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My Sunday Morning class has been probing the theme of the paranormal, particularly from the view of Deuteronomy 18:9-18 where God strictly forbids such activity.  With Harry Potter leading, books with the “paranormal” theme are bait for young readers.  The following is an issue I raised on FB  four years ago when Jadalyn was about five or six.  I don’t think I blogged it, but the subject is still timely and of concern to me.


Jadalyn brought me the book which had been a gift to her; she asked me to read it to her. Like good grandmas through the years, I propped her on my lap and began to do so.

The Amulet and the Anthem, Disney, Sofia the First book – Sofia is being braggadocios. There’s trouble coming. Sofia seeks help from Clover the bunny, who tells her she has been cursed. So she seeks more help from Cedric, the sorcerer… When I got there I said, the Bible says for us not to go to sorcerers. She responded, “That’s ok then, grandma, we don’t have to read it.” I grasped for what to do. I decide it is better to read it – after all, I don’t want her to be afraid, or curious, or to wonder what kind of secrets grandmas cover up. So I read it.

Now my comments to you, adult friends.
Why is it that I can accept old witch tales like Hansel and Gretel but not Disney’s sorcerer? I think because I am used to the witches being evil in fairy tales.

But Cedric gives Sofia good advise, so why would he be evil? Creeping crud!
Can I trust Disney? Or, has it become a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
What are the chances that this story would have been printed if Sofia has gone to consult her pastor or rabbi? I hope it would have been okay for her to consult grandma!

Should I have stopped reading when Jadalyn suggested that we do so? Did I, myself, make a decision that leads to a hardening of her precious heart? I fear so. At the very least I should have shown her the Bible scriptures and talked about it more. Would she understand the difference between witches at Halloween and a sorcerer who gives good advice in a story? Do I?

Maybe I need to “restart” a conversion… “Jadalyn, you remember the other day when we read….” That doesn’t sound too hard to do. Give her some armor for all those stories when grandma is not near.

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25 Responses to THE PARANORMAL

  1. Salvageable says:

    As a father, I have wrestled with the same issues. My children proved able to treat Harry Potter the same way they treated Star Wars–stories of imagination that have nothing to do with the real world. They are now in their teens and twenties and are still faithful, church-attending Christians. J.

    • oneta hayes says:

      That’s a testimony I like to hear. Hopefully it will have no more spiritual damage than the witches in the fairy tales. That would be true if “the church” had more backbone and boldness to show what an adventure Christianity is if one risks following Jesus where he would lead a bold and righteous follower.

  2. says:

    I agree with Salvageable. If we’re reading to the younger, we can address our concerns with them. Using it as a learning tool. It is fantasy and they need to be taught that.

  3. Good word. Well said.

    My youngest kid, now 18, actually posted a Disney meme, with pics of the sorcerer, the witch, the transgendered, the gay guy, the pervert, the two dads, followed by the words, “we have been well prepared for today’s world.” She of course does not realize how profound that is, the deeper meaning behind it all, how yes indeed, kids have been prepared to accept these things, to perceive them in a casual light, as if they are nothing more than happy cartoon characters and perfectly normal. I of course am the old stick in the mud who objects to making these things “normal,” loveable, desirable even. So good becomes evil and evil good, just like the bible says, and our kids can hardly even see it,they have nothing to compare it too, they don’t even really see the problem.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks so much for giving words to my fears. We can hide behind the confidence that God has things under control …. but he turned “the reins” to man. God will take it back but oh the devastation that can, and often does, happen first. At the moment I’m thinking of the plagues on Egypt.

      • LOL! Well take heart, Oneta! The last time I got worried about the plagues of Egypt, it started literally raining frogs. We had to shut down my favorite park and there were so many frogs, they would land on your wind shield. I was actually sweeping them off my porch.

        The Lord is merciful and kind to us, and He often uses humor to cheer us up. That is a Lord that loves us dearly and is not going to just throw in the towel.

  4. I think the kind-hearted magicians have been given a bum rap. Why can’t there be good among the evil? It’s a balance, no? You bring up some very deep points, Oneta.

  5. I felt the same when the first Harry Potter book came out and I was still reading each evening to my son despite his being almost 9.
    We were Disney all the way with me having cut my teeth on Cinderella and Snow White when my dad took me to see it in a theater when I was all of 5.
    Our son was also weaned on Disney.
    But as I read on with the Harry Potter each evening…I felt more and more that this was more than the simple fairy tales from childhood…this story dabbled deeper…just as each new book in the series continued to grow darker with each new publishing.
    I would often verbalize to him my concern with the darkness and why it was troubling.

    Now this new grandchild of mine is being shown Sofia the First…as she is a princess who is humble and kind or so I am told by her parents…yet there is something to be said for our mindless acceptance of how the “occult” permeates our lives and the thing is, we don’t even notice it anymore….

  6. Faye says:

    Thank you for reminding me. Yes the battle between the paranormal enhanced by Harry Potter and the miracles in the Bible and the miraculous found only in God the Holy Spirit (in our days) became one of the struggles I had as an R.I. teacher in a public school. Miracles and magic, paranormal and supernatural (found only in the Word and Spirit of God) have always been in conflict. In modern times indeed it takes only the wisdom of the older generation to be able to read the books with grandchildren but KNOW, really KNOW…..where counterfeit and Truth collide. The evil One is a counterfeiter in ALL THINGS. Only God is Creator therefore there will always be this conflict. The Evil One loves it when the Church of God cringes and is scared of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit because they are aware so much of the dangers of the dark side in the paranormal. We need in 2018 all the miraculous POWER of the Spirit and His Wisdom to be ALL God desires us to be. All the Gifts of the Holy Spirt but guiding a new generation that everything else is counterfeit. Only our God has the original. (miracles). Blessings to you. (one of the reasons I am a Christian Writer is because in my fiction stories only Jesus Christ in central to all the ‘other’ stuff. He alone is SAVIOUR.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thank you, Faye. Your extended thoughts speak for themselves. All powers are subject to God the Miracle worker. On this earth we need Holy Spirit guided discernment to recognize false prophets and false teaching.

  7. Debbie L says:

    A dear Christian friend, a teacher and a mother, loves the Harry Potter series. She uses it as an imagination tool and to teach her children the difference. Her children are faithful in the Sunday School attendance.
    I really preferred CS Lewis’ series!
    You did the right thing but at the next opportunity I would show her the scriptures and look for some books from the Christian book store about David and Goliath; Daniel in the Lions Den, etc. They are true and hard to imagine stories! Such men of God whose truths are important as we mature.

  8. Lander7 says:

    I say respond to it the same way you would banking. The Bible states that money lending and taking interest is an Abomination. So much so that the person who lends for interest is to be put to death.

    Would you tell the child one day to participate in banking and credit cards?

    Also, women wearing pants is an abomination, would you tell a female child not to wear pants?

    As a Christian, I am curious where you would draw the line. I myself have had the same thoughts you are having but I have since dismissed them for various reasons.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Regarding banking, lending, interest, I am not aware that it is always prohibited; however, it is a venture which is fraught with “pitfalls” to sin. The Bible speaks against lending with interest to one’s brother and to the poor. It also warns against excess interest, which seems to allow for reasonable and just interest. I find it interesting that if one holds back his tithes, he must pay an additional fee to catch up – twenty percent I think. It is 3 minutes to midnight, too late for me to go research. I’ll do it later, if you care to know. 😀 There is much greediness in that business. With those things in mind, I would advise my child. The “wearing pants” issue, I believe relates to the mixed up gender issues which we now see prevalent in our society. I came from a family who did not approve of girls wearing slacks or jeans. I do not do so and have never done so but is more a matter of choice. I have always believed I would look awful in “pants” so I did not wear them. But I agree that they are a wiser choice in some activities. But as a general principle about where to draw the line, I use common sense along with Biblical commands. If my common sense is not in line with general principles of the Bible, the Bible should win. Much of my life is based on things I do not understand.
      Regarding the paranormal, I have already stated my position. Thanks for the comment. I like to review my stand on issues to see if they hold. 😀

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