sad face 1

“Poor me,” he laments,

“‘Tis my fate written in stars,”

as he makes his doom.

Although I am lending a humorous touch to this haiku, it is a serious concern to me.  I was talking with a friend yesterday about my sorrow at having been a teacher who was in the vanguard of sowing new educational seeds as a new teacher in the sixties and seventies.  Among these new educational philosophies was such things as a grading system based on ability, making every child believe “doing his best” was sufficient and then letting the child judge what was his best (much easier for the teacher than really teaching the kid), mainstreaming all learning levels so teachers have to spend the majority of their time with the slow learners giving little opportunity to challenge the average and above, cutting out anything that smacks of competition.  Stars for the stars – how cruel to the less fortunate!  Anyway you look at it we turned out lots of youth unprepared for the real world!  I rue my part in it!  But you know the power of NEA and the Democratic party, even here in my bright red state – I was intimidated big time and I worked hard to do my Democratic duty!  Well, I did one time teach during a strike, that was gutsy of me!  Was that uncomfortable?  Yes!

You probably did not expect a rant in the midst of a haiku challenge!  😀


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rain 2

We were unprepared.

Misleading calmness of rain

Ushered in wild winds.


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sam van large

I  owe, I  owe so off to work you go!

Not many people stay so pleasant when going off to work on a hot summer day.  Hats off to my hubby – my darling, dashing Englishman.  He decided to be an American belonging to me sixty-four years ago.  Of course, then he thought I was going to belong to him!  I owe, I owe so off to work he goes.  Sweetheart of mine!

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pink shell

Beware the dangers.

Evil devours innocence

Pink shells cast aside.

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walking blind

“Lord, please make it easy for (…you fill in the blank…) to happen. In the name of Jesus I ask and thank you.” How simple! Just give me my way! How many times have I prayed for something that is not God’s plan? Am I praying for what is needed?

I desperately want an easy life for the people I love. I want security for the old people and pure and holy adventure for the youth. I want power for my country. I want freedom of pain for the hurting. I want saints to go home on the wings of peaceful sleep. I want good-paying, fulfilling jobs for all men and women who are willing to work hard. I want those who won’t work to realize they are wasting God-given lives and to get off their haunches and find jobs. I want the southern border closed. I want North Korea to be nice.  I want rain.  

Praying my will may hinder the Lord in guiding my loved ones into his plan as I continue to enable them. Praying my will might hold back the death angel while my loved one lies in pain awaiting her homecoming. Praying my will may stop the gospel being spread into the lives of those who do not know Christ. Praying my will may not bring discipline into my life that would be healthy for me. Praying my will might result in people living “soft lives” and be totally unarmed when the devil assaults them with fiery darts. 

I’m reminded that God says, “(You) do not know the thoughts of the Lord, (you) do not understand my plan” (Micah 4:12). I find myself much like Peter who rejected the idea of Jesus going willingly to his death. Matthew 16:23 “Get behind me, Satan. You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men…” If Peter had had his way, neither he nor I could have been redeemed.

As I look back,  I rejoice that God took me through that valley of death, even though I had sought him with bitter tears to give me a miracle that would not include that path! Today I rejoice in the knowledge that his plan was better. I did not know his thoughts.  

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tomato cartoon


Nice garden – lush leaves,

One me, lovely but lonely.

Send hungry bees, please.

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BIBLIO – What?

Just checking how to do a reblog. This post was fun, so I’m trying again. If the picture comes with it, I’ll leave it. If it doesn’t, I’ll edit and try again. In comments, shoreacres pointed out that I might have needed a bibliography to go with it.household stuff 016

Sweet aroma

But I do not know the art of BIBLIOPHEGY.
However, I do have a BIBLIOTHECA.
If I had money I would be a  BIBLIOPOLE.
Some folks would say I am interested in BIBLIOMANCY.
Since I have a bad case of BIBLIOMANIA,
I will admit to being a BIBLIOMANIAC!
If I weren’t a BIBLIOMANIAC,
I would probably be a TELEVISIPHILE
with a bad case TELEVISIMANIA!

household stuff 016

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grandad grandma            (Picture is my granddad and grandma.  I’ll tell you about Grandma’s bonnet                                                                      another time.)

Hello Blogging Friends:  First a personal note.  I will be going to a family reunion this weekend.  We will leave early Saturday morning and return late Sunday.  About 350 miles away so it is possible but hurried.

I have been working on my mother’s albums – selecting pictures, newspaper articles, and such like material to make up family albums.  I will take the “Rodgers/Barler” album with me.  My plans are to ask anyone who wants to, to write a memory or whatever for me to add to this album, put the material on CD and give to family members.

In the process I have included some of the Granddad sermons I have summarized and put on this blog previously.  I have run across a new one.  I am using it for my second page of the album because it is based on a favorite song, “Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul.”  If my Granddad were present to speak to his family and to you, I believe that is what he would say.


Granddad’s sermon is plain from John 14:8 “Phillip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us.” In the margin he has written “Church, let us see Jesus and we are satisfied.” Then he referred to Luke 12:21, which says, “So is he that layeth up treasures for himself, and is not rich toward God.” There he has written “full barns stop mule from braying, not so, with souls.” 

So, Granddad, if you are in the throng of witnesses who looks down on your followers today, hear me speak for them. Thank you for your life, your lessons, and your love for Jesus. Thank you for showing us Jesus. And it is still true that only Jesus satisfies.

We suffer a dearth of seeing him in our lives and in our church while we amass “things” which only make us believe we need more things. “He’ll give you peace you never knew, Sweet joy and love and Heaven too; For only Jesus can satisfy your soul.” (Only Jesus can Satisfy Your Soul by Lanny Wolfe.) 

One more thing I’m sure he would say. “THERE IS GOING TO BE A MEETING IN THE AIR IN THE SWEET SWEET BY AND BY.”   Family, can’t you see his tears today just thinking about us all being together again.  Granddad’s tears, who of us who knew him can ever forget!


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Diary to Danny:
1980 Phone call says you are here. But hospital bound for a few weeks. Precious baby boy. How you have changed me! Your entrance into this world just shoved me right over to another generation. Grandmother! I’m not ready. I’m only forty-seven. Forty-seven? That’s a dozen years older than many women when they are pushed into grandmother-hood! Guess that’s okay. In fact you are pretty special to have come on my 27th wedding anniversary. Kind of you to give me one less date to remember!

1980 Oh, wow. We’re in Denver and you are at home! Looking you over I see that the grandmother business is much nicer than I feared. So little, so vital, so necessary to God’s plan. And to think I ever could have thought you were not needed to make me complete!

1982 Little one, you now have to scoot over to make room for a brother. It’s not so bad to make room for another. I did it; you can too. But it does bother me a bit to think that you are now a big brother. Just watch as you take on added stature. You’re already a helper, knowing just what is needed for a diaper change for you and your brother!

1983 (?) Ah, your mama is cutting off your curls—long gorgeous blond curls. (In later years you get even for that event!)

1986 The two great negotiators:
David, wanting to play with the car: Let’s pretend it is really your car, but you let me play with it.
Danny, keeping the car: Let’s pretend it is really my car and I am playing with it.

1988 Breakfast is ready. At the table. Time for food for the stomach; time for food for the soul. Bible reading makes for strong spirits; food makes for strong bodies.

1990’s I’m losing you. You are boy! Grandma’s not. I don’t even like picnics very much. You are becoming king of the hill and Grandma’s slouching around at the bottom of the hill! I’m glad you’re on the move. I think lots of bicycle riding School pictures are nice but sad replacement for hugs!

1998 Graduation. Your pictures are so handsome. True they do not replace hugs but they are sure nice to brag about. I’m glad you are staying close by for college. Dear God, help Danny through these crucial years – driving, girls, college, career, marriage. Grandmothers are to be polite to. They can be controlled by hugs and an occasional visit. But they are terribly stubborn about name changes. I must remember now. You are Daniel. I will try to remember that, Danny.

2006 Whew! You made it. Good choice on that marriage thing! Admittedly I had my doubts. A wife and two sons all in the same day. Husband and father. And you pushed me into another generation. I hardly noticed. It just brings more delight in the form of babies!

2015 Daniel, I am so proud of you on this your 35th birthday. I commit Paul’s words to you: “When I was a child I thought like a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” You are a man. You are a husband. You are a father. You are a citizen. You are a Christian. You excel in all. You are loving, brainy, and inspiring. Love you and the new family you brought to me!

2017  Another name change –  DAN

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Two reasons why the United States is a great nation:

One: Psalm 33:18-20 “Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy; To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. Our soul waiteth for the Lord: he is our help and our shield.”

Two: Genesis 18:18 “…Seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him…”

There are other reasons that make USA great in my opinion— the Constitution, the capitalistic economy, justice based on Bible principles, our concern for fellowmen, America’s fervor and energy, the work ethic, public education—but all of these are flawed except to the extent that they are operated “under God.”


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