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Where is Jesus?  Luke, among others, says he is in heaven (Luke 24:51).  Someday he promises to  take us where he is.  I am not writing this as a person of great theological knowledge who has all the answers.  I don’t.  Much, possibly even most,  of what I am saying is based on faith, even the simple faith of a child.  That’s all Jesus required (Mark 10:15).   I am saying that death is not to be feared if you have come to him in simple faith believing in Him to take you to a place he has prepared for you.  He is speaking to his disciples.  (So what about those who not believe in him – who are not his followers?  I’ll get to that later.)  Not being afraid of death does not mean we want death, however.

For centuries the “church” has taught that Jesus will some day take all Christians at the same time, in an event called the Rapture.  Even in New Testament times, Christians believed that.  It has not yet happened but I still believe that because that is the way I interpret scriptures about Jesus’ return to earth.  Until that happens, what?  We all know what.  Death happens, one by one.

Does Jesus come to take us according to his word in John 13:3?  Some who have had “near death” experiences say they were taken by Jesus.  I can’t say they were not.  (I will tell you what happened to me. Later.)  I think that it is Jesus’ authority by which the death angel takes us.  Death angel?  Yes, the death angel is referred to several times in the Old Testament.  Both Paul and the writer of Hebrews refer to the death angel.  Hebrews 1:14 says “those who will inherit salvation” have an angel ministering to them at all times.  This angel is generally referred to as our Guardian Angel.  Perhaps that is the one who will serve as “death angel” and deliver us to the home where Jesus is.  I’m just guessing.

I have witnessed death of two people.  Both of whom died believing they had been redeemed by Jesus, consequently, believing they would live eternally with Him.  There was no fear.  One was in hospice care and might have had some sedation; I don’t know.  The other was not medicated as far as I know.  As an intimate onlooker, I sensed no presence of “angels” but there was deep peace.  Now what about my experience?  I’ll tell you tomorrow.


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9 Responses to DEATH HAPPENS

  1. dawnlizjones says:

    This is another part of the good news we celebrate, and although I think (as best as I can tell) that I’m not afraid of death, it’s that dying part I’m not real happy about! Looking forward to tomorrow’s edition!!

  2. Faye says:

    Great blog Oneta. Life experiences (personal experiences) of deliverance from death and ‘going home’ of close friends and parents all contribute to your own personal acceptance of eternity question. Thank God that Jesus did not leave us in this shaking world to fend alone. He left His Spirit (ghost) – the living reality and His Words ‘follow me”. From this earth, though death to eternal life…I believe that is the Promise. I’m not a theology student (have studied much stuff.I reckon the Rapture would be ‘incredible’ but all of the gentiles must come before Israel will have blinkers off their eyes but ONE DAY…….All will KNOW WHO HE is!. Like a little child we have faith and we come to HIM. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for your confirmation on many of my blogs. You often add thoughtful comments that expound and increase my views. Those who heed the guidance of the Holy Spirit are indeed blessed.

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