humpty truck oneta

The Humpty Truck has been retired at age 55.  I took it to the Mustang Museum where it looks like he will have a safe and enjoyable life among other toys with similar tastes, values, and memories.

Humpty was thirty-five years old when I gave it to my grandson, Pete, for his first birthday.  Sometime through the years he got moved back to my house.  Pete is now twenty.  Not really the age at which one wants to move a toy from dorm to apartment in whatever town he is in.  Therefore, Pete and I made the decision to let Humpty Truck go visiting for a few years or even forever.

Pete 2

Humpty Truck is on loan to the museum until such time as Pete or other designated persons want it back.  Win, win for everybody.

I have other items which will probably go sit a few years in the museum.  I will record their retirement as they happen.

My thanks to the people who work to make the Mustang Museum a nice place to visit.  It is now in a very cramped building, but the volunteers are optimistic that they will be able to bloom in new surroundings someday.


The woman in the picture with Humpty and his friends is yours truly, and the good looking guy is Pete.

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15 Responses to THE HUMPTY TRUCK

  1. Salvageable says:

    We have a few toys with a history like that, but none has made it to a museum. J.

  2. Dawn Marie says:

    That is such a delightful idea! And I think it is brilliant to record all the important data to boot – almost like a ‘travel-log’ for these temporary gypsy toys! Hugs for all the joy they will emote with those who have the chance to see them!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I will have to maintain proper records if I take other things. I will talk to my family before going further. But with Pete – I think he would just as soon have a picture for memory’s sake. Maybe someday if he has a son, he could take him to see Humpty. Who knows?

  3. My favorite stuffed “animal” was a Humpty Dumpty— even after losing his clothes and all other distinguishing features as to the fact he was once a child’s stuffed friend— he went with me to college and came to live in a box in a closet when I got married— he’s still in a box and now my granddaughter has her own new Humpty Dumpty — great you have a place to take such a treasure for others to see and reminisce

    • oneta hayes says:

      How sweet! Twenty years down the road you will have delight in loving your two Humpty Dumptys. I amazed that you still have your tucked away. You will not be able to part with it not for sure.

  4. Faye says:

    I am interested to find out if we have a treasure storehouse for such older items in our town. I cannot yet part with a teddy bear (Old Ted)…was given to my mother-law when she was a small child. He’s crossed the world and now is a cupboard dweller in a box.

  5. calmkate says:

    What a lovely idea to lend your toys to a museum … good looking pair 🙂

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