So this is my closing remarks on that subject.

Be aware when someone is trying to manipulate you for the purpose of manipulating God. Some time back, I attended a meeting where the leader pitched into the people present because they had come in to the meeting room, sat down quietly and seemed to me to be praying quietly or meditating on the Lord. He berated them/us for not standing with upraised hands. I was among those who were sitting quietly concentrating in a what I thought was a prayerful manner.

Making oneself physically miserable by standing and holding up hands will not move the hand of God anymore than sitting quietly.

I point to the contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal, who shouted and cut themselves with stones. Flagellation is something the heathens do to impress their gods. Personally I can keep my mind on God more if I am not in pain! 

I want to make it clear that I am not against standing and raising holy hands. I’m even for lifting sinful hands in repentance. I’m all for it when that’s what you want to do. It might impress people but it will not work as a means of manipulating God. 

Have a wonderful day and lift up holy hands unto the Lord! And if they are sinful hands, remember our loving intercessor, Jesus.


An added note:  I am definitely not against any of the “actions” mentioned in this group of posts.  I can find scriptures supporting all of them – preaching, singing, being prayed for by others, fasting, lifting up hands, standing in worship, finding a scripture to hold on to – even clapping your hands, shouting, falling down.  God is a creative God and people are emotional beings.  One cannot see him and be untouched!   I’m against any formula that says any one of these actions will draw you into the presence of God in an cause and effect sort of way – in a way that says, “I’m doing my thing, now God you must do yours (mine).  What God wants is repentance, humility, contrite hearts, obedience, and hungering and thirsting for him.

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10 Responses to BRAY ALL YOU WANT BUT… 3

  1. I wonder what he would have said to those who feel more drawn to prostrating themselves before God

    • oneta hayes says:

      God would probably look twice to believe what he saw! 😀 Then imagine how he would run to put his loving arms around that person, draw him/her dear, and breath words of love to him/her.

  2. Some of our man-imposed Godliness is amusing, to say the least. I think one should worship as the Spirit leads them and like you said even if they raise their sinful hands and voices the blood of Jesus that cleanses will make their prayers acceptable.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Only he knows the sincerity of the heart. The action itself does nothing – Oh, I think I will backtrack on that. For some people the very act of doing “something” is a humbling and worshiping attitude. Again it is God who knows the heart. My concern is a routine that does not begin in the heart. And it is sad that some folks do not know the difference. Thanks for stretching my brain cells, Jacque.

  3. Dawn Marie says:

    Hungering for the Lord…indeed!! ANd how sweet it is when our cups runeth over from His love for us!!

  4. calmkate says:

    i so appreciate your practical realistic outlook Oneta 🙂

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