ice cream cones

A boy and girl enjoying strawberry ice cream cones, circa 1970. (Photo by L. Willinger/FPG/Getty Images)

The sound of clashing all the time.

As brother and sister set the line,

Making rules – what’s yours; what’s mine.

Mom placed boundary and fences;

But found the best of her defenses – was

milky white peaks that charmed their senses.


My Christmas holiday was delightful with my great-grands.  But they did display a healthy dose of sibling rivalry.  Ice cream cones for all would even things out.  😀


M’s prompt Jan. 5: Milky white peaks that charmed their senses.

Image: Getty Images



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17 Responses to SIBLING RIVALRY

  1. pranabaxom says:

    Ice cream cones to cool the rivalry indeed.

  2. oneta hayes says:

    pranabaxom, I’ll find out for sure. 😀 I’m really not into gender malfunctions so when I get there, there will be a woman.

  3. NJ says:

    This is beautiful 🙂

  4. The ice-cream should keep the peace for a wee bit, then they are back at it…

  5. ~M says:

    Love the way you used this prompt! 😉

  6. Faye says:

    Sadly ice cream was not allowed in the diet of our youngest grandkids. Still 3 and 1 it was a delight but very hard when rivalry could cause destruction (of Christmas tree enticements. ) To your friend who blogs above with her/his dusty only life expectancy. Like Billy Graham once famously said::
    ‘If the glorious reality of One Saviour – One Lord is wrong then I won’t care I will be dead. But, if what I’ve come to believe is right then I will have and know as eternal soul/spirit all the wonders that immortality would bring and view with sadness all the ashes of others. I thank God daily for His Presence with me now. In His Hands the future. Love and blessings!

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