Today is a example of the power of media.  When I looked at the candidates who will be in the debate tonight and saw that Fiorina was left out, I thought, “For goodness sake, people will think this is a perfect example of gender bias in the Republican party.”  After stewing a bit, I had second thoughts, and realized it not the Republicans who determined the line-up, it is ABC.  

Now why would ABC leave her off?  Probably because they knew women all over America would think the same thing I thought.  It will really cost the Republicans a lot of women’s votes.  Well, yes, that’s true.  ABC, that’s a dirty trick.   ABC says she didn’t meet the criteria.  Who set the criteria?  I assume ABC.  

My mind keeps working.  Besides the Democrats, who else benefits?  Hillary!  Big time.  ABC is afraid to give Fiorina the platform.  Too many people will compare her to Hillary.  When women think that way, the comparison isn’t even close.  Many would choose Fiorina over Hillary.   Most women want a good president, even more than they care about party loyalty.  At least I hope so.  

Let’s think some more.  When did the Republicans find out Fiorina will not be on the stage?  They weren’t sure until this morning after they were committed.  If they had known earlier, perhaps one of the them would have said, “Count me out, I will not be there if Fiorina is not invited.”  Who might have done that?  Carson, perhaps?  Sweet, loving, fair Carson.  

Or maybe Trump?  He could have gained a lot for such a maneuver.  It would have squelched his blundering remark about Fiorina’s face.  Sounds very Trumpish.  That’s the reason Trump resonates with a lot of people.  Of course, he didn’t do that.  ABC didn’t give him that option.  

And for all those who only think on  the surface, we will hear, “I’m not going to vote Republican.  They are just anti-woman, and this proves it.”

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  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    A thoughtful post! Such a sticky, tricky business, that politics!

  2. Faye says:

    A thoughtful post indeed! Tricky politics but media spin on events in the middle east even more tricky. What sells papers is often more important than TRUTH. I pray truth triumphs in your presidential outcome in spite of party political grandstanding. TRUTH!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I really believe we have some very capable men (and a woman) who are honorable. As you say, however, sometimes Truth gets buried in the conglomeration called government.
      Thanks for caring about our nation.

  3. Olga says:

    I’m actually not familiar with Fiorina. I think that’s part of how Canadian media is reporting your presidential hopefuls; focusing on what they see as the top candidates, in terms of polls. Beyond that, I agree the media (ABC and others) have too much influence. Actually, I also feel like polls have too much power to sway votes. Here in Canada, the voting population was successful in overcoming the media and poll predictions in our recent election. Originally, Justin Trudeau was not predicted to win.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Sounds like you are satisfied with your results. Blessings on you, Neighbor. Yes, the polls do sway votes – and media report the ones they want to report. I am still undecided for whom I will vote. But in general I am very conservative, so most likely I will vote Republican, just which one I don’t know. That’s true after having been raised a Democrat, and having a career in education which is predominately liberal minded – got to depend on those tax dollars coming in! I’ve spent many hours licking envelops for Democratic candidates. At this point I wish I had my time and money back! Thanks for commenting.

  4. dawnlizjones says:

    Preach it, woman!! Preach it! I remind myself that God is in control.

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