The Wall

the wall

Is there no end to man’s inhumanity to man?  Man will do things to man that no animal would ever do.  If an animal kills a man, it is because he is hungry or fearful, never does he wound then sit and watch the torture for pleasure!


I read “The Wall” by John Hershey (1950) when I was a Senior in High School.  It was probably my first exposure to the horrors of war.  I receive accolades from the teacher for having read a book of that caliber.  Thus my reason for remembering.  I wonder now that I could have read it without being more personally affected by the ugliness in it.

Although I lived through WW2, I was shielded and untouched in a personal way.  The years since have opened the horrors to me – documentaries, pictures, movies, museums, etc.  I cannot deny!  I cannot pretend blindness!  These atrocities happened.

Neither can I deny nor blind my eyes to atrocities happening today on America’s shores and in her huge open lands.  And, I would argue, none of it is for food or for safety.  No man rapes for food or safety.  No baby is murdered for food or safety.  No gang tortures for food or safety.  No child left for days in an infested diaper for food or safety.

So much of what upsets Americans today is not more than an ant on an elephant’s nose. (Maybe I will pursue this topic another day.)

There is evil in the world.  That’s what we should fight.  And Christians, we should proclaim the gospel as the means for combating that evil.  Jesus is the Way.  We should say so instead of getting uptight over such matters as the proper procedure for baptizing, when to sit, kneel, or stand, and other such minor issues.  And the tough stuff – wars, torture, bondage, murder – can only be handled by the weapons of the Spirit.  Prayer is the place to start!  And may I suggest we can thank God for President Trump for pulling back war threats on so many sides.


The book is not pretty – no gold highlights, no colored pictures, no engraved cover.  There it stands.  “The Wall” by John Hershey, 1950. Most of the time it is stuck in the row of books; I gave it full face treatment for the picture today.  It is not a pretty book -no gold highlights, no colored pictures, no engraved cover – so I will stick it back in the row; it will go back in “anonymity” when I am gone.  My family will not know its significance to me.

That really doesn’t matter because as I said before it was important to me because I received a “gold star” for reading it.  More’s the shame.  I was not so far removed from the inexperienced, sheltered, untouched, poorly educated, and pampered generations of today.


Written for challenge by mindlovemiserysmenagerie’s The Tale Weaver, prompt is “The Wall”

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11 Responses to The Wall

  1. Faye says:

    I clicked ‘like’. I do not like the topic subject or content but certainly understand the feeling and throughs expressed. SIN SICK WORLD. That is what Christ came to SAVE. Unfortunately year by year, century by century mankind has tried to deal with it their own way. I have to believe the time will come and is coming when this SIN SICK world will be judged for its failure to accept the Gift offered, SALVATION by the Blood of the Lamb. Only the ones who have accepted the GIFT will ever know the glories of the soul’s eternity.

  2. Faye says:

    I just re-read. So grateful to read your acknowledgment of what Trump is particularly positioned to do in America in 2019. He may not be popular and appear like a bit of buffoon, but he is God’s choice to implement many things of world importance. I too thank him and join the increasing army of prayer support for him.

    • oneta hayes says:

      He takes a beating all right. Accomplishes quite a bit against such intense pressure. I hope the good progress can continue. There are so many who would rather see America fail than to see President Trump get any credit. Thanks for the comment

  3. We need to examine our priorities every day, because they are so often not God’s priorities. A good example is the way the news media obsesses about something someone famous said that might (>gasp!<) offend some people! Stories about it go on for days, while somewhere else in the world (or even under our noses) genocide and other atrocities are occurring that we never even hear about.

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks Oneta for sharing your thoughts this week. War and atrocity go hand in hand and that’s a sad fact of history. I appreciate your point of view about your president though I don’t see very much to be thankful for, but history will in time reveal all.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thank you, Michael, for leaving the comment. I appreciate it. Curious about “your” president. Where are you from? I am still amazed at the blogging community which includes people from so many countries and many different cultures. I love it. Are you the same Michael who wrote regarding the wall you could see through and wanted to make contact on the other side? Good thoughts. You are right about not really knowing what will stick as far as war being held off. When countries see so many people in USA hating the President, it certainly lessens his authority. They can just say we will hold out a few more months and see if they trade him for a wimp whom we can tromp. I’m afraid that is what is happening to Un (NK). I’m going on to long. See you.

  5. Years ago I visited Dachau Concentration camp. I can still remember the feeling of standing on holy ground….the ground where God’s people had their lives snuffed out. There was a lonely wind blowing through the large sculpture of the victims that seemed to echo the tortured moaning from years before. What really struck me was an elderly lady sitting on a bench outside of the camp. When she found out we were from America she kept apologizing and crying that she should have spoken up back then.
    Lesson learned…it is time we are not silent.

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