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The villain stopped his swagger immediately upon hearing the hoot of the owl perched on the lower bough of a tree snuggled in the musky forest.  His tough aura vanished as he sat on the log.  He reached for the … Continue reading

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indestructible youth?

Beautiful! Perfect health! Danger creeps insidiously. Mesmerizing ashes grow longer. Death! Trying an “Elfje” as described by Mandibelle16.  Picture prompt Woman Smoking Cigarette.  Word prompt: “tapping her cigarette”

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I haven’t written on of these QA things for a while so I’m sharing a Facebook status with you today.  Killing two birds with one stone. 1. Favorite Smell? Sammy’s cologne, if it is not too strong 2. Last time … Continue reading

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October prompt for today “red velvet.”   My mind goes, “What can be unusual about red velvet?  My doll in the red velvet dress?  My granddaughter twirling so beautifully in her red velvet skirt?  No.  Okay, how about red velvet cake, … Continue reading

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M’s October prompt for today is “The journey beyond.”  I am linking a post recounting a crises in my life when I believe I had a “near death” experience. I think I have new readers who have not read it, … Continue reading

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ON SPARROWS AND DANDELIONS.  I remember the delight of dandelions.  I remember the delight of sparrows.  I was about the same age when I found out they were both pests.  Since then I’ve been fighting them.  Pulled up dandelions the … Continue reading

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What flower is plentiful and plush: pretty and prolific;  healthy and hardy;  hale and hated?  The Dandelion. The lot of most dandelions is to be lopped, hacked, snipped, trimmed, dug, and dumped. The goal of a dandelion is to  be plucked, … Continue reading

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“It will be a wonderful life with you,” the bride  whispers  confidently. “Hush, little baby, mama’s darling child,”  mother coos softly. “Go back and brush your teeth now,” mother scolds sternly. “Wow, these grades are great,” mother exclaimes encouragingly. “Go, … Continue reading

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Gardening is too much work for all year round. Stripped for the winter all through the town. Leaves raked, lawn mowed, roses pruned. Trimmed vines, stored tools, and bandaged wounds. No, fall flowers are not for me! They’re just too … Continue reading

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  I’m revisiting the subject of the shepherd today. “He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young” … Continue reading

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