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BREAKING NEWS: PRDT-Xa  designed amazing technological advancement which can function robotically as a giant keyboard – translates all keyboard characters – even Khmer’s 74 characters. It will not be useful in America since it will not be fully developed for … Continue reading

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Welcome to my kitchen.  Image:  my box window over the sink. Child resting the the palm of Gods hand.  Isaiah 49:16 “Behold I have engraved you in the palm of my hands.” SPRINGTIME HOPE Re Born – Born again, born … Continue reading

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I’ve been rummaging and remembering family treasures and times together.  I don’t remember “moody” peers.  Suicides were almost a never happen event.  For the first thirty years, I only knew one person who committed suicide.  No illegal drugs/but there was … Continue reading

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She never minded Walking the narrow pathway to be with daddy. ************* For me it was more of a “get in the pick-up and go with me to see how the corn is growing.”  😀 ************** Ronovan’s challenge:  Write haiku … Continue reading

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Sunday, March 24, 1968. “clear, nice day – Jones & Holmes came home with us – Jimmy & Ta came out” My mom was not Creator of days (M’s challenge for today) but she was the one who “created” this … Continue reading

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AND SEND ONE RIGHT NOW! I, with most Christians, want one.  But how much price are we willing to pay.  Many of us are going to give a couple hours today since it is Sunday.  What things happened to bring … Continue reading

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(Batan Death March, American Prisoners 1942) Julie, aka Cookie,  has posted a blog today of the Bataan Death March.  She rues the fact that so many do not know the price that was paid by heroes of the past. Do … Continue reading

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Putting my hat in the ring….

Friends, Family, and Fellow Americans, I put before you another choice – a choice far superior to what you have heard before.  First I will introduce myself, and list my strengths. ONETA Hayes – unrecognized now but I point out … Continue reading

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BIG QUESTION – continued

Dear Blogging Friends:  I don’t often post twice in one day but I feel it is imperative that I get my announcement made on Friday.  Isn’t that the big surprise day for new flashes?  So here is the second part … Continue reading

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I sit and look across the lake.  Lights are beautiful.  I snap a still.  Then decide to do a video.  Beautiful as it whirls….. What’s happening?  The ferris wheel crumples to the ground. “Oh, Wow, what a shot! Reporters will … Continue reading

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