We go to the Lord with our petitions.  We ask him to get us out of some kind of situation.  If he would just answer the way we want, it would save us money, or time, or pain; yes, if he would answer, it would be most convenient.  But in case he doesn’t do so in what we consider a timely manner, we’ll go with an alternate plan.

No job; borrow money.

Bad marriage, get a divorce.

Sick, go to the doctor.

Insecure, buy insurance.

Bored, watch more TV.

Stressed out, get drunk.

Hate your job, quit.

Life is hard, go to a counselor.

Can’t afford what you want, charge it.

Kids are bored, buy them something.

Dumb kids, change their school.

Addicted, join a support group.

Just no hope, jump out a ten story window.

And You, Good Father, want us to ask, trust, and wait. Some of the “alternate plans” might be his will for us, but we should go “through” Him to know,  not around”  Him to save the wait.

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8 Responses to ALTERNATE PLANS

  1. Salvageable says:

    Thank you for that last sentence. The Lord would never advise us to get drunk or jump out of a window, but it very likely is his will that we visit a doctor or a counselor. He has given those people the ability to help others; we may as well turn to them and thank God for them. J.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Salvageable, I expected that response would be prevalent among the readers. I think it has become so commonplace to go to a doctor or a counselor that most folks never even consider asking for God to be involved. Our children are swamped with going to doctors to such an extent that I believe their bodies never even have the opportunity to build immunity against even simple illnesses like the common cold or the bug. Is it surprising how many country people of my ilk “cured” strep throat with salt water gargles! Actually God IS the alternate plan in many cases. Being raised Pentecostal but now Baptist, I guess I can get by with the following: It is said that Pentecostals trust in God till they get too sick, then they go to the doctor; Baptists go to the doctor until they get too sick then they trust in God. That’s tongue in cheek. Thanks for the comment; I know you speak for many. And I added the last sentence because I believe it is sometimes the plan of God.

      • Salvageable says:

        Would you believe that my family doctor still suggests gargling with salt water? No doubt many people, many families, turn too much to medical professionals when God is capable of meeting their physical needs with the natural healing of the body he created.
        All the same, I am reminded of a story about a man who was in danger from a flash flood–I believe a dam had broken some miles away. A police officer driving through the neighborhood to evacuate people offered him a ride, but the man said, “I’m going to stay with my house–the Lord will protect me.” The police officer had other people to help, so he drove on. Later another man came down the street on a rowboat. The man who was in danger had moved his chair to the roof of his porch because of the water. The man in the rowboat offered to take him to dry ground, but the man said, “I’m going to stay with my house–the Lord will protect me.” By the time it was getting dark, the national guard came by in a helicopter. The man was at the highest part of the roof of his house. They lowered a rope to him, but he shouted, “I’m going to stay with my house–the Lord will protect me.” That night the man drowned and found himself in Paradise. The first thing he asked was, “Lord, I trusted you. Why didn’t you protect me?” The Lord replied, “Let’s see: I sent you a police car, a rowboat, and a helicopter….” J.

        • oneta hayes says:

          Quite a cute story. I agree entirely. I don’t always depend on miracles, but I do always (hopefully, try to) depend on God’s direction for myself. I’m sorry to say that I have now got into the habit of going to the doctor just ’cause. She checks, says okay, come back in three months and I do it. I’m going this week and don’t have a thing to talk to her about! I didn’t live most of my life like that. A lot of good it will do for her to say lose weight, and exercise. Think I don’t know that! I need a good talk with God about that but I really hate to bring up the subject with him. I’ll just go to the doctor. LOL 😀

  2. Faye says:

    Excellent post. When we choose an alternative path without ‘waiting’ on the Lord disasters can occur but always He can redeem. Think about Abraham……..if only he had ‘waited’ on God. Then, Ismael would not have been born. Isaac would have carried the Seed of Promise into the world without our current struggles where descendants of TWO sons of Abraham are in conflict today. His redemption plan is ALL will come……but …..only through the CROSS can we be one under ONE God. .

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    It’s a good point Oneta. We are always searching for the solution, the easy way out. Sometimes God doesn’t want us to have the ‘easy way.’

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