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I was being baited in a chat room by a fraud claiming to be Linda, my cousin!  “Fraud Linda” came on with how excited she was about the good news from CEO Mort Zuckerman, setting me up for the big … Continue reading

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I asked Sammy what to call the part of the body we can spank.  I thought his answer, gluteus maximus, was a bit much and said so.  So he said call it the posterior.  Still a bit much.  I asked … Continue reading

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WHY SUFFER? – #8 Punishment

I am not prepared to make judgments about who, how, why God punishes in the present day.  But I think I have some sound opinions and advice about such a matter. So let me tell you some personal stories. We … Continue reading

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WHY SUFFER? – #7 Chastens/Punishes

According to Hebrews 12:6 “because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”   Punishment (chastisement) occurs as a disciplining measure resulting from misbehavior.  A father punishes his son for disobedience or rebellion.  … Continue reading

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CHECK THIS #6, Blogger Referral

I want to bring your attention a blogger, waynemali, who blesses me with his poetry based on  Bible scripture.  I don’t know whether or not he visits me because he doesn’t leave tracks for me.  I often recognize the icons … Continue reading

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Loving still when hope is bankrupt. ************* Prompt for Week #4 (September 21, 2019 – September 27, 2019) Unconditional love  

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Didn’t meet goals today.  So I’m posting something I put on Face Book five years ago.  The popped it up to me today.  Thanks, FB. ************* A few months ago I bought the kindle version of “Killing Jesus” by Bill … Continue reading

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  Ellen was dog-tired because of procrastination, the bain of her life which resulted in her communication essay not being completed until near three o’clock this morning.  She had sluggishly made it down the stairs when she remembered having left … Continue reading

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WHY SUFFER? – #6 Discipline – The “Tire” Test

  “I guess we’ll have to try that test again,” God said. I think I remember the preacher who said that, but he was not important.  What was important was that statement.  It has stuck with me. In one of … Continue reading

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Her scientist husband was at it again.  It infuriated her, amused her, interested her, and drew her to him in spite of his oddities.  She admired his inquisitive brain.  This time he had somehow made a magnetic field in the … Continue reading

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