I, with most Christians, want one.  But how much price are we willing to pay.  Many of us are going to give a couple hours today since it is Sunday.  What things happened to bring about Jehoshaphat’s victory?

Some thoughts on Jehoshaphat’s victory (II Chron. 20) in which he sent singers before his army.  Chances are that you have heard of the importance of music set in that context.  And there will be lots of singing today.

See the other things he did:

Fasting – Verse 3

People prayed – Verse 4

Jehoshaphat prayed – Verse 9

Prophesy – Verses 15-17

Jehoshaphat bowed – Verse 18

People worshiped – Verse 18  (perhaps as Jehoshaphat was doing)

They gave praise – Verse 19

Instructions, building faith  – Verse 20

Singing praise and thanksgiving – Verse 21

Answer came!


The chances are that many churches will start off with songs; then go to some instruction (teaching/preaching) and little else.

And we wonder why no revival, no victory!

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14 Responses to OH, LORD, SEND A REVIVAL

  1. pranabaxom says:

    Sorry, pressed the wrong button. Small key, large finger😂

  2. pranabaxom says:

    Victory over whom?

  3. Faye says:

    Oh Lord, send a revival. Lord let it begin in me. Daily refine, remould, change me so that I will continue to grow and be more like YOU. Then, maybe if all around the world, when God answers our daily personal prayers He will pour out His Holy Spirit once more in a mighty wave and revival will come. Without the Holy Spirit in FULLNESS as Lord God Almighty and not just a ‘puff’ of wind, .large sections of the church continue to play ‘religion’. DIVINE LOVE because of the Sacrifice at Calvary when accepted and fully applied to life is the ONLY way forward for the world. LOVE!

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