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What’s this?  No designation for male or female on birth certificate!  Outrageous!  Call any grandmother near the hospital for consultation.  They can likely help.  Maybe even put one on staff.  Beef up their social security pay.

If we can’t trust medical science to know the difference between male and female – hint, it has to do with the X and Y chromosomes – what can we trust them for?  That seems among the simplest of scientific truth.

  Genesis 5:2 He created them

male and female 

and blessed them.


One hundred and two words.  Remind you my goal on “Check This” is to keep it below 103 words.

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8 Responses to CHECK THIS #2- GENDER

  1. Yep. There’s this stuff called DNA…

  2. oneta hayes says:

    Some folks’ life or death depends on its truth. That means it must be considered pretty accurate. Thanks for the comment. 😀

  3. Some things are just to crazy for words!

    • oneta hayes says:

      True, but not many will openly stand against such insanity. We conservatives are afraid of being politically incorrect. We are now the closet dwellers, and the nuts are running rampant.

      • Fortunately for us I have sons who are not afraid of voicing their conservative opinions. And I am glad you are not afraid either!

        • oneta hayes says:

          Good for your sons. Good thing we have going for us, is that a vote at the ballot box is private. And it talks as loud as the other legal voter. However, we have few illegals compared to the other side’s illegals, so we had better get in gear.

  4. Faye says:

    I suppose you would say my opinions are conservative but I prefer to think I am passionately for the ONE who came to save our eternal souls and was at the beginning and certainly did not intend that sex and rights and politically correct attitudes would ever be in the way of HIS DIVINE PLAN. Oh what a world we live in. Your writing challenges always bless me. Thank you.

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