I ended my “nameless Revisited” post with the question about how I consider myself worthy to talk pro-life when I have admitted that “nameless” would break me.  I would cave in.  I felt I had to make the choice between two evils.  Maybe that is just the reason God is urging me to “no longer be mum” about the abortion issue.  Maybe he needs someone to speak who is not so sure of herself.  But I would ask him, “Why not someone who has enough faith the leave it to you?”  Of course, those who choose abortion would say abortion in this case was your way.  Who knows His ways!

He allowed (even willed) Mary to endure the pain and shame of an unmarried pregnancy.  Granted she was a little older but that culture was very strict regarding this issue; it was not legal or acceptable.  And I’m so glad she did.  She brought forth my Savior!

If “nameless” were fourteen, would I make the same decision.  I don’t think so.  I think she would be old enough to give birth.  I think she would understand that she would have a baby that some mommy and daddy would be so ever grateful for.  I don’t know.  She would have many issues to deal with besides the pregnancy.  She might be called upon to testify against someone who she might really have love for.  She would need to be convinced that she, herself, was a victim.  Hopefully she and I will not turn against “a God who allowed” that and instead, trust in a God who makes one stronger by taking them through hard places, who has promised to “work all things for good.”

If the pregnancy came about because of her life style, disobedience, and rebellion, hopefully she would be accepting that it was the consequence of her own actions.  It would be my decision to urge her to keep her child.  The consequence was an outcome of her choice.  We would have a long “time out” and the baby would be put up for adoption.

A couple other hard situations.  As I said before I would choose the mother’s life over the life of a baby.  So I would make exception for LIFE of the mother, not the HEALTH of the mother.  Health of the mother is a wimpy word that means anything one wants it to mean.

Rape is a terrible thing.  It would be hard, but I think I would choose the save the baby. The victim has a lot to recover from and this might be just adding more, but I think one should not abort the baby.  There might be even a sense of having something positive develop from giving birth and allowing a baby to be given to a couple who could have a child no other way.  I’m not all that sure about the context being applicable but the Bible says, “the son (child) shall not die for the sins of the father.”  Two wrongs do not make a right.  (A great and encouraging novel on this subject – The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers.)

I mentioned a sin that I think is even more damaging than murder when it comes to the abortion issue.  That I deal with next.  “I’ll Do It My Way – Rebellion”


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16 Responses to ABORTION ISSUES (continued)

  1. You’ve brought up some very thought provoking points.

  2. Your view on abortion is so closely in line with mine. And yes my heart would still break to have to choose in the case of nameless. There is no “good” answer. Either way there is hurt, devastation and consequences that will follow for life.

    • oneta hayes says:

      The “for life” part is so often sacrificed to a quick end answer. Thank you for your comment. (Do I remember that your name is Margaret – anyway how do you prefer to be addressed by your blogging friends?)

      • My name is Faye. But I answer to many title LOL. And how do you prefer to be addressed?

        • oneta hayes says:

          Oh, now I have to look for Margaret! Most Oneta. Because of my age some mannerly younguns address me as Ms Oneta. Thanks, Faye.

          • LOL. because of your age. I am probably older than you :). I get called Maam occasionally and that is okay also…though it does make me feel kind of old. I cannot help you with a Margaret.

            • oneta hayes says:

              I read your About of something on your blog which indicated that you are definitely older than you look! I am quite open about my age – 83 last week. God has worked some medical marvels in my life. I’m grateful. But I’m not calling you Maam, Faye. 😀

              • I am 59, turning 60 this year. I have never had an issue speaking about my age. I figure this is the years God has graced me with and it really is so much more fun to celebrate each year rather than worry how old I am.
                I have really been enjoying your blog. Your heart is beautiful and I love how you love people.

          • LOL… well, if this helps my name is Margaret 🙂

            • oneta hayes says:

              Well, Hi Margaret. Actually I went over to your blog to see if you were my missing Margaret, but I couldn’t find your name. I know I saw it one time, but don’t know where. You and Faye joined me just one day apart. It looks like maybe I’m not following you. I will go correct that right now. See you later, Margaret!

              • oneta hayes says:

                On your page I’m shown as a follower. Hold up, WordPress, catch me up! 😀

              • Hahaha. I couldn’t help it. I don’t believe in coincidences so when I saw you had lost your Margaret, I had to share my name. I figured it wasn’t me because I don’t have my name on anything, don’t have any social media but I am a “Margaret” 🙂

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