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DENNIS THE MENACE – AMERICA’S BELOVED PEST “What are little boys made of, made of?  What are little boys made of?  Rats and snails and puppy dog tails.  That’s what little boys are made of.” Images of Dennis drawn by … Continue reading

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Sammy and I were excitedly making plans with a friend who was contracting with us to build a new house for us.  I was dumbfounded when he asked, “What color brick do you want?”   What!   We have to choose a … Continue reading

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  AMAZING THOUGHTS ON “GREEN” Ireland. Big bucks. A newby (like being naïve) A greenhorn mechanic Not ripe What grass is not during a drought My refrigerator left overs A Herbalife color Color of a peacock feather Being green with … Continue reading

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This was a big payoff for my time spent looking for Sammy’s birth certificate, which turned out to be in his bedroom!  Anyway, I found this memory – somewhat of a victory for me from my 8th grade reading lab, … Continue reading

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Flowers, mountains, sky Ore-flows me with gratitude Nature’s harmony ************* Image: Pixabay Challenge:  Write haiku using words gratitude/harmony  

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What’s this?  No designation for male or female on birth certificate!  Outrageous!  Call any grandmother near the hospital for consultation.  They can likely help.  Maybe even put one on staff.  Beef up their social security pay. If we can’t trust … Continue reading

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Thankful for life, love, light, and laughter. Life:  My granddaughter had her head on my chest, she smiled and said “I hear your heart.” Isn’t it nice that the heart just keeps doing its job, seldom drawing attention to itself. … Continue reading

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A while back I grabbed a bubble gum.  Removed the paper, popped it (the gum) into my mouth, poked a nice thimble-type bubble with my tongue and tried to blow it up. I had forgotten how! Do you hold the … Continue reading

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Might be fake, might be true, whatever comes – it’s me to you. A place to keep my head from exploding When I’m writing “Check This,” I’m just downloading Sometimes it’s me, … Continue reading

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In this series of blogs I have told you of the years when I knew for me “it was better” to go to God rather than doctors for my healing needs. That was a very special relationship.  I was “snug” … Continue reading

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