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That is the Six word story I’m sending to Shweta’s blog, the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP).  I invite you to join her challenge and have some fun with her word “fake.”

Extenuating circumstances!  Of course there is a place for sorrow, unhappiness, and misery.  That place is where you are sitting with someone who keeps your secrets, who understands pain, who is wise.  (I start with Jesus.)   It is not while gossiping with another gossiper who is just waiting to top your story and/or get along to tell someone else.

Now for my rational behind that statement since it is not the popular current advice —   “Be True to Yourself” – “Let is all Hangout” – “Don’t be a Hypocrite” – “That’s Just the Way I Am”

My advice:  If that’s the way you are, change.  Many will not take my advice because they like being pitied.  Sorrow is much more dramatic than happiness.

If you want to be happy, put on a happy face.  I notice that one reason young people say they don’t like to visit old folks is because they are often so negative.  Being negative does not have a charming age in any decade of life.


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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.  …asdfghijk…asdffdsa….asdffdsa….yuiop…yuiop…. “Take off ten points for each error.”  The quick brown fox…  AsDfGhJkL…74 wpm take off 20 for two typos.  That’s not fair!  Seventy-seven wpm minus 30 for three errors.

Typing stress began to wear on me as revealed in a dream.  (I slept with my four-year-old sister, Karen.)

It was a killer typewriter choking me!  The frame at the keyboard edge was pressing across my throat.  I couldn’t breath.  Gasping for breath, I awoke.  Karen’s arm was across my throat.  Not a killer typewriter; just a loving sister.


A true story important in my life for the lesson that typing class taught me.  “Slow down and do it right first time.”


100 word photo prompt by Rochelle

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

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check mark black

Ten to twenty times a day

We are to wash the germs away.

Twenty seconds for each time

You take your turn, I take mine.

How many minutes does your water run?

We’ve used a lot before we’re done.

I think I have been very slack

In being thankful.  I never lack

The flowing at the turn of a tap.

Written with a genuine “Thank you, Lord.”

We live in abundance and need not hoard.

Thinking with contrition the plight of the people in countries who have to deal with COVID19 without an abundance of water.


Check this:  Something worth saying in 103 words or less.  (94)






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Only two days old

The little bay plans next play

Requiring skilled feet.


Okay, horse lovers.  This might not be a bay.  Mane doesn’t look very black but what do I know about horses!  I sat on one one time.  It lifted a leg because of flies.  I cried in fright.  Daddy took me off and I’ve never been back on.   Silly me, missed a lot.   If you know, tell me in the comments.


Ronavan’s challenge: Haiku using words “bay” and “play”

Image: unsplash




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Oneta 84

More Me Thinking About Heaven.  here   I’m sharing a comment from Faye and my answer (in red).  Then more heart thoughts.  I’m not speaking theology.  Just testimony of a love relationship with Jesus.


thechickengrandma says:

Love this Oneta. And yes, I think I could find the scripture to back up pretty much everything…well maybe not the cloud part :).
Stay safe Oneta! My kids keep making sure I don’t go out much either! 62 has never felt so old…..

My response:

I’m in like “You’re not going out” kind of in. 😀

I tried not to do damage to the scriptures about heaven. Tried not to over imagine but – dare I tell you – I have some of those also. Would I dare say I fancy there might be “earth” museums where the most glorious artifacts from earth are kept? Oh, sometimes I look at the beauty in music, art, and craftsmanship and wonder if God might let them escape the refining of this old earth and we can observe and remember. I wonder if Handel’s Messiah might be there.

See how I can imagine things that I didn’t include on my thoughts. They are my thoughts – not scripture. And oh how I want to climb a tree and look into an eagles nest….

Still it is beyond what I can think how wonderful heaven is. And I sit here in my corner imaging being at Jesus feet – “Sitting at your feet, sitting at your feet, that is where my joy is complete, sitting at you feet.” *

And in all my imagination the scripture says I come up short with how wonderful it will be.

After having been old for many years now, it is hard to imagine walking without a limp, hearing the bird calls, seeing the tiniest of little seeds on my grand child’s hand, singing out a full volume “There is Going to be a Meeting Over There,” doing a pirouette, learning to play a violin with limber fingers, never again having a broken heart – physically or emotionally.

Oh, but I am insured in scripture that that will be true.

The Lord invites us to “Come now, let us reason together….though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow…”  Marvelous.  No more adversary to accuse me!  Standing face to face with Jesus – no, even in all my imagination, I cannot image that.  I can only see me throwing myself at his feet.  One of the first things I will see will be no more dust on them.  But there are scars…..


 *(I cannot find the composer of this chorus.)


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Here it is 4:30 Saturday morning and instead of sleeping in, I’m thinking some Heaven thoughts.  I don’t want to do research and all the necessary things for an essay so I’m just throwing out thoughts.

  1. Heaven is name of the Capital City in the new earth?  The New Jerusalem?

  2. It would be sort of like a city in the Garden of Eden if there had been people.

  3. The light in Heaven comes from God.  But maybe the new earth is still lighted by the same sun we have today.

  4. There are gates to Heaven.  Why?  Surely not to keep people in!  Maybe to keep something out?  Or, just to monitor who is entering?  Why were gates in the Garden of Eden?

  5. The trees, or a tree, in Heaven were for the healing of the nations.  Nations means there are governments.

  6. We, redeemed saints, will be kings, priests, judges.  Hmmm.  There will be no evil so we cannot judge between good and evil, must judge between good and better.  Like judging a beauty contest.

  7. God created everything good.  Heaven has got to be good.  God appointed Adam to accomplish a job.  There will be jobs in heaven.  Jobs are good.

  8. We will be known there as we are known here.  I will still be me and you will still be you.  I’ll still know you and you will still know me.  That’s nice.  But we will have new names.  I’m not excited about that.

  9. There will be angels there. People will rule over them.  Rule how? ???

  10. There will be eating.  We know that because of the Marriage Supper.  The redeemed chefs might run restaurants.

  11. The redeemed teachers (me, for one) might teach children.  And I will love to be taught.  Maybe my first field trip will be taught by Adam himself.  I want to enroll in science taught by Galileo, or painting taught by Michelangelo.  Or maybe take a blogging class taught by you.

  12. Children in Heaven?  Surely so if it is all good.  At least children must be in the New Earth.

  13. There will be music.  There will be a song that the angels can’t sing.  It is the song of the redeemed.

  14. There will be contact between people and God Himself as we worship Him.  We will see him.  Whatever will He look like?  John tried to describe how the Heavenly Jesus looked.

  15.  There will be animals in Heaven and in the New Earth.

  16.  If one gets bored in heaven, he can go sit on a cloud.

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cloud cone

I’ve peeked through this door before,

It’s a land where children dwell.

I was not allowed to enter

I was not born alive and well.

I never learned to eat or walk

Never heard my mother talk.

I guess they thought I was not worth

My survival on the earth.


Photo challenge.  Use the photo above to inspire poem or short story

Photo prompt by Rakicevic Nenad on


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Oneta 84

So the Bug is bringing us down.   I will certainly hunker down on the advice of those “in the know.”  The Bug and/or The Panic have got the upper hand.  We submit.  A good dose of submission and humility – along with a recognition that we are not in control – will be good for us in the long run.

So, although I was snarky about the closure of the Senior Center and the lack of hand shaking in my church, I acknowledge we have a problem that will take unity to get us out.

I now ask a question that might have a reasonable answer but I don’t understand.  Why close bars, restaurants, casinos at midnight?  What can the Bug do after midnight that cannot be done before?  Seriously, friend, I would like an answer.

When I saw the announcement that Remington Park Casino would close at midnight, I – in my snarky way – said to Sammy, “That a very acceptable way of saying ‘Come on over, Folks, we will be here til midnight.'”  I don’t call that cooperating.  Tell me where I’m wrong.

I can take it.  I’m admitting right now I was wrong.  Maybe I wouldn’t want the COVID19 rather than the old-fashioned flu.  But there is vaccine for the old kind.  Pray God that there will soon be for the new one.


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Help!  Sometimes I think

my gray matter is shrinking!

My answer:  “Don’t think!”


Image:  Pixabay

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: Use words “think” and “shrink” Go to Ronovan and check more sense and/or fun.



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television set

A way-back-when story. It was about 1953 or 54, the church was raising money for something. Sammy and I had no money but we had just bought a new TV.  It was worth about forty dollars.  We decided to give the church the TV so they could sell it and keep the money.

I guess a pay day must have come along because we decided we could redeem our TV which we did.  Paid the forty and kept the tv.

In the forties and fifties the “holiness/Pentecostal kinds of churches” were very leery about watching television, especially movies. I was particularly influenced by Psalms 101:3, “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes…” Some translations say evil thing, worthless thing, (maybe others).

Well, we kept the TV and we started bringing in the apparatus for hooking up movies- those rented reel thing-a-majigs.  But, I still operated pretty well with Ps 101:3 as my guide. I believe some made their decision about what to watch based on I Thes. 5:22 about avoiding the appearance of evil, that sounds like a pretty sound guiding scripture to me.

Fast forward to present day. Now I have no idea of what “plumb line” young people use to limit their viewing of TV and movies, along with all the other gadgetry. I am guessing some guidance is given via youth ministries.

BUT (bandroll, please) I have found the Bible translation that gives you leeway to just be your own guide. Sort of like in Judges when “every man did what was right in his own eyes.” In it Psalms 101:3 says “I will not look ’with approval’ on anything that is vile.”  So I guess, you can watch any evil – -just don’t approve of it!? And I Thes. 5:22 drops “the appearance of evil” and says to “reject evil.” So just don’t do evil, but watch it if you want to, huh? Oh, you want to know which Bible? The newest NIV. I’ve griped about it before. I know I don’t have to read it. But it seems like people who know what is happening should speak up.

Seems strange that every modern translation seems to “loosen the plumb line.”  I haven’t checked but I think they all still say “Be holy, as I am holy.”  If you have a problem with that, just know that Jesus will make that holiness available by his blood.  Be sure it is applied.  You live in Him and He lives in you.  That’s the plumb line we should seek.


Image: unsplash, chris panas

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