Questions: Why do I oppose abortion but support capital punishment?  What about euthanasia, suicide, and “end of life” decisions?

Blogger comment:    “…that several situations are related: abortion, capital punishment, suicide, euthanasia and other end of life decisions. Logically, if we oppose the taking of life in one situation, how can we support it in another?”

Pro-life supporters are often challenged by the “capital punishment” issue.  For me it is a simple matter.  Abortion takes the life of an innocent being; capital punishment takes the life of a guilty being.

I am against euthanasia, but I am not against “end of life” decisions.  The difference is that in euthanasia something has to be administered to bring about death; “end of life” issues relate to whether or not to continue administering something which only keeps a “dead” body functioning.  I have no idea what I would do in the case of withholding food and water to bring about the end of life.  I don’t think I could do it, but I haven’t been faced with that issue.

 Bloggers comment:  “I was the one who made the decision to end the measures being taken to keep my mother alive. They certainly weren’t “extreme” measures, but the question of what love required was a complicated one.”

The person who has to give the okay in these cases, is probably the person who knows and loves the “patient” most.  If it were me, I would probably make the decision based on what I know the “patient” would prefer.  This issue should be settled by a living will, but is often not for the same reason I haven’t made one yet.  But if it happens I believe my husband and sons know I would not want to be kept alive by drugs and machines.

Suicide, of course, I believe is wrong, but I do not believe it means that person is eternally damned because of it, as some people do.  They hold that belief because it is a sin which cannot be repented of.  I believe sins must continually be repented (and stopped) but I also know there is much to be said for the grace of God.

I believe assisted suicide is wrong for the same reason I believe euthanasia and abortion is wrong.  Some second party must do something to cause the death.


Although I do not cite Bible scriptures, I believe the issues as stated above are in accordance with the Bible.  However, I recognize that all Christians would not agree with me.  It’s my blog so I’m blogging – not doing a research paper. 😀  I hope you will share your beliefs with me – sort of it’s my blog but your comments!  I like to see two sides.  As Archie Bunker would say, “There are two sides to every issue – my side and the wrong side.”  😀     (I’m joking)

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9 Responses to TOUGH QUESTIONS

  1. Salvageable says:

    You and I are in full agreement on each of these issues. The execution of a murderer affirms the value of life–there is no contradiction in permitting capital punishment while being pro-life. On withhold food and water, there are medical circumstances in which that is appropriate, as the body is no longer functioning well enough to benefit from those necessities. Regarding suicide, I agree that faith is an ongoing condition; it is not erased by a sudden sin, whether deliberate suicide or an accidental death while sinning. Depression is an illness that can lead to suicide, just as cancer is an illness that can lead to death. Neither is evidence of a lack of faith. J.

  2. Faye says:

    I think the complexities of capital punishment have always caused me to be a bit confused about this. A life is a life and is that life forfeited by some act perpetrated?…… but what about the executioner. is it an excuse to say it is his/her job to kill another person. In my country there have been many cases in our colonial past when the executioner was more guilty than the person condemned. Too late when someone is dead to say oops we’ve made a mistake. I’ll be in trouble here but I also have a big issue with the sanctity of life being justifiably protected and regarded as sacred then for the mighty dollar a country legislates to say its ok for folks to all carry guns. No one was born with a gun. Whose rights are in focus here in this issue? Surely not innocent lives who happen to be accidently shortened. As your blogger above commented Depression is an illness in the same way as cancer is an illness. Neither is evidence of a lack of faith in the person. The lack of faith is when folks around say ‘It was or is all God’s fault’. Like the Port Arthur massacre here in Oz. A maniac killed 38 innocent people with an arsenal of shotguns (many were little children)…..Was it God’s fault? Was there a need for a change in gun laws? Godly Wisdom prevailed. . Great Blog again thank you.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks, Faye, for other views. Capital punishment is a punishment and also intended as a deterrent. The question of the executioner is mute. He is acting in the name of law. Romans 11 certainly confirms that a governmental system is sanctioned by God. It is established in the Old Testament and it is not denied in any way by Jesus or any other New Testament teachings. The “turn the other cheek” teaching of Jesus is certainly not talking about governments. For me the hesitancy regarding Cap. Pun. is that there might have been a mistake; that is a serious concern – not only because of innocent punished but also that the guilty got off. Our Constitution gives the right to carry a gun. It is my feeling that the if more law abiding people carried a gun, there would not be so many criminals using guns! Where the 38 people were killed, a lawful gun carrier could have saved a lot of lives by a shot to the killer. Our present media are very careful to point out when guns are used to kill, but they are not equally honest about the occasions when guns have saved lives. You and Salvageable both mention Depression but I’m not sure why that got into the conversation, except that it is relevant to the suicide issue. I don’t think I said anything to indicate that I do not believe depression causes a lot of suicides That does not mean, however, that anyone condones suicide, does it? Suicide seems to be a sign of a lack of hope, Just how that fits with a lack of faith is probably debatable. I’m not talking about a lack of faith unto salvation, but faith that God is working all things out (I guess that would be synonymous with hope). Thanks again for extending our thoughts.

  3. luckyjc007 says:

    Great post…and I am in agreement with you.

  4. I used to be so much more sure that capital punishment was right. As I get older I also see the side of the that Faye speaks to….that someone has to execute (kill) the guilty person. I am not sure I can ask that of someone as I could not do it myself.
    I do know if someone was threatening my family in a way I thought was life threatening I probably could shoot them. For me that would be in self defense. I also pray I am never put into such a situation.
    In a strange way I am grateful this is an issue I struggle with. I think it should not be an easy question to answer.
    So yeah……I really have no concrete answer.

  5. I had the duty to call off life support for my brother. I still wrestle with my decision.

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