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Putting my hat in the ring….

Friends, Family, and Fellow Americans, I put before you another choice – a choice far superior to what you have heard before.  First I will introduce myself, and list my strengths. ONETA Hayes – unrecognized now but I point out … Continue reading

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BIG QUESTION – continued

Dear Blogging Friends:  I don’t often post twice in one day but I feel it is imperative that I get my announcement made on Friday.  Isn’t that the big surprise day for new flashes?  So here is the second part … Continue reading

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I sit and look across the lake.  Lights are beautiful.  I snap a still.  Then decide to do a video.  Beautiful as it whirls….. What’s happening?  The ferris wheel crumples to the ground. “Oh, Wow, what a shot! Reporters will … Continue reading

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Big Question:  Shall I rejoin the Democrats, so I can throw my hat in the ring for the Presidential Nominee? I was a Democrat for nigh on to forty years under the influence of my mom and the NEA.  Then … Continue reading

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Taking a tumble? In this life you’ll have trouble, Life’s no easy ride. ************** It’s a bummer but it’s often true.  Be thankful for the good and hang on to John 16:33  😀 ************** Written for Ronovan’ haiku challenge.  Use … Continue reading

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Dreaming big as he Inches his way to his goal:      the tree’s mystery. Years move inch by inch Foot by foot, or yard by yard. You have un-reached goals. You’re climbing higher, But you overcome the storms. Keep … Continue reading

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NOTE:  I question whether this is in poor taste.   I am not being cynical, making light of a problem, nor being humorous.   I am exaggerating, but I am recognizing that this kind of problem exists.  We need more medical research … Continue reading

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Meditation from my study in the Book of Isaiah. After a series of curses and railings against nations who do not trust in God (Chapters 13-24), I am so relieved to run onto Chapter 25, a praise to God which … Continue reading

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Forever’s Tomorrows

Gentle peace bids come Sound of breeze rustles through trees slight motion of leaves.   There we are welcomed To Forever’s Tomorrows Fears and tears are gone. ************* Ronovan’s challenge: Haiku using “sound” and “motion” ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-244-soundmotion/ Image:  Pixabay    

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Sadie was downcast at the attitude displayed by her friend, Elsie.  Elsie had assured Sadie that Jake was husband material.  She did all but tie a Cupid’s Bow around his neck.  Sadie was stringent in refusing Elsie’s melodramatic, nearly bare-faced … Continue reading

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