Lord (master) is one who has authority to issue commands,  has the power to judge the degree to which that command is obeyed, and the right to discipline/train or reward/punish that behavior.    Jesus asked, “Why do you say, Lord, Lord, but do not do as I say?”

Although there is submission demanded in being a servant, there is also great reward in having a lord who looks out for you.  Lev. 25:39 speaks of one who chooses to be a bond servant.  I choose to be a bond servant of the Lord Jesus.  I am free to leave but I stay because I choose to do so.  There is a great deal of peace and rest available to one who has a kind, loving lord.

But there is no one-sided negotiation available.  If you get the “umbrella” of an honorable lord, you must submit to obedience to that lord.

Over 150 years ago, Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China, said, “If Jesus is not Lord of all, he is not Lord at all.”  I close my eyes even now and this refrain echoes in my head, “Why call me Lord, and you do not do as I say?”  And I say, “Lord, I do most of the time and for the most important things.”  He doesn’t answer; I don’t need him to; I know the answer.  It’s not my place to argue or negotiate the time, place, or degree of my obedience.  I remember he said if I love him, I will keep his commands.

  I pick up my tools and get to moving.  😀

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10 Responses to JESUS – LORD, MASTER

  1. pranabaxom says:

    I grew up with a philosophy (as many will say Hinduism is not a religion but way of life) that practices that as there are opinions, there are ways (or roads) but ultimately all roads leads to one.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Obviously you know enough about Christianity to know I do not agree with that philosophy; you would have no respect for me if I tried to “play down” my belief. We are coming to a time when some Christians are compromising the heart of Christianity – that Jesus is the only way to eternal peace and joy. I’ve been up front about my faith in Him. Believing that only leads to more appreciation and love for every man/woman on this earth. I value your comments and appreciate having your input on my blogs. Many just drop me! 😀

  2. Faye says:

    Thank you Oneta. Indeed the time has come where we all need to clearly define what we believe. I believe absolutely that Christ died at Calvary and shed His blood for ALL. I once walked through life with a beautiful person who was Hindu. We indeed were able to be good friends without any issues but he also knew and respected highly that Christmas was and is the Birthday of Jesus Christ and before he died (my friend ), he came to the philosophical realization that he never could earn in any way…by lifestyle or opinion the open door to eternity which Grace poured out in the new covenant. May you all enjoy the celebration of this Season which should unite all humanity in remembrance of a BIRTHDAY. Happy Birthday! Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays! Thanks again Oneta for the reminder of how rich indeed our lives can be.

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