ABORTION as I see it!

When one gets right down to the nitty-gritty of the political divide in our USA, we may find the issue is abortion and other issues related to sexual practices.  One might say it is between two groups who have very different views of the sex act.  One group believes the sex act was designed by God to be a special (hopefully loving) relationship between husband and wife which sometimes results in pregnancy.  The other group believe in “sexual freedom” which might include any number of people, anywhere, anytime, any gender, – and perhaps even – any age.  For some of them it may be labeled “recreation.”

I might be challenged on this statement but I believe abortion is not all that common among  married couples.  Most married people are likely to use means to prevent pregnancy if they do not want more children.  I have not researched the statistics; however, I’m sure that is a subject in which it would be hard to find unbiased facts.  But I’m probably as knowledgeable as most of the women who marched in the Women’s March.  I’m sure not many of them had unbiased “facts.”

My opinion – the irresponsibility, the heavy partying, the peer pressures, the “braggadocious” males, and the “searching for love” females lead to irresponsible sex which often results in unwanted pregnancy.  Thus the perceived need for abortion.

Up to now, none of you will be surprised at what I have said, but you might be surprised that I said it.  It is a subject that intimidates conservatives who have been bullied by the sexual intolerance rampant in this day.

After I posted “Mum No Longer” I posted “nameless.”  A personal experience regarding a situation in which many people would recommend an abortion.  I am openly and emphatically pro-life.

So how would I deal with the situation if “nameless” were my child or my grandchild?  Be patient with me and see my next post.

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16 Responses to ABORTION as I see it!

  1. Salvageable says:

    A pro-choice web site I found through Google says “Most women getting abortions (83%) are unmarried;” J.

  2. Way to state the truth. Thank you!

  3. Looking forward to reading your next post!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I have more of my issues addressed and ready to post, about four or five more. I have to write something relating to Government, Society, and Community. What is our responsibility toward this issue.

  4. I am proud of you for taking a stand and writing openly about this issue. Well done post! Thanks for not staying “mum”. 😉

  5. Faye says:

    I’m pleased and proud you will express it openly. A TRUTH is true and should not be hidden. Marches and hollering always cause dissention and truth can be trammelled underfoot by noise. The pen however is mightier than the sword and the marching chanting brigade. Express it how you feel it. Blessings.

  6. I totally agree with you! Way to go. Yes, those of us who believe that all life is precious and to be guarded, generally, get flattened by the shouting, screaming media and pro-abortion people. We are told we are intolerant. It is always amazing to me that those hollering the loudest never listen to how amazingly intolerant they sound. They are only tolerant of you if you agree with their view of life. I have yet to see a pro life rally screaming hate and disgust for those who choose abortion. What I see with a pro life rally is deep sadness and sorrow for those who choose abortion and for the babies whose lives are torn apart, literally.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for your response. In my opinion it has become an sacrifice made to the “Sex” god or goddess of our country. I haven’t met you before. I will come visit. I hope you will read “Mum No Longer” and “nameless” they provide the basis for a series relating to abortion.

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