Oneta 84

Some things I need to say:

  1.  Thank you for those who have said prayers in my behalf.  If you do not pray, I thank you still for the care you have extended to me.  I am making good progress.  Have help every day from caring and knowledgeable nurses and therapists.

  2. It is amazing to me that God brought me into this blogging community after I had reached my 80th birthday.  I see his hand in moving me to new adventures decade by decade.  Wonderful!

  3. Some  have sent cards.  A little googling with my name gives me away pretty fast.

  4. I tried that to find out about myself.  And what did I find!  A warning on my name!  Apparently you are to be careful of me.  I don’t rank very high on the “good” character meter.  I was aghast.  Still not too happy about it!  That came about because of a lawsuit which I won against a collection agency who, via their attorneys, had filed a seven thousand dollar lien on my property – WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME.  I didn’t find out about it for about five years.  Then found out when I tried to get a loan from my bank.  Well I sued, won, and the lawyer got the lien off.  He also got a judgement for me for attorney fees.  However, they won’t pay.  They don’t deny the truth of my claim, but say they “can’t” pay because of other issues.  I have no idea what “other” issues.  But I can’t afford another attorney.

  5. How do I get the Warning off my name?  I have no idea.

  6. I guess it is a matter of trusting the Lord.  As I said, he has cleaned up other messes for me.   Right now, it is a humbling experience!

  7. Another thing I have learned.  It does not pay off to always pay cash when I buy.  That policy has resulted in reduced credit rating.  Be sure to charge a few things along the way, so you can prove you paid along the way!  😀

  8. Dear Blogging and Facebook Friends.  You bring me joy!

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 dirty feet

Jesus Christ…took upon himself the form of a servant…(Philippians 2:5-7)
When we think of Jesus being servant, most of us probably recall his washing the disciples feet. Imagine with me: An accident occurs, a great doctor is called to come help and he begins by washing the victims feet. There are others who could do that! That’s not what doctor’s do. Doctors do the big things—not wash feet!

That’s how Peter felt. No, Lord, you don’t wash my feet.
We point fingers of blame at Peter for his impetuousness. I wish I could describe to you the feeling inside me when I read Luke 12:37, “It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. I tell you the truth, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them.”

I felt just like Peter. I question, “If I am watching and ready for you, you will sit me at the table and wait on me? Oh, Lord, surely not!” Well I have not convinced myself that Jesus will ever be “serving” me. Just thinking about it makes me cry, “Oh, Lord, not so!”

Then again I think of the prayers I regularly pray. How many of them are prayers for Jesus to serve me? “Jesus, get me out of this tight spot that I got myself into.” “Lord, I was really dumb when I made that decision. Open a way for me.” “Oh, Jesus, my words were unkind, please don’t let her take offense.”

Beyond comprehension that he still does it! Washes our dirty feet—cleans up after us.

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Is this nature’s law?

Must pretty girls filled with bliss

Look for guys with brawn?



image Pixabay

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mean man

Charming Charlie was a fake

A true con artist on the take.

He was good at soothing rich widows,

He could even charm her kiddos.


Went through the bankroll of three or four

Then set out to find some more.


But Charlie’s luck ran smack dab out.


He met Widow Willow who was much too smart.

He found out she had a cold, cold heart;

She bid him come closer and tore him apart.


I’ve met some of these characters through widowed and divorced friends.  One was even so bold as to ask my friend to put his name on her house title, in preparation for their wedding, of course!  That was the end of him!

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Jesus loved his father – and he spent a lot of time communicating with him.

What a wonderful choice when the decision was made to send Jesus to live as a man. The earthly Jesus is the being who lived, laughed, loved, in the manner with which I can identify He also carried the same sorrows which I sometimes carry. He modeled behavior which was pleasing to his Father. In that way I know how to strive to please my Father.

There are so many who seem to have a generic “God” but it is hard to have a generic Jesus.  One can even receive a modicum of respect in talking about one’s God, but talk about Jesus and the defenses rise.  Especially if you say we have eternal life through him.  Doesn’t change the facts however.  Jesus died that we might have forgiveness for our sins.

 Try teaching Jesus as the Way, the only Way to Heaven and the lines of tolerance are quickly drawn!

A few years ago, a member of a team of in-training ministers said they had been learning to witness without mentioning Jesus. Huh? Witnessing to what? A witness that will draw one to salvation MUST draw one to Jesus. Breaks my heart to see him scrubbed from the walls and halls of many churches.

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God created man on the sixth day.  Then the Bible says, God saw everything He had made and, behold, it was very good.  Man, very good?  Man?  With all his ability to goof up?  God, why did you care about man?

Jesus told us some about God’s care for man when he said, consider the lilies, even Solomon was not arrayed in their splendor.  But don’t worry. Your father in heaven knows what you have need of.  And Jesus also said consider the sparrow, not one of them falls to the ground without the Father knowing, you are of more value than many sparrows   The following story is a parable called Consider the Puppy.


Go with me to a pet store one weekday morning back in time. ———–

Oh, you darling puppy. Wow, you are a furry ball of energy aren’t you?  You jump like you have a pogo stick under you. Here let me hold you.  You’re so cute with big button nose and eyes, gorgeous hair, funny teeth.

Seeing a sales person, I ask, “Do you know what kind of dog this is?” “ Shitz Tsu,” she responded.

Be still, little rascal, let me look at you.

“How much does this puppy cost?”  Ooh, $350?  That would sure take a bite out of the budget. Oh, I could manage to pay it, It can be for my next birthday.  He is so cute!  Sammy would have a fit, he doesn’t even want a free dog.  But Sammy will let me when he knows how much I care.

There will be heart pills, rabies shots, license  – oh, well, I’ll manage. I’d have to provide a place for him so he couldn’t run away.  It will be hard to build a fence.  His hair is long: hard to bathe, terrible to groom, great hiding place for fleas.  What will I do with him when we go on trips?  What if he grows to be a barker?  And some little dogs nip at children. Have to be fed, watered, and walked every day.

No, too many problems, too much mess.  I left the store without him.


Oh, but not to worry!  I had the answer.  I bought a cute furry mechanical puppy.  He was precious!  I could turn him on when I wanted to play with him. At the sound of my voice, he would bark, growl, come when I called.  I could turn him off when I wanted to.  No fuss, no fence, no feeding!

But alas, no life, no love, no loyalty, no laughter.

Mothers, how would you like to give birth to a doll?

Fathers, would you like Ford Motor Company to roll a splendid new son off the rack for you?


Oh, yes!  I did it.  I went out and bought a puppy.  The real thing. I got a bargain. He was $300 instead of $350.  Almost every problem I anticipated came to pass, with some wetting on the carpet thrown in.  I fussed, fenced, fed.  He lavished life, love and  loyalty, with lots of occasions for laughter!  And I said,  “That’s good.” and I loved him in spite of his messes until the day he died. ———–

Yes, God knew man would mess up, but still he was willing to pay the cost.  You can give him joy in the same way my puppy gave me joy.  Just claim him as Master, and give him your life, love, and loyalty.  And by the way you will probably also give him lots of messes to clean up and also plenty of occasions for laughter.


image from pixabay

first blogged June 2015  I’m so thankful for the Father’s love.


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Fire is a tyrant

Fury – replacing peace

Hopelessness – its wake.


Reminder to pray for the people and lands being affected by the uncontrolled fires in Colorado – and elsewhere.

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thumbs up

I am progressing well.  Home health nurse and physical therapist have been by and the occupational therapist is on her way.  Good care and follow up planned for me.  Thankful for these good services.  Will see the surgeon on Wednesday.  Expect all to go well.


What a month!  I recently blogged two posts, “Poor, Poor, Job” and “As the Boils Sting.”  I prepared a unit of study regarding the topic of suffering; I thought I was ready to teach it and share some apropos thoughts, musings, experience, scriptures, etc.  After all, I thought, I had graduated from that course of study!

Pain.  Day 1,2,3.  Called 911.  Emergency room.  X-ray.  Wrong diagnosis.  Wrong medication.    More pain.  Crashed.  911. Emergency room again.  Broken hip.  INR number outrageously high.  Five days to bring it down for surgery.  Anemic. Blood transfusions.   Inept volunteer.  Transfer hospital.  Medical rehab.  Dropped on the floor.  Lifted with a hoist.  Day of new tests.  (Lawsuit precautions, me thinks.)

Two week’s rehab —-

Poked and prodded. Cloaked and coddled.

Many folks made me sigh, but many folks were nicer than I.

Dear Bloggers, are we just victims of circumstances?  Or was there reason, even a plan, in all that?    What do you think?


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Oneta 84



I sat with my family in the hospital emergency room answering routine questions.   Do you smoke?  Easy, no.  Do you have a living will?  Not so easy. No, but I’m going to.  Do you want to be resuscitated?  Wow, these are getting hard!  Yes, I want to live.


Well my dear friends.  I’m alive,  And home again.

So – more about the End.  First off, be secure that your spirit is eternally alive in Christ Jesus.

Second, get with the “legal” matters that will be important to your family on the day you change from mortal to immortal.  Now, Oneta, get all those earthly matters taken care of.



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(The following selection is from a post to Facebook, 2013)

A few years ago, I started a speech off like this: Today I want to talk to you about my mom, Amy Rodgers Venter, and how her death affected me. Oh, I’m not talking about the pain, the agony, the defeat. I’m talking about how it affected ME. Suddenly I was a 60 year old orphan who was the matriarch of the family, supposed to know everything like “Amy, how many cows did the Jackson’s have when we sold that ole bull to them back in ‘48?” I was an abject failure in the “know everything that counts” arena – no college degrees really matter! No way can I tell you how to cut and frame a window in a house, how many newspapers I need to scrounge in order to paper over the bad spots in the wall, how to can tomatoes, how to set a fence post in a garden plot, how to sew a wedding dress, how to crochet a baby blanket, how to cook noodles, how to install a threshold, and on and on. Things that matter. Things that help your kids live, love, and laugh.

But if anyone asked me now the most important thing she taught me, I would answer, “She taught me how to die.”

Mom, watching you that morning as you were moved out of your home without even a look around at all the things you had build, decorated, and valued. Like shedding layer one of your earthly garments. The days in the hospital bed, the ravages of cancer changing your body, taking away all privacy, but you had already shed that garment too.  People were still important.  Most days you wanted to know who had visited, but that garment was being shed also.

I wasn’t there at the end because I had been up with you all night. Those who were, told me this story:

Becoming conscious after about eight hours of being put out by pain medication, you came to and while striking your hand through the air, you said, “Forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, and all because of the blood.” Nothing else mattered at the end—just Jesus and his blood. Knowing I am forgiven by his blood – That is knowing how to die. Thank you, Mom; Thank you, Jesus.

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