Couldn’t resist taking time to say “Hi” to everybody, but I’m making it short cause I have reason to be busy. LOL

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Linda G. Hill suggested the word prompt “wallpaper” for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. What an easy word for a Saturday post. Still I didn’t manage to post, because I was too busy shopping for wallpaper! But I will run this over to her event even though it is not Saturday. Late, late, late.

I have read a few posts but not many. My time is occupied with Home. I am redecorating; that entails a lot of cleaning at the same time.

I do know some of you wonder what happened to me if I disappear too many days, so I’m explaining. I’m feeling fine. If I pass to eternity in the next few days it will be likely that many of you will go with me because Jesus came for us. That would be a nice thing to happen. In that case, I’ll see you face to face shortly.

Meanwhile it is back to the question, “Paint or Wallpaper?” I got the most terrific bargains on new furniture. Two peacock color recliner, swivel, rockers, and off white sofa and loveseat. So I’m changing colors all the way round. Pictures, flowers, vases, even trashcans!

We have discovered the magic of using a clothes steamer to remove the old wallpaper. If you have any wallpaper to remove, be sure you know about this. See You Tube.

Having fun, feeling well, and enjoying this new project with R and R. Sammy is fine with the new diggins we are forcing on him.

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ARE YOU HAVING A DAY OF REST? The Lord God as the Creator of our bodies. His Masterpiece. We were created in God’s image. God took a day of rest. Genesis 2:1-3 1 Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. 2 By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. 3 Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

I don’t believe God was exhausted because of the hard work week. But I do believe He set a pattern for the use of our seventh day. Two reasons. Rest is essential to good physical health. Rest is essential to good physical health, also.

Time has changed the day of rest from Saturday to Sunday, for most Christians who now consider the first day of the week their day of rest, perhaps because of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

I’m not into arguing a point of what day, I am just pointing out that if you are working today (Sunday) in order to avoid getting farther behind on your work, you are likely shorting your life span and your motor needs to slow down.

For our convenience and even for saving lives, many people work on weekends. They have no choice about what day, but I’m pretty sure labor laws keep anybody from having to work seven days a week. Get your rest. You’ll live longer.

Second thing, keep the day holy. Go to church. Fellowship with Christians. Practice making it a day of thanks and praise. Nourish your spirit. You’ll live longer.

I’ve lived a long time, I know all the excuses. Some of them are valid. But, if possible, work it out. You’ll live longer.

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Photo by Kat Smith on Pexels.com

Emily was such a darling; she had everything it took to qualify as a teacher’s pet.  Everything except brain power!  However, Emily and I could work around that.  I just gave her things she could do with just a little stretching sometimes.  She worked diligently at all of it.  So, of course, I gave her A’s and B’s.  I was just trying to grade her equitably.  Just fudge a little on the grade scale; okay, maybe I fudged more than a little.  After all she would never aspire to a quality job.  She would be happy sorting thread colors, or whatever.

It would work out. It would “work out” until it wouldn’t.

Emily moved to a new school.  One which was not so progressive.  They apparently had standards  upon which to give grades because within a few days, a teacher (or principal) called be to say that Emily was not performing in their school as well as they expected.  Could I give them more information about her ability to achieve what I had led them to expect?

Now you know another reason I am not swayed by the Biden administrations push for equity.

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What price motherhood? I went out to see the two litters of newborn bunnies this morning. Nestled amid all this furry mass are some babies. I could tell because of the movement in the corners. Yes, I got a peek.

I’ll introduce you to the mothers. No pictures. Mothers often just sit at the side and watch others adore their children. Since Roger is an early riser, he had just been blessed with a stunning display of two mommies nursing their babies. How did they know how to do that? How did the babies know what they were looking for with all that movement in and around and all over one another? They didn’t try to nurse one another. No, they wanted Momma.

The gray-furred momma was purchased as a buck but she was renamed Buckette when it was found that she was pregnant, and Roger sort of knew when because he had observed the act that made him know she was Buckette instead of Bucky! 😀 Sure enough it was just about due day when she started pulling out all that gray fur, from which she made a nice cozy nest to call her nursery.

Now the white momma has a story of her own also. But she was unaware that she was being threatened with exile because she was getting fatter and fatter but she would not accept the new buck, whose name is Gary. Unbeknownst to Roger and ReNee, she had already met Gary. Well R & R discussed selling her as a pet, giving her away, or sending her into exile down at the river’s edge. Until they saw her starting to pull out all that white fur. Then she was encircled with loving arms. a box was added to her cage and behold…another nursery.

Observing these two mothers today was a spiritual highlight for me. God didn’t overlook a single detail in his creation. Amazing, Amazing!

I know there are some animals that kill their babies at birth. I think mostly because of birth defects. But I know of none that kill their babies while they are in the womb.

Isaiah 49:15 “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!


*For those who do not know, Roger and ReNee (R & R) are my son and daughter-in-law who live with us. Sammy and I are so blessed to have them here so that we can remain in our home even in our old age. We have a lot of work that has to be done around here; if they were not her to help, we would have had to sell out and move into a place that takes much less work for our daily living. We are so thankful. It is sort of one of those times where the Lord says “I will answer before you call.”

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Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

“Rather than providing all individuals with equal opportunities to succeed, equity segregates individuals by race or sex while simultaneously driving the narrative of oppressor and victim.” “It calls for institutions to treat people unequally, purportedly to achieve an equal outcome.  https://ussanews.com/2022/06/15/equity-vs-equality-the-biden-administrations-dangerous-push-for-equity-at-all-costs/

First, I want to point out that God Himself will judge in equity, Psalms 99,—and how thankful I am for that!  You see, I know I am not equal to spiritual Giants, Watchman Nee, Smith Wigglesworth, Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis.   I am not their equal.  I do have to meet one standard for my salvation; it is the same standard required of each of them. That is surrendering my will to Him and trusting his plan for my salvation. His plan is that we trust in the atonement of Jesus Christ who died for our salvation.

To that extent, we are equal. 

Beyond that, we will receive eternal rewards based on equity.  What did we do on earth with the resources, talents, abilities given to each of us?  I declare his judgement will not be based on our ethnic group, race, skin color, hair texture or any other physical feature.

For human beings to offer “equity” to any person or group based on those traits is the height of racism.  It is saying “You don’t have the capabilities to live successfully unless I (we) give you WHAT YOU CAME INTO THE WORLD LACKING!  Isn’t that what racism is?

There is much more that could be said regarding genuine medical issues, but for that you can leave comments. Not the purpose of this post. My purpose is to point out that only God knows us each well enough to deal with us with equity.

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Yes, it it Friday, so think THURSDAY’S THOUGHTS ON FRIDAY MORNING. 😀

Thursday was just too good to not give special notice to. I had been notified that we would be having guests come about 10:30 so I carefully set the alarm for three hours to prepare for them. Woke before the alarm sounded. I think I can get ready in two hours. Slept another hour.

Up about eight or so. Bible reading. Whoa, now. Hezekiah. He always makes me mad. So good and God blessed. But he was a show-off at the end. The prophet said destruction would come but not in his (Hezekiah’s) day. Hezekiah said, “Oh, goodie, goodie. It won’t happen in my day.” I’ll leave the kids to reap my sin. Now you see why I don’t like him!

Well, one of his kids, Manasseh, was watching, waiting, learning. He learned to be a scoundrel, and reestablished idol worship, even to the point of sacrificing his own son to Baal, I think. He was a treacherous king. But, lo and behold, he was not out of God’s reach. God caused him to be taken captive by the Assyrians. While in exile God reached out to him and Manasseh responded to God. A great story about wickedness and redemption.

Oh, it’s time to get serious about my company coming. Do my morning routine, put away dishes, fold kitchen towels, take meds, check the mirror. I’ll get by but I did do the best I could with myself.

See the picture of the dish towels. I have about three dozen stacked handily between microwave and refrig. They wash and do-over. Far less expensive and more useful than paper towels. Picture 1

Ty, Laura, Jonah, Micah, Aaron came. They had time to eat lunch with us. So in with the Chicken Express meals. Ty is my nephew via Verna, my sister who died about three years ago. She was one of the best people I have ever known. Tyler was smart enough to choose a wife much like his mother. Ty and Laura are instant in season and out for quick hugs, prayers, and blessings. Jonah and Micah were so helpful to me. Aaron spent more time in the “hang out” room so I did not see him as much but he also has the family traits. Picture 2

I went to the Center for my walking after they left. Met my goal for the week, that is about five miles – five miles a week, not a day!!!

Came home worn out, largely because of construction work on one of our major streets. An ongoing situation that will last months or perhaps years. Laying a new road to connect to a Turnpike, I think. Anyway, I was disgruntled by the time I got home. Went to sleep. That’s when I could have done Thursday Thoughts in time for you to read them on Thursday. 😀

The last picture is that of an empty container. See the white bits. That’s what I left of ReNee’s home made ice cream. Not a bad way to start closing up shop tonight. Picture 3

Didn’t get much blogging done today, reading, writing, or commenting. Putting you on hold. Hoping to do better with this fantastic hobby/vocation the Lord has assigned me to.

Giving Him praise, and giving you thanks. Good night on Thursday night.

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FIX IT IF YOU CAN, part 4, conclusion

Fourth: There’s the kind that when they’re broken only God can fix.

Back in the closets in our hearts, there are the broken things that we have given up on. We tried. And tried. But couldn’t fix them. I remind you GOD CAN! And He often does. Sometimes he does it after we have given up. He “bottles” our tears.* He hears and cares. But sometimes he comes up against the stubborn will of man so it takes longer than we want.

They have been assigned to things we cannot understand. The unseen world. That supernatural spiritual world that is not made up of matter, at least not matter science can study in a laboratory. Broken hearts, broken minds, broken spirits, broken bodies. All manifested in the form of addictions, mental disorders, human trafficking, child and elder abuse, crime, violence, torture, and wars.

This was the kind of issue that caused Daniel to fast and pray intensely for 21 days. Finally, an angel appeared and said that Daniel’s prayers had been heard the first day he prayed, and the answer was sent; however, it had been held up by the “prince of Persia” and “prince of Greece.” Other places in the Bible refer to the princes and powers of the air. A Christian’s warfare is not a time of playing Patty Cake.

The Bible does not give us (Christians) the right to command angels, but we do have the right to ask God to command angels. LET US GO BOLDLY AND HUMBLY TO HIM, and say, “Lord, I can’t but you can.

*Psalm 56:8 “put thou my tears in thy bottle” Also a scripture in Revelation refers to the tears in a cruise as an incense. I don’t claim to understand that. I just know it helps me to know there is a record or some means of my prayerful tears lasting until long after I have departed this land.


I’m very tired tonight, my dear friends; I hope I am not leaving too many loose ends. It boils down to our need to help fix what we can fix, but we are not expected to fix everything by ourselves. Unity in prayer with fellow Christians sometimes helps. But when all is said and done, we cannot fix the world. But it is fixable and God will do it. I support his plan to bring that day when He Himself is our King and our world will be fixed. Glory to His Majesty! Our Creator God! Our Fixer!!

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Third: There’s the kind that when they’re broken someone else has to fix. AND

Fifth: There’s the kind that when they’re broken we’ve got to fix.

Continuing our look at Charlie Shedd’s rules about fixing broken things. This will be rather short but significant. As you can see, I am joining rules three and rule five. But I will make this point about the differences. Number 3: Someone else has to fix. We should not be trying to fix things that we have no knowledge or experience to qualify us for that issue! For instance, you might volunteer to fix the drip on your neighbor’s faucet, but you probably better not volunteer to drain his sewer. 😀

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” Who asked that question? Aw, yes, I see hands raised all over the room. God was not as blunt with his answer as I am going to be. I say, “Yes, you are.”

Considering Jesus’ comments about the Commandments. First, love God with all your heart, and second, Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

I’m not going to hop in right away to say we need to mend broken hearts, preach the gospel, give to missions … Oops, I guess I did it anyway, didn’t I?

Try some of these ideas and see if they play a part in “fixing” broken people.

  1. Air up the bicycle tire for the kid next door.
  2. Take some cookies to the preacher on a week that has not be designated as “pastor appreciation.”
  3. Fix the alarm clock for your brother-in-law who sleeps on your couch.
  4. Fix the faulty staircase that have told your wife you will fix – every week now for three months.
  5. Fix some bacon and eggs for a surprise family breakfast.
  6. Put some water in the container for the windshield wiper.
  7. Prune and clear out the fence row you share with your neighbor.
  8. Replace the rubber welcome mat so a visitor will not trip.
  9. Set the genie in the car so it will open the garage door.
  10. Put your pictures in a family album.
  11. Drop a donation in the fireman’s boots as they hold a benefit drive.
  12. Take a box of diapers to the pregnancy center.

Hopefully, these dozen “do’s” will help you see how easy it is to help fix people by fixing things.

But stick with things you can do!

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Second: There’s the kind that when they’re broken will fix themselves if we leave them alone. Refer back to yesterday’s blog. https://onetahayes.com/2022/07/25/fix-it-if-you-can-part-1

“Just leave me alone,” yells Tanya-teen as she slams the door to her room. Sure enough about supper time, she has recovered enough to come out and ask if anyone has seen her phone charger around anyplace. Phone charger is in her bedroom and she knows it but she wants a reason to join the family again. Mom and Dad gladly oblige her by telling her to look in the kitchen; it might be there.

“Just leave me alone. I’ll work through this on my own,” implores Della, who is newly divorced, and not open to unsolicited advice.

“Just leave me alone. I’m researching my problem on the internet,” says a stubborn Grandmother who believes, that she is coming down with scarlet fever. The fact that that plague was over long ago is not reason enough to convince her – but time will.

Given time, many things will work out, even fix themselves.


Just a small rant here from me. This should have been the attitude of the Covid pandemic. It will settle in. A lot of people will die, but herd immunity will take over. So we didn’t “leave it alone” and people did die and are dying from Covid and from the vaccines. Things are looking up as tests for anti-bodies are showing more people immune from the disease. Turns out sunshine and Vitamin D help a lot.

And since I have gone out on this limb, I have more to say about that vaccine. First of all, Pres. Trump did set the wheels in motion for a race to get a vaccine. He was responsible for the first trial. However, as soon as he found out it did not prevent the disease, I believe he would have stopped the charade and put the pharmacies back on further development. Not continue the fake drama for these two and a half years as has happened under Lord Fauci, who is retiring now and will be paid over $400,000 for life. My opinion. Give me yours in the comments. 😀

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