Dwindling common sense

Barely makes a ripple.

PC run amok!


Image: Unsplash, Randy Colas

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Did you emigrate to America for OPPORTUNITY?

Did you emigrate to America for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM?

Did you emigrate to America for LAW AND ORDER?

Did you emigrate to America for MONEY AND SUCCESS?

Did you emigrate to America for great MEDICAL CARE?

Did you emigrate to America for JUDEO/CHRISTIAN values?

Whatever your reason, I hope your found what you are looking for in America, and help keep her great in all the ways you came for.

Just like you, my ancestors emigrated from some other country.  They liked it and stayed.  Most of them contributed good toward her.  




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darrel bowlby

Fall of 1947, I was a high school newbie, straight out of a one-room, one-eight grade school.  My high school was not big – about a hundred kids I suppose, but most of them knew each other because of going to grade school together.  I felt every bit an outsider.  I lived in the country about 15 miles out of town and rode in on a school bus.

About the second week was called “initiation” week.  The Freshmen had to do something rather weird each day.  One day we had to wear clothes inside out; another we had to wear an onion tied around our necks.  Really pretty much harmless stuff.  But sometimes harmless can still be pretty frightening.

One day we had to kneel to any upperclassman who told us to do so.  This scared country bumpkin (me) got off the bus and started the walk up to the school building.  Some Big Shot Sophomore stopped me and told me to kneel to him.  Now this was not something I ever expected and, according to my Christian belief, I did not think I should do.  I don’t know what my decision would have been, because out of the blue, Gallant, Senior Darrel Bowlby pulled rank on Big Shot and told me I didn’t have to do that!

Recent events have brought this story to my memory, and I’m wishing for some Darrel Bowlbys.

Those I look to, to be my “heroes” are all kneeling.  Where are the Gallant Seniors who will tell the bullies to knock it off!

Well, Darrel Bowlby, if you are still out there someplace, you are finally receiving a thanks from this 1947 country kid.  Probably a surprise, huh?  That’s your picture straight out of the high school yearbook – the 1948 Branding Iron.


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Oneta 84

It was at this hour – eleventh hour – exactly seven years ago.  The whirring of the helicopter, the ministrations of dedicated medical team, the prayers of family and friends were all working in my behalf as my badly broken body was nearing death.

DOCTOR’S OPERATIVE REPORT: “Today she (Ms. Hayes) developed severe pain and weakness and was transferred to St. Anthony Central where she was found to be in acute heart failure.  The patient was taken to the cath lab, intubated, and placed on pressers.  Cardiac cath revealed an aortic dissection with severe wide-open aortic valvular insufficiency.  The coronaries were studied and found to not have any significant lesions.  The patient at this point was referred for an emergency salvage-type surgery…”

I look again “salvage-type surgery.”  Dr. Lance Walker and the medical staff in St. Anthony Central salvaged this old body, put in a replacement part.  And I did not die.  I lived.

The “Family of Ms. Hayes” received  a kind letter from the organization which provided a helicopter on that day.  I thank them.

Thanks also to St. Jude Medical for the artificial aorta valve snugly doing its job, seldom calling attention to itself.

Thanks to my country, the USA, for its Medicare plan and to my secondary insurance, Health Choice, who have faithfully fulfilled their word in paying medical bills.

Thanks to my Healing Jesus who was present with me through it all.

I’m astonished that I have found the seven years, 79-86, have been among the best of my life

Could anyone ever be more blessed!


More details regarding this crisis can be found in the following links:

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Pierced hand

I cannot form a mental image of Jesus in any setting in which he has closed hands.


GENEROUS   baskets of food left after the multitude was fed.

KIND  reaching out as he says, “Arise and walk.”

WELCOMING    inviting “Come unto Me, all that labor and I will give you rest.”

HEALING  gently touching as he reaches to the leper

FRIENDLY   greetings to the wedding party in Cana

RECEIVING  bring the little children to me…

TALKING   you are worth many sparrows

DYING  pierced and bleeding.

Prayer:  Jesus, Let all that I do be done with an open hand.


Blogging Friends, I will be gone for a few days.  Plan to see you here about Thursday, July 2.  Going to the home of my son, Carl.  I want to spend a bit of special time with great-grands on his side of the family.  Will be my first extended time with taking this oxygen stuff with me.  Well, I’ll see how it goes.  I’ll live with or without it.  😀

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check mark red

I understand why many Americans get upset about the Confederate flag.  I understand the pain and shame of slavery that is associated with it.

I understand why many Americans love the Stars and Stripes flown by the Union Army who put an end to slavery.   The Flag for which more than 350,000 soldiers died.

I do not understand the people who hate both flags and claim the cause is slavery.


Check This – Having something worth saying in less than 103 words – This one 82 words.

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Oneta 84

After finishing a five hour duty last week, I  decided to stop at Aldi’s to pick up some food.  Since I was tired, I tried to keep my selection to the minimum.  However, I found that I had to carry out two boxes of items plus bags of potatoes and apples and a gallon of milk.

If you are familiar with Aldi’s you know you pack your own, carry it out, put your items in the car,  take the cart back, put it in the cart line and get your quarter back.   I thought I could do that but I was concerned that I might not be able to lift the boxes out of the cart and put them in the trunk. But I could lift them in an item at a time if I had to.

I pushed the cart to the car, opened the trunk, then what do I see next to me!  A good looking young black man  opening the trunk of a white sporty car next to me.

“Would you load these boxes for me?”  I asked.

“Sure,”  he said in a friendly way.

He put in one box in a way that didn’t leave room for the other box because of a couple large items I had bought at a garage sale before deciding to get groceries.

I reached over and turned the box sideways instead of longways and made space for him to fit in the second box.

He smiled and said, “You got the brains.”

I responded, “I got the brains, you got the brawn.  God sure knew what he was doing when he made man and woman.”  He smiled in agreement, and said he would take the cart back for me.

“Take it easy,” he said, “drive home safely.”

“You know me well enough now to know that I’ll ask for help if I need it.”

So saying I drove away as he took my cart.


Race did not cross my mind until I drove away from there; then all of a sudden I thought, “Oh dear.  How would BLM look at that incident.  Me saying, ‘I’ve got the brains; you’ve got the brawn.’ ”  You see as I tell this story now, I fear I might offend somebody.

Are we in a time when it is offensive not to think “race?”  Must I see this young man as different from my 23-year-old hunk of a grandson standing by his white sporty car?

Or, forget all that!   I’m just a sexist because I really am glad I see the difference in men and women!  😀


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Jesus face

Jesus is the Being who lived, laughed, loved, in the manner with which I can identify.  He also carried the same sorrows which I sometimes carry.  In all those ways, he modeled behavior which was pleasing to his Father. In that way I know how to strive to please my Father.

As it is said of Jesus “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52

When Jesus was on earth he was fully man inspired and anointed by God.  The things he knew he learned in the same manner as other men. Even Jesus grew spiritually as well as intellectually.  If man wants to reach his full intellectual potential, he should achieve his full spiritual potential.

There are so many who seem to have a generic God, but it is hard to have a generic Jesus.  But many want to take the “God” out of Him.  Try teaching Jesus as the Way, the only Way to Heaven and the lines of tolerance are quickly drawn!  (Perhaps I should say “lines of intolerance”)

 A few years ago, a member of a team of in-training ministers said they had been learning to witness without mentioning Jesus.  Huh? Witnessing to what? A witness that will draw one to salvation MUST draw one to Jesus.

Breaks my heart to see him stripped from the walls and halls of many churches.  Can you find His Name in your church?


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Men, men, what would I do without them?

I am blessed with many good men in my life: Sons, Grand-sons, Brother, Brothers-in-law, Nephews, Pastor, and Friends – And most of all, my husband, Sammy.

Without him —-

Instead of picking up socks, I could paint some pretty rocks.

Instead of tissues for his sneezing nose, I could buy myself a lovely rose.

Instead of singing in a duo, I’d have to do a solo.

Instead of mending torn britches, I could knit some pretty stitches.

Instead of his whistle on the patio, I’d just have  the radio.

Instead of having a littered couch, I could have a neat-nik house.

Instead of hearing the door open, I’d sit here very lonesome.


Picture from “How to Get Strong and How to Stay So” by William Blaikie, Harpers, NY, Sept. 1898





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Oneta 84

From a note in journal June 15th ’98

Subject was “childlikeness” and how Jesus said we should come to him as a little child.

I had written the following note:  There are so many children in this time who do not have the child-like traits Jesus was demonstrating.  How sad that so many are undisciplined, rebellious, and aggressive.  Many children have never had a childhood in which their submission to authority brings security and peace.  TV has violated children.  Again, how sad.

That was my opinion twenty-two years ago.  Those were the children who are the “outraged rioting looters” of today.

At that time I only blamed TV.  Now I see so many other negative influences on children since then.  Again, I say, “how sad.”

I point out, however, that I said “many” not all.  The concerned and well behaved are still out there but the rabble-rousing news outlets don’t “pay them no mind!”  Their (news media) goal is better served in showing the ugly in our America.  That way the “ugly” can appear normal.

Thanks to the brave youth who respect authority, pay their bills, fight for our country, save lives, tell truth, honor God – and ride the rough waves in going against the tide.  

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