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I’m a Family Feud fan.  Steve Harvey is the best.  But I’m uneasy as the first question is asked.   It often begins, “We asked a hundred women…”  Whatever the rest of the question is, it often leaves an opening for an answer regarding a body part or sexual function.  The audience is wide open for the “cutesy” answers.  They roar at something like this:  “We asked a hundred women what they take to bed with them when they are feeling romantic.”  Answer: Handcuffs, whip …   Apparently that is what hooks us.  It is not what hooks me, but I put up with it in order to watch Steve, the Master of facial expressions.

One woman once answered a question with a “vulgar” term.  She was embarrassed as she saw that answer wasn’t there.  She said something like this:  “I thought it would be there.”  Yes, first answer expected is likely to be edgy if not vulgar.

Modest, Teasing, Titilating, Edgy, Suggestive, Bold, Inviting, Vulgar, Let It All Hang Out. Definitely a downward slope with morals; but upward with the audience who provide the money.

The “modest” stage was fairly common up to the fifties.  A girl could still get a guy even though she was modest.  But there were some movies and movement into the teasing through edgy stages.  That became old hat, move was on to go further.  Come on, Marilyn.  Marilyn Monroe and her blowing skirt.  Not enough.  Need more shock value.  So more downward slope.  Britney, Beyonce, Kardashians, Mylie?  This crew make Marilyn look modest.  You get the picture.

Where’s the mystery?  Where is the challenge.  In every stage women set themselves up to be a pushover.  Men get the picture, so their behavior “fits” what the women set up.  Scream if you like, Women, but you know you are the bait, and you know what you are willing to pay.  True, the price got too high!  You demanded no respect, you got no respect.

And Men, you are fools who go for this bait!  You may face it down the road.  You know:  “He raped me.” “No, it was consensual.”  I dare say many men in prison think “I’m not really like that; I just lost control for a minute.”  But you pay with some years.

No mystery, no challenge.  No bother with names in a black book, just a tally sheet on the calendar!

God’s plan for sex for love’s sake, for marriage’s sake, for family’s sake, for honor’s sake!  Far too passe!

So men turn to men, women turn to women, both turn to children.  No danger of pregnancy.  Oops, there are still men/women combinations.  Must legalize ridding that problem.  Abortion is solution.

Sex became perverted in ways that would cause Caligula to blush.

Sadly, our eleven-year-old girls are thrown into “Bold and Inviting” before they even know they are using bait.

Sadly there seem to be no human boundaries set.  Prostitution, one night stands, infidelity, homosexual activity – all winked at.  Snickered at.

But God set boundaries. He will not wink at such sin.  We will reap the seeds of perversion – perhaps by rape, human trafficking, child abuse, abortion, disease, broken hearts.


Reckless sexual practices in any culture do great harm to children both as abortion (before birth) and child abuse (after birth).

Tagged Molech because Molech is the pagan god associated with child sacrifice and “Ashtoreth was his consort, and ritual prostitution was considered an important form of  worship.”

The Slippery Slope of Sin:  James 1:15, NIV: “Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.”


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  1. says:

    I have a sixteen year old granddaughter. I fear for what these precious young women are being taught as correct and acceptable. There are no boundaries. I’m glad I made it through raising two young ladies myself without having a nervous breakdown.

  2. Sad, but not new. Women weren’t valued much in Jesus’ day, either. But He showed them respect and in doing so earned their undying devotion. (Think woman with the alabaster jar, the women at the Cross, the women at the Tomb …) God can use these dark times as a stark contrast to the Light He offers, and I’m praying many of today’s women will be won over by His love – a love they may have never known before.

    • oneta hayes says:

      There have certainly been times and places where women have been horribly misused, still true today and some in my own country. It is my belief, however, that the women were not “marketing” themselves as many do in this modern era. A recognition of Jesus’s love is a stable foundation for women to love, value, and respect themselves. I see none of that in “wearing pink vagina” hats and the demand to go topless on beaches. Thanks for the comment. I need to be taken back to the answer.

  3. I knew, way back in the day, when I first started teaching in a middle school and there were a few girls pregnant or already mothers we were all in trouble…

  4. pranabaxom says:

    Unfortunately agree with many thing you say 😂but Steve Harvey.

  5. Salvageable says:

    As a man, I am uncomfortable with some of the things considered fashionable by today’s young women. In a college classroom, yet. I do the best I can to pretend I don’t notice, but I’d like to take some of these young women aside and ask them to come to class more modestly. J.

    • oneta hayes says:

      That would get you into a heap of trouble, huh? If our sex education classes in junior high were worth a tax dollar, they would get some biology lessons – and some decent advice! And it would also help if a bit of biology were taught in churches. Parents? They barely have authority against the social milieu. If they do any discipline that “hurts” the kid screams “foul.” Why the kid might file charges and divorce the parents! (I’m not suggesting abuse is ever okay but a child can learn discipline far before the use of something abusive.)

  6. So true of our world today.

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