I have said before that my mom was a staunch Democrat as I once was.  In her day among her people the Democrats were quite conservative.  Anyway not to be political on this Memorial Day (31st), I am again sharing some excerpts from her book, “The Forties, Baca County History.”  Her notes are copied from a weekly newspaper “The Plainsman Herald” from Springfield.  Thus the dates do not necessarily coincide with the event.

April 19, 1945:  “President Roosevelt Dies”  Senator Harry Truman took the oath of office as 33rd President of the United States at 7:09 Thursday night, two hours and 34 minutes after President Roosevelt died of cerebral hemorrhage in his Warm Springs Georgia, cottage on April 12, 1945….

May 3, 1945  In memory of President Roosevelt….. “And All The Trumpets Sounded.”  The people’s President is gone and another name has been added to the long list of casualties.  Whether or not we approved of all of his policies and actions, whether we were among his critics or his friends, we admit his greatness and his overwhelming desire to serve America and the cause of peace.  A great American has left us and the nation grieves for this man who rose so bravely above physical handicaps.  The only tribute he would want would be renewed unity of the American people in striving to achieve the ideals for which he lived and hoped and fought and died.  His undying purpose – The brotherhood of all men.

May 7, 1945   War with Germany ends.


Two comments from me.

First, I note that the President died less than one month before Nazi Germany surrendered!  All that work, all that war, all those turbulent years of heartbreak and he did not get to reap in the victory.

Second,  I note and remember how united our country was during that war.  The conflict made the “Home Front” stand together.  Republicans did not fight against the President.*  Given that “Home Front” situation, Roosevelt’s undying purpose “The brotherhood of all men” was a reasonable goal and one that materialized in the aftermath of war for a generation.

Third, I wonder what it will take to unite us again.  Maybe this is part of what President Trump is referring to when he says to Make America Great Again.  Not a bad dream, is it?


*I believe the issue between Democrats and Republicans in Roosevelt’s time was more along economic lines, not social and foreign issues.  Perhaps I am wrong.  Your comments are valued.



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19 Responses to UNITED WE STAND

  1. remember, you’re running for office—you go get them Oneta!!!!

  2. oneta hayes says:

    Every politician need a manager to give him a nudge when he lets his guard down. Thanks for your volunteer service. Needed while I get the campaign cash to rolling in. 😀

  3. pranabaxom says:

    ” The only tribute he would want would be renewed unity of the American people in striving to achieve the ideals for which he lived and hoped and fought and died. His undying purpose – The brotherhood of all men. ” – Amen to that.

    Greatness is earned not bestowed.

    A dirty cloth can’t clean a table.

    • oneta hayes says:

      But you can call a clean cloth dirty until it is no longer of use. People can walk by and say I don’t see dirt but there must be some there. Then put up signs to say “Tainted – don’t use.” Etc. There was a time when greatness was recognized. Do you believe we could have won WW2 with the kind of hate bestowed on our President that President Trump has to plow through. Are you yet ready to acknowledge a crises as the southern border?

      • pranabaxom says:

        Oneta, I come from a corner of the world where the sub-nationality that I belong to is about to be submerged by continuous onslaught of economic migrants for more than seventy plus years, helped by all political parties in power for their vote banks. In one of our neighboring states, the indigenous population is already reduced to a minority due to migration from the same neighboring country and the indigenous population of that state has already lost their political clout. So I can understand very well the “fear” of natives (??) here, specially given the history of how the original inhabitants were reduced to minorities by immigrants from bygone years. Is not history fascinating?
        I see a similarity between my place of birth and here. Local population unwilling ( or incapable) of doing some work and those jobs being taken over by immigrants and soon more immigration follows. However a wall is not the solution, in my opinion.

        • oneta hayes says:

          You are ever so much more learned in these matters I am sure, Pranab. What is your answer, Pranab? Having people come legally is my goal. The way you came, the way my husband came, the way my family came. To achieve that goal without stopping the flow is a lot like repairing the engine of a car while it is running. Did you feel the same when the Dems were allotting money for wall building? I used to argue that a wall would not work, but I’m open-minded enough to now say it is at least worth trying. It for sure would slow the flow. Over time you will see that I am quite open minded about a lot of things. And I don’t mind being wrong – much. LOL My first use of those initials, hope it means what I think it means. 😀

  4. oneta hayes says:

    😀 In the shower a bit ago I realized what I had done. 😀 As I said somewhere today, I don’t mind being wrong – much.

  5. Faye says:

    Immigration and legality of entry is a big problem in my country. (Australia). We welcome immigrants but is it not a wise policy to turn back people who are flooding in actually sailing in, many having paid expensive passages from people smugglers, ahead of the ones who have waited years to enter legally. I do not know if a wall is the answer in your case but surely something needs to be done if you like other nations have to maintain their security and their lifestyle. Thank you for your touching blog of tribute to Roosevelt.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for sharing some of your situation also. It is indeed a problem. I’m sure I will continue to put the needs of legals above illegals. And if we (USA) can continue in our fortunate circumstances, we can do more for people in their native countries. I’m sure you know I give God the credit for our fortunate circumstances. Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord.” But my eyes see much that must disgust my Lord, so I say, “How long, O Lord, how long.” We are called to prayer this afternoon at 3:00 for Pres. Trump. Prayer is still recognized by many as a necessary means to receive from God. So glad we can still do that as a united activity.

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