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Good Kid:  “Mom, can I listen to this song?”

Mom:  “What is it?”

Good Kid:  “I Once Was Seven Years Old.”

Mom:  “Sounds okay.”

If mom has time to check she will see that it is purportedly a story of a kid from a poor home who grew up to be a wonderful sixty year old grand-daddy or something like that.  Oh, how wonderful.  It’s hogwash!  No seven to eleven year old listens to this to see how to become a good sixty year old, a loving grandfather, I presume.  At least he has kids by his “woman.”   I repeat – no child listens to that song with the end of life in view!

Kids are not going to listen with the goal of being sixty.  A seven year old listens for what a seven and eleven year old kid does – the rest is blown in the wind.  If that were the intent why is the song not called “I’m Now Sixty Years Old” and sold to adults as a pointer on how to be the parent of a seven year old.  What garbage!

What does this song say to the seven year old?   “Go make yourself some friends, or you will be lonely.”

So what did we do?  We pushed each to the limits of the big, big world.

By eleven how did we act?  We were smoking herbs, (that’s pot, I presume) and  drinking burning liquor. We never really got rich but we were making “that steady figure.”

(Wonder how they did that.   Selling drugs and body, maybe?)

And daddy says, “Go get a wife…”

Well, just continue the lyrics, you’ll find a rollicking song writer, etc, by sixty, he is happy.  He has a lot of kids to come visit him.

As of a year ago this piece of “good advice” had sold 10.4 million copies, won three Grammy Awards, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop….

(Part 2 coming later – I think)  😀

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2 Responses to HOLD YOUR HAT! RANT IS COMING (1)

  1. Faye says:

    Is this really a popular song? I can’t imagine even my younger grandchildren or the ones almost teens would even be remotely interested. My rant would be …….doesn’t matter the words as long a some female (bimbo) screams out something and smiles early teens are mesmerised. The words could be about vegetables and the value of adequate rest…….it would have the same impact but no positive results. Cheers!

    • oneta hayes says:

      That is probably true about positive words because the impact of visual and noise is so great it overcomes the words. But if the words are vulgar or negative it adds to the bad influence on the kids. And yes, the kids are listening. The reason I know about it is because of my seven and nine year olds. Then I did some research about it. I’m off to the blood clinic this morning. Have a good day/night. 😀

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