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Can we really live according to Matthew 5:40? “And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.” Surely that doesn’t mean to loan to a person you do not trust!

If I don’t trust him, surely I would be relying a lot on the Lord. Yes, I guess that is who I should be relying on. Makes me think of Proverbs 19:17 about he who giveth to the poor, lendeth to the Lord.

I believe I’ll look up some scripture about being a good steward. I know there is more to this than just giving it away. There must surely be a proverb or something that tells me to be wise and keep my assets!

Didn’t find any.  Anyone going to help me out of my “red letter” quandary?  I don’t see much room for negotiating.

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  1. Faye says:

    I’m certainly taking this one for further deliberation. So much of the Word we nod wisely and continue on BUT…….what is actually being said here….Is it all about ABSOLUTE TRUST in God as our PROVIDER or is there more? I have a cautionary thought….not sure if it is Proverbs….”Neither a borrower nor a lender be’. Still, how can we not lend to someone in need? ie even machinery like a tractor, or a brush cutter? I have never been able to lend money cause I’ve never had much but I would find it very hard to refuse if I encountered great need etc. Walking the extra mile……if physically able I can see God providing the Strength if it was a genuine need. I saw a film once where a kidnapper asked a man to walk a mile. When the mile was finished the man said ‘ Let’s go another.’ Reluctantly the kidnapper agreed and this went on for several miles until the victim knew he was within range of help. He then sat down.
    Now I’m sure this has no relevance. I would love to KNOW what you find scripturally about this passage. It certainly has evoked thoughts in us here. Thank you.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Oh, Faye, there is so much here that I believe is largely an individual matter and does not have hard and fast rules for how to work out this scripture in each of our lives. I have lost all my savings in a “lend for investment” kind of thing. I look back and I still believe we did the right thing for us at that time. A big collection agency filed a lien on my property unknown to me. I won a suit against them, but I could not afford to pursue the matter in court for damages or anything except a judgment for them to reimburse me for attorney fees. They won’t pay it, so what can I do? That irritates me but I really try to follow what God opens up for me. I try to leave it to him. But I really think something needs to be done. I think they deliberately get away with such tactics and expected to get away with it on me. After all we old folks die sooner or later so all they have to do is stall. As a general principle I think you should never lend except with a willingness to never be repaid. I can’t imagine a circumstance in which I could refuse to lend tools or equipment. I do not believe Jesus was making the same demand (sell all you have and give to the poor) to everybody that he gave the rich young ruler. This is getting long, isn’t it? I do believe rich people can participate in money lending business such as bank that loan money for interest. I’m not through but I’m quitting. 😀

  2. It does seem to be tough to rely so fully on God. I am not sure why that is cause He has never failed me yet. Yep….I believe you are right…it is time to read the red letters again.

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