Ten, fifteen, fifty years it will be too late.  The warming climate will cause our demise!

The same voices tell us man developed from some one cell algae (or something).  Whahoo!  There’s a man.  But alas, woe is us.  He only thrives at earth’s present temperature.  We will perish if the earth’s climate warms two degrees!

I’m cynical.  Indeed, that is cynicism at its finest!


Image: Pixabay

M’s Writing Prompt – August 5th, Cynicism at its finest.  Thanks, M.


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  1. pranabaxom says:

    I read yesterday that the scale of melting of Greenland ice sheets seen this year was supposed to happen in 2070. So don’t bet that you won’t see it in your life time. I pray to God (don’t worry, my prayers are not listened to as I have not won the lotto yet😊) to give you long life so that you may witness the mayhem.

  2. ~M says:

    Yup, a lot of that going around. Lol…

  3. Faye says:

    If all nations stopped making this a political agenda maybe a bit of ‘common sense would prevail’. Who is pushing what barrel and how come climate change which is a truth is affecting different countries in different ways. Why are some FREEZING in winters that for generations were without frost or ice. Why are others WARMING. What does the book of Revelations say about such swings and the future of mankind? Will it ever all END? Will it be renewed? Will we live to see it?. We all know what some folk think about the God who is over ALL THINGS. So politicians really do not have a clue.

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