Senator Mazie Horono

Mazie Horono’s words:  “I just left 60 eighth graders from a public school in Hawaii, and I told them I was coming to a rally in front of the Supreme Court, and they said, ‘Why?’” Hirono said. “I said it’s because we are–we have to fight for abortion rights and they knew all about it.”

“And I asked the girls in that group of eighth graders: how many of you girls think that government should be telling us, women, when and if we want to have babies, not a single one of them raised their hands.”

“And then, the boys who were there among the sixty, I told them, you know, it’s kind of hard for a woman to get pregnant without you guys,” she said as the crowd laughed. “They got it.”

“How many of you boys think that government should be telling girls and women when and if we’re going to have babies, and not a single one of them raised their hand,” the senator added.


If they already “knew all about it” why not ask them if they think it is okay to make a baby and then kill it!

If they “know all about it” tell me who has shown them sonograms of the beating heart, the little fingers, the sucking thumb, the tiny toes and nose?  Or perhaps a still photo of the thrown away fetuses some doctor has torn into parts?

How many philosophy books have they read about “life” the “soul” the “spirit”?  The beginning and end of life, or whether there is even an end to that life? How many scientists have they heard explain how soon DNA develops – how the blueprint of a very unique person has already been started?  How soon does “life” begin in a plant seed?  In the ground maybe?

How many mothers have they interviewed to see if having a baby was worth it?  How may women who have aborted have they heard talk about the trauma they went through?  How many sterile couples have they heard plead for a baby to adopt?

Have you told them that killing our babies leads to economic woes?  That society needs young people to come along to help and replace the old people and the dying?

Have you told them about the manipulation of Norma McCorvey?  Her’s is an interesting story, Senator, have you read it?  Read it then go tell them the truth about how Roe vs Wade happened.  Tell them the truth about Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, and the effect on minorities.

Tell them about the Hippocratic Oath.  Tell them doctors have always had to make some quick decisions that might result in the death of a mother or her baby.  But their oath still demands to “do no harm.”  Ask them if they would want to go to a doctor who did not honor that oath.

I suggest that a well rounded sex education for eighth graders would include all the above bits of knowledge!  Perhaps they really don’t “know all about it.”




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23 Responses to THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT IT, HUH?

  1. Oh my Lord! Talk about indoctrination of a captive audience — Heaven help our children that Life and Truth will find them!!!

  2. It’s all about the lie.

  3. Without being informed, “choice” is impossible.
    “How many sterile couples have they heard plead for a baby to adopt?” These are the people who have been largely forgotten in the debate. Thank you for posting this.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Right on. They don’t even make a choice; they just follow the leader. The choice is hard when one knows the facts. It is hard to choose to have one; it is hard to choose not to have one. Answer: abstinence. In my day we didn’t even have to choose that. We just abstained. 😀

  4. Kenneth Isom says:

    Excellent. Very well said. Cogent arguments.

  5. Faye says:

    This is the terrifying TRUTH in all Nations. We are fighting this and praying that our new P.M. can establish very clear realities. We had a new Parliamentary Bill claiming that a foetus is not a living baby until itS first cry. What a lot of rubbish. My children certainly were living realities from as early as 4 months in uterus. Campaigns have be waged to legalise abortion into the 30th week or even later. My niece was born at 24 weeks and she was cared for and nurtured until she could continue to thrive. Abortion is murder. I am standing with you Oneta. Passionately.

  6. Bravo!!! Bravo!!! You have stated it so perfectly Oneta. I am with you 100%, passionately pro life at ALL stages and abilities. The only thing those children “know” is what has been fed to them through the public school system that encourages loving yourself first, skewed science as fact and that the government is there to take care of everything for us. I find, that as I get older, I get braver and more outspoken on the things I care about. Keep preaching it Oneta!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for the support. I like fun, humor, and entertainment, but I am fully convinced the Lord led me in this blogging venture for more than that. (Blogging takes more brains than I’ve got.) 😀 Sometimes I have to write “meat” instead of milk and honey. I depend on him for my very life and my will is to obey him. We do not grow strong on Pablum!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for letting me know. Did you see what seekingdivineperspective said above about “choice?” A view I had never thought of before. I pity the young woman who thinks she is making a choice when she really doesn’t know what she is choosing. Thanks again.

  7. oneta hayes says:

    Reblogged this on Sweet aroma and commented:

    Seeing this woman yesterday and today reminded me of this blog from about 18 years ago.

  8. Frank Hubeny says:

    Good point. Sex education needs to include all of that information.

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