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SPOTLIGHTING JESUS – the star of the Christmas story. Mark 8:29  Jesus asked Peter, ““Who do you say that I am?”  That has been a crucial question for two thousand years.  I agree with Peter when he said, “Thou art the Christ…” … Continue reading

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Crystal bells, wreath on door; Crunch of crumbs  on the floor; Crazy crowds wanting more. Credit woes, men tremble; Crowns seen, precious symbol. Crude critics complain, but Christ has not come in vain.   Pleiades Poems.  One word title followed … Continue reading

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Getting awards is quite a thrill.  They indicate your blog got over the hill. You became a blogger, thinking writing is what you do.  But then you find that you do lots of reading too. Seems like other blogs are filled with … Continue reading

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CHRISTMAS FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE issued by Dan Alatorre at  The challenge is to write a story including two random elements.  My first scene (5) is to involve”two shoppers lined up at a cash register while a man holds up and examines … Continue reading

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a boy, a woman, a dress, and me

  Now abideth faith, hope, and charity.  And the greatest of these is charity. Charity.  That’s love.  I love.  Love my family, love my blogger friends, love everyone I associate with.  Why should I not?  You all are – squeaky … Continue reading

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          Tis the season to be jolly Drop donut crumbs and spill the coffee! “Alas, alas,” the new carpet cried, “Somebody do something,”  –  So the church board tried.   Got out their pens and with … Continue reading

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