Imagine this scenario:  Prospective Presidential Nominee Worker appears at my door and asks, “How do you feel about whether or not the USA should put “boots on the ground” in (whatever enemy country)?” Bye, bye, prospective nominee. I’ve had enough of “leaders” who vote by poll.  People who answer this kind of poll are most likely as ignorant as I regarding the matter!

 My old-time tenet is that people who represent me  have inside information, thus have more knowledge than I do, and should have common sense and courage to vote what is good for my country. Chances are what is good for my country will be good for me.

For instance, I think I would like to see a two percent cut across the board for all entitlements. That I say knowing well that my whole financial dependence is on entitlements. But I can’t see how my $1000 cut to $980 will tear up my budget any worse than it is already torn up in an unhealthy economy. Hopefully the twenty bucks will go to some system that will save me that much or more in a growing economy.

I will add that I’ll have a fit if it is used to promote some agency who’s goal is to put more money into someone’s party, or upgrade his limousine.

We need an honest and unbiased media. Then we can know for whom to vote. So how do we get an unbiased media?  That’s a problem when the media is the one who is abetting an agenda!   

Nominees, don’t be so concerned about my wants as about my needs. I need a free country run by people of integrity, good sense, and humility enough to listen to people who know, not to those who don’t.  Don’t be a rogue who ignores his constituency or honest polls but don’t be a cookie cutter either. 

Example:  Man with a mike on the Street.  Do you believe we should take immigrants from the country of Fardess?  Poll results.  87 % Yes,  5% No, and 8% admit they don’t know enough about that country to have an opinion.  I made up this poll since there is no land of Fardess.  But it does illustrate how ridiculous some polls and answers are.

This one is a little more current.  Is President Trump a racist?  Yes,  Why do you think he is racist?  Answer: Because I hate him.   Media reports: Poll shows that Trump is a racist.


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13 Responses to VOTES BASED ON POLLS

  1. says:


  2. oneta hayes says:

    Something to think about anyway. Thanks for your comment.

  3. are you out canvassing yet?

  4. I think they should at least have you as a cabinet member Oneta. You would bring some common sense to the mess in Washington. Keep laying it out there!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I think I will wait twelve years to go to Washington. Then I won’t have to battle the weather elements. climate control.. 😀 Wait! How will I get there in twelve years. No planes, cars, buses, or trains. Maybe we can travel by donkey. They don’t have the cow issue, do they?

  5. Faye says:

    Opinions based upon Polls certainly smashed into dust at our recent election. Our new Prime Minister has had a resounding victory when every poll, every tv blurb show, every pundit said he had NO HOPE. some folk even lost a lot of money by betting on how big his LOSS was going to be. Yes it was a miracle. His mother confirmed it. thousands of unknown unsolicited people PRAYED.. ? Trump . Much is not true I believe. Let’s wait and see but from our perspective America does seem to be travelling well on the world stage economically and in respect ratings.

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