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I had a little quibble with myself yesterday when I posted   “Marvel of Man’s Achievement,” including the phrases “man-handled” and “achievements which can be made by man.”  I started to clean up the gender issue with more PC words, explaining that I also thought woman could do amazing things, but I didn’t.  I decided to pursue that issue as a follow up.  So here is the follow-up.

People who don’t read the Bible much can really rant about what they perceive as a neglect for “women’s rights” in the Word of God.  A dead give-away that they are taking somebody else’s word, not reading for themselves.

In the first place, the scripture I used about “subduing” and “ruling” the earth is very plainly addressed to male and female. Role issues related to families, but those roles did not limit man or woman in any way as far as subduing or ruling the earth  – except during the labor pains – they will interfere with a higher level of thinking for a few hours.  😀

In the Old Testament, we find landowners, daughters of Zelophehad, Caleb, Job:   Deborah, the prophetess, judge, and military leader; Construction workers: Shallum’s daughters;  Jael, the woman who murdered the general of the army; Abigail, the brilliant negotiator; Esther who saved her people from destruction.  And the New Testament present Lydia as a merchant seller of cloth.  I’m sure I missed some good examples, but I don’t want to get into researching the matter right now.

Then top those examples off with the Proverbs 31 woman.  Women can expand their wings about any way they want to with wisdom, power, and authority.  I think they can make their husbands proud with a challenging brain game, or other stimulating activities.

Aren’t there some terrible atrocities against woman?  Yes.  But they are the work of sinful man and perhaps remnants of pagan culture, not the will of God.

I’m not covering this topic very thoroughly but I am just saying, “Read the Bible and see for yourself how much God loves women.”

Toss around this subject in the comments.  I’ll see if I can back up my opinion.


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  1. Well said. Just read the book yourself, it explains everything. God loves women, dearly.:)

    True story, my husband once left this pile of mud encrusted, grease ball of laundry piled in front of the washing machine. I was just playing with him at the restaurant and said he better go home and manhandle that mess. One lady heard me and was so annoyed,she left a sternly worded note on my car.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Funny! I reluctantly avoided getting into how some of the OT wives treated their husbands There is a gold or fool’s gold field there just waiting to be mined. Just imagine “ordering” your husband to share another’s bed, waiting for your drunk husband to wake so you can give him a heart attack with stunning news, or how about dressing your son in wool to trick your poor old husband. There’s husband abuse there aplenty – oh, probably not when he was ordered to take a maiden to bear his child. There the abuse came about a dozen years later. I almost forgot Elkanah’s plight with the bragging, nagging wives. 😀 Gotlta add one more, Zepporah’s bloody rage. I’m quitting again.

  2. I think you were succinct, nice and tidy and to the point…
    but even such a deliver will be lost on todays deaf women and men…..

  3. Faye says:

    Thank God that more modern translations of the Bible (and I don’t mean women’s rights or other stuff) but simply where it is not appropriate for the word MAN to be used ie Jesus Christ died for ALL. Not as in some early editions. All men must be saved! All people must be saved. There is none so blind as those who will not see. The whole feminist ‘rights’ thing could have been nipped in the bud long ago if the EQUALITY as God intended from the beginning with husband as the head in a nurturing and ‘caring and protecting’ format had been emphasised instead of the DOMINATION format even many churches live by today.; No discrimination in heaven….all can come – no gender, sex or differences new bodies, in the LIGHT of eternity Children all of God. (The Saviour of ALL) who Love and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord. The importance of living by the written WORD and following the Divine Shepherd into eternity is where the main focus should be.
    Thank you and blessings always Oneta.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Whosoever will is pretty generic. I can’t think anyone would think that is limiting genders in any way. Some people want an excuse more than they want to give themselves wholly to the Lord. Thanks for the comment.

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