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      Much ado these days about the necessity and use of cars.  I vote big time in favor of having one.  Perhaps the day will come when I have to turn in my license because I have aged out.

      Speaking of age reminds me of an incident that happened one time when I had to stop to fill my car with gas and satisfy my appetite with a package of peanut butter/cheese crackers.

      I was pulling up to the gas pump when I noticed a car with a license tag from Baca County, CO – home of my birth.  I promptly started a conversation with an older lady who was “gassing-up” that car.   She appeared to be old for driving a car – especially to be driving it 350 miles from Baca County.  Probably not a lot older than I am now – but a lot older than I was then.

      You all know “family” is important to me so we talked about our families back in Baca Coumty.  Somehow I got into telling her about my daddy’s birth – he weighed 2 pounds at birth, born at home with a midwife’s help.  Oh, yes, she said.  She remembered that.  In fact she said she was the midwife that helped bring him into this world.   I was excited and believed what she said.  We hugged, wished each other all the good, and called out our “Good-byes.”

      Repeating this story to my siblings, they pointed out the near impossibility of that having been the truth.  Although it seemed reasonable that she could have been alive at that time, being old enough to have been a midwife was highly unlikely.

      At this time in my life after having lived with and among older people, I have concluded she did not intentionally lie to me, she told me what she believed happened.

       My word to younger people is to be patient when your elders drift away from reality.  The brain is a marvelous thing, but it does get sick sometimes.  Sometimes what it believes, is an “innocent” untruth.

Sunday Writing Prompt “5 by 5”
Include the answers to these questions in a story or poem
1. An item you just can’t live without
2. Your favorite snack
3. A bit of wisdom for the youths of today
4. A coincidence that unites two people
5. Your favorite word
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7 Responses to AN INNOCENT “UNTRUTH”

  1. Hey odder things have happened but it’s always good to humor someone like that~

  2. Rashmi Menon says:

    My first thought when she said yea she was the midwife was how’s she still driving. But I’m glad you indulged her, she probably really believes it is her in all earnest.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Hi, Rashmi. Some of my family tell various stories of this midwife. I don’t know what is true except that it is somewhat of a miracle that my daddy lived. His mother was 17 I think. He was a second born twin; his twin was slightly larger but he died. Glad my daddy lived; otherwise there would be no me! 😀

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