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Just thinking on the blog.   Some questions.

  1. Do the people in Venezuela have right to bear arms?  I read this somewhere.  “Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people”

  2. Would the USA be the USA if she had not had weapons?

  3. Can Cory Booker et al, guarantee me that our government or another will never turn arms against American citizens? Or, perhaps a portion, or group, in the USA?

  4. The Constitution says in Article Two “”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  Does that mean we should only have guns for hunting?  Only for personal protection?  Why would that be called a Militia?

  5. I read a non-fiction book, autobiography by a girl somewhere in or near Afghanistan who said they could do nothing against a terrorist group because no one had guns. Who made them give the guns up?

  6. Germany under Hitler was able to conquer some countries who were armed? If so, did he allow them keep weapons or did he disarm them?  Did he disarm the Jews in his own country?

  7. Are most of us chicken to stand up and say “We need sophisticated weapons to protect ourselves from others who have sophisticated weapons?”

  8. Are we ready to settle for a pistol to defend ourselves against the likes of an idiot with five automatic weapons and loads of ammo?

  9. How many candidates who want to be president, have guns or body guards with guns, to protect them?

  10. How many loud mouths in Hollywood, maybe even the hosts of The View, have guns?

  11. Why isn’t Word Press sending me notice when I post?  They did, now they don’t. And why is Face Book not posting my stuff on Newsfeed? (My mind is going into neutral.)

Enough thinking for today!  My mind is over-flowing and my shelves need dusting.  That’s a joke, no way am I going to trade “words” for a duster!  😀


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22 Responses to JUST ME, THINKING

  1. These are great thoughts!

  2. Every presidential candidate has a body guard. And yes, they’re armed. But you knew that. I laughed at the Cory Booker question. The man needs to sit down and shut up. God help us if he becomes president. And that’s as much politics as I will comment on. Keep thinking, Oneta. Let the bunnies dust themselves. 😉

  3. oneta hayes says:

    Dorinda, as you will remember I announced my candidacy for Democratic nominee; therefore, it is imperative that I start thinking – well, maybe not, that might give me an unfair advantage. 😀 No I didn’t know they all had armed body guards, but I am not surprised. I guess that is one reason they have to have some money come in soon.

  4. You keep thinking aloud my friend…your thoughts are deep and greatly true!!!!!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I wish someone would list me some opposing questions or answers. Stretch my thinking. So far I have a hard time coming down on the side of gun control. Nobody seems to defend that stance. Kids marching, seems like someone must have a reason. Go figger!

      • and speaking of that observation regarding WP not noting you’re posting. The same thing here…I no longer recieve a notification that I’ve posted again…hum….can’t say the same for FB because I’ve never done FB…but I’m sure the same would hold true…
        funny thing about the Truth…people either ignore it exists or fight against it in ignorance…

  5. eob2 says:

    Why do we need a militia when we have a military? How many more people and children need to die before responsible gun legislation is passed. There seems to be a lot more pressing issues to be asking yourself. Perhaps why are children hungry in our country, why can’t they have healthcare? Why are veterans tossed aside?
    Why is Social Security and Medicare being cut? Why is the minimum wage still $7.25 p.h. When cost of has more than tripled. Why are big pharmaceutical charging outrageous costs for life sustaining medication? Why is the government in the White House maintaining relationships with far right dictators, believing Putin before our own government intelligence agencies? Those are questions you should be wondering about and asking our government for answers.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thank you. I thought I ought to get some response. I’m sticking to the gun issue. I might hit some others as time goes on but my subject was guns. So you have brought up two questions about that. One, my understanding is that the military is government controlled and that is the reason private citizens might need a militia such as the need now in Venezuela, with their situation now. Rocks are not much good against a military. Two, I don’t have any idea. Neither do I know what “responsible gun legislation” is. You deal with the other issues and I will take them up with you. Thanks for the rant. Feels good, doesn’t it?

  6. eob2 says:

    Stick to your dusting, perhaps knock out some cobwebs in your archaic view points.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Ah, you had to get around to insults and name calling, huh? Sorry about that. I like a good one on one reasonable interaction I think I left a follow on your blog, so I’ll see you around. I’ll take it on unless you begin being vulgar at that point I no longer am involved. Good night, eob2 No doubt some one somewhere loves you dearly. In case no one does, I’ll offer to be your grandma. 😀

      • eob2 says:

        No thank you I had a wonderful grandma and mother, apparently it suits you only when one agrees with you. Also I don’t recall calling you by any “names or insult”. Good days and I’ll be sure to say a prayer for your soul.

        • oneta hayes says:

          I re-read your comment. Sure enough there was love oozing out all over! Sorry for not understanding the first read through. I feel a friendship developing. I love being disagreed with almost as much as I love being agreed with. I am very confident of my judgement based on what I know. But there is a world of stuff I don’t know so I often ask for reasons. That’s what I want from someone learned in the gun control debate. Specifically I want to know how to keep criminals from getting guns. Not just how to make it illegal, it is already illegal but how do you keep a person who is willing to commit murder not to steal a gun to commit murder with. And then in case he can’t find one to steal, how to keep him from using arsenic, vans, explosives, pillows, rocks, or fists. Can that be dealt with by reasonable gun laws that restrict law abiding citizens? Prayer for their souls is a really good idea, but it is really archaic – and not at all acceptable unless the prayer is made in the privacy of one’s home or in their secret closet. And a bill to require prayer for sinners souls would never pass. 😀

  7. Thinking about your questions and the issues — from a neighbourly perspective.
    1. What do the people of Venezua have to do with what happens in the US? Apples and oranges. Or in this case, peaches and bananas.

    2. Every country’s army has weapons. The wisdom is in using them carefully. Are you saying the USA has been able to dominate or bully other countries because of their weapons? If so, is that right?

    4. Militia means military Read: Army. I’m sure that was the original intent, albeit expressed in Ye Olde English.

    5. Who took their guns? Answer: Poverty.

    6. Did the Jews have guns? Did the people of occupied countries have guns? Answer: It didn’t matter.
    In most cases the Gestapo showed up in the night and rounded people up. They had the superior weapon power and the country behind them. If some Jews had guns and started firing — and maybe they did? — they’d have been mowed down.
    Did you ever read the history of a Czech village called Lidice, where resistance fighters used their guns against the German army? Did they stop the takeover of their country?

    What it looks like from here is that, in the rare possibility that some nut gained control of the US govt and military power, the disorganized and obviously disunited private citizens would never be able to put up a concerted resistance. Everybody might start shooting, but the results would probably be chaotic and ineffectual. Besides which, Hitler, by his charisma, won over the German people before he started his military aggression. The same thing would happen in the US; it would take a very popular leader to control your army. Hopefully this will never come to pass.
    Ideals are great things, but from here it looks like hanging on to that amendment is costing so many lives and won’t prove effective in the very instance it was designed for.

    7. “Are we too chicken?” No, I don’t think so. I think a lot of people have read the stats: “A gun in the home is four times more likely to be used against a family member than a dangerous intruder.” I’ve even read them up here!
    A lot of mass killings in the US recently were done by unhappy teens who got hold of a parent’s automatic weapons cache. People are realizing that this will continue as long as private citizens are allowed to have automatic weapons caches.
    Also, there are many Christians — granted, a minority of citizens — who take Jesus’ words seriously: “Resist not evil.” They don’t believe it’s right to kill, for any reason.

    8. Heaven help you if everybody starts blasting away with machine guns!
    Are you saying that, in order to prevent the kind of shootings we’ve read about, adults should tote automatic weapons everywhere they go? Teachers in classrooms? People in church services?

    What if someone from behind knocks them over the head and grabs their gun? And what about the guy in the hotel room, shooting down on the crowd? Took them awhile to find and stop him. Even psychos aren’t dumb, and will find a way to do the most damage before paying the price. Actually, most shooters shoot themselves before they’re caught.

    Fact is, this is your US mindset asking the questions. We here in Canada trust our military to defend us. Average citizens don’t have guns, don’t feel we need them and have a lot less gun-related deaths proportionately than you folks. There have been a few , with rifles, not machine guns.
    Britain is the same. I’ve been told that police there need a special permit to carry a gun — though this may have changed in recent years. Yes, there is terrorism, but you don’t hear of mass shootings by unhappy teens in Britain. It does seem to be a US phenomena — and we think it’s because Americans have such easy access to automatic weapons. I’m glad to see people in the US are finally twigging onto that fact, too.

    My conclusion: Article Two third amendment is archaic and does not reflect the reality you are facing today, or ever will face because America, people’s thinking, and firepower have all changed.

    There. You wanted a differing opinion. 🙂

    • oneta hayes says:

      Sorry, Christine. My time didn’t go as planned. That happens quite often to most of us, doesn’t it? Anyway I wanted to delve deeper into some of the issues you have raised. I will probably do so and put on another blog soon, I hope. I need to check wording on Amendment 2, look up definitions of militia, find the book I referred to, and other things you bring to mind. I don’t like making decisions without confirmation. You have presented your case well, and I thank you. I have gone over to mark your follow so I can stay up with you.

      • Well, I’m glad I made sense. My brother and I have had this discussion, as he is totally in favour of owning hand guns. First, because he’s a hunter. (He still can have his rifles here.) Second, because he’s swallowed the NRA rhetoric “hook, line and sinker.” (I’m old. I’m allowed cliches. 😉 )

        He says, “Frying pans kill people. Are you going to ban frying pans?” But the big thing with his argument, and yours, is the reaction time: the difference between when a person first grasps what’s happening and where, and when they can commence some self-defense. If someone comes in swinging a frying pan, you have a fair bit of time to get out of the room — and strong opponents may meanwhile disable him. An automatic weapon, firing hundreds of bullets in a minute, can kill everybody in the room before anyone has even moved, much less grabbed the gun out of their pocket, aimed and fired.

        But whatever I’ve said above, the question in, “Can things change?” And the answer is “Probably not. The NRA is too powerful, their lobby too strong, too many people in their pocket — the dollars to spend.”

        As I understand it from here, the NRA is the main voice behind this pro-gun argument — and I wonder who’s fuelling the NRA? If someone someday has the courage to delve deeply, might they find that the big guns of NRA rhetoric are being fed by organized crime?
        In most instances, when the government of a country fails or is seriously divided, and the citizens rebel or take up arms, the main beneficiaries of that situation are criminals. The US Prohibition era being a mini-example. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Afghanistan.
        Warlords take over the resistance movement; there’s war between them with a lot of collateral damage, they eventually defeat the government and install themselves, but the people find themselves just as oppressed. George Orwell had it right in his book, Animal Farm.

  8. oneta hayes says:

    Yes, Christine, that is what I wanted. You have done a very good job of stating your case. I do have some responses but I also have four grands who have to fed and delivered to their home. I will be back. I appreciate the time you spent supporting your case. See you in four hours or so. 😀

  9. Faye says:

    My comment would be as It has been since the Port Arthur massacre in our nation. Thank God for Men in Government who had the courage to say NO WEAPONS without careful consideration of license and all weapons which should ONLY be in the hands of the military TOTALLY BANNED. We live in my rural area feeling a lot safer now we don’t have ratbags firing off weapons in the middle of the night at invisible shadows etc. None of us here were born with guns in our hands and certainly have tried to protect our children from this (weapons are necessary for your safety idea). Perhaps Judo, Karate, Boxing etc are not the answer to all the violence but certainly taking our lead from overseas VIOLENCE on TV and media and films etc is not the way either. Our Islands of the South Pacific have millions of gentle people. Spears, Knives, all sorts of weapons Yes indeed but the violence of weapons that have the capacity to take out dozen of innocent people is not allowed. Careful monitoring of what children view as entertainment is also in vogue. Thank you Oneta you always express you case and what you are thinking very well. Keep Blogging. Sorry if I too get stirred up.!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Debate is always welcome. I just don’t know of a law that will make the criminals turn in their guns. Actually I don’t think it is possible, and I don’t understand how taking guns from honest people helps them out, although it must be jolly good security for the criminals. I will revisit this subject in a few days. Right now my mind is on a big family project. Stick with me, and always speak your mind. 😀

  10. Shreya says:

    Haha….I don’t think wordpress did notify its users about it, I mean when the posts are published.

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