I’m off for a family reunion this weekend.  See you Tuesday or Wednesday.  I might read a little but probably no posting.  I’ll have to use the kindle, so I might read a book!  I leave with you this recipe for a family reunion.


The following ingredients and instructions will serve for any number of people of any age.  Generally these people are related to each other in some way; however, friends are welcome.  If group is large, strangers can get by with attending.  Often includes grumps, trouble makers, and party poopers.  That is okay if ingredients are mixed by gregarious extroverts.

Any date is good; however, special attention should be given to whether or not the date selected is on a major football date.  Best not to choose that day if home is not equipped with large screen tv.  Other furniture not important; however, house should be large if attended by over forty.  Farm is best as it provides overflow and plenty of parking.

Ingredients are as follows:  music, stunts, jokes, puzzles, toys, games, crayons, magic markers, etc.  (Much food is necessary but that subject is handled in another chapter and is not a part of this writing)

Examples of possible ingredients are as follows:

Any music will do.  Banjo players desirable.  Suggested:  She’ll be comin round the mountain, I’ll Fly Away, are possible choices.

Regarding jokes.  Ask participants for new, but ask an expecially loving person to lead laughter for the old ones.

Stunts.  Ask older people for clean harmless stunts.  Avoid pulling chairs out from anyone.

Toys:  Old standbys never lose favor.

Be prepared for camera shots at any moment you are unprepared!  When families are called together for family shots, be nice, otherwise your displeasure is sure to show and it will do nothing to make you look better.

These kinds of activities, with much food, will satisfy most attendees for up to eight hours. Especially if presented on a large lot or farm setting where outdoor activities such as horseshoe and croquet can be played, and if food is left on tables.

None of this is guaranteed to satisfy all with addiction to modern tech but you might be surprised what a game of horseshoes can do even for that group.  Just don’t feel like a failure if you see cousins “face” calling while sitting across the table from each other.  This is not just an addiction of the young folks, but still some over thirty recall talking to one another face to face.  So it might happen.

Ignore old grumps, get acquainted with strangers, enliven party poopers if you can,  love the babies, and listen to stories of yester-years.

This recipe makes for a great day. Happy Reunion Day!


image: my paternal grandfather’s family Samuel and Margaret Rodger’s family



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  1. judyjourneys says:

    Oneta, I am so happy for you that you can still attend family reunions. I hope you have a great time. I suggest you download Secrets Revisited on your Kindle to read (yes, I am marketing). Some people have told me it is a devotional-type book. So it’s the kind you can pick up and put down on short notice.

  2. Enjoy the gathering Oneta 🤗

  3. calmkate says:

    ha ha ha lovely recipe for family gatherings .. we usually throw in a few motor bike rides and water pistols … only for those volunteering! Those unarmed are not to be squirted.

  4. dawnlizjones says:

    I love this!! This reminds to get the banjo and get to practicing!!! Hope you have a blast.

  5. Faye says:

    I hope it is a memorable and blessed time. Look forward to hearing some snippets later. Love the idea of the banjo.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I’m thinking of eves dropping a bit to see if I can get some good fun stuff – maybe serious also. My older aunt will not be present because she fell and broke her leg in a couple of places, so she is in the hospital instead. We are so disappointed. I wrote about her on my “Meet My Aunt Delma” post.

  6. shoreacres says:

    I’m so glad I caught you before you left! I remember family reunions with such pleasure. Now, there’s no family left — so no reunions. Still, the recipe you’ve provided was almost exactly what we used for our reunions — although we might have been a little heavier on the food, and a little lighter on the games. We kids would play outside, but we just weren’t a game-playing family. But we sure could talk, and we’d talk for hours.

    Travel safely, and have fun. We’ll look forward to hearing about it when you get back!

  7. Have a wonderful time, Oneta!!

  8. joyroses13 says:

    LOL! This is very good! Hope you have a splendid time!

  9. calensariel says:

    Love it! You have such a great sense of humor, Oneta! LOL

  10. Dawn Marie says:

    This is adorable and so very clever!! I hope your reunion was just the right mixture of all you suggested!!

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