JESUS – the Word

John ch 1 vs 1 Word

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  St John 1:1  In other words, in the beginning was Jesus and Jesus was with God, and Jesus was God.  Why is he called the Word?  All creation came via Jesus, the Word (John 1:3) God sent his Word and healed and rescued (Ps. 107:20).

Let’s look at how “word” is used in everyday language. 1. “Word” carries final authority and power as in, “When the boss says this is my final word,” we know not to question it.

2. “Word” can mean up to date, the latest thing as in, What is the latest word in fashion design?

3.”Word” can mean message as in, Have you received word of the gospel?

4.  “Word” can mean rock-solid standard of truth as in, That is what the word says.  Not only was Jesus the creator from the beginning, He is also, the Truth, the message, the healer, the rescuer, the final authority, and the latest thing even for today.  For that I am Thankful!

And note that in Rev. 19:13, when He defeats the beast, he is the mighty Victor and His Name is still “the Word of God.”


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See that silver, sleek, streak whizzing by – that’s ME – an offspring of the Little Engine that Could.   We snicker at the “Greatest Generation” trains down at Central Station.

That Little Engine huffed and puffed to pull two cars and a caboose on flat lands.

Look at us now!  The Z-Gen-ers, pulling forty-five cars!  Our clientele sit in comfort, sip, dip, and even tip.

But the Old Engines say we wouldn’t even be, if not for them.  They say stay on track, straight and narrow.

Why? ,,,,,,,,,,,, I think I’ll try a Wheelie………..

NEWSFLASH:  Ninety killed by The Big Engine That Couldn’t!



Image: Thanks to PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn M. Miller

Challenge 100-word story, by Rochelle at

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space 2

What exists today,

will forevermore exist.

“Where?” is the question.



(Is it possible to be blown out of existence?  I think not.                           This is the basis of my haiku.)


Challenge to write haiku using “exist/today”

Image: Pixabay

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My baby sister, Karen:

My heart was broken when Daddy spanked you.  You had thrown your baby doll in the floor and he told you to pick it up.  You became very stubborn and wouldn’t do it.  He spanked you – with a ruler – over a diaper.  It couldn’t have hurt very much.  But you gave in and picked the dolly up. His spanking was the act of a good, wise and loving father.

brides shoes

Then you walked in the bride’s shoes.  It pleased your father to give you over to this good man , Thomas Crawford.  Through the years it has been proven that your marriage also pleased your Father God.    For over fifty years you have walked along side and under the care of a good, wise, and loving husband.

ladies shoes

Now he is gone and you walk in the way of the widow.  My heart is broken for you.  But I am thankful for Lisa, Teral and Kent your good, wise and loving children.  I am thankful that your good, wise and loving Father works all things for good.  I am thankful you do not walk alone.


First image: Karen’s baby shoes   Other shoe images via Pixabay



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Economy’s good and this is the day

A time when commercials attempt to sway,

Inviting us to come their way.

“We offer the best,” we hear them say.

“With little work and lots of play.”

Your mind calls out for common sense

As you spend all your dollars and even your cents.

Now you’re broke so what do you do?

Take the card that Visa sent you.

Well, let us go, just bring it on

We have to rush, before stuff’s gone.

I’ll grab my Visa and my Master Card

Let me get the piggy bank; I’ll try hard

To leave it so it’s only slightly marred.

Now we cannot be denied

We’re better than Santa,  we’ll hurt his pride.

But we’ll hit the shops, far and wide

Can’t buy everything but we’ll sure try.

We forget last year, and how much we cried.










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vicky imogene 2imogene herman

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” 

Psalm 116:15

(Picture 1- Imogene with Vicky:  Picture 2: Imogene with her husband, Herman)

How can God call death “precious?”   How can we say, “Amen” or “Even so, Lord God?”

This pictures show what can happen when Alzhmeizer’s hits, even after only a few short years, maybe two or three.  Imogene Cupps, the mother of my precious daughter-in-law, remained fairly contented, happy to see family, and sweet in spite of confusion.

For some time she has held a baby doll, loving and caring for it.  It had been placed in the casket with Imogene.  Before the last closing of the casket, I saw the mortician take the doll out and give it to Vicky.  Vicky told me she had intended for it to stay with her mother, but she realized her mother was not there and she did not want the doll buried alone.  That is the confidence that God gives those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  No longer in the grave!  But a strong and healthy spirit (body) gone to be alive in Jesus!

So that is why we can be thankful in spite of death – even thankful for death.  Because death is not only the end; it is the Beginning of Forever.  We cry tears of grief, sorrow, loneliness, but “not grieving as those with no hope” (Paul, I Thes. 4:13).




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Competing partners?

The winner might be loser,

when marriage is ruined.


Haiku using “win/lose”   Challenge by Ronovan.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

About a mile upstream, there was a fish’s school

A thousand little fishes learned a brand new rule.

Always stay together and help each other out

And never ever swim in danger under a water spout.

One day they went on a field trip,              to see the waterfall

Protecting one another – being sturdy as a wall.

They stayed closely to each other behind a great big rock.

Except for little Finney.

Advice?  He would not take any.

He swam right to that danger zone.

Hit by a splash, upon the bank he was thrown

And there he died all alone.


Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle

Picture prompt – 100 word story.







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Hoping his future

Contains participation

in the realms he sees.

Life can be unreal,

Like Alice in Wonderland,

In a box of dreams.


Image: Unsplash

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I’m at home, all alone

Enjoying the moment – just my own.

Listening to the lack of sounds

—-Oh, no, listen again

Hear the susurrous sounds?

The pleasant sound in memory

Of children playing

Of husband saying

    He will be gone a while.

    So I can still smile

At the promise of a remedy.



 I do like moments all alone

   But only if it’s known

That the family will all be coming home.


MW word of the day – susurrous, definition full of whispering sounds


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