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I have no idea what I was praying about in Church #2 that Sunday several years ago.  But I have no doubt about the Lord’s message to me.  He said, “I want you to go back to …” and he named Church #1 that I had recently left.  I had left because there were some theological issues there that I did not believe I could support.  I moved to a Church #2 where I felt comfortable.  They worshiped in ways I was used to; they taught the same doctrines that I believed; they were easy people to love.  I felt comfortable.  I didn’t want to leave them.

As I quit praying,  I became aware of a song they were singing.  “You won’t leave here like you came in Jesus name, bound, oppressed, tormented, sick, or lame…”  It was confirmation that I was to go back.

The week moved forward as I considered the issue.  I met weekly with a group of teachers before school hours for a devotion time.  That week I was to lead the topic.  I quickly drew a scripture from my scripture box.  “My sheep know my voice,” By now, I’m pretty sure I have a move in store!

But I went to Church #2 that week also.  The preacher preached something simple about David.  But one statement was very profound to me.  He said something like this, “If God tells you something, don’t question it, just do it!”

By now I was convinced.  On the next Sunday, I went back to Church #1.  While I was there that morning a young lady met me in the hall.  As best I remember these were her words, “I’ve been missing you, would you pray for me?” As I prayed for her, I was profoundly grateful to be there where God would have me be.

I was a mature Christian.  I realized that everything in my church world did not have to be just the way I wanted it.  I had meaningful talks with the pastor who, I believe, gave serious consideration to my advice and beliefs.  Being very thankful for my patient Lord, I found that I was home again, even if I was not quite as comfortable!

Notice the ways God spoke:  1. In prayer   2. In song    3.  In scripture    4.  In sermon   5.  In a young woman’s need.  To God be all glory!  How patient and loving he is!


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15 Responses to ‘TWEEN GOD AND ME – Guidance

  1. calensariel says:

    Don’t you get a rush when God gangs up on you like that? 😀

  2. That was I nice account that other people can apply to their own lives.

  3. Deborah Ann says:

    More often then not we miss our Lord’s leading by our questioning. I love the confirmation He gives us over and over to move forward on something we are not sure of so that we may go in peace! ~ Blessings to you and yours ~

    • oneta hayes says:

      Deborah, I left a comment on your blog. Your poetry is such a blessing to me. Yes, God is extremely patient with us in confirming, but he certainly knows the difference in me being disobedient as opposed to not understanding. Disobedience, at least sometimes, brings silence as in the time he quit talking to Saul.

  4. dawnlizjones says:

    “How patient and loving he is!” And creative!! Such an encouragement to keep my eyes and ears attuned to His amazing ways of getting through to us. Pray for me please that I am not dull-witted in this area! Sometimes, it’s hard to trust that I’m really hearing from Him for myself.

    • oneta hayes says:

      dawn, when was the last time you saw a father watch his toddler fall into the fire because it couldn’t walk well. Well it will be longer than that before your Father allows you to do harm by trying to move up closer to him. And as far as others are concerned, ask him to give you some tests that do not involve anyone else. – Just you and me, Jesus. One time I was in a certain room in a public place and I felt impressed that I needed to come back to that place the next day at about 3:00 as I remember it. I believed I would meet someone there who needed my counsel and prayers. I went back. No one else showed up. So what? No harm done just because I was wrong. Or, maybe I wasn’t wrong, maybe someone should have come but didn’t. Whatever the situation. I just had to brush it off. As I said, no harm done. I probably ought to blog about that and maybe God will bring other “mishaps” to my mind. I am probably more suspicious of those who claim to be without error than those who have had to learn, here a little there a little.

  5. Amunala says:

    This is awesome. ..just passing by from Jackie’s blog

  6. When the Lord wants your attention, he whispers his words in so many ways until you get the message. Lovely message and truly our worldly Church needs not be the perfect way that we want it, but when he plants us somewhere, he does it for our growth.

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    • oneta hayes says:

      He is very kind and patient regarding confirming the message to the point that he knows we’ve got it. Once we have it, he doesn’t change it. You can’t out-wait him in disobedience and hope he will forget the matter! Well, I guess you can, but generally at one’s own sorrow.

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