God will not be swayed into doing something because one of his “prophets” says he will.

One time in the midst of a need, I received an e-mail assuring me that “My day was going to be blessed, my prayer was going to be answered that day.” How exciting! I hoped it was true. It wasn’t.

I’ve heard people who definitely believed _____(fill in the blank) because Bro. Blank  said it was going to come to pass. God answers prayers prayed in Jesus’ name not in Bro. Blank’s name. Bro. Blank might be a wonderful son of God, but God is not going to be manipulating by Bro. Blank’s promise to you. That sounds very light-weight for most of you, my readers, but I can’t believe the loyalty some people have to a particular minister’s “word” to them.

God will not be forced into action by fasting (a hunger strike)

Thanks to my son, Carl, for bringing to my mind the following scripture. Isaiah 58:1-7 regarding Israel’s motivation for fasting. Fasting must not be a hunger strike! That’s about all I can say because I haven’t fasted much when I didn’t also have a “lose some weight” goal that nudged into my sincerity.  It will not work for manipulating God.  I heard about some prisoners who were on a hunger strike to get the warden to do something – I don’t remember what.  Don’t know what happened, but I doubt that it worked.  If I were the warden I would have saved the food money and put it in a penny bank!  And God is much smarter than I.  He would probably say, “All right, sit and pout – and get hungry.”

That scripture, however, is very appropriate to my subject. They say (Hayes translation) “You’ve seen us fasting and being hard on ourselves and you don’t care one whit!” God answers (Hayes translation) “Yes, I see, but you get no place yelling to make me hear your voices. What I want is for you to (verse 6).” In other words, fasting will get you no where if it is for the purpose of manipulating God!

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  1. this looks very familiar Oneta 🙂

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