Oneta 84

This is the beginning of a new day.  You have been given this day to use as you will.  You can waste it or use it for good.  What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.  When tomorrow comes, this day will  gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind…let it be something good.

I don’t know to whom credit is due for the quote above.  It is something I have had on my ‘frig for a while.  Well worth thinking about.

I have missed several of my regular blogging friends.  I guess we are all doing “catch up- vacation-family-outdoors” kinds of things.  I’m off in a couple of hours for a family reunion.  My WP stats look terrible!  And this next few days is not going to help!

Just wanted to check in and say I’m missing you, feeling okay, and plan to be back more regularly about the middle of next week.

I think my ride is here.  Bye, bye.


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wedding 3


Home, fortunate to be my pleasant place;

my hubby and I talk face to face.

Home, all my belongings there I stash;

got a lot of stuff, just not cash.

Home, cars can park on my one-acre lawn;

afternoon naps when I yawn.

Home, when ill health becomes hard to bear

Sammy helps with loving care.

Home, food and drink and company too,

if you were near, we’d invite you.

Home, a place to have the family meet,

games and songs and plenty to eat.

Home, sixty-six years since we were wed,

tied the knot with unbreakable thread.


Edited from three years ago.

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll


Sandi stepped out of the room where her brother lay.

He was not yet aware of the sacrifice he had made that day.

She watched the flutter of the flag so bold

His wounds left him with no hands to hold

his family, his children, his precious wife.

For them he had willingly paid the price.

One of millions who fight for the nation

Its flag, its freedom, its continued duration…….

There ‘s currently in the land

A surge to say the flag’s not so grand

Hope that theme will not prevail

To another’s flag, I’d rather not give hail!


Thank you for the picture prompt and 100 word challenge.  Lots of work for you, but very rewarding to those who participate.

Thanks again,  Rochelle

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Oneta 84

Good Day to the Blogging World.  I’m checking in to say I live, I move and I have my being in Christ Jesus…..  I got carried away.  😀  I’m checking in to say, “Hello,” with a few newsy kinds of things.  So here is my list for today.  But first something important…

I’m now beginning my seventh year of living since my near death in 2013.  Six years ago I lay in ICU in the Denver hospital knowing nothing of the “hurry and scurry” surrounding me to keep me alive.  If you have not read my story, you can do so at Why Me, Lord and I’m Glad I Did Not Die  Many of you know I started blogging after that time.  I believed and still believe the Lord had a new ministry for me.  Thus “sweet aroma” developed.  

  1.  I have been being “nudged” to tell my story regarding more than fifty years of experiencing God’s divine healing.  how traumatic it was when I “crashed” and had to give in to seeking help from doctors, the conflict I felt, and the surrender I had to make.   So I have been gathering material relating to my experience.  It is very personal and many will disagree with my decisions along the way.  But it is my story and I believe it is the reason I live today – faith in God’s word manifest in Jesus Christ the Healer.  Was I right or wrong?   I have some opinions but the end is not yet!  It is long and I will post on a static page.  But I will be doing posts along the way.  It is taking a lot of time.

  2.  Like a lot of you, I’m swamped with stuff that is taking priority over my blogging.  A lot of my blogging friends will think of me in a few days and wonder why they haven’t heard from me.  It will be because they were too busy to read today.  😀  Just like me.  I hate to dump my e-mail notifications but I did it.  Way too much to catch up.

  3. Three day week end to attend a Memorial service for my sister-in-law in Springfield, CO.  My brother was glad that she held out on her cancer battle until their 63rd Anniversary.  A bitter-sweet day to pass.  But it was marked by 63 years of togetherness.  LaVada was a remarkable woman of homemaking skills, musical and artistic talent, and Christian service.

  4. A family reunion is coming up next week.  I’m trying to complete a family project to take for that.  I’m making a CD of family albums.  Mostly completed last year but have some pages to add.

  5. I have hair problems I have to deal with tomorrow.  And yes, I do cook on occasion and eat on many more occasions than I cook.  Life does go on. …….Thankfully!






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Take one lamb without blemish from

the flock . . .

keep it until the fourteenth day . . .

kill it . . .(Ex 12:3-5)

 “Children, be careful with the lamb. It must be kept perfect. Daddy has chosen it for the sacrifice.  Keep it away from the bushes; we don’t want thorns to damage it…doesn’t it feel good . . . soft and woolly . . . .brush carefully, don’t pull out the wool.”

Yes, it has to be killed.

But handle it tenderly until that day when, with one quick blood-letting,

soul-redeeming thrust, its blood must be spilt as sacrifice.


Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world. (John 1:29)

Yes, He had to be killed.


But one quick thrust of a Roman spear could have shed that soul-redeeming blood.



Pilate said, “I find no fault in this man . . . I will therefore chastise him.”

Why, Pilate, why?

Then Pilate therefore took Jesus, and scourged him…

Why, Pilate, why?

Pilate, you were angry, you were mad, you were a people-pleaser.

You were unjust, cruel, and frustrated.

But, even you must have wondered at times why you beat the Lamb.

                        WHY BEAT THE LAMB?

With his stripes we are healed (Is 53:5) (I Peter 2:24)



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Oneta 84

(A copy and paste from four years ago – instead of eighty-one, I’m now eighty-five and Alayna is twenty-six.)

The browning album crackled from the weight of the fading pictures as my grandchildren turned the page of the wonderland that used to be.  Alayna said to Pete, “That used to be Grandma.”

“No, Alayna, you’re wrong,” I thought. “That girl was never me.  I wore her clothes and combed her hair, but she never cuddled my babies, pursued a career, or licked the seal of an envelope containing a final payment. She never climbed my mountains, nor stumbled in my valleys.  She had never faced my temptations, nor experienced my victories.  That girl was never grandma, but I was once that girl.”

Remembering the incident leaves me thinking about why I blog.  One of the reasons I want to become a blogger is because of the opportunity I have to get acquainted with young people.  (And at my age, even sixty is young people!)  I was raised at a time and in a community where there was almost no “generational” divide.  The generations did things together: family reunions, singing rallies, church dinners, baseball, ice skating.  Schools often had several ages and grades in the same room.  We even went places in the same car!  I miss that.  I love young people.  I have walked in their shoes.  I believe I have experiences which would interest them, and I know they have experiences I would like to know about.  Most honestly I can see and hear things so I know some things but I don’t understand the reasons why.  Maybe I can find out some whys by reading blogs.

A recent story.  I was talking to a little girl who I believe had taken a stick of gum and lied about it, but she denied it vehemently.  I told her of my experience when I was about her age.  I had taken a stick of gum out of my aunt’s sewing machine drawer.  As far as I know no one ever knew it, but it made me feel so guilty that I still remember it.  She still didn’t confess and maybe she didn’t take the gum.  But if she did I wanted her to understand I had been where she was.

Embarrassed?  I’ve been there.  Feel ugly?  I’ve been there.  Frantic with sorrow?  Up all night with sick babies?  Worried?  Tight budget?  Dejected in love?  Loved and been loved?  Scared to speak in public?  Need tires but no money?  I’ve been there.

Back to the photograph.  I was that girl.  I experienced what that girl experienced.  But I knew nothing of the things to come that would make me “me.”  Salty tears and delicious laughter, the birth of my child and the death of my mother, the dirge of night and the delight of dawn, the pain of aging and the hope of the eternal. Yes, I was that little girl, but she was never me. And, my precious Alayna, I once walked in the shoes of a twenty-two year old, facing decisions that would determine the actions that would make me an eighty-one year old “me,” with a beautiful, delightful, intelligent, and loving grand-daughter whom I love very much, who someday will be her own “me”.  May you be blessed, my darling, now and forever.

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haircut 1

This barber keeps overhead cost to a minimum, but his clientele seem not to care.  Requirement for his business was a towel. a stool, and clippers.  Since the tonsorial service was free, older grandson sits patiently while Papa Hayes sees an opportune moment to catch the toddler on the move and slow him down enough to give him a trim.  Does the unseen mom care?  Not a whit.  She has two or three other sons who benefit from Papa’s tonsorial care.

Reminds me of another relative, father of three sons, who said, “If I ever need money, I give all the boys a haircut.  Right there I’ve saved three dollars each so I’m up nine bucks.”  You know that was a while ago if haircuts were three dollars each!

My dad, Pete, also gave free haircuts. The tonsorial setting was in the well house where there was no mirror, so some of the nephews were a little hesitant knowing their mischievous uncle.  He never left one in need however.   😀  And he likely never thought of himself as a tonsorial artist!  But he knew he was a good barber.  



M-W’s Word of the Day <>



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You claim you want peace and sweet release,

from the things that are holding you down.

But you hang on to bad habits

and they increase like rabbits.

With the upper-hand, they laugh like clowns.

They dangle you, jangle you, and plague you with frowns.

They know you’re all talk and you’ll never walk.

They have you zapped and you’ll stay entrapped

‘til you pull your silly self from their grasp.


Image: Pixabay

Challenge by Girlie on the Edge  Six sentence challenge using the word “release.”

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Let’s chat about downsizing.   I invited some friends over for lunch last week.  As I set the table for three, I considered downsizing where it really hurts.  Sixty years ago having lunch together meant husbands and kids also.  Fourteen of us in those days.  When downsizing means getting rid of knick-knacks, bed rolls, and cooking pots – not so bad.  My two friends had been widowed and one lost a child – that’s painful. We did, howevet, have a great time reminiscing.  We all have fair health and lots to live for.  Grandchildren for one thing; great grandchildren for another.


Did I mention great grandchildren?  Oh, what an opportunity to show you how my Jadalyn grows.  LOL  Hold it, stay right there.  Let me tell you….

Jadalyn was eleven last week.  Delightfully changing – child to pre-teen, becoming my fierce Rummikub foe.   She wins about twice as many as I win.  I love this picture of my changing child.  Note her ability to take care of her baby doll – do you see the bottle in the doll’s mouth being held in place by Jadalyn’s chin while she sips country tea.  You can see by her eyes, that she thinks she has grandma (me) in a spot.  But I did win this one!

In the background there are four little siblings for whom Jadalyn gets to use the skills she hones with her baby doll.  One of them is Addalyn.

addy june 19

Addy is five.  The most independent of the girls when it comes to play time.  She does take her turn at playing house or school, but she is more likely to be found cutting paper and coloring.  Here she shows one of her coloring papers.  She is pretty good at finding free color pages to print and color.  (But another sibling generally manages the computer use.)  Addy is the dress wearer.  One finds her more often in dresses than shorts or jeans.

June bugs

Another thing I have to tell you is that I was wrong about hating June bugs without cause.  See here  I thought June bugs were beneficial but I hated them anyway.  (That was the lesson I was writing about.)  BUT, I was WRONG.  They are harmful.  So I have cause – I just didn’t know why!  I guess it was a learned trait taught to me by Farmer Dad and Gardener Mom.  They knew how much damage June bugs can do!  Oh, well, enough about June bugs!


UPDATE about my Presidential run.  (here and here)  That Presidential helicopter sure looks like fun.  I’m tempted but I’ve been watching and I’m beginning to think I just don’t have what the Democrats want.  GRANTED I have what they need, for instance the Constitution, the Bible, Law and Order, Boundaries, Capitalism, Right to Life, ….   I haven’t completely given up, however.  Bear with me.  Joe waited a long time and he is doing pretty well by staying out of sight.  Maybe I can win by staying out of sight.  But it hard to flount my diversity status if I stay out of sight.  I can only raise money if I can convince the “fatties” of the land that I can remake America’s standard of beauty.

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June bugs

Butterflies I favor;

Hummingbirds bring me pleasure;

June bugs I detest.


For those who look for a lesson/moral in my writings – there is one here!  At least for me.  Got it?


Image:  (GERMANY OUT) Zwei Feldmaikaefer Melolontha auf gruenem Eichenlaub beim Fressen (Photo by Harald Langeullstein bild via Getty Images)

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