Yesterday I left with a statement about other issues in abortion besides the question of when life begins and the question of whether abortion is murder.

The next serious issue is that of the woman who has the abortion.  We hear of the millions of unborn we have lost – a great loss to humanity whatever the reason.  We seldom think of the millions of women who are living with the heartache of guilt, loneliness, ill health, sorrow that they are paying for the choice they made.

Young women, quit being used!  You are being made the pawn of

  • a society that makes a god of its sexual “freedom,”
  • a law based on something called “privacy” rights unheard of in civilized societies for thousands of years,
  • a political institution that has to convince women to have abortions or they lose their funding,
  • a woman’s group who cry “It’s my body, and I can do what I want with it,”
  • men who have no regard for a woman except as an object to be used, and
  • other women who want cover for their own bad choices.

After the party is over, all the actors have done their thing and moved on to the next project, you are living with the choice.  Perhaps not even what would have been your choice if you had been aware of the consequences.  You see, Planned Parenthood can give you an abortion without you seeing that baby inside you, but they cannot protect you from seeing the picture of your friend’s ultrasound.  They cannot protect you from the pain of thinking, “That’s the size my baby was…”  They cannot protect you from a lifetime of the anguish of “What ifs.”  They will do nothing if you find you cannot conceive again.  They do nothing to stop the dreams of blessings you missed or the nightmares of a crying child.

Yes, young woman, you do have a choice, but in making that choice refuse to be manipulated as a pawn in a chess game.   Remember the easy way out is probably not the easy way out.

Ending on a more pleasant note. If you are one who chose to have your baby and gave it up for adoption, you might have some of the same regrets, but you will always have the comfort of having done what was best for your baby and probably for you also.

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  1. There is so much wisdom in this post. I have a friend who worked at a pro-life clinic. She spent her days counseling distraught women who had had abortions. Their heartache and misery was something they could hardly stand to live with.

    • oneta hayes says:

      It tears at the heart. I hear today that the lady involved in Roe vs Wade died. She spent the last several years trying to undo what had been done in her name. I’m glad she had a change of heart. Wonder who provoked her to the point of going to the Supreme Court. There comes a time when nothing can help except forgiveness of oneself and others.

  2. Faye says:

    Well blogged Oneta. Young women, quit being used. Value yourself HIGHLY. See yourself as a young man’s dearest possession of a much higher value than his old Datsun car he takes out and about. and doesn’t much care about. You are to be the Prize….the wonderful….just beyond reach Ferarri he may one day have. This one can only be purchased with LOVE. Any girl who can have this vision of herself as worth more than the lesser and find the courage to say NO finds life’s value. . We need more mothers and grandmothers and great-grand mothers telling this generation that the greatest choice they have is the choosing to value themselves more than the society that would have everyone touting that sex is a game.

  3. calensariel says:

    You know, I worked as a counselor for two years for the Crisis Pregnancy Center in our area. One of the things they offered was a grief course for women who had had an abortion in the past and the emotions had finally caught up with them. Which they will, sooner or later…

  4. Dawn Marie says:

    “…you are living with the choice.” You. I pray more women understand the impact of this one simple word. Hugs to you for being so brave to address such an important issue.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks, dear Dawn. I appreciate the kindness you show. I have to do more on this issue but I seem hung up for a few days. If the Lord doesn’t inspire me, I have nothing to give of myself.

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