A line from a song in my childhood:  “Heaven is a holy place, Filled with glory and with grace.  Sin can never enter in.”  Honest evaluation, now.  Does Heaven Sound Boring to You?  No sin, no fights, no dirty jokes, no sex,  no R-rated movies or books, no gossip, no bullying. No participation in such things nor even being entertained that way.

Things there will be true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good in action and in thought. And we will be spending lots of time just worshiping God, and singing about him.

Sounds pretty boring to me!  What’s the next choice?  Oh, really?  That’s not good; I guess Heaven will be better, but it still sounds boring.

insanitybytes2 deals with “garbage in, garbage out” in an excellent article.  Please go read it.  We have been brainwashed!

We have compromised standards of entertainment to the place that more filth is dished out for shock value to an audience that is no longer shocked at anything.  I ask, “How long has it been since you have seen anyone blush?”  I’m sure the kid who first stuck a porn picture in my face in high school got a kick out of my blush.  I remember how hard it was to act as though it didn’t bother me.  I wish I had slapped his face, but I didn’t.

Now it is near standard fare on television in our homes.  My little girls were watching children cartoons on my kindle.  I watched with them for a while, no problem.  They went on their way for something and I clicked a kiddie picture in the side bar.  Cartoon again.  A little girl playing in a little inflatable pool with a slide.  She ran around the slide to climb it.  While she was out of sight, a man (still cartoon) came along and urinated in the water.  She did not see him, but all the little ones watching the cartoon saw what happened.

True, none of that will be in Heaven.  Sounds boring, huh?  I’m not through but I’m quitting for today.  See you later.  Meanwhile, mull over my question a bit.  It might lead us to a little more understanding of sanctification.


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  1. Well said! Thanks for the mention.

    When I was a kid,I actually decided I was not going to heaven. Too boring, just sitting on a cloud listening to harp music sounded like a giant time out to me. As you can imagine, flat out informing God you have no intention of going there can be a bit problematic when it comes to how you are going to live your life.

    I trusted God with my life, just not with my after life. I have since come to understand that the absence of sin is not the absence of life, fun, excitement, entertainment. The Lord knows us so well and He has prepared something that will have us singing for real. It is such a tragedy that in our modern world, we have hard time imagining what Holy would even look like. We think it means stuffy or judgmental or boring. How silly we are.

  2. oneta hayes says:

    So right. Yes, holy is hard to understand from our “earthy” minds. I see it as the delight of a little child who is looking into his mother’s face. I plan to have that kind of delight when I see the face of God. He will give me a hug and tell me to run on now and do my chores, or whatever!

  3. I think boring is perfect for a change… 🙂🙂🙂

  4. Faye says:

    In 2017 with so much carnality the contrast between heaven and earth seems much wider. Because of the absolute holiness of GOD the contrast between absolute LIGHT and what we are seeing here now will be anything but boring. Children think in different ways ….to be in a place where you can find holy PEACE unpolluted by what often constitutes for worship and God is SUPREME and the music and beauty that is His hearts desire. Now that is my joy and Hope to journey towards. Won for us at such a horrific price….following Him. We are His. Oh what a Highway of Life we are able to travel on. Grace and peace to you!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Exciting to those of us who love and trust him, who know just a glimpse of majestic mountains, fragile butterflies, and ridiculous looking rhinoceroses is but a peek into the charm and excitement of his kingdom which is far beyond what our mind can conceive. Hallelujah. Rejoice.

  5. Salvageable says:

    When Jesus spoke about the new creation, he didn’t mention clouds or harps. He talked about a wedding reception–good food and drink, music, dancing, surrounded by people one loves. That does not seem boring to me at all. On the other hand, hell will be boring. Nothing to do, no one to love, and all eternity to do nothing. J.

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