paper towel notes 2

This was a big payoff for my time spent looking for Sammy’s birth certificate, which turned out to be in his bedroom!  Anyway, I found this memory – somewhat of a victory for me from my 8th grade reading lab, 1984.

Apparently some students had written less than complimentary things about me on the wall.  So I put this strip of paper towel about 2 feet long on the wall.

I wrote:  If you must write notes about me, please use this paper.  The wall is expensive. Signed O. Hayes.

The tone of the notes was vastly changed.  Students words in blue; mine in red.  

“How’s it goin, O. Hayes!”   My response:  “Goin’ fine, thanks.”

“Mrs. Hayes your one cool teacher  its fun gettin to read fast in your class”   Thanks,” O.H.

“Love YA Hayes, Christine.”   Good words make my day.” 

“Today is the last day of school and then we get out of jail free of charge.  signed ME”

“Mrs. Hayes, you are nice from Michelle”

Jace and Vann signed names.


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6 Responses to JUNIOR HIGH, 1984

  1. So many good comments from your valuable students. Thanks

    • oneta hayes says:

      I guess they balanced out the ones on the wall. 😀 Actually most of they liked me okay I think. The lab classes were pretty well behaved. They could endure anything for fifty minutes!

  2. got to love practicality—as it seems young people in 84 did—-impracticality was obviously teetering​ on vandalism 🙂

  3. oneta hayes says:

    One mentioned the last day of school. They are nervy on that day. I guess I had left the room for lunch or something. Anyway they get by if they want to! I thought it was funny that they used my paper – but only for nice things. 😀

  4. That’s the kind of thing a teacher keeps forever. ❤

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