Engraving From 1873 Featuring Ancient God, Moloch And A Child Sacrifice.

Engraving From 1873 Featuring Ancient God, Moloch And A Child Sacrifice.

Life was hard for Talak.  The fields did not produce enough harvest; he had too many mouths to feed; he was not as strong as he used to be; he could not provide little tidbits of luxury for his wife to make her happy.  He made a decision; he would appeal to Molech.

His wife cringed in compliance as Talak chose which child to take to Molech.  A hard decision.  Perhaps Molech would be satisfied with Chela.  She was smallest.  More pliable.  Less spirited.  Had a disfigured arm.  Slower to comprehend her father’s reason for taking her.  But would Molech approve?  Perhaps Molech would take Chela and still demand another.  Talak’s brother had had to give three children to the fire before his life became any better.

The neighbors agreed that Talak needed to appease the gods.  So Talak took Chela.  They understood.  So they dropped their eyes and turned away.  Some realizing they would chose to do the same thing in like circumstances.

And God turned his face from them.  Their civilizations were trampled by vicious horsemen from afar.

Many years later in a land across the waters, decisions had to be made.  Which child lives?  Which child dies?  Do I have enough income for another mouth to feed?  Does it fit into my life’s goals?  Will the community think ill of me if they know I’m pregnant?  Will he marry me?  How can I continue my education?  Will it be healthy?  Will my insurance pay?  Will Planned Parenthood help me?

Yes, there was help available a loving but stern assistant assured Della.

So here she lies, on a cold sterile counter in a cold sterile room being “arranged” in a cold sterile manner, awaiting the arrival of the doctor who would remove this fetus from her.  Della’s mind roams and a tear runs down her check.  Is it a boy or a girl?  Would it have red hair like hers?  What’s a fetus?  Isn’t it a baby?

Della is assured that the pain will only be minor and last only a little while.  The needle is inserted and the solution does the job.  The dead blob is removed.  Years later Della’s mind roams and a tear runs down her check.  Was it a boy or a girl?  Would it have had red hair like hers?  She knew it was a baby.  Her baby.  It would be giving her hugs at night instead of unspoken memories.

“Ah, but no problem,” says the community, “we signed the papers that made it legal.”

God turned his face from them.  And the storms came, the snow fell, the flood waters rose high, the fires burned, disease was rampant, intruders came into the land, rebellion and violence were given birth.

But although God’s face was turned, his ear was open.  His words were before them.

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.”


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33 Responses to MOLECH

  1. Beautiful! My heart breaks for our nation. I will pray. Thank you so much for this difficult but necessary post.

  2. I’m sitting here in the car waiting on my husband to get out of the post office with tears streaming down my face reading this

  3. pranabaxom says:

    I will not open my mouth for fear of upsetting my pro-life friend.
    Birth control or abstinence – hard choice indeed.
    I sometimes wonder why the wise one did not make everyone celibate. Maybe fear of spread of pedophilia? Oh wait, if everyone was celibate, what happens to “go forth and multiply” and the world will end anyway stripped of resources.
    What a conundrum?
    I will just bear with my pro-life friend. It’s easier😂

    • oneta hayes says:

      I thought of you; thankful for your understanding of my position. I woke in the night with this post outline. Got up, wrote, and posted. Quickly – lest the present in vogue mood to silence conservatives overcame me. I’m glad you responded; I did not want to cut off our ability to challenge one another’s worldview. I find your arguments weak today compared to some days. God’s plan for sexual activities between husband and wife result in a fear of pedophilia? Celibacy? Abstinence? Stripped of resources? You are finally drawing leaps of conclusions, in which I am lost. Upset? Not at all. Who knows? You might be Paul of Damascus. When the light shines upon you, your response will be instant recognition. If not you, may be some reader out there. But I don’t want you to miss out so I’m rooting for you, Friend. 😀

      • pranabaxom says:

        My light tells me to embrace everyone and keep the the dialogue going. And who knows, hell may be a fun place after all compared to a sterile heaven😂. I live in the moment, who knows what’s in store tomorrow.

        • oneta hayes says:

          A sterile heaven, huh? Watch what a sterile heaven might look like. Coming soon to your cyberspace mode of choice.

          • pranabaxom says:

            Old man with white beard, white robes and wings floating in cloud? Too cold even to thing of. As I am already consigned to hell for not being a follower of the Book, I am preparing for my trip to the down under 😂

            • oneta hayes says:

              So sad. We will never meet face to face. You are consigned to hell only by the devil, the price has been paid for you to change directions. Old man with a white beard who made a butterfly, hippo, and you. Mighty dull fellow, isn’t he? I’ve been thinking of the sterile heaven and I have decided that many who are running around holding peace signs, would never choose peace, sounds so dull. The heart of man cries out of evil – more evidence of the devil. You wouldn’t recognize him; he appears as a man of might and many talents, especially a liar who makes all sorts of promises he never intends to keep. Look behind you, he is right at your heels. Even after a thousand years of peace, he will talk folks right into hell with him.

              • pranabaxom says:

                The man with a white beard actually is a pretty interesting guy. I made my peace with him (with white beard must be him, my apologies to the ladies) long time ago. He must be enjoying the useless fights here. How are you so sure we will never meet face to face? Didn’t know you were a clairvoyant? Oh, I forgot. You already seen me in hell in afterlife😂

              • pranabaxom says:

                Reading your comment at leisure I can identify the one with a forked tongue, hoofed feet, tail and horns in a current resident of that white house of ours😂

      • pranabaxom says:

        I missed your comment about “husband and wife”. When I commented the thought about the marital relationship was far from my mind. It was just a tongue in cheek remark about if everyone was born to be a celibate what would have happened and the pedophilia remark was regarding the abuse of many who had taken the vows of celibacy but failed.
        I am pro-choice not by choice but what I do believe is none of my business to poke my nose between a woman, her doctor and her faith. Does that mean I support abortion as a moral principle? I do not think so.

  4. Thank you for the courage to post this! What you said is so true

  5. Thank you Oneta for so powerfully writing of this terrible sin in our nation. Our country has indeed turned to Molech and worships him in vain. I often wonder how far God will let this nation go before He brings us down like all the rest of those civilizations who failed to honor Him.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Evidence we are still under grace. His hand is extended to all who reach for him. Even Sodom and Gomorrah would have been saved had they had ten righteous. I think it was ten. Right? But even the righteous must act in humble obedience, rather than be swallowed by the cares of the world. Thanks, Faye.

  6. Faye says:

    Thank you Oneta for allowing God to direct your pen. A very passionate post was flowing from my pen but I deleted it. I agree absolutely with what you have written. In out nation very immoral legislations were passed and in the last three years violent and extreme weather and heartache have increased accordingly. Unless a return to God – the Saviour who died for all humanity – comes, we will witness before our lives end unprecedented problems. Climate change is nothing compared to the swing we are experiencing in Oz. Look at what Parliament is approving and you can see the direct result. Examples of human cruelty and violence and weather beyond human understanding. Our God is a HOLY GOD. How much further can society drift from HIM.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Faye, please go ahead with your post. I do appreciate your putting your voice to mine. You reach people I can not reach. God uses the pens and voices of many. Don’t be shushed. Thanks for the support.

  7. Such a sad and powerful post, Oneta. Well done.

  8. says:

    Touches the heart to think so many lives have been aborted. It makes me wonder if it will be legislated at some point, to eliminate anyone over 70. I do t recognize my country anymore.😔

  9. hatrack4 says:

    I had not read your blog when I read Julie’s blog today. My comment was that it seemed like worshiping Molech to kill babies. Thank you for this post.

  10. “But we gotta secure women’s rights and put those angry plaid-wearing white male conservative Christian oppressors in their place, right? No sacrifice is too great for such a noble cause!”


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