mary mother of JesusMy heart sang with rapture when they found him. That son of mine! He was in the temple, talking to the teachers!

I recall how it was at the beginning – when the angel came to me. What bliss! What ecstasy! What elation! I, Mary, the mother of God’s Son!

That was twelve years ago, and through the years the memory has faded only slightly. For twelve years I’ve waited. Now everybody in our caravan will know how special he is! I know some of the family has never believed me – especially not Joseph’s two cousins. Now they’ll know!

Jesus has been a very good boy – kind and gentle. But he does sometimes have trouble with his brothers and sisters. He learns well, but not miraculously – he studies a lot. He is special but nothing about him indicates he is the Son of God. I’ve hinted that he could prove his special heritage by performing a miracle; he just responds with a sad, rebuking look.

Now he has done it! Jesus, my son, astounded the rulers in the temple! Now, all the family will know Jesus is more than a regular child – more than just a son of man. He is the Son of God, the son of Mary! Now his time has come! Just wait until tomorrow…just wait!

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11 Responses to MARY’S SOLILOQUY (1 OF 4)

  1. I always wonder what Mary was thinking …. raising the Son of God. Do you think she knew how His life would end? I always wonder that too.
    I love how this post makes me ponder these things. Thank you.

    • oneta hayes says:

      When Jesus was taken to the temple during which time, Simeon prophesied that “a sword would pierce her soul” and she was likely to have known of the OT prophets. I think she knew the end of his life would be a tragic circumstance. She also knew he was the Messiah, the Savior. As I have indicated by my last statement, I think she knew he was destained for fame. Did she think he would be received as King? I don’t know A lot of Jewish people at that time expected him to reign as an earth King. (I might be wrong about that.) Anybody know based on the scriptures – or even have an opinion.)

  2. dawnlizjones says:

    Wow, good insight with the pride! Son of God AND son of Mary! Never thought of that one!

  3. oneta hayes says:

    dawnliz, I hope I didn’t come off as thinking Mary had a kind of “sinful” pride – at least, I hope our pride in our sons is not sinful. It might have been had he lot her sway his decisions, but I doubt that she did. I don’t see any evidence that she had pride in being chosen to be the mother of God’s son although her first reaction was hat she was highly honored and favored to be the mother of the Messiah. I think her heart had been stabbed many times before his ministry years. For example when he stayed at the temple, she surely must have been proud of his ability but wouldn’t there be a lot of fear about what would come next. I can just image he talks with Joseph regarding the prophesies of Old. I suppose the Catholic view is that she could not have had a sinful pride; that is not my view. But I think she was an uncommonly good woman polished in the fires of persecution and delighted when Jesus performed miracles.

  4. Faye says:

    great insights here. I love this. I do believe Mary knew from the time of ‘conception’ her Son was not ‘ordinary’ and even meeting Elizabeth and the leaping of her fetus in the womb would be a constant reminder that ‘unlike’ any others HE came for a special purpose. What a responsibility, to be a handmaiden to experience ALL that His Life would entail and how you, His Mother, would have to also ‘suffer’. contemplative piece of writing.

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