2 Cor. 3:18 “And we, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory,…”

While reading this scripture in my Bible,  I noticed that at some other time I had underlined it—except for the part between the commas. I wonder why I did not underline that phrase; it is very important. I guess I liked thinking I was being transformed into his likeness sort of automatically. But am I?

This scripture is translated in many ways and I found little to “pin it down” in commentaries I have read. I believe it is a good example of a scripture applying to me for my need at a particular time.

Today I am thinking how much faster we can be “in his likeness” if we come to him open-faced to behold his glory.

Come to him in innocence, not hiding in shame;

Come to him in humility, not with any degree of arrogance;

Come to him in holiness, realizing how much we lack in any “holiness” of our own making.

How much easier to become like him when we demonstrate true innocence, humility, and holiness rather than pride, arrogance, and self-righteousness.  

And if we lack innocence, humility, and holiness, He is the place to go to receive such.  Then we can “contemplate his glory” with unveiled faces.

If we looked to our Father as this baby looks to his father, we would find it easier to become like Him.


Thanks to Pixabay for the image

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Elstal/Berlin, Northern Germany, Germany, Europe


Her destination was Anywhere Else, USA.  Truthfully if she could she would leave this good ole USA.   Leave behind the responsibilities, the decisions, the work-around-the-clock world.  Head held high with eyes blurred by tears un-shed, she stumbled and skinned her knee.  She could use some of those band aids left behind.  Too late now.

She spotted a family pitching a tent in the park; a baby squealed with delight.  She was already missing Bobby’s laughter and the the feel of his chubby legs across her hips.  She hoped…..

“No, don’t go there.  Mom will take good care of him.  Better than I can do with all the hurdles I have to go through.”

“That car must belong to the family.   No one is looking.  I’ll take it.  I’ll leave it so the police can find it easily.  But it will give me a rest for a few miles.  Nice that I remembered to wear gloves.”

Fate took a turn for the worse at the fork in the road.  If she goes left, the car will be too easy to spot.  Going right gives her a few more minutes of rest.  She goes right.  Bridge out.

“Ok, I need to leave the car anyway.  Certainly don’t want any car theft charge.  Only a little stream.  I can jump across.  I know there’s an RV park up here before long.”

Near the RV park, two uniformed men, Barry and Jackson, sat filling out paper work, getting ready for the day’s end.

“Look there, Jackson, see that woman limping along the ditch back there.  We better see if she needs help.”

“Hello, Lady, checking if you need some help.  Looks like you have been having a difficult walk.  Got any ID?”   

“Yes, here.  I’m Jill,  Jill Beaver.  I’m just going back to my RV.  Thanks.  I’m right close to home.”

“Thank you,” said Jerry.  “You probably need to have someone take care of that messed up knee.  Good day.”

Back in the car, the radio signals,

“Found stolen vehicle.  Has blood on the seat.  Watch out for suspect who may be walking with some kind of bloody wound.”

Two months later the Judge rules:

“Mrs. Beaver,  since you have many responsibilities I will make it as easy as I can – one year with time served.  A positive note is that your mom seems very capable of giving your baby good care.”


Image: Getty Images

Thanks to M for prompt Jan. 17 “Fate took a turn for the worse at the fork in the road.”https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2019/01/01/january-writing-prompts-2/

Thanks to VJ for weekly challenge.  Use the word:  “destination.”   https://onewomansquest.org/2019/01/14/v-j-s-weekly-challenge-31-destination/



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silouette person

Brad said to wait. Jenny read aloud to the sounds of the crashing waves far below.  She read the story of the bridegroom coming.*

Seeing her silhouette, Brad crept quietly behind her. Timing was perfect, as he heard her read,   “Behold the Bridegroom cometh.”  With great love he put his arms around her and whispered, “May I be the bridegroom?  Will you be my bride?”


* Matthew 25:6


M’s writing prompt:  January 7  “She read aloud to the sounds of the crashing waves far below.  https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2019/01/01/january-writing-prompts-2/

Also for the Weekend Writing Prompt:


silhouette 89

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red letter bible

I’m looking at three issues in Chapter 19 NIV:

1.  Verses 1-4 Everyone has been exposed to some knowledge of God via nature.  Everyone has “heard the voice” of God in that way.  If you respond and tell him you want to know better, trust him and listen.

2.  Verses 7-11 The benefits of God’s law: Since they are perfect, they revive the soul; since they are trustworthy, I gain wisdom from them; since they are right, I receive joy; since they are radiant, I receive light to my eyes. For me that means truth, excitement, anticipation, adventure.

Since his ordinances are sure and righteous, more precious than gold, sweeter than honey, I can follow them; I can be warned, be cautioned, be guided, and also be sure of great reward!

His words are exquisite!  (Hey, Bloggers, I worked in a word of the day. :D)

3.  Verses 13-14 Prayer against both hidden and willful sins. May my thoughts be pleasing to God, my Rock, my Redeemer.


Word Press word of the day “exquisite.”

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Oneta 84

After four years, I’ve decided to give some blogging advice.


If you are new or if you are just seeking more followers, please take note.

  1.  I take my blogging friends seriously – even those of you whom I take humorously.  I want to know you.  Welcome you to my community.  But if you don’t read and “like” something I have written before you mark my follow, I will probably not return your follow.  If you read it and didn’t like it, why follow?

  2. I suggest you read my “about” before deciding to follow.

  3. If you have read something and marked “like” (or left a comment) I will come to visit.  I will read your “about” if you have one.  I will either “like” or make a comment if you are a new blogger or if you do not have a large following.  If you already have hugh numbers, I will probably pass.

  4. That is not always true.  I do have some followers who have large numbers.  I treasure them, but they have a very special way of making me feel significant.  😀  That’s why they have large numbers.

  5. If you have left a follow but I suspicion you are only out to add numbers, I will probably not leave a follow back with you.

  6. If you are a person trying to get me to join something or buy something, don’t bother to put yourself on my list of followers.  I’m well over eighty.  If I haven’t done it yet, I’m not likely to.  😀

  7. I like to know bloggers by name; I like to address followers by name.  It is hard for me to personalize “plzBmybuzumbudE6509.”  Doesn’t mean I won’t follow, but don’t be surprised if I call you “plzB.”

  8. If I go to your profile and don’t find a web to go to, I leave.  I don’t sign up.  Don’t know why; don’t have a reason.  I get much more than I can read through WP notices.

  9. When I follow you, I go to manage and mark your blog as an instant follower so I will recognize you right away.  I will return visits and often make comments.  After my brain gets a real good hold on you, I move you to daily and try to catch you that way.

  10. I give priority to bloggers who leave comments, those who leave likes, those I see on other friends’ blogs.

  11. When I started I knew nothing about the “challenges.”  They are a great way to get new friends who probably have much in common with you.  If you want to know some of my favorites respond in the comments below; I will give you some links.

  12. I’m only adding this because I had too many to stop at ten, and who ever heard of stopping anything at eleven, so I’m stopping at a dozen.  😀

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“Strange how they leave me in here.  Why pink?   I don’t know.  I understand the shells.  There’s four inches of water in the tub.  I swirl the shells around.  Take the blue ones to make a geometric design.   Then take the top jar; take out a colored paper; copy my design; drop it in the bottom jar; put the top jar back.  Repeat, repeat, repeat…. I wonder why pink…. Swirling is soothing.  I’ve always liked geometry.  Back home I made figures on grids.  Drew figures in the sand.  I’ve always liked geometry.  I’ll do it again…. Why pink?  Don’t know.”


Thanks, Rochelle, for the 100 word prompt, and also thanks to Priva Bajpal for the picture.  Rather baffling this week.  Stretched my imagination.  😀



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Image: Gettyimages.com

Church buildings have changed!  Yes, indeed.  Church people have changed!  Yes, indeed.  My granddad spent much of his time and resources building little churches somewhat like this, often in towns on the “wrong side of the track.”  These people have weathered the brunt of much criticism in the last three or four decades, but they were my people; people who loved and cradled me in ways that have never left doubt in my mind that they loved me, they loved each other, and they loved Jesus.  I’m ever in their debt.

A couple days ago, I put the scripture Psalm 68:6 “He sets the solitary in families,” on Facebook.  The following paragraph is a comment on that status:

Georgia  – it is such a part of my life and it shaped who I am today. I had nothing to offer a church really. I could not sing, play the piano, no real money to give and yet they welcomed me with open arms. Took me to Sunday dinner in their homes. The McCune family added another kid to take to Camp Meeting and so many other places. The Church helped me get to College – I’m sure I’ll never know all the money and energy they expended for me, but I am so grateful. I am a life forever changed by a Church that made me their own. 💗💖💞

The McCune family were not related to me.  They lived on the other side of the state, but we were among a group who met each summer in Woodland Park, CO at the old campmeeting grounds.

I am so thankful for them and others who nourished Georgia.  I have a special blessing because she and my son married into the same family.  Good blessings indeed!

There is so much rationalizing in the current Christian climate about  church attendance not being necessary to be a Christian.  I agree you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian, but you will have a hard time following the commands of the New Testament if you do not go to church.  And you will suffer great personal lose.

The following is a blog I wrote four years ago – another about a little church.  Carl is my son, who is now pastoring another little church.  It doesn’t look like this church, but he is still spreading the love around.   https://onetahayes.com/2015/03/04/little-churches-good-soil/


Image: Getty Images

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She calls me Queenie and gives me her best

She’s never a meanie, demands I take rest.

But I look out the window,

And see sights high and low.  —-

A flittering “something’ catches my eye,

It might be what she calls a butterfly. —

What’s that? With a great big tail?

Climbing up the tree,

jumping – whee

What a sail!

That black thing’s a cat

M’Lady’s friend has one.

It always seems cranky

When I want to have fun.

There’s a sun in the sky,

And it’s hard on the eyes.

When it awakes, M’Lady says with a sigh,

“Sun’s up.  Gotta get some exercise.”

So she bought a “scratcher tree,”

put it there in the corner.

But I want to roam free,

Perhaps I should warn her.

When she opens the door so she can go out,

I’m stealing out of here.

I’ll do some scouting round about,

Gonna have some fun this year!


I’m asking myself if I will broaden my adventures this year.  If so, in what way?

Matthew 20:26:  “If you want to be great, you must be the servant of all.”  

I don’t think that is what Queenie has in mind, but I need to keep it in my mind.  😀


Image:  Getty Image

Written in response to a word “window” challenge by









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dead bird

The mourning dove dies

As grassy lawns disappear,

In the concrete city.


Thanks to Ronovan for the challenge – haiku using the words dove and grass – and to Pixabay for the image.


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ice cream cones

A boy and girl enjoying strawberry ice cream cones, circa 1970. (Photo by L. Willinger/FPG/Getty Images)

The sound of clashing all the time.

As brother and sister set the line,

Making rules – what’s yours; what’s mine.

Mom placed boundary and fences;

But found the best of her defenses – was

milky white peaks that charmed their senses.


My Christmas holiday was delightful with my great-grands.  But they did display a healthy dose of sibling rivalry.  Ice cream cones for all would even things out.  😀


M’s prompt Jan. 5: Milky white peaks that charmed their senses.


Image: Getty Images



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