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I’m looking at three issues in Chapter 19 NIV:

1.  Verses 1-4 Everyone has been exposed to some knowledge of God via nature.  Everyone has “heard the voice” of God in that way.  If you respond and tell him you want to know better, trust him and listen.

2.  Verses 7-11 The benefits of God’s law: Since they are perfect, they revive the soul; since they are trustworthy, I gain wisdom from them; since they are right, I receive joy; since they are radiant, I receive light to my eyes. For me that means truth, excitement, anticipation, adventure.

Since his ordinances are sure and righteous, more precious than gold, sweeter than honey, I can follow them; I can be warned, be cautioned, be guided, and also be sure of great reward!

His words are exquisite!  (Hey, Bloggers, I worked in a word of the day. :D)

3.  Verses 13-14 Prayer against both hidden and willful sins. May my thoughts be pleasing to God, my Rock, my Redeemer.


Word Press word of the day “exquisite.”

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  1. Faye says:

    The Sword of the Spirit …..Word of God. Indeed exquisite. Thanks for prompt and your comment..

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