, to argue, to influence, to inspire.  My experience in Blogging has opened all these opportunities to me.  I am grateful to you, my Blogging Community. Thank you.

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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About six years ago I wrote a blog explaining how the country’s economy correlates with my experiene with salt shakers. https://onetahayes.com/2016/01/07/low-economy-taking-toll/ Well, Friends, it is still true. My circumstances are quite similar to those six year ago. There is one new factor in my kitchen responsibilities and duties, however.

As many of you know, my husband and I are blessed with a son and daughter-in-law who help us out a lot. Renee has been helping me prepare for Thanksgiving. Helping? Actually, rescuing me. I observed this Ms. Steward clone cleaning my Tupperware salt and pepper shakers. Yes, the ones which I cleaned only six years ago.

If you remember, I used a toothpick to clean out the holes and hinges, wiped them down with a wet cloth, then bragged to you about my wisdom in not buying new ones. Really I probably saved at least enough money to by salt and pepper for my Thanksgiving dinner. One has to make do in dire times.

The Ms Stewart clone (Renee) was standing at my cabinet with the Tupperware set, perfectly clean standing side by side all ready for salt and pepper. I figured she has salt on the left and pepper on the right, matching the way we say “salt and pepper.” When she went out of the kitchen a bit, I went over and sniffed them. They were clean, but although I could have been wrong I’m almost sure – I smelled pepper on the one at the right. I can say for sure that is the way she filled them back up.

One thing I want to say about my ability to smell pepper. I don’t have Covid. I could smell that shaker even though it had been thoroughly washed. My sister’s first Covid symptom was that she noticed she could not smell. She called the doc and sure enough, she had Covid. Some other things I could say about her experience with Covid, …. Oh, not now, because my topic is salt and pepper shakers and the economy.

I did a bit of online search and I don’t find my Tupperware set, but I do find some round ones that appear to be $22.00 each. Now I do have a dilemma. Maybe I should sell them while someone still has $44 to spend on such frivolous items. Maybe I should wait for this inflation to take hold a few more months. Maye I should offer both for half price for a quick sale before the inflation makes all the Ms Stewar clones choose to buy salt and pepper shakers at the Dollar Tree. Whatever, I guess I will run out and buy a part of plain one dollar shakers before the Dollar Tree becomes a Dollar and Half Tree. That would be a whole dollar wasted on two shakers.

Does anyone know whether or not inflation has affected salt prices? Also, does anyone know whether salt is setting on a ship waiting to be unloaded. I need to buy up some salt before it gets too high priced. Back in Columbus’ day they used spices for bartering. Pepper and cinnamon are really high. I probably should check “use before” dates on my spice cans. It would be a good time to stock up on thyme, sage, cumin, rosemary, garlic, and other emergency items before they get higher priced. They would look so nice lined up in all those little Tupperware spice containers.

Wouldn’t you know it! Just as I am deciding to swap my Tupperware while the price is high, Ms Stewart clone became a Susy Orman financial expert clone and found my Tupperware – new for four dollars! Just as I am about to make twenty bucks!

The DOW is still running high. Maybe I’ll check out about selling my old book collection. Any body want to buy good books.

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Many years ago, but not so far away, there was a sparkling bright-eyed teenager named Tricia.

Now Tricia had all the makings of a princess – social butterfly, stylish, talented. The kind of princess who could hold court with the learned and wise, the young and the old, the rich and the poor. Now, how did I know that? For one thing she was a nominee (or something of that sort) for Miss Oklahoma. I really don’t know all that much about it. But I knew what my eyes could see and what my ears could see. She was beautiful and she could sing.

However, I also saw something that went far beyond that. Although she could have been the leader of any clique, maybe she was; I don’t know that either. But she definitely was not “clique-ish.”

At this point, let me tell you about another character. He was another member of the young crowd in our church. At least he was in that age range. He was not impressive; nothing wrong with him, but just not impressive. Now a lot of guys are like that, at least they think they are. But this young man just didn’t fit it. As the groups would get together to go out after church, he didn’t go. My heart just sort of hurt for him. You probably think I’m going to say that Tricia was the princess who kissed the frog and he became her prince. No. It wasn’t that. But I did see Tricia take time to give him special attention on more than one occasion. Sat on the pew and chatted a bit. Smiled. Prayed. Just little things. I’ve never forgotten.

I saw Tricia last month after more than forty years. I hugged her and told her this story and how it had been my memory of her from that long time ago.

I asked if I could use her picture and relate this tiny insight into what makes a princess, a Princess. That makes a sweet and humble girl a Miss America in my eyes.

Tricia, I know you made that young man feel pretty special, because you made me feel pretty special, too. Thanks for the hugs. Thanks for the smile. Thanks for letting me tell this bit of your story.

Thanks for being a Princess.

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Ahhh, it’s cozy here, 75 degrees, every room.

I don’t like cold; I must have a plan.

So my anticipated plan follows:

Plan A.  This auto-thermostat furnace, 75 degrees. Paid for.

Plan B.  Generator. Expensive.

Plan C.  Wood burning fireplace. Won’t reach bedroom.

Plan D  Electric space heater. Can move it from room to room.

Plan  E.  Solar heat. Oh, mighty sun, shine on.

Plan F.  Wind mills. They ice up in the cold.

Plan G.  Water mills? How close am I to Niagara Falls?

Plan H.  Go to son’s house.  Lives in a red state; still has Plan A. 


Written as entry to 100 word picture prompt story hosted by Rochelle at

https://rochellewisoff.com/ Go to Rochelle’s and read more stories. Interesting how different they are.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

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1. I’m thinking about crackers and milk. I have some; I could get some. I’m gaining weight. I want some. Oops, did I drop some crumbs under your desk?   Don’t step on the cheese.

2. News?  What’s new about that?  I saw that a teacher had been suspended for ten days for having “grabbed a student by the back of the neck.”  Picture looks like she had her hand on his neck making him make eye contact with her.  I remember a teacher friend who had a student charge her with choking him.  Yes, she had put her hand under his chin to make him make eye contact with her.  Evil teachers. 

3. Quote from my sister, Karen.  “As I was praying for my family I thought. “but God there’s so much going on right now it doesn’t seem right praying for personal things.” The Holy Spirit spoke to me. “While I am loving on my children, I am very mindful of my universe.”  

4. Re-read the last line of #3.  It needs a second thought.

5. Take a lesson from the Gingerbread Man’s Story.  Remember he ran away from the Little Old Man, Old woman,  etc.  Asked a fox to let him ride on the fox’s back as they swam across the water.  Fox asked him to come closer and closer so he could hear.  Finally the gingerbread man was so close to the fox’s nose, the fox snapped him into his mouth and ate him all up.  I feel like I am watching my country act very much like the gingerbread man, as we delightfully leave our security to “explore the vast” possibilities out there.  Riding the fox’s back! 

6. So Psaki is classifying certain things about Russia, Covid, etc as “disinformation.”  And others are trying to explain how that is different from “misinformation.”  Whatever happened to the well understood words—lies and deceit?   Do Democrats disinform and Republicans misinform?  Or do both do both.  I don’t know.  Ask the Justice Department.  They still let the lying head honcho run the FBI. Do you suppose he is a Democrat? 

7. Is honcho an acceptable word as I used it above.

8.  The church is charged with setting mores. Much of cultures problems is caused by compromises made by Christian people, especially so for those who are intimidated into only preaching peace, prosperity, and love.  God is also perfect in his justice. 

9. The murdering husband who shot his wife and son (she was my cousin) has, after about four years, been tried and found guilty, imprisoned for life without parole, will sometime face “justice” from this very loving and compassionate God.  The kind of God who will forgive him, if he sincerely seeks for forgiveness.  Amazing.

10. I didn’t do much with politics this time.  Since I don’t curse nor stomp on anyone when they are down, I didn’t have much to say.

11. Why is that number 1 below the picture at the top? I have no idea but I can’t get rid of it.

12. Now brush the cracker crumbs off your keyboard, and go rinse out your milk glass. 

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Birth brings freedom from mother’s womb.

Because the tomb is empty,

Death brings freedom from earth’s womb.

James 4:14 “life is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away”

Is this not a lovely child to come into our family as another passes on! Welcome, Sweet Baby, may you have a century of happiness and be blessed with freedom in Jesus for all your days. You have a loving family to help you on your way. Clyde’s great-great-daughter.

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My ninety-two year old husband. Little writing so you can afford your time with him. He and this piano player have never seen each other until this night. The night my family and community had dinner together before Clyde’s memorial service. It’s been years since he has had a song “workout.” As the speaker said, “He still has some pipes on him.” Just kiddies making the noise in the background. Me, too, probably. 😀

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Clyde, 85 years old

Come let us reason together, I say.  I am eighty-seven years old; Clyde was eighty-five.  Reason will tell you I knew him for all his days.  Longer than anyone here.  Right?  Of course.

So I also knew the eighty-five year old Clyde whom you all knew.  That was a man much admired for his common sense, his honesty, his faithfulness, his dedication to a life followed after the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He knew how to whittle and whistle.  He could farm fields and feed goats.  He could introduce little children to the rabbits and rattle snake rattles.  He could make trades, farm fields, milk cows, and drive tractors.  He could fire up a fire so hot it would melt silver, then use the silver to decorate spurs and saddles.  He could play the guitar like Roy Clark and sing like a meadowlark.

But I also knew a little brother named Bubby who you did not know.  I was the little girl who gave him his first pinto beans.  No doubt our mom was a bit disturbed when she saw me in the middle of the bed giving “beamas” to my Bubby.

My Bubby had to drink goat’s milk for his health’s sake.  Therefore, we had a Nanny goat for all his beginning years. One morning I was the one who excitedly called to him, “Hey, Bubby, come and see.  Nanny has some puppies.”  We shared the joy of holding baby pigs and eating the berries picked off the ground from under the mulberry tree. We slept together with mom and dad when they pulled a mattress outside on cool starry nights.

I watched him work math problems on blackboards and memorize multiplication tables giving him the foundation for figuring how many pounds of seed he would need to plant forty acres.

I was the picky big sister who simply hated it when he started seeing that he looked quite handsome with his hair all slicked back like James Dean!  Now how would I connect that with James Dean.  I have no idea, but it must have become a trend about that time. 

Some of you began drifting into his life around the time he and Roy Holmes were driving me crazy with their pig-latin.  They could speak pig-latin faster than normal people could speak English!  Karen said she heard them talking one time when one of them told the other to be careful because Karen could understand them. 

Someplace around about that time, it must have soaked in to me that he was no longer my little Bubby.  Instead he was replaced by a grown man—a man of two kingdoms, the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of earth.  He was a good citizen in both.  He fulfilled the scripture in Micah 6:8  “What does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with his God.” He was a righteous man.

I’m proud to be Clyde’s big sister.

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