Would mankind continue or would it become extinct?


 Situation One:   I’m a female married to a female.  Obviously we cannot have children. So if everyone were just like me ….

Situation Two:   I’m a female in love with a man.  We do not want children until we marry.  If I get pregnant, it is nice that abortion is legal.  If everyone were just like me…..

Situation Three:  I’m a male in love with my daughter.  My wife died.  My daughter is willing so why not have sex?  Yes, I know we might have children who pass on diseases and deformities but it probably won’t show up in our generation   If everyone were just like me….

Situation Four:  I like to party.  Bring it on!  Break out the beer.  … Pregnant?  Gotta get an abortion.  If everyone were just like me….

Situation Five:  I am a rapist.  I’m sorry I hurt her but my  “lesser man” got the best of me.  Anyway I’ll behind these bars for the rest of my life.  If everyone were just like me…..

Situation Six:  No, I didn’t know much about her.  Who would have ever guessed she had HIV?  If everyone were just like me….

Situation Seven:  I have been married for four years.  I have a lover on the side. Just for fun you know.  What do you mean I’ve given my wife syphilis?  If everyone were just like me…

Situation Eight:  I’ve been raped.  It left so much damage to my body, I will never be able to have children.  Not my fault but if everyone were just like me…

Situation Nine:  My husband has been loyal and faithful, and I wouldn’t dream of betraying our marriage vows.  We have two  children and we will probably have another.   If everyone were just like me...

Which plan do you think was God’s plan?  It seems quite likely that he doesn’t intend to let people mess up his plan.






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  1. calmkate says:

    Ouch, this seems somewhat unrealistic … not many rapists go to goal? No daughter is ‘willing’, how can they stop their father when they know it’s not right?

    Sadly in the 1970’s in Sydney 89% of women having abortions were happily married Catholic women! Why? Because the Church forbids them to use contraception!? This caused huge concern when the Right to Lifer’s wanted to storm the abortion offices for personal details … many would have found their wife or daughters name listed.

    Which is the lesser evil? Not all sex is consensual, especially in families.

    • oneta hayes says:

      In one of my posts I referred to stats which would be hard to come by which were unbiased. I made my statement based on The National Abortion Federation which sounded pretty reliable. They stated, “Married women are significantly less likely than unmarried women to resolve unintended pregnancies through abortion.” One of my readers commented a pro-choice website stated that 83% of women receiving abortions were unmarried. My situation of daughter and father was because of a situation on TV where they claimed they were in love, mother was dead, and they wanted to get married. Thankfully many rapists do get put away. The other situations I think are not uncommon at all. True that not all married sex in rooted in happiness, but I do think between two people who are loyal and faithful to each other is the ideal. Keep me on my toes. I’m glad to reconsider the issues. Thanks for giving me input from the other side. Groups can learn a lot from each other if they are not screaming 😀

      • calmkate says:

        Totally appreciate that you are willing to ‘listen’, I have no proof of those figures just that they were so shocking to me that I actually remembered them.

        But any discussion of abortion does need to include the whole ‘contraception’ issue also?

  2. Faye says:

    Abortion laws need to be reformed in all countries. Even catholics as mentioned above have been for generations able to limit families without contraceptive practices that medically interfered with nature’s cycle. Education, respect each for the other, and understanding of one’s body is necessary in any planned ,natural’ control. Not me but members of my family learnt that discipline and love kept their families limited. I believe in sex education for children. I also believe that girls should learn early respect for their own bodies and that saying NO! is great control and shows respect. . Your blog raises vital issues and I thank you for the courage and ability you show to spell it all out. It opens up discussion from many levels and areas. Thank you. Also your statement we ALL should keep learning, Growing and connecting to ‘other voices’. We should find out if we don’t know. We had a survey in our country. 7% of catholic priests molested children. (terrible!!) But of the other 93% How many changed the world for the better? What incredible people live and work to make the world better? 2.5% or our nation are homosexuals. With More than 98% not why oH why are laws and attitudes forcing the world to conform to one opinion.. (marriage laws redefined etc etc etc. and don’t dare say anything………..You will be labelled!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks, Faye, for adding your thoughts to mine. I really do not think 2% of the country should be able to set rules for everybody. Minorities should be protected. I will be very glad if we can get originalists by in the majority of the Supreme Court. Laws should not be made by judiciary. That is the legislators job – leaders who are voted on by people and accountable to their constituents. 😀 (Company today so I didn’t get much blogging done.).

  3. Your post made me think. I do believe God had in mind one man and one woman for a marriage. I do believe He intended that children who are conceived should be given a chance to live. I do also believe we need to listen to all sides. If we don’t how are we to influence others without having any contact?
    I think the verse:
    A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1 is so true. Too many times we and others scream to be heard, to be understood to be right. All it does is create tension and fighting. I love your “soft answer” approach to a thorny issue.

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