This blog is a bit late on Saturday for some of you, but here it will still be Saturday for several hours, so I’m in time for SoCS.  With that said, I ask this question:

“How do I know when to say “weather” and when to say “climate.”  Short answer is that weather has to do with short term time periods like, “The weather today is pleasant.”  Or even used for weeks, months, or a few years.  “We have had nice weather for the last three years.”  Climate relates to long term weather conditions for many years, long enough to have predictable effects.”  That’s enough of that!

More important is a question of whether the weather in your home is pleasant, warm, cold, or freezing.  It makes for misery when children run in from school and find unpleasant “weather.”  Sometimes it takes a bit of time for them to feel the chill in the air.  But they will probably notice a weather change when they hear how mom greets them.  No cookies and milk today, huh?  Just grab some crackers and go outside, instead? Chilly weather!

Now dad can catch on quite fast when he walks in.  How fast does it take for his fair damsel to tell him to carry his shoes to the bedroom?    Chilly weather!  Or does she have the coffee perking at a pleasant peak, and she seems mighty perky herself and, of all things – is that cinnamon rolls?  Sunny weather!

Have you noticed whether you are the one who controls the weather in your house?  Do you sometimes turn the temperature control on freezing?  Or how about the times you might have it set so hot it brings sweat to the faces of your house mates?  Find a temperature range that is comfortable for all the living creatures in your house.  Even your dog or cat and tell and appreciate the difference!


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  1. Oh Oneta– once again– such wisdom!
    Thank you!

  2. Janice Wald says:

    My mother-in-law was named Oneta.
    I met you at Jacqueline’s party. You sounded funny, so I came over.
    I’m Janice. I blog over at I met you at Jacqueline’s party. Maybe you can check out my blog. I offer blogging tips and I host 10 blog parties a month including meet and greets like Jacqueline.

    • oneta hayes says:

      My goodness, Janice, you must be a busy lady. Yes, I certainly will check out your blog. I’ve known of three or four Onetas. One was in a singing group with me; one was a teacher in the same school system; one was a cousin whom I never met. Can’t think of others. Where is your Oneta? Mine are in Oklahoma.

      • Janice Wald says:

        Hi Oneta,
        I have never met any other people named Oneta. I can’t wait to tell my husband I met someone with his mother’s name. Sadly, she passed; however, she lived a long life and didn’t die until her 90s.
        I will look forward to your visit to my blog. We are in California.

        • oneta hayes says:

          I went over to see. You have a lot I would like to read. No time now. I’m going with my husband to a Saturday night “potluck” dinner at the senior center. Didn’t find a follow to check. Don’t normally do “subscribe” because I don’t really know what that means. Why do you do that instead of follow. Maybe you have a link to tell the advantages, huh? I have a blog relating to my name. I’ll send it later if I can find it. I either leave this blogging right now or I go out with uncurled hair! 😀

          • Janice Wald says:

            Hi Oneta,
            1. Thank you for writing that my articles sound interesting to you.
            2. You asked why I don’t have a “follow” button. Since I am self-hosted now, people subscribe to the blog. It means they will get email notifications when I publish a new post. However, I brought you a link. This is to my email list. If you enter your email and activate the link in your email, you will only receive notifications from me a few times a week. You will also be redirected to a “thank you,” a pdf with 123 free blogging tools.
            Thank you for your interest in signing up. Here is the sign up link:
            I hope you enjoyed your dinner at the senior center. I try to take the curl out of my hair! I use a flat iron.

  3. Brilliant use of weather. People create a differing climate change in their own environment. My home is peaceful and calm and I love to be in the home to ground and find my inner peace. My cats they notice the difference immediately they also become calm or the scurry around madly moving invisible energy that is not wanted, this is different from their playtimes. We are in control of our weather and should make sure it is temperate all the time.

  4. calmkate says:

    great wisdom Oneta, control the weather and calm the busyness 🙂

  5. shoreacres says:

    This led to some interesting thoughts. Your metaphorical use of “weather” is great, and I enjoyed it. But then I thought that “weather” isn’t a word I would use to describe conditions inside a dwelling, and I wondered why. One reason I came up with is that we can control our home environment by opening or shutting windows, changing the thermostat, adding a humidifier or dehumidifier, and so on. But we can’t change the weather outside. After twenty-eight years of varnishing (!!!) that’s a lesson I’ve learned, and it was a hard one.

    Believe me: if I could change the weather, I’d not be varnishing, and I’d be a rich woman. Can you imagine the resorts around the world, or the farmers, who would hire me to change their weather?

    • oneta hayes says:

      You are right, shoreacres. I wonder, do they still try cloud dusting or whatever that bit was they tried to make rain? Do you know? I’m not sure what it was called. I don’t this it was very successful but I remember how my daddy hoped for it. Gonna go google.

  6. Debbie L says:

    Very clever! I’ve been missing your blog so looks like I need to catch up. First time I’ve seen SOCs!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I went over to check whether I am still on your follow. I am, but it doesn’t seem like I get an e-mail notice very often. I do see you quite regularly on IB’s blog so I knew you were still around. I don’t know what might be happening. Anyway good to see you back. I’ve enjoyed the SoCs.

      • Debbie L says:

        TBH, I don’t post regularly! I try to keep up with a few bloggers who I get email notices on! I’m following you but I have to catch you in my “reader!” I’ve always enjoyed your like-minded posts!!!

        • oneta hayes says:

          I like the e-mail. I would miss far too many favorites if I depended on the Reader. But I do enjoy the Reader when I get to it. I break my e-mails divided between immediate, daily and weekly so I catch everybody at least two or three a week. The weekly come in weekly but I can check as many as I have time for in each blog. I do enjoy seeing like-minded people in the comments of others. I’m playing catch-up with your catch-up today. Fun and thanks.

  7. ghostmmnc says:

    Your thoughts on the atmosphere/weather in a person’s home is great! I can usually tell if it is sunny or stormy, just by people’s tone of voice or actions. Good take on the prompt! 🙂

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for your comments. I’ve been surprised the last few days how often I have thought of this post in relation to my own home. Not much our of routine go on around here. But I want warm weather with a spark of sunshine sometimes! What can I do to make the sun shine a bit brighter? It sometimes bothers me when I have to eat my own words!

  8. Faye says:

    Great blog. Thank you. Thought provoking. Sometimes the weather inside a home can be changed if a husband or father has had a bad day and comes home bringing a hurricane with him. Quickly the necessity for a pocket of calm in the centre is needed. More thoughts in my mind here. Oh how personal responsibility matters. (believe me I know I fail but am still learning).

    • oneta hayes says:

      I have had to eat my words. I find myself thinking of this blog much more than I intended to! We don’t have many storms but I might be able to set the “pleasant” zone a little wider! 😀

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