Three billy goats

Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!  

“Who’s that tramping on my bridge?”  comes the deepest, meanest voice the six year old can make.

Response in squeaky high voice of the smallest among us.  “It is I, the little billy goat gruff.”  

“Then I will come up there and eat you,” says deep mean voice.

Does the Little Billy Goat get eaten?  How about Middle-sized Goat?  Or the Big Billy Goat?  What happens to the Old Troll with the deep mean voice?

Oh, the possibilities that children can venture into after a story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff!  All that is needed is a long wide board, two chairs and four children.  Two very creative ones can handle it if  they can skillfully pull off doing multiple duty.  😀

The picture above is one of my collection of primary readers.  It is Laidlaw Reader, Second Grade.  Not the one I used but much like it,  I think I would have used the Elson Gray Reader in the Second Grade.  But the 2nd Grade Elson Gray I have does not have that story in it.

I’m leaving the book open on the dining room table, hoping one of my little ones will inquire about it.  I’d love to see if the magic still exists.


Thanks to mindlovemisery for the reminder of my childhood adventure by the challenge for Sunday Writing Prompt: Trolls

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  1. Faye says:

    I remember this story but not sure where from now. It is a ‘childhood’ memory. Thank you.

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