CATHEDRAL vs upper room



“Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit,” says the Lord.

How we sometimes knock ourselves out to be the biggest, richest, friendliest, most talented, most caring, most influential and most effective voice for Jesus! And we do it for good cause, wanting to draw folks to Him.

Ah, the beauty of magnificent cathedrals. If beauty and power would do the job, wouldn’t we have gone further in our zeal to evangelize the world for Jesus? I don’t know a lot about church history, but I don’t recall any world-wide awaking that started in a cathedral.

What He wants is obedience and humility, Why did he choose Israel to be his people? Because they were small and weak without might and power except by God’s Spirit. And we never qualify more for his use than when we are praying, humble and broken before him, letting him clothe us in his righteousness, purify us with his holiness, and arm us with his Word.

How much we are like Peter, “let us build three tabernacles…!” Peter in one of his knee-jerk reactions to just do something! And something big would be better! How much he changed after his experience in the upper room! The Holy Spirit made an impact; it was mighty and it was powerful – and it came from the “room where they were staying” – quite a humble place for the great outpouring of the Holy Ghost! Is the “room where I am staying” an honorable place for his indwelling?  

         “… by my Spirit,” says the Lord. (Zech. 4:6)

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ABOUT ME Hello. To various folks I am Neat’nee, Mom, Grandma Neta, Gramma, Aunt Neta, Aunt Noni, Aunt Neno, and Aunt Neto (lots of varieties from little nieces and nephews). To some I’m more like “Didn’t you used to be my teacher?” or “Don’t I know you from someplace?” To you, perhaps, I am a Fellow Blogger. Not “fellow” like a male or a guy, but “fellow” like a companion or an adventurer. I would choose to be Grandma Blogger, and have you pull up a chair, my website before you, while I tell you of some days of yore. I have experienced life much differently than most of you. It was and is a good life. I hope to share nuggets of appreciation for those who have gone before me and those who come after me. By necessity you are among those who come after me and I will tell you of those who came before. Once upon a time in a little house on a prairie - oops, change that lest I commit plagiarism - and change that “house on the prairie” to “dugout on the prairie.” So my story begins...
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4 Responses to CATHEDRAL vs upper room

  1. Jackie says:

    But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; – 1 Cor 1:27

  2. Faye says:

    a-MEN! to Jackie and thank you to Oneta. The truth of God in 2017 is that more and more we must as times are ‘fractured’ and often ‘evil’ value the ABSOLUTE truth that Jesus came that we can be people of HIS PRESENCE. It’s not about buildings or all the wonderful creative endeavours of human kinds work………We have a God of PRESENCE. In the Upper Room alone with Him or with thousands in a Cathedral. oR, …trapped in a mine. Or adrift on the ocean. He is PRESENT if we Love Him and look only to Him all the days of our lives. Thank you for the reminder…

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