I like blogs that are easy to remember; those that grab you & hug your heart; those worthy to pass on & share love with others. Life should solely be about sharing love, right?! About making another’s load lighter, putting a smile on a stranger’s face, or just taking time to listen…..ok… at least long enough to get your attention?! 🙂

I looked up the word “hope” in a FB search. If I didn’t already have so much hope, what I saw may have made me lose it. The top result w/ over 1.9 mill LIKES was a page: “No hope for the human race”.

People like that?!! Why?! Are we not human?! Coming in second w/ over 1.6 mill likes was the “Hope Faith Love” page. Can I implore you to change that!?! Can we please make a stand, not necessarily for the page, but for Hope Faith & Love as a whole?!

Can we please stop carelessly throwing around our “likes” & our precious moments of time, that we NEVER get back, on depressing, idiotic trash that is burying us in filth & sadness & is choking the life out of us & our loved ones?! Our CHILDREN are our FUTURE!!! They see it, you know. Too much. (Sidenote: if you like this page, understand I am not trying to make you feel bad…just to put things into perspective from someone who went looking for words of hope & found that other sad title instead!)

May your life radiate HOPE today for the fragile human beings that have hope for BECOMING more!!! It IS up to us to be our brother’s keeper! Wouldn’t you ask for the same if you were in need of hope & compassion?!!

Psalm 16:11 You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Circumstances around the world are dreary today. We could probably all tick off twenty reasons to be depressed, but

In the Lord there is always hope.

🙂 I HOPE for you today!!!!

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In 1982 when Sammy and I moved from Okla. City to Claremore, my heart had not quit being a primary school teacher. I left teaching first/second grade to teaching the reading lab in a junior high school.

I carried a LOT of primary materials with me. Roger moved in with us after only a couple months, so he got the job of removing one of the upstairs walls so I could have my school room. I thought I might tutor little ones or something. A lot of needless work because I was slow coping and didn’t realize the Lord had a purpose for me beyond teaching elementary grades.

I taught five years at the Junior High but I never really became a junior high teacher in my own mind. I think mostly because I was in the reading lab. I had a different class each period of the day. Taught each student an individually planned curriculum. Not much bonding takes place like that – at least, not like a first graders for six hours a day!

We went there because of Sammy’s job. He was a nursing instructor at the College there. That didn’t pan out too great either because he was caught in a downsizing after a couple of years. I don’t really know why we made the “detour through Egypt” but it was rewarding in church and friends. And I learned a lot about the Lord’s care.

Back to the house and the excitement of being on the Old Homes Tour. That was fun. The home of one of the State Senators was also on the Tour, so we got to tour it. I guess we went on a different night or after hours, I don’t remember. Of course we had to be home when our guests came.

The house was built to last! The wood was so hard it would almost bounce the hammer back at you. The inside walls were plastered. In 1907 it was built with a two towers and two turrets. How in the world? Only the two covered entries with columns and four steps were on it when we lived there.

Online info says the house was built in 1950. There was an addition to the back of the house and a patio of sorts then a garage and apartment built out to the side. I guess all that was added in 1950. We bought it in ’82 I think.

As I said it seemed like we took a detour through Egypt (referring to the Hebrews in the Wilderness) but we had great friends and I learned to love the small town. You could run down town and buy groceries, browse an antique store, buy a driver’s license, see a friend, eat at Egberts, go by the library on the way home. That was a joy. A lot like life here in Mustang.

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“Where do you want to go eat – a special treat for Birthing Person Day.” Jake asked with a smile.

“I don’t care,” Elly replied.

“Come on, tell me where?”

“Okay I’ll tell you. I want to go to Denver. I want to see my Birthing Person,” Elly whined.

“Denver? Let’s throw some things together. We can be there before breakfast.”

Elly jumped for joy. “It is so good to be among the woke generation – not tied up with boundaries.”


Written from picture prompt for Friday Fictioneers – A 100 word story challenge by Rochelle


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Some tongue in cheek fun today, sparked by watching Family Feud, in which Steve asks

Rate, 1-10, how much fun a baby is.”  First contestant said 7, second contestant said 7, had to change so he said 6.  I might have that a bit wrong, but the number one answer was 1.  What!  I’m shouting 9, 9, 9!  ?  What’s wrong with this world!  Who doesn’t think babies are fun!


Grilled cheese sandwiches, Tide-washed britches;

Cupcake bakers, crib sheet shakers.

Kids lined up ready to go, hope it lasts throughout the show;

Proudly lined up in a pew, what’s that smell? Oh, p’shoo!

Do you want one or two? I could rent out a few.

No money needed, just take one – please do.

Come lie down, have a snooze. This is a battle mothers lose.


….. Aww, Sweetie, a colored card, with all the hearts, hugs, and I love Yous.

You are soooo Sweet. I LOVE YOU, TOO.


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This post is part of SoCS: Aim of SoCS challenge, write something that prompt – closest thing to you on your left – brings to mind. Write with little editing or planning.

On my desk to my left are three folders, two of which I have written about already.  The third is a composition called A Response to “Who Stole My Church,” in which there was much criticism of the traditional church and promotion of what I felt was new “trendy” kinds of churches.  Being very traditional, if one can be traditional in a Pentecostal way, I wrote a response.  Blew off some steam for myself only.  So today I will give you a peek into my response by copying a few excerpts.

Excerpts from my response.

1. Before the middle of the twentieth century, Christians in America were largely uninvolved in the political and cultural influences of the country  In fact, they were even uninvolved with each other…..

2. Then, whammo!  Some stupid atheist went to the Supreme Court and got prayer taken out of schools;  Elvis was wiggling all over; the long-haired Beatles were claiming to be more well-known than Jesus; Woodstock happened; and TV put single beds in the bedrooms!  That was wake up time…..

3. We found that after all we were not much different from each other.  Mega-churches popped up.  …. Songs became all “worship and praise.”  Why quibble?  We’ll sing songs that join us.  And issues like the blood, the cross, the rapture, the hereafter, holiness, brokenness, and healing were dropped by the way……

4. I remember how aghast we were in Pentecost when we heard that songs about the blood had been removed by some denominations.  Never us!  No, but we just got rid of the whole songbook!…That took care of the Blood!

5. How in the world did that happen?  That came about with the Advent of the Music Ministers.  These marvelously talented men and women could do it all!  ….

Well, so that is what is on my desk on my left.  I gave you a glimpse of my rant.  😀 

Happy Saturday before Child Birther’s Day! Oh, my! Will our idiocy every reach full bloom?


This post is part of SoCS: Aim of SoCS challenge, write something that this prompt brings to mind. Write with little editing or planning.

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PUT ME IN REMEMBRANCE, talking to God about death, part two

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Several years ago I wrote a paper called “Put Me In Remembrance,” which was I was inspired to do at the bidding of Isaiah 43:26 where God said, “Put me in remembrance…..”

God keeps record of my acts for him, but I cannot find that He keeps any record of what he does for me. Am I going to allow his wonderful acts to me to be unrecorded? I wish I had kept record. But this will be my attempt to “put him in remembrance” and let him know how very, very much he means to me. The paper is addressed to God. 

To God: Well, Lord, I went on a rambling spree there, didn’t I?  Getting back to the subject of death.  Some people seem to be willing to go through anything to avoid death; others would rather die than be in extended pain; some suicides indicate some people would even rather die than lose their independence or be unhappy.  I somewhat understand all of that, but basically I don’t want to die until you’re ready to take me, neither do I want to live after you’re ready.  I think there are few things as tragic as a Christian staying alive on life support, yet I don’t think I could “pull the plug” on anyone. 

There is a saying, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”  Oh, what a tangled web begun, when half-true lies fell from the serpent’s tongue!  The “tree to be desired to make one wise” has resulted in such a tangle of technology!  “Ye shall be as gods, knowing good from evil” was the enticement  but the line between good and evil seems to be beyond man’s judgment.  Where does the wisdom relating to good and evil come in, in cloning?  Even worse, the reaping of fetus organs!  But man’s response is “Look how many lives we can save!”  And increasing the average life span of man is the most noble goal in the medical community.  How much is that average raised by medicated, drugged and distressed men and women lying in hospitals and rest homes?   If aborted babies were figured in, with  zero life spans, we would not have achieved much!  How much I want to be in your hands, the ultimate in wisdom, love, mercy and judgment!  (Lord, I remind myself this was to be a paper of my remembrances of your mercies to me.  I got on a kick there, didn’t I?)

But it is good to talk to you.  Death?  You know all about it and you said  the death of saints is precious to you.  Maybe that means because you like us to come home to you.  You know that will be our ultimate victory!


Readers, this completes my notes from Put Me in Remembrance. If you have not yet talked to Him about death, do so. He will ease your mind.

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PUT ME IN REMEMBRANCE, talking to God about death, part one

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Several years ago I wrote a paper called “Put Me In Remembrance,” which was I was inspired to do at the bidding of Isaiah 43:26 where God said, “Put me in remembrance…..”

God keeps record of my acts for him, but I cannot find that He keeps any record of what he does for me. Am I going to allow his wonderful acts to me to be unrecorded? I wish I had kept record. But this will be my attempt to “put him in remembrance” and let him know how very, very much he means to me. The paper is addressed to God.  It was written long ago before I had the heart attack which put me in the hospital. —- I found the date.  It was in 1999. At that time, I hadn’t gone to a doctor in more than fifty years.


To God: Thanks for bringing me through that “bad spell” this spring. Suffice it to say, I really believed I was having a heart attack. I’m hesitant to write this because if anyone besides you reads this, they would be so troubled because I “didn’t do anything,” meaning I didn’t go to a doctor. But, yes, I “did something”. I trusted. Trust seems on the surface to’ be an inactive verb. It is not. I talk to students about “active” reading; I tell them to put their minds to it. That’s also trust.

(No record of what you have done for me can be near fair if I cannot write about that experience; but I’m having a hard time. Please help me.) Every concern pounded my mind. Family first. How upset they would be if I did die! They would be mad at me and maybe you, too. (Hey, I finally used that word – die. I’m making some progress.) Legal matters. Nothing is ready. What about all my stuff? I needed to get rid of excess. Who will know which of my books is worth something? Hope they don’t go in a garage sale for fifty cents each! (I’m getting into this a bit more now. It can even be somewhat humorous.) I wanted to lose some weight before going to heaven. I’d hate to be overweight forevermore. Of course when I get there I’ll be compared to Rembrandt’s ladies, rather than Hollywood’s. (I told you I was beginning to get funny about this.)

I said trust is an active verb. So, how did I act? First, I had to lay aside panic. You did not give me a spirit of fear, II Tim 1 :7. I remembered my “is it more than you can bear” experience. Did I still believe it? Yes, I did. I Cor 10: 13. Churchill – no, I think, Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” is not true. We have to fear the things our fears may make us do. Would my fear make me turn to man, rather than you. Was I  afraid of man? No, I don’t think so; there are a lot of successful heart surgeries. It was just that I did not want to give up my dependence on you for my health. I didn’t think of this scripture, but it is a good one – Ps 56:3 & 4 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust… How many times the Psalms say to trust in you! Rest in you! Delight in you! Commit to you!

In God, I will praise his word… That brings me to my next action. As Samuel encouraged himself in the Lord his God 1 Samuel 30:6, I also encouraged myself in you by remembering your past healings to me and reminding myself of your word, particularly those I have already mentioned.

Clyde had a heart attack ten years ago. Karen told me he said he knew he was not going to die when he read Ps 115: 17 The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go down into silence. These scriptures became healing to me.

Ps 118: 17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.

Ps 9: 13 & 14 … thou that fittest me up from the gates of death; that I may shew forth all thy praise in the gates of the daughter of Zion.:(l had been going to the church pretty regularly to pray. I felt that it really mattered to you that I come to worship you. That thought leaves me speechless. I feel like Job when he said he would cover his lips. He had nothing more to say. You care that I come to talk to you!)


Note to readers: Clyde is my brother; Karen is my sister. Clyde is now 85. He is still having heart problems even in hospital this week, but also still believing that he is here are on earth in order to praise and thank God and that God will keep him until the day God ordains to take him home.

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This post is part of SoCS: Aim of SoCS challenge, write something that this word brings to mind, may, write with little editing or planning.

Aww,  “may” is the word.  Quite appropriate on this first day of May; however, it is not my first thought of “may.”  My first thought is that of playing with the two boys this week.  I directed some of it; their NaNa  directed some.  We played “Mother, may I?” 

A great game for six and seven year olds, as it allows them to be rambunctious while following directions that demand control. 

The game has been around forever.  I know, because I played it when I was a child.  According to Google is has survived over a period of three hundred years.  Just think, my great-great-great-grandparents probably played it. 

We did not do the described version of it which suggests the leader (mother, father, captain) turn backs and children call out such requests as “Mother, may I take three bunny hops?”  Our version has mother watching as she says “Thomas, take three turtle steps” or some other such order.  Thomas must respond by saying “Mother, may I?”  She responds “Yes.”  So Thomas obeys. 

I read online that an advantage of this game is that there is no body contact.  Of course, that would be a big “woke” advantage.  I had never thought of that as a advantage before. 

“Red Rover, Red Rover, send Sally right over” would definitely not be a “woke” approved game.  Some big guys (or gals) can really slam into those little clasped hands gripping tightly to each other on the other team.   Sometimes the little ones just turn lose and let the big ones go through. 

I see advantages to both, some games with body contact; others, without. 

Since my subject is “may,” however, let me get back to “Mother,  may I?” 

I think my teachers used this game as a way to teach the difference between “may” and “can.”  Pretty smart activity.  Advantage.

The game demands some concentration as the players listen for instructions.  Concentration.  Advantage.

Moving the body is required.  Movement. Advantage.

Creativity is required as the child has to image how they are going to “creep like a turtle,” “hop like a bunny,” “take two scissor-steps,” “step like a grandpa,” “take baby steps,” and anything else the leader can come up with.   Creativity.  Advantage.

And, being me, I might say “Robert, hold Betty’s hand and both of you “take two giant steps.”  That’s because I’m not woke and I like to give a good excuse for a little hand holding.  😀

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Bakers Dozen

  1. As covid and age has kept me at home this year, almost all my “good works” (under the law) routine has been dropped aside. Any/all righteousness I have is in Christ – in his grace alone. If I could work my way to heaven, Christ died for nothing. But I never want that truth to become an excuse for physical and spiritual laziness.
  2. I posted before about having some mineral rights -Too Old for Answered Prayer I’ve turned them to my sons. Some day they might be worth something. Once the Biden experiment is over.

3. I’ll try not to get started on the insanity of getting rid of police or defunding the police. We had better thank our lucky starts, some one will still serve! Perhaps the goal is a Federal Police System. That reminds me, I’ve been expecting two packages in the mail for over a week. I wonder where they are.

4. Opinion piece by Laurence Solomon, Mar. 11. Opinion: The Biggest COVID-19 Vaccine Skeptics? Frontline Health Care Workers That is not a great way to promote vaccine. I’m very iffy about it. I’m definitely not for it for young people – and for children – and for people who want to have children! That’s ridiculous.

5. I got a bill from a doctor I don’t remember. I think maybe he is the one who came in the ER and told me he would go contact my regular doctor. He left. Then came back to tell me my doctor said to send me home. The bill is for $159.71. Medicare paid. I don’t know for sure about my secondary. That is from the “error” when I was sent to ER because of a routine check up test. Maybe I am wrong.

6. So now I come to a definite conclusion that we are to wear a mask, vaccinated or unvaccinated – because it makes a statement. Well that is full circle to why Fauci said to wear one last year. Lest I have made up my mind about this “government control” I will watch and listen to President Biden tonight (Wed). Maybe we will get something besides “if you are fully vaccinated, you can have a small family party in your back yard by July 4.” Lets celebrate!

7. Oh, yes, I did hear Jen Psaki say that, make a statement, is the reason he wore a mask during the zoom meeting with other country leaders.

8. If you think I messed up about WP’s block use for numbered lists. you’re right!

9. I put this in my quotes to keep. “I was the cause, and not deterministic laws.” Great poem by Frank Hubeny. His poem is the kind that commands thoughtful consideration.

10. I notice my readers go down when I post “Put Me in Remembrance” items. I have two more. They consist of talking with God about death. If you haven’t ever done that, you really should.

11. I’m fed up with race baiting and the folks who promote it (yes, Democrats and media). I have never been a racist; neither was the country. I remind you that President Obama was elected twice, in spite of the fact he was hurting us instead of helping. But if anything could make a racist out of me, all this political hogwash could do it. I am at the stage of calling everyone who yells “racist,” a racist. Not one of us chose our skin color. What we are in charge of, is our body, our mind, our soul. If each takes care of his own, he/she will have her hand full.

12. Prices have gone up. Baker’s dozen now only contains twelve. Sorry. Costs more to get those donuts in the shop now, with gas prices, taxes, and all that equipment, ingredients and workers. Expect dozen to mean eleven when minimum wage goes up. But maybe not, if the “undocumented” workers take over. That lowers wages doesn’t it?

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PUT ME IN REMEMBRANCE, moved church membership

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Several years ago I wrote a paper called “Put Me In Remembrance,” which was I was inspired to do at the bidding of Isaiah 43:26 where God said, “Put me in remembrance…..”

God keeps record of my acts for him, but I cannot find that He keeps any record of what he does for me. Am I going to allow his wonderful acts to me to be unrecorded? I wish I had kept record. But this will be my attempt to “put him in remembrance” and let him know how very, very much he means to me. The paper is addressed to God.

Dear God: I do not like moving. I don’t like change. But you have proved that you are trustworthy when move must come.

One such incident regards a move I had to make. I so much dreaded to do so. That was when you moved me from NW Church on 50th Street. I enjoyed going there so much. I was deeply involved in the church; CE Director and Church Treasurer. I spent a lot of time there throughout the week. Wandering down the hall, checking bulletin boards, just my kind of thing to do. One day I was doing that very thing – walking down the hall sticking my head in classroom doors when all of a sudden I knew it was over. How? I don’t know. It just seemed to be all in the past. Like awaking from a dream and knowing it was over.

I told the Pastor. He asked me where I was going. I told him I didn’t know. I just knew that part of my life was over. That was in October. I wrestled with that decision for a while. Doing my regular thing but knowing it had to end. A song kept returning to me giving me strength.

I will go on, my past I leave behind me. I’ll gladly take His mercy and His love.

He is joy and he is peace, He is strength and sweet release.

I know He is and I am His, I will go on.

(Bill/Gloria Gather)

I still debated the timing. I dreaded telling my adult Sunday School class. I loved those people and they loved me. But I was sure it was coming soon. One day I was listening to Joyce Myer on the radio. She said, “One reason God can’t give you any more than you have is because you won’t turn loose of what you have.” You were still confirming your will to me. As I sat completing the church books for that year, (must have been in January), I knew the time had come. I finished balancing the books for 1992 and said goodbye to what I loved.

The next couple of months were pretty awful. I hated not belonging. I went here and there, hinting to pastors that I needed a place to belong. I couldn’t believe that there was such little interest in having me belong to them! One lady suggested I come to their church. But no pastor invited me, even after a small blurb was put in the local denomination news letter saying I was available for substitute teaching. I felt lost. Pastor Frank invited me to come to his church. That made sense because it was close to my home. But it was out of my consideration. I had some bias against that church because some of the people from my former church had left us to start his new church. That was years ago, but still I held the grudge. Lord, how undeserving I was that you made that my new church home. It was so fulfilling to be there – to belong there. I don’t remember how you dealt with my “grudge” but thanks or getting me over it. I loved those people and they loved me. I’ve said that before haven’t I? You always do all things well. I thank you.

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