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This is a bit of my present project.  Organizing Hayes family pictures along with history and stories.  Bob Hayes is Sammy’s – my husband’s – little brother.  He was here last week so I got some information and memories from him.


ROBERT (BOB) HAYES,  son of Thomas and Flo Hayes, born August 1, 1940, Liverpool, England.  He was born at home with a midwife’s help.  He was one month old when the Blitz began, so his first ten months were in the heat of war – London and Liverpool bombings by the Germans.


BOB’S STORY:  I remember my first day of school vividly. In my mind I see big sister, May, taking me to Anfield Road school and leaving me.  I was about six.  I loved school.  They were strict.  There was no talking.  The headmaster would stand at the top of the stairs (second floor) and watch for the ones who came in late.  He would take them straight to the office for whacks on the hand with a cane about five feet long!  Two strikes on each hand.  We had to adhere to the tough rules.  But I loved it.  – Sammy said he and his friend would pull out a hair to lay across their hands so “it didn’t hurt” so bad.   A common myth.

Sammy told about an incident when he and a friend were taken for whacks.  Sammy said he was glad he went first, because when Mr. Eaves hit his buddy’s hand the buddy jerked his hand back and Mr. Eaves hit his own leg with the second whack.  It made him mad and he really gave extra hard whacks to the boy’s legs as he was hurrying to get out of there.  (Sammy and Bob had the same headmaster at Anfield Road School.)

At about eight, my sister, Esther, would have been ten, we would take the bus, double decker, train, ferry and go everywhere.  We ferried across the Mersey River to pick up bags of cockles to take them home.  There were lots of them when the tide went out.  Mom would boil them in milk.  The milk was kept cool in the coal cellar.

We would just take off and go.  To this day I don’t remember how we got the money for the fare.  Mom was always busy.  She had a kind of clothes washer pot in the house where she sometimes did laundry.  Other times she walked down the street to the wash-house.    Esther and I would sit in the window and listen for her footsteps on the cobbles.  We always knew her steps so we were ready when she got home.  Home was 79 Coniston Street, in Liverpool.

I was always interested in joining the Merchant Marines.  I would go to the Sea Scouts. (A preparatory club for boys.)  That was one of the things I did on my own; my folks probably didn’t know.


Bob Hayes, U S Marine, 1959-1965







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17 Responses to MY BROTHER-IN-LAW, BOB

  1. says:

    With all your research and ability to tell stories this will make a great one🌷

  2. SarahC says:

    after my A for Ancestry, have re-newed interest in family histories, anyone’s actually……..someone wrote alot on theirs last year, it is like reading Historical stories with real people, i get tired of fiction occasionally! have a great day!

  3. I enjoyed this immensely! Thank you! (And to boot, I had a dream yesterday about a man named Bob, and the Holy Spirit had me look up the meaning of his name, which ended up having a rich personal meaning for me. So when I saw your title, I knew He was reminding me of that too as a confirmation! So thank you for being His instrument 🙂 )

  4. I love ancestry stories! Thanks for sharing. 😀

  5. pranabaxom says:

    So good to hear these real stories from another time ( as compared to the fake news popularized by your hero 😊).

    • oneta hayes says:

      Say What?! Are you sure about the choice of your word “popularized.” I agree that he is the cause of the fake news. Maybe you mean he pointed out the fake news. I guess that would popularize it. Okay. You win. I’m glad you liked my “Bob” story. 😀

      • pranabaxom says:

        He is the creator of “fake news”. Ten thousand lies and counting… 😂

        • oneta hayes says:

          Yes, he did create the term. Very appropos, huh? I heard someone yesterday say that every time Attorney General said “spy” it was a lie; one can really rack up a reputation when you take one word and count it as a lie every time he says it. I’ve already responded to you about your “ten thousand” lies statement. Every time you say it, is it counted against you? You really take a statement like that as truth. 😀 If someone counts “lies” they are just looking up some word in google and counting it. For instance Trump says “great.” Oh, yes that’s a lie. Count it. I’m a great guy. Oh, there’s a lie. I have a great economy. Oh, there’s a lie. Come on, Pranab. That does not befit you to believe any such thing as that.

          • pranabaxom says:

            How many ways to
            Count the lies you tell
            A thousand ways
            May ring a bell😂

            My tax report is being audited by IRS so I can’t release.
            IRS has no ban in releasing tax files being audited.

  6. He was born in the same place as the Beatles, in the same year as John Lennon and Ringo Starr…interesting story

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