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Yesterday was a gorgeous day – a day that called out to achieve something.  What better time to go survey the garage mess.  For once I have been hoping for a call from someone that wants to “pick-up” what I am willing to give – my preference “Veterans of Foreign Wars.”  Since Salvation Army left our town, I lack a place to drop off except Goodwill and I’m “iffy” about them.  Does anyone know the truth about their worthiness?

Well back to my project.  Sitting up top are two boxes.  One is Bible Outburst and one is Junior Outburst.  I ended up playing Junior Outburst with my great-grand.  It will come back inside.

Now I hope this does not sound ugly of me (which it does or I wouldn’t mention it) but I don’t know anybody who will play Bible Outburst with me.  It is not that my family and friends are not as smart as I, but not many know much about Bible trivia.  (Carl, if you are reading, consider yourself unchallenged.)

When I was young, our “youth services” were times of Bible stories, who married whom and why, how long they lived, names of kings, prophets, scoundrels, friends of God, disciples, scriptures, memory verses, etc.  Now, not much trivia is deemed important.  I will not dwell too long on that issue.  But I do have an opinion – and I daresay I will point it out before I get through!  😀

I remember when the literature started having “application” as a part of our Bible studies.  Probably a smart thing to do.  It is not too useful to know Jesus called his disciples “friends” unless one knows why.  And along with that is to know how to become a friend of Jesus and what being a friend of Jesus demands of us.

Question.  How many know/apply this verse?  John 15:14-15 “You are my friends if you do what I command.”

Now my problem is that few churches will get into the area of what Jesus commands of us.  Oh, most are very secure in saying that he says to “love one another.”  That sounds general enough for most of us to say, “I do that.”

So people exuberantly sing “I am a friend of God.”  Do any of these same people call for “sick leave” when Monday morning comes even though they know their headache will go away after they have their coffee?  Do they go to work and spend time checking their cell phones on the bosses’ time?  Do they stay up too late and lack initiative and motivation on their clock hours?  Am I wrong to say that that kind of behavior is not the fruit of a Christian?  Nor the fruit of one who “loves” his boss.  Do you harbor resentment against that boss who might well spend 14 hours a day keeping a business healthy enough to keep you and others on the payroll?  (Or do you work for the government so there is no need for concern?  😀 )

I’m getting too long.  Since I “love” you,  I’ll stop and come back later.  Hope you will come with me!  😀



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11 Responses to NOT REALLY JUNK

  1. I’ve told others this story Oneta but it is rather applicable to your quandary over Biblical
    trivia—I’d probably lose…and it is much to my chagrin…
    Being raised in the Episcopal Chruch our Sunday schools really lacked substance.
    Mother use to threaten to take us across the street to the Baptist Chruch because she knew there we’d learn the Bible.
    The only really good learning year was about the 5th grade with Mrs. Dumas—she was great.
    We learned, recited and even made dioramas of various stories and events—and we’d win kitschy little plastic or paper prizes—and I so wanted to win the glow in the dark plastic cross—of which I eventually did and it sat on my bedside table for many years thereafter—Jesus’ little night light for me…
    I’ve still got a long way to go!

  2. judyjourneys says:

    I, too, am in the season of deciding what to keep and what not to keep. The other day I pulled out of my memorabilia stack a card I had given my husband for Father’s Day forty-eight years ago while expecting our first child. It was a funny “epic” of how to fold a diaper. I showed it to my daughter, thinking she would laugh and then throw it away. Lo and behold, she has kept it!

  3. So important to be diligent students of the Word and not to be hearers only! Thank you for this post, Oneta! I wish more people saw the importance of deep study of the Word of God. I think the pendulum swung from study for study’s sake to application for application’s sake. There must be both as you so wisely point out! Great post! ❤ ❤

  4. Faye says:

    great post Oneta. What ever happened to memorizing many scriptures so they were embedded in our hearts and could be recalled to share with others and for self edification. Most I have forgotten now but some come to recall at times of crisis. How grateful I am that God the Holy Spirit does not forget. His reminders when times are difficult are truly ‘life’ sustaining. My greatest sadness came when I gave to the new Bible Study teachers who now teach our young ones Religious Education in state Schools. I had 30 years of resources. Maps, beautiful pictures as well as wonderful child-friendly interactive games etc. I was amazed that although thanked sincerely the comment was made that children ‘all having own I pads now go and seek out the scriptures for themselves’. Great! but what about the very young who once would sit amazed and excited by the story of Daniel in the lion’s den and absolutely loved the story being read and the wonderful pictures being told and explained showing God in the life of people long ago but relevant to His never-ending love for us all. Look forward to your next post.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I too, had to give away all of that meaningful stuff. Hard to do. I still have one tub that I will probably never use again. I keep thinking I will use it with my Great-Grands, but it seems we are always too busy to get out. You Tube really is easier. Fortunately it does have some great stuff if you takes the time to find it. Little ones really do deserve to have someone who will do Bible with them.

  5. During our Christian religious study classes, we had to learn loads of Bible trivia. I doubt very if such is applicable in these digital days. Why did Salvation army leave your town if I may ask?

    • oneta hayes says:

      The Holy Spirit cannot remind us of scriptures about anything unless they have been made a part of our lives. Older people refer to many stories such as Esther or Abigail or Haman’s wife’s maid and young people do not know what that means. Many still know David and Daniel in the Lion’s den, but if my young ones don’t get their kiddies into church somewhere they will not know them. But about Salvation Army. The best I have been able to find out is that the “out of state” owner of the building raised the rent. SA had just done a big remodeling and redecorating job inside. There is still no one in the building. The owner is from Cal. (I hear). He might not know too much about Oklahoma real estate. Don’t know. I do know they moved to Edmond which is a more upscale area north of Okla. City. That’s a puzzle, but they might get better donations up there. There have been more exits from that mall area. The town might have put pressure on him to bring his buildings up to date, which he did on the outside; then apparently raised the rent. Pretty much gossip only from my part.

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