What characteristics would you want in an ideal Father?

  1. He would keep you fed, clothed, and sheltered.
  2. He would keep you safe (fight the bullies for you).
  3. He would love you. You could tell him everything.  He would give you a feeling      that he has everything in control.  He could kiss your hurts and make them go      away.
  4. He would “clean up after you,” get you out of trouble, and give you a way to stay     out of trouble, making you feel wonderful about him and pretty good about     yourself.  (This probably required some discipline.  Whom the father loveth, he     chasteneth.)
  5. He would know your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and your dislikes, and     he would direct you on the paths which would make you most successful and     happy.
  6. He would have resources to which you would become heir.
  7. He would be respected and honored in his community. You would be proud to     wear his name.

These characteristics were assembled from a brainstorming session with a class I taught.  In the next post I will discuss how these needs correlate with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, 1997. online, web.utk.edu/ and how they are fulfilled by God, Our Father, as shown by his Jehovah names. If you agree with me that God created man (at some time and in some way), you will be amazed at his desire to take care of his masterpiece.  My assumption (thesis) is that God created man and he created man with needs that He, himself, will fulfill.  If you do not agree with my thesis, I believe you will still find the discussion stimulating.

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3 Responses to GOD, THE IDEAL FATHER

  1. shoreacres says:

    It’s interesting that the song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” came immediately to mind. It has that line: “With God as our Father, brothers all are we…” I think I remember it’s been revised somewhat in these more inclusive days, although I seem to recall a verse was added for “sisters,” rather than trying for a more awkward and not very poetic “siblings all are we.”

    Such a nice post for Father’s Day.

  2. Such a nicely written post! I love the fact that God is always looking out for our best and good. Just like a parent does for their child(ren). Thank you for these good reminders of what make a great Father!

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