In part 2 of this series, I gave you a run down of my “sins” and what I believe was a progression to sin against God.  Sins against God are deliberate choices made in rebellion or disobedience to his word culminated by rejecting Jesus.  I do not believe doing wrong things without knowing right or wrong and making mistakes in judgment are sins that turn the wrath of God against us.

So how old is one when he becomes accountable to God for his sins?  I cannot say, I know no one who purports to know.  Most believe the culture in which one lives has a large bearing on that question.  I do too.  I was raised in church by Christian parents who taught me right from wrong.  I can well believe I would be asked such questions as “Do you think that made Jesus happy for you to do that?”  I joined the church when I was ten; I think I knew joining the church would not make me a Christian.  I think I knew I was a Christian before I joined the church.  I made my choice—choose Jesus or choose sin; I chose Jesus.

But if I had been raised by parents who taught me to go shoplifting with them, to lie for them, and who taught me by example that cursing, abuse, and such things were “normal” I believe God’s amazing grace and Jesus’ blood sacrifice would have covered me with mercy for a longer period of time.

Many look at the story of Jesus in the temple at twelve and see that as a possible model to consider.  But I know of no one who teaches that as a definite time.    Jewish Bar Mitzvah is set at 13, providing a bit of insight.  I also think it is significant that all people under the age of twenty were allowed to go into Canaan, so does that apply to our question?

Another issue.  The grace of God that he bestows on the innocent children, is also bestowed on those who do not have the mental capacity to make a rational choice regarding accepting or rejecting Jesus.

So these are some of my conclusions as well as conclusions of others regarding the “Age of Accountability” in regard to chronological age as well as mental age.

Coming next.  What about those who have never heard a gospel preacher nor read a gospel message?


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6 Responses to INNOCENTS IN HELL? NEVER! (Part 3)

  1. Dawn Marie says:

    Gods grace does indeed reach out to those who need it most! 🎯

    • oneta hayes says:

      The love of God is greater far, than tongue or pen can ever tell. It goes beyond the highest star and reaches to the lowest hell. . . Do you know that song? It is one that will soothe the soul.

      • Dawn Marie says:

        No! Who sings it? I’d love to listen. 😊

        • oneta hayes says:

          I think I first heard the song from the long time Billy Graham soloists, George Beverly Shea, I’m not sure. It has been so long in my life. It is now being sung by a more contemporary group, Mercy Me. I know several in my family who like them. I just played it; I like the older singers better, but that just me. The words by Mercy Me are the same ones I love. You can find several groups singing it on You Tube, including the Gaithers.

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