GOD SPEAKS – But What If I’m Wrong


What if I think God has spoken to me but I am wrong?  My answer is that in most cases – if it does not conflict with the Bible – go ahead and move on it.  For instance, if you feel that God tells you in the grocery store to buy an extra bag of oranges for your neighbor, do it.  Don’t feel that that is a sign you need to get “preachy” with your neighbor.  Take it to her and say something like,  “These looked so good and I thought of you.  I’ve been wanting to come by so I decided this is a good excuse.”  It might be that she sees you as a sign from God and she needs a special prayer or something.  It might not.  It might be God checking you out to see if he can use you in some other way.  It might be God showing you that you can do it!  Anyway about the least that can happen is that the neighbor will think you’re not such a big grouch as she always thought you were!  😀

I took a cup of sugar to a neighbor one time and told her I was getting tired of waiting for her to come over to borrow a cup of sugar.  We shared a nice laugh at this get- acquainted maneuver.  I met a sweet young mother and her two children. I don’t think that took any special urging from the Lord.  That is pretty much covered in the Bible in many different ways.

Regarding this subject, I wrote the following on a comment yesterday.  One time I was in a certain room in a public place and I felt impressed that I needed to come back to that place the next day at about 3:00.  I believed I would meet someone there who needed my counsel and prayers. I went back. No one else showed up. So what? No harm done just because I was wrong. Or, maybe I wasn’t wrong, maybe someone should have come but didn’t. Whatever the situation, I just had to brush it off. As I said, no harm done.”

My ‘Tween God and Me segments have been instances where no one else was involved, so there was not much risk in being obedient to what he said.  The last story was one in which the decision I made would affect others – the story about changing churches.  I think that is the reason God was so patient with me and confirmed his will to me in five different ways.

Again I end this with the caution to keep all things in line with the Bible.  Your Father is not going to tell you to do things that run counter to his Written Word.  Jesus knew better than to make food out of stones or jump off the mountain.  If he wouldn’t do that, neither should we try it.


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10 Responses to GOD SPEAKS – But What If I’m Wrong

  1. Great post to share. What a blessing. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. There are times when what we perceive as instructions are neither commanded nor condemned by scriptures. I’ve noticed that if I don’t act when I should or when I do act when I shouldn’t, I get the same internal, queasy feeling (usually in time to make corrections). In retrospect, I have found that emotional “nudging” to be reliable. His sheep know his voice. Now I just need to get better at listening. Take care.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Yes, Robert. I agree. It is amazing to think God sometimes talks to us just for our enjoyment – not because it is a great mission in life. But I acknowledge that for those who have not experienced that, it can look like a hallucination! We certainly have Biblical reason to believe he created Adam for communing with him. The loving heart of God still wants us for the same reason. Isn’t it Rev. 3:20 that says something like this, “Behold I stand at the door and knock…I will come in and dine with him.” Sounds pretty personal, doesn’t it? Thanks for the comment.

  3. Faye says:

    Great and interesting blog. Thank you. This week I will be posting on my blog one clear example of the profound and supernatural truth of when God clearly spoke to me. (I was young,(in the things of the Spirit)….. I had no experience of ‘listening’ yet in my inexperience I KNEW it was His Voice. Cheers! (He made sure I knew!) The sheep truly are meant to know His Voice and follow. x

  4. Winnie Andango says:

    I think this is an area many struggle with and are thus held back from obeying. I agree with you if it’s in line with the word of God then no harm done. We also have to be aware that the enemy will try to sow doubt in us to stop us from growing our confidence in hearing God. Like anything we have to learn sometimes fall and then we become mature. Thanks

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