Facebook pulled this up for me today. I posted last year. But it is certainly still a call we need to heed. Intercede for America today.

Sweet aroma

I have been touched today by a scripture I read this morning.  Jeremiah 48:36, God speaking, “So my heart sounds for Moab like flutes, and My heart sounds for the men of Qir Heres like flutes.  Therefore the wealth they made shall be gone..”  I opened YouTube and listened to the sound of a flute as I sat meditating on that scripture. I challenge you, dear reader, to do the same.  Feel the loving heart of God who has given up on any segment of people or culture who have turned their backs on him choosing other gods instead.  Just a chapter or two before that, Jeremiah is telling of the people who are choosing the “Queen of Heaven” over the true God.  Unbelievable!

What if in the writings of the future, I were to read that God says, “So my heart laments for the USA, and the men of Oklahoma City…

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8 Responses to AMERICA IN CRISIS

  1. thewayonline says:

    Yesterday the Lord laid Jeremiah 34 and Lamentations on my heart to study. America is in crisis and we need to repent of all of our wickedness!

  2. Faye says:

    Dear One. Yes America needs to repent but let’s honestly see what is happening across the world. Australia the land down under once was seen as ‘distant’ from the rest of the world. This nation with its rich Christian Heritage has also lost it way. Increasingly secular it would appear that Governments, people in authority no longer feel remorse for evil. Deception (straight from darkness) is invading all aspects of life. Christians and their standpoint and indeed their lifestyles are no longer respected but openly reviled. What is being promoted here is perhaps not as openly viscious as rising racial tensions in US.(viscious in other ways equally evil) But we as believers are in a major battle with encroaching darkness. Its as if the KINGDOMS of this Earth are waging war with the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We are called to pray for our nations. But the call is Repentance from denying God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ ALONE. We can pray for it to happen but as individuals I do believe we have to KNOW ABSOLUTELY what is our standpoint. LOVE for all people must be our aim BUT…………what is not in alignment with the Word of God or the message of Christ can never be our standpoint.. Strength in Him and Grace and Peace to you.

  3. calensariel says:

    I’m pretty sure God is doing a lot of lamenting at the moment. He’s probably thinking, here we go again. They STILL don’t get it…

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