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(Some thoughts by yours truly.)

I was a teen when I was baptized in water – immersed, to be as much as possible like Jesus.  In that locale we did not have regular baptism times, because we had to wait for the rain to come and fill the creek with enough water to be dipped under.  (Or some used the cow tank.) Baptism facilities in the church were unavailable.  They were hardly compatible with outdoor toilets.  😀

So saying, I stake my claim to believing in immersion as the most blessed of choices for water baptism.  Salvation is a different experience than water baptism, but they might happen at the same time. I believe baptism is a rite which Jesus modeled and in which Christians should partake.  It is an effective action to make pubic witness of one’s stand with Jesus.

However, I do believe there are times when sprinkling with water will have the same spiritual effect.  It depends on the reason.   I know one man who waited on baptism because he wanted his children to be baptized with him.  Sounds sweet, but I’m not sure about that.  I also know a man who was baptized as a child, then was re-baptized when his child was baptized.  I love that, and certainly do not believe it was wrong (neither do I believe it was necessary). I do agree that the children can learn a lot by being a witness if they are of age to understand.

Sprinkling can be an effective stand for Jesus.


M’s prompt today is “Sprinkled with love.”  Water baptism is where my mind went for this subject..  It is definitely a time when one is sprinkled with/by love.

Prompt “sprinkled with love”  by Michelle Cook  September Writing Prompts



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11 Responses to WATER BAPTISM

  1. you know us Episcopalians—we’re a sprinkling lot—- 🙂
    but I did know a priest once who only had a bottle of coke when a man stated that he wanted to baptized and baptized right that minute—so even a sticky sprinkling or dribbling will do 🙂

  2. Faye says:

    The thief on the cross was not baptised. yet, following Jesus and living…… it can become a spiritual and compelling necessity for others. From the point of view of ‘sprinkling’ I do believe it is all about Faith in Christ. ie from the one doing the ‘sprinkling’ or from the parents who stand before God and are making a COVENENTAL Promise. My story is that I was sprinkled as an infant with parents who believed that God heard their prayer for their daughter. I chose to walk into the water as a teenager because I felt I needed to make my own commitment. I came out of that water convinced I had DONE everything necessary to be right with God. Years later I KNEW it was not about what I had done. It was all about SURRENDER to Him. That’s when I understood completely what it means to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. Absolute surrender to the ONE. Following Him with Christ as President (or Ruler) of my life not just a resident. Thank you for your blog. It always opens eyes to tremendous possibilities .Baptised in the Name of our God…Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Covenantal completeness. Blessings dear one.

  3. ~M says:

    Love your take on this. To me, baptism is an outward response to an inward change. It’s a way to publicly express your belief in Jesus and reaffirm your faith in Him.

  4. Dawn Marie says:

    I think this was a BEAUTIFUL place for your mind to go when you heard the prompt given! Thank you for trusting the Spirit enough to share it with us!! Hugs!!

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